Friday, May 01, 2009

Elza Soares e Miltinho - Elza, Miltinho e Samba (1967)

Hello, good evening! This is the reposting of an album made available three years ago when Loronix was just beginning, featuring Elza Soares and Miltinho in their first out of three albums titled "Elza Miltinho e Samba" with the duo performing together a repertoire of Sambas organized on medleys and individual tracks.

I remembered this album when I saw the streets of Rio de Janeiro with several posters announcing a concert with Elza Soares and her new experience with Seu Jorge's Farofa Carioca group. It has been more than 40 years since Elza and Miltinho recorded this album and it is really fantastic to know they are alive and kicking today. Let's see.

This is Elza Soares & Miltinho - Elza, Miltinho e Samba (1967), for Odeon, featuring arrangements by Maestro Orlando Silveira supported by Maestro Nelsinho and Lyrio Panicalli. Musicians in this session were not credited by Odeon, even when it was included on Elza Soares box set released by EMI Odeon in 2003. Tracks include:

01 - Com Que Roupa (Noel Rosa) Se Você Jurar (Ismael Silva / Nilton Bastos / Francisco Alves)
02 - Beijo na Boca (Ciro de Souza / Augusto Garcez) Requebre Que Eu Dou Um Doce (Dorival Caymmi) Tem Que Ter (Túlio Piva)
03 - Boogie-woogie na Favela (Denis Brean) Bonitão (Marino Pinto / Mário Rossi) Eu Quero Um Samba (Haroldo Barbosa / Janet de Almeida) Pourquoi (Essa Nega Sem Sandália) (Caco Velho / Jadir de Castro)
04 - Se Você Visse (Horondino Silva "Dino" / Del Loro) featuring MILTINHO
05 - Todo Dia É Dia (Zuzuca / Benedito Reis) featuring ELZA SOARES
06 - Enlouqueci (Luis Soberano / Waldomiro Pereira / João Sales) Fica Doido Varrido (Eratóstenes Frazão / Benedito Lacerda) Obsessão (Mirabeau / Milton de Oliveira) Só Eu Sei (Henrique de Almeida / Nelson Trigueiro / Milton de Oliveira) É Bom Parar (Rubens Soares) Calado Venci (Ataulfo Alves / Herivelto Martins) Vai Que Depois Eu Vou (Zé da Zilda / Airton Borges / Adolfo Macedo) Já Vai (Rubens Campos / Duba)
07 - Mal de Amor (Raul Sampaio / Benil Santos) featuring MILTINHO
08 - Antonico (Ismael Silva) featuring ELZA SOARES
09 - Louco de Saudade (Denis Brean) featuring MILTINHO


Nelson Goncalves - Nelson Goncalves em HI-FI (1959)

Hello, good evening! To quote Mark Twain, "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated". Don't worry, please. I will be haunting and keeping you busy with Brazilian music for a long time. I swear. 2009 has been a hard year for everyone; and it has been very difficult for me.

I was hired by a company to make their website. Yes, this is one of the things I do for living. Since the April I've been working a lot on this assignment, scheduled to be finished in two weeks. This is the reason why I've been on a short hiatus. I will be more flexible in a couple of weeks, but Loronix requires that I have assignments like this one to be alive. If you are looking for someone to make your website or any other need on information technology, please hire me. It will be good for me and very important for Loronix.

Anyway, this is the end of my small "hire me" message, thank you! Music time has just started. Let's see.

This is Nelson Goncalves - Nelson Goncalves em HI-FI (1959), for RCA Victor, featuring one of the most famous Brazilian popular music singers of all time, never released before at Loronix. I would like to say that my brother has a very important participation on this first Nelson Goncalves post at Loronix. He said: "If you are telling the story of Brazilian popular music , this story is not complete if you exclude Nelson Goncalves". He is 100% right. Nelson Goncalves is without any doubt a very important singer, his career spanned the 1930's to the end of the 1990's decade, recording more that 120 LPs, and almost 20 CDs. The numbers are really impressive, Nelson sold approximately 15 million copies of his albums, winning 15 platinum and 41 gold records. From the start of his career until the end, Nelson Goncalves recorded for a single recording company, RCA Victor. Anyway, better forget the numbers and take this album for a hearing, a nice pick featuring arrangements by maestros Carioca, Mozart Brandao and Nelsinho, with orchestra conducted by Maestro Zaccarias. Tracks include:

01 - Argumento (Adelino Moreira)
02 - Tião (Dunga / Jair Amorim)
03 - Três Sorrisos (Chocolate / Mário Lago)
04 - Dupla Traição (José Reis / Osvaldo Barbosa)
05 - Eu Acuso (Carlos Morais)
06 - Um Lenço Por Dia (Ricardo Galeno / Nelson Fernandes)
07 - Mariposa (Adelino Moreira / Nelson Gonçalves)
08 - Verbo Amar (Nelson Gonçalves / Herivelto Martins)
09 - Maria da Conceição (Carlos Marques)
10 - Mais Uma Vez (Joubert de Carvalho)
11 - O Que Passou Passou (Nelson Gonçalves)
12 - Reminiscências de Amor (Anísio Pessanha / Flora Mattos)