Saturday, July 15, 2006

Orlann Divo - Orlann Divo (1963)

On a recent post, zecalouro was explaining how everybody, even with some artistical issues that would collapse any non-gifted musician like him, adored Ed Lincoln.

With Orlandivo, zecalouro has this same weird felling. Making an exercise and breaking apart an Orlandivo record in categories, such like: lyrics, harmony, arrangements, etc. probably, his music would be underrated.

However, if you relax and listen without these "technical" judgments, Orlandivo is amazing. zecalouro presents here his second career album, on the cover as Orlann Divo. It's a really great LP. It seams that was recorded in just one day, since it is very relaxed and expansive.

Ed Lincoln is in charge of the organ, making miracles, sounding different and exhausting that old stuff capability. Waltel Branco is in charge of guitar.

Elizeth Cardoso e Moacyr Silva - Sax e Voz, Volume II (1960)

More than a few weeks ago, Loronixers were introduced to a wonderful Jazz LP with Elizeth Cardoso and Moacyr Silva - Sax e Vox, Volume I, still available here.

Now it is time to meet the Volume II. Elizeth has many fans at Loronix and this LP is so good as Volume I.

Today is Saturday, 23pm here at zecalouro's office, not late enough to spend the night with this LP that fits beautifully on a Saturday night. Maybe the Loronixers on the left side of the globe will get this earlier to make their Saturday night.

Os Gatos - Aquele Som dos Gatos (1966)

Eumir Deodato works a lot, on every LP we find from the 60's and 70's, Eumir is there on many different roles. This is Os Gatos, Aquele Som dos Gatos (1966), produced by Dori Caymmi.

Slow instrumental versions of Bossa Nova standards with Paulo Moura and Meirelles. A very nice second career LP from this surprising group.

The original line-up is: Eumir Deodato (piano), Durval Ferreira (guitar), Sergio Barroso (bass) and Wilson das Neves (drums).

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Eumir Deodato - Los Danseros en Bolero (1965)

Closing the day with a Rare Vinyl, the second Eumir Deodato LP from Odeon in 1964 - have a seat to read this weird title - Los Danseros en Bolero. This was the first time Deodato could record a session with cords and orchestra.

Deodato make here a praise to one of his Masters, Henry Mancini. There are 12 tracks, each one with a pair of songs from films or musical pieces. Great surprise to zecalouro, track 09 brings Dans Mon Ile, one of his favorites. Caetano Veloso recorded this song later on with lyrics. It is a great song with nice melody and a complex harmony that zecalouro never could realize how to play.

Well, that's it. The LP also features Rubens Bassini, Meirelles and Neco from the Ipanemas.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Elis Regina - Como & Porque (1969)

This 1969 Elis Regina is the one zecalouro likes most. Elis at her best. A wonderful JazzBossa piece closing the breezy 60's style greatly.

Roberto Menescal is the arranger and adds a lot of beauty to the final outcome. Elis vocals are wonderful as always, full of scats on a track list that goes from Milton Nascimento, Gismonti, Edu Lobo and even a French song - that the lazy zecalouro cannot remember.

It is a great closing of a wonderful decade. Elis at her best and a non-stop blend of incredible Bossa Nova tracks in a row.

Zumba Cinco - Zumba Cinco (1965)

BossaJazz. JazzSamba. zecalouro has been fascinated with instrumental music, specially, the music released by instrumental combos and trios in the 60's.

After all this music, zecalouro was thinking that there would be no surprises to come and as usual, zecalouro was completely wrong. Meet Zumba Cinco, an excellent instrumental BossaJazz with vibes, guitar, piano, bass and drums. Very energy, dancing and beautiful. A must-have for anyone addicted to BossaJazz.

Zumba Cinco is: Ernesto Ribeito (guitar and arranger), Fernando Maxnuk (vibraphone), Ivan Boticelli (piano), Annibal Ribeiro (bass) and Antonio Carlos Leite (drums).

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Herbie Mann & Joao Gilberto - Recorded in Rio de Janeiro (1965)

This album is a classic of the jazz/bossa nova golden period. It was recorded in Rio de Janeiro - 1965 - with Joao Gilberto, Baden Powell and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Jobim is the author of several sons in the album and responsible for most of the wonderful arrangements, piano playing and the vocal in One Note Samba. In two instrumental tracks Mann and Powell are alone in marvelous duets.

This is said by many that this LP is the best Herbie Mann record. zecalouro will let with you to confirm.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Ed Lincoln - Ed Lincoln (1962)

There is something with Ed Lincoln that I cannot explain; everybody likes his music, even the finest ears. The arrangements are simple, the Portuguese lyrics are youthful, but we cannot stop listening to hit several times and being more addicted on each listening.

In the other hand, zecalouro understands that Ed Lincoln music can make the sun shine, even if you wake up in the morning feeling bad. Some friends uses to say that Ed Lincoln can make you dance and kick inside the house like a ballroom.

Wilson das Neves - Som Quente é o das Neves (1969)

Som Quente é o das Neves is Wilson das Neves debut album from 1969. This album is described on many websites as a top rare killer funky-jazz/soul-bossa groove. Remembering, Wilson das Neves is a drummer and also a renowned composer. This could be called a late debut solo album, since Wilson started his activities more that a decade earlier to this LP.

This LP should not be confused with the 1976 O Som Quente é o das Neves, which has the same name preceded by the letter "O".

Wilson was also the favorite drummer of Chico Buarque, Elizeth Cardoso and Ataufo Alves, leading the rhythmic session of these artists for many years.

Angela Maria - Para Você Ouvir e Dançar (1958)

I don't have words to describe how beautiful, wonderful and astonishing is this 1958 GEM from the Legendary Angela Maria, unquestionably, the best Brazilian singer of all times.

Para Você Ouvir e Dançar is the name of this 1958 LP from Copacabana.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Jorge Autuori Trio - Volume 1 (1967)

It's time to meet the legendary Mocambo label and the LP Jorge Autuori Trio - Volume 1 (1967). Jorge Autuori (drummer) has recorded several LPs throughout his career, unfortunately, little is known about Jorge Autuori and his trio.

This LP is a known by researchers and fans as a genuine SambaJazz record. The pianist and the bassist are, so far, unaccredited; probably they were great musicians under contract of other labels that could not appear officially.

The track list brings well-known Bossa and Samba tunes, such as: Triste Madrugada, Tem Mais Samba, O Caderninho and others.

Vince Guaraldi and Bola Sete - From All Sides (1964)

It's been a long time since we had the last Bola Sete at Loronix. So, zecalouro invites you to get a sample from one of Bola Sete releases with the Jazz pianist Vince Guarald, Vince Guaraldi and Bola Sete, From All Sides (1964).

This album has a version of Garota de Ipanema that worths the visit, with Bola and Vince matching together perfectly, something very difficult when we put together a guitar with a Piano.

Mario Castro Neves - Mario Castro Neves & Samba SA (1967)

Nothing can go wrong with this post. Mario Castro Neves - Samba SA (1967) is the kind of LP that can be a pleasure experience to everyone. Fantastic instrumental and vocal arrangements on Portuguese and American songs with a Samba approach in a relexed and cool Jazz fashion.

The vocals are beautiful and Mario arrangements are wonderful. The line up is Mario Castro Neves on piano, Novelli on bass and Normando on drums; vocals are Biba and Thais, gorgeous singers.