Saturday, July 01, 2006

Joyce - Joyce (1968)

Big question: how zecalouro could forget Joyce after more than a hundred posts? Bad green bird. Well, Joyce is so cool that it is mandatory to start from her 1968 debut album Joyce - Selftitled.

I want to say thank you to Domingos Junior, a very friend of Loronix, that owns a Blog called Please, Garçon! - one of the tracks from Joyce - that made me remember of her. He is also zecalouro's Doris Monteiro Consultant. Thanks Domingos.

AMG Bio:
Brazilian vocalist Joyce's debut record from 1968 is a breezy, swinging affair, full of wonderful songs and lovely vocals. Joyce's cheery, sweet voice never fails to captivate, as it floats above lush string and horn arrangements layered a top a relaxed guitar, and a bass drums combo led by Dori Caymmi. The songs are written mostly by Joyce herself, but she also covers Marcos Valle ("Bloco Do Eu Sozinho") and Caetano Veloso ("Ave-Maria") among others. Her voice is crystal clear and pristinely joyous; she sings like she has a big smile on her face at all times, even breaking into laughter on "Nao Muda, Nao."

Erlon Chaves - Sadabadaba (1965)

What amazing word and what a wonderful album: Sabadabada, the 1965 Erlon Chaves LP.

Sadabadaba is also a very common word that identifies one of the best websites dedicated to Bossa Nova,

zecalouro found at The Writings of Jose Domingos Rafaelli a great Sadabadaba review, as follow:

The late maestro, pianist, composer and arranger Erlon Chaves led a medium big band with some of the best Brazilian musicians with superb results. The arrangements have a big amount of swing and the soloists (among them Raul de Souza, Hector Costita, Kuntz Wagner, Papudinho and Chaves himself) put their hearts off on this record. The title track, an original Chaves composition, in the Tadd Dameron vein, is one [of the most] lyrical and beautiful melodies ever written in Brazil. Recorded in 1964.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Neyde Fraga com Walter Wanderley e seu Conjunto - Balançando (1964)

Good Night Gentleman!

zecalouro is with this album under his wing for weeks using Google several times per day on a never-ending quest to find additional information.

The quest is over, unsuccessfully over. Lazy green bird. He just wants to say that this LP from 1964 - Balançando, with Walter Wanderley and Neyde Fraga is very good. Maybe Walter is the only organist zecalouro knowns that can make a crowd dance using only an old organ.

Neyde Fraga is also surprising.

Elza Soares - Carnaval & Samba (1969)

Elza Soares - Carnaval & Samba (1969) is an unique LP from Elenco, where Elza sings sambas enredos. Some clarification is needed here, Samba-Enredo is the music choosen by each Escola de Samba - Samba School - in Brazilian Carnaval to suport the Carnaval parade. Each Escola de Samba has a different song each year.

Carnaval & Samba is a collection of several Sambas-Enredos. zecalouro thinks he is delivering an unique experience for those who never came to Brazil at Carnaval time. Believe me. This is one of the best posts so far. zecalouro is right now listening to this album and his heart is beating at 140, at least. Beautiful LP.

Amazing cover. Elza is dressing a Bahiana costume, very common in Bahia.

Nara Leao - O Canto Livre de Nara (1965)

Nara Leao, O Canto Livre de Nara (1965) is the second release of this great Brazilian singer that had an important role on Bossa Nova creation and therefore making linkage to other cultural movements and launching new composers.

This LP is the original out of print release from 1965 with participation of Dorival Caymmi and Luis Eça. Universal has this album on a boxset, which includes two additional tracks sung in Spanish.

Eliana Pittman - Eliana Pittman (1972)

Eliana Pittman not considered on a strict judgment a Brazilian Diva, however, she is Jazzy and Soulful enough to be set forgotten. Eliana is the stepdaughter of the saxophonist Booker Pittman since 11 years old. She was deeply influenced and encouraged by him to become an artist. Booker was her first music teacher, mentor and partner on some records.

Her career was notably affected by personal turbulences. Since Booker serious illness on early 70’s, she has been alternating moments of reclusion and some activity. She has also worked as an actress before releasing this great album in 1972.

Eliana trademark is her easy recognized voice, full of scats and rough enough to capture any ear. In 2001, she opened a new tour starting from Rio de Janeiro. Perhaps this was her last public appearance.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Waltel Branco - Guitarra Bossa Nova (1963)

zecalouro must be wrong, but Waltel Branco is not well known in Brazil, even overseas. Friend of Joao Gilberto, Waltel took part on early Bossa Nova years being later on - after a short stay in Cuba - member of Dizzy Gillespie and Henry Mancini (collaborating with Pink Panter soundtrack).

This is his 1963 Guitarra Bossa Nova - also known as Guitarras em Fogo. Believe me, Baden Powell is credit here on Guitarras em Fogo track. Another fantastic example of how cool, surprising and never ending music we can gather from the 60's.

Joao Donato - Joao Donato e Seu Conjunto - Chá Dançante (1956)

This is a very old Joao Donato from the 50's, specifically, 1956. One of the first Donato's album, this album mixes swinging jazz with Brazilian Rhythms, such like: Baião, Choro, etc.

The early Donato is not playing the piano here; he is in charge of the accordion, his main instrument of his beginning. Relaxing, this nice LP gives all the hints that Donato would be a great Brazilian musician.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Doris Monteiro - Doris Monteiro (1961)

The last Doris Monteiro made a lot of noise at Loronix and zecalouro is surprised how much she is adored. So, here we go again with Doris Monteiro, 1961 and this *beautiful* cover. Remember that today is the beautiful cover day.

This was one of the first LPs from Doris ever. Doris 61 is a mixture of Bossa and Samba with orchestration by Monteiro de Sousa.

For those who are fanatic for Doris, this is a gem. For everyone, it is a wonderful chance to understand an early work of a Brazilian Diva that has almost 50 years of activity.

Brasilia Modern Six - Estréia (1969)

Now we have here a beautiful organ based Samba LP from Brasilia Modern Six - Estreia (1969). The cover is wonderful. Perhaps Devo got some inspiration with this cover to build-up their style.

I don't have consistent info about Brasilia Modern Six or about this Estreia album, but the singer has a wonderful female voice and there are some known tracks, such like: believe me, Light My Fire (The Doors). However, when they perform their own material in Portuguese, they make it better.

If someone has any relevant info about Brasilia Modern Six, please, feel free.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cesar Camargo Mariano - Octeto Cesar Camargo Mariano (1967)

Cesar Camargo Mariano is worldly acclaimed as one of the best Brazilian arrangers, producers and pianists. Cesar has worked with several renowned artists worldwide on several important arenas of contemporary music.

In 1967, Cesar was member of the Bossa Nova Jazz Sambalanco Trio and then assembled Octeto Cesar Camargo Mariano, which was Sambalanco Trio plus five brass players.

This 1967 Cesar Camargo Mariano - Octeto de Cesar Camargo Mariano is considered a landmark in the fusion of Jazz and Bossa Nova in Brazil.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Claudia - Você, Claudia, Você (1971)

Another Brazilian Diva. Claudia, with her 1974 album Claudia, Você, Claudia, arranged and orchestrated by Geraldo Vespar and Orlando Silveira, a good mixture of pop with jazz.

Almost unknown in Brazil, Claudia has more than 20 career albums, having her career peak at early 70's. She won some important n "Festivais da Canção" and for a certain period, has divided with Elis Regina the public and media recognition of being the best Brazilian Diva.

This out of print 1971 LP is Voce, Claudia, Voce is a nice album that reminds a lot the records of Marcos Valle from the late 60's. The cover - I hope zecaloura will not read this post - is gorgeous.

Aracy de Almeida - Samba é Aracy de Almeida (1965)

My friends from Brazil will think the zecalouro is going nuts with this post. Those who have less than 45 years old will remember Aracy de Almeida as the bad humour character from a Sunday afternoon show of Silvio Santos. However, Aracy is much more than that, she is simply one of the best performer of Noel Rosa and many other genius from Brazilian music from the early twenty century.

Aracy is so unique that we will start from his last album, Samba é Aracy de Almeida from Elenco, 1965.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Terra Trio - Terra a Vista (1969)

This is certainly an unknown and a hard to find album, Terra Trio and the 1969 LP Terra a Vista. Terra Trio is such like Tamba Trio, Os Cariocas and other instrumental vocal trio from the 60's.

However, their repertoire is not made of the classic Bossa Nova tunes, but their own songs. Terra Trio is Fernando (piano and vocals), Zé Maria (bass and vocals) and Ricardo (drums and vocals). Nara Leão and Sidney Miller were the producers.

If any friend finds additional information about Terra Trio, please, let's discuss in comments.

Raul de Souza - A Vontade Mesmo (1964)

Raul de Souza - Brazilian Trombonist - first LP was released in 1964, known at that time as Raulzito, was never issued in the US. A Vontade Mesmo is not a Bossa Nova album, but high quality instrumental Brazilian jazz.

zecalouro wants to know what happened with these guys during the 60's, where so wonderful albums were released. Maybe the water sold in Brazil...

Claudette Soares - Claudette Soares (1969)

One more Brazilian Diva, Claudette Soares. She started her career in radio at the age of ten. In 1960, Claudette embraced Bossa Nova and Samba Jazz. Her first solo album dedicated to Bossa Nova came in 1964.

This is the 1969, Claudette Soares (selftitled) for Phillips.

Only released in vinyl, this album was arranged by Jose Briamonte and Cesar Camargo Mariano and brings a unusual fusion of Bossa Nova influenced by Soul music.

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