Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bwana Trio - Pressentimento (1960)

zecalouro knows the Trio Name, Album name and record label. Only. zecalouro spent most of his day researching this amazing record from a early 60's Bossa Nova Jazz Trio.

This beautiful cover and the beautiful music inside is quite enough. The tracks are from renowned composers, such as: Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Ernesto Nazareth, Ataufo Alves and others. If anyone can gather additional info, we appreciate. The record label is TROPICANA code TRO-3033.

Banda Black Rio - Saci Perere (1980)

Another work from the greatest Brazilian Funk/Soul band of the 70's, Banda Black Rio. This is Saci Perere, the second album, maybe the best out of three, Maria Fumaca, Saci Perere and Gafieira Universal, available at Loronix.

Cassiano, from Os Diagonais, a few posts ago, dos the arrangements for some tracks. This album remembers the style of Ed Motta, with the soul vocals in front of everything.

Tamba Trio - Tamba Trio (1962)

Tamba Trio is easily the BEST Bossa Nova Trio from Brazilian 60's. They were great as musicians - playing their instruments and making arrangements - an also masters on vocal harmonies.

This is a special post. I do not need to write a lot to describe Tamba Trio (1962), their Debut Album. First here at Loronix. I know that soon it will be available all around and this is fantastic. A fine, rare and out of print LP like this should be available to everybody through all possible channels.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Os Diagonais - Cada um na Sua (1971)

Cassiano is a popular Brazilian composer, being active from the 60's to 70's. Cassiano started his professional career joining the last Bossa Trio formation, which became later on Os Diagonais.

According with the reviewers and specialists, Cassiano was a precursor of Brazilian soul music, influencing everything that came before, such as: Tim Maia, Banda Black Rio, etc.

This album is second out of two LPs released by Os Diagonais, Cada um na Sua (1971). It is a cult and hard to find vinyl.

It is a relaxed and pleasant album; very similar to the early Roberto Carlos releases under Brazilian Jovem Guarda movement. Perfect for a Friday,

Well, this is at least what zecalouro thinks, may be he is wrong, anyway...

Vinicius de Moraes e Dorival Caymmi - no ZUM ZUM com Quarteto em Cy (1967)

On the Brazilian music scene from the early 60's, it was very common at that time a gig format called "shows de bolso", pocket shows. These pocket shows were held on small places such like the nightclubs of that time from Beco das Garrafas in Copacabana.

In 1967, the producer Aloysio de Oliveira decided to make a pocket show with Dorival Caymmi and four little girls that arrived from Bahia to pursue an international career. However, on a last minute addition, Vinicius de Moraes was invited to take part on that pocket show.

The four little girls are the now famous Quarteto em Cy and this Album, Vinicius/Caymmi No Zum Zum 1967 was the most sucessful album - in terms of sales - from the legendary Brazilian Record Label Elenco.

Due the poor resources available by that time - were a live record was severe spoiled by ambient sounds - Aloysio de Oliveira decided to make a studio album with the set-list, an historic piece.

Baden Powell - Solitude on Guitar (1971)

We have here a beautiful and rather unknown Baden Powell record from 1971, Solitude on guitar. Baden is almost unaccompanied here with some light bass line an percussion on some tracks.

This record has a sad title but does not have this mood, some tracks are quite happy and the climate is cool and relaxed.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cartola - Cartola (1976)

Cartola is an essential. A genius that never had his art recognized properly when alive.

I will let you with AMG to introduce you some history about Cartola, I would not jeopardize using my own words.

This LP from 1976 is the second one from Cartola, it is the best for beginners since brings his most successful compositions. This album is beautiful, Cartola wrote really nice melodies and put some wonderful harmony to support. Authentic and genuine Samba here.

Banda Uniao Black - Banda Uniao Black (1978)

Gentleman, this is a fantastic post. Meet Uniao Black, the backing group of the "Brazilian James Brow" Gerson King Combo and legend from Brazilian Soul music from the 70's.

This classic first out of print album, released in 1978, is their best record. Banda Uniao Black was the most important band from the Black Rio movement from the 70's. Among the albums released this is the one that I like most, some tracks here makes zecalouro miss the good times when he was a kid.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Milton Banana Trio - Todo Dia e Dia (1968)

Todo Dia e Dia is a 1968 out of print Milton Banana Trio album. There are several tracks of well-known Brazilian music from Chico Buarque, Gilberto Gil, Vinicius de Moraes, Caetano Veloso and Milton Nascimento.

Bola Sete - Shebaba (1971)

This is a wonderful out of print Bola Sete Album, Shebaba, recorded in 1971. Bola plays six original songs and some

interpretation of Beatles: Polythene Pam, She Came In through the Bathroom Window and Harrinson's My Sweet Lord. The Beatles stuff is fantastic. Bola guitar sounds psychodelic on these tracks, the Samba percussion is also a must.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dom Salvador Trio - Tristeza (1966)

This is a classic, Dom Salvador Trio with its 1966 album Tristeza. Dom Salvador makes a nice job here switching between the Piano and Organ, Edison Machado is on Drums, very solid. punch, as always.

Tristeza brings some original songs and versions from renowned Bossa Nova artistis such as Joao Donato and Chico Buarque.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Banda Black Rio - Gafieira Universal (1978)

This is the second out of the three albums released by Banda Black Rio. Gafieira Universal (1978) is a groovy cocktail of Samba, Soul and Funk fusion from the 70's.

Acclaimed artists such as Jamiroquail are hungry collectors of old vinyl, bootlegs and LPs of Banda Black Rio.