Saturday, June 02, 2007

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Sao Paulo Bossa Nova | Brazil 1

Sao Paulo represents 17% of Loronixers in Brazil and deserves this position. I have been in Sao Paulo several times in my life for Business, being the last two times to visit Caetano and hunt for records. It was enough to change several things in my mind about the city and people. People in Sao Paulo have a different attitude when together over a community such like Loronix, they value and put effort to be in touch with each other on a open and friendly environment. I have been learning a lot by Loronix affairs with Sao Paulo and I want to say THANKS to everybody who lives in this great city.

São Paulo is to Brazil what New York is to the United States - a cosmopolitan city, bristling with business activity and people from all over the world - both executives on the road and immigrants who settled there for good. And it shows in the music. A melting pot of civilizations, you will find a bit of everything in Sao Paulo. If you move to the interior, you will be immersed in country music, Sao Paulo style - at its best, very different from US country music, for instance. It is more subdued, more romantic and laid back.

But it is in the capital city that Sao Paulo shows the strength of its culture - it is there that experiments tend to be made, there you will find the avant-garde of Brazilian music, the absorption of the newest trends, mingled with local roots, the sounds of Europe, Asia and all of Brazil. Music for the night, for the brains and the body. Purely São Paulo.

This is Sao Paulo Bossa Nova, Caetano's compilation for the most connected Brazilian city at Loronix, featuring:

The Performers

Orquestra Lyrio Panicalli
Maria Helena Toledo
Joao Gilberto
Os Cariocas
Antonio Carlos Jobim
Emilio Santiago
Lucio Alves
Jane Duboc
Alfredo Cardim
Conjunto de Ed Lincoln
Pedrinho Rodrigues
Leila Pinheiro

Track List

01 - Orquestra Lyrio Panicalli - Marcos Valle - Deus Brasileiro
02 - Orquestra Lyrio Panicalli - Marcos Valle - Seu Encanto
03 - Maria Helena Toledo - Tanto Amor
04 - Maria Helena Toledo - Ate de Cavaquinho
05 - Joao Gilberto - Tim Tim por Tim Tim
06 - Joao Gilberto - Isto Aqui e o que E
07 - Os Cariocas - Ela e Carioca
08 - Os Cariocas - Vivo Sonhando
09 - Tom Jobim - Nuvens Douradas
10 - Tom Jobim - Samba de Uma Nota So
11 - Tom Jobim - Meditacao
12 - Emilio Santiago - Tristeza de Nos Dois
13 - Emilio Santiago - Anos Dourados - Eu Sei que Eu Vou te Amar
14 - Lucio Alves - Valsa de uma Cidade
15 - Lucio Alves - Sabado em Copacabana
16 - Jane Duboc - So Louco
17 - Jane Duboc - A Flor e o Espinho
18 - Alfredo Cardim - Feitio de Oracao
19 - Conjunto de Ed Lincoln - Fuga
20 - Pedrinho Rodrigues - O Amor e a Cancao
21 - Leila Pinheiro - Sem Mais Adeus
22 - Leila Pinheiro - Discussao
23 - Maysa - O Barquinho


Friday, June 01, 2007

Bossa Nova nas Gerais | Brazil 3

I will not hide my sympathy for the great State of Minas Gerais, my second State in Brazil. When I was a kid, I use to spend three months in Minas Gerais every year on a city located on south called Sao Lourenco. Minas Gerais is all about nature, bike ridings at the mountains and also birds. I have some of my birds there, they had to go away for living a better life and bring peace to my neighbors, they were about to expel me a couple of years ago.

Minas Gerais is a very special place; it was there that gold was first found in Brazil, spawning a rich culture during the Baroque period -- with the churches, status and classical music all around. It was there that many Portuguese noblemen came to live and make money, bringing along the tradition of European instruments and styles -- especially the music of bards and serenaders.

But Minas Gerais put a spin on it, as they do with everything is easy to sense and feel the style: never aggressive, very melodic, subtle, full of surprising harmonies to be played and sung carefully. It is well known in Brazil that people from Minas Gerais are expert at conversations that can last for hours. The same applies to their music: it feels like good conversation, acoustic guitar at hand, or the local form of the Spanish / Moorish with several different tunings, weaving sound around beautiful lyrics.

This is Bossa Nova nas Gerais, Caetano's compilation with Bossa Nova classics performed by renowned Brazilian artists and groups, featuring.

The Performers

Wilson Simonal
Quarteto em Cy
Sergio Mendes
Roberto Menescal
Lucio Alves
Carlos Lyra
Maria Creuza
Vinicius de Moraes
Ornela Vanoni
Billy Blanco
Antonio Carlos Jobim
Conjunto de Oscar Castro Neves
Claudette Soares
Rosinha de Valenca
Sylvia Telles
Wanda Sa
Celia Vaz

Track List

01 - Wilson Simonal - Amanhecendo
02 - Wilson Simonal - Manha no Posto 6
03 - Quarteto em Cy - Enquanto a Tristeza nao Vem
04 - Quarteto em Cy - Mascarada
05 - Quarteto em Cy - E Nada Mais
06 - Sergio Mendes - Amar em Paz
07 - Sergio Mendes - Corcovado
08 - Roberto Menescal - Tempinho Bom
09 - Lucio Alves - Ainda Mais Lindo
10 - Lucio Alves & Sylvia Telles - Esse Seu Olhar - So em Seus Bracos
11 - Lucio Alves - Moca da Praia
12 - Carlos Lyra - Saudade Fez um Samba
13 - Carlos Lyra - Se e Tarde Me Perdoa
14 - Maria Creuza & Vinicius de Moraes - Minha Namorada
15 - Maria Creuza - Chega de Saudade
16 - Maria Creuza & Vinicius de Moraes - Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Voce
17 - Vinicius de Moraes & Ornela Vanoni - Samba da Rosa
18 - Billy Blanco - Mocinho Bonito
19 - Billy Blanco - Domingo Azul
20 - Tom Jobim - Wave
21 - Tom Jobim - Look to the Sky
22 - Maysa - Demais
23 - Conjunto de Oscar Castro Neves - Chora Tua Tristeza
24 - Claudette Soares - Ao Amigo Tom
25 - Rosinha de Valenca - Tema do Boneco de Palha
26 - Sylvia Telles - Voce e Eu
27 - MPB4 - De Palavra em Palavra
28 - Wanda Sa & Celia Vaz - Samba do Grande Amor
29 - Wanda Sa & Celia Vaz - Doralice
30 - Marcia - Aula de Matematica


Bahia de Todas as Bossas | Brazil 4

Here we go with the music from the country number one, Brazil. First of all, I would like to say that Caetano without knowing made one of my dreams come true. One of the most common questions of new Loronixers is how to start with Brazilian music, which is the best album for beginners? What to hear first? The answer comes with this set of four compilations, each one dedicated to one of the top four Brazilian States, ranked by number of visits to Loronix.

Bahia is the number four and is where the Portuguese first touched Brazilian soil, and also the first African slaves. It was there, also, that they first mixed and matched together with indians to create our race and our culture. Being a Northeastern state, close to the Equator, Bahia is usually hot, and hot is certainly their music (and their food, yes !).

Music from Bahia is easy to identify: strong beats, fierce rhythms, and an irresistible desired to swing your body. If not as harmonically sophisticated as others in Brazil, it is however unique in its high spirits and dancing quality. You will seldom find instrumental music in Bahia -- the mood there tends to singing at full voice, preferably in open spaces.

This is Bahia de Todas as Bossas, a compilation featuring best of breed Brazilian music. This is the music you should take with you to drive alongside the beautiful beaches from Bahia, Bahia de Todas as Bossas brings:

The Performers

Bossa Nova Modern Quartet
Luiz Claudio
Vinicius de Moraes
Quarteto em Cy
Dick Farney
Norma Bengel
Luiz Bonfa
Maria Helena Toledo
Stan Getz
Astrud Gilberto
Walter Wanderley
Marcos Valle
Wanda Sa
Os Trovadores Urbanos
Tamba Trio
Veronica Sabino
Rosana Toledo
Joao Donato
Orquestra Lyrio Panicalli
Conjunto Roberto Menescal

Track List

01 - Bossa Nova Modern Quartet - Fim de Semana em Eldorado
02 - Bossa Nova Modern Quartet - Chora Tua Tristeza
03 - Luiz Claudio - Tenha Pena de Mim
04 - Luiz Claudio - Amelia
05 - Vinicius de Moraes & Quarteto em Cy - Carta ao Tom 74
06 - Dick Farney & Norma Bengel - Voce
07 - Luiz Bonfa, Maria Helena Toledo & Stan Getz - Menina Flor
08 - Luiz Bonfa, Maria Helena Toledo & Stan Getz - Saudade Vem Correndo
09 - Astrud Gilberto - Fotografia
10 - Astrud Gilberto - So Tinha de Ser com Voce
11 - Walter Wanderley - Estrelinha
12 - Marcos Valle - Amor de Nada
13 - Marcos Valle - E Vem o Sol
14 - Wanda Sa - Nos e o Mar - Barquinho
15 - Os Trovadores Urbanos - Encontro com a Saudade
16 - Tamba Trio - Nuvens
17 - Tamba Trio - Imagem
18 - Veronica Sabino - Onde Anda Voce - Meu Bem Meu Mal
19 - Veronica Sabino - Nunca Mais - Nunca
20 - Rosana Toledo - Cancao que Morre no Ar
21 - Joao Donato - Amazonas
22 - Joao Donato - Sambou Sambou
23 - Orquestra Lyrio Panicalli - Rio
24 - Conjunto Roberto Menescal - Batida Diferente


Music from All Countries | The Brazilian Day

Hello, Good Evening! We are now starting the last day of our international celebration and we go "national" at this last day showing country number one on last year statistics, BRASIL. Thanks everybody that is giving continuous support on our efforts to accomplish this great event, made possible with a lot of hard work, dedication and passion to the Music from Brazil.

Today was not typical; a lot of works to do that seems that will never ends. I apologize for no email response today and partially yesterday. It was a matter of choice between emails and the success of this event. I will be back on track tomorrow.

I want to summarize now what we have to Brazil. Caetano is making available to us 5 hours of best of breed Brazilian music with CD quality on a set of four breathtaking compilations.

Thanks for supporting Loronix. Let's stop this parrot talking. Things are delayed today and I need to coordinate Loronix engineers work.


Bossa Nova Meets USA - Compilation by Caetano Rodrigues

The United States have the second position at Loronix visitors ranking, which is not a surprise, the US have the largest music market in the world and country affairs with Bossa Nova started since the beginning, being both influenced by each other. More country info at this post closing, let's talk about the music.

Blogger has been down in the last hour and I could not brief with Caetano, but I want to say that what is being delivered here for the US do not have any parallel within the industry. Our International tribute makes me understand that Caetano is also mastery on building compilations. I though compilations were just a matter of setting up a bunch of tracks together on any given order. I was wrong. Compilations are all about making fine selections and align them on a manner that you make a kind of curve with ups and downs using different situations to delivery a solid listening experience as a whole.

This is Bossa Nova Meets USA - Compilation by Caetano Rodrigues. Breathtaking panorama of Brazilian music renditions performed by best of breed American artists. You should take it and file as unique. Nineteen tracks and 80 minutes of listening pleasure. I will highlight some situations.

Caetano selection starts with Oscar Peterson Trio - Triste, worth the compilation alone, there are several different situations inside the song, sometimes they "Jazz away" and you realize how they will be back to Triste.

The third track features Nat King Cole performing Garota de Ipanema, a unique interpretation, recorded just a few months before Nat King Cole's passing.

I could make others picks but, I will jump to the last track Desafinado, by The Hi-Lo's, wise close of Caetano that makes you feel with that feeling of "I want to hear it again!". Tracks include:


Oscar Peterson Trio

Coleman Hawkings
Nat King Cole
The Ritz
Jim Tomlinson
Joe Pass
Rosemary Clooney & John Pizarelli
Laura Fygi
Tonny Bennett
Bobby Hackett & Billy Butterfield
Ella Fritzgerald
Stacey Kent
Larry Vuckovicy
Frank Sinatra
Super Sax & L.A. Voices
Carmem McRae
Monty Alexander
Julie London
The Hi-Lo's

Track List

01 - Triste - Oscar Peterson Trio
02 - Um Abraco no Bonfa - Coleman Hawkings
03 - Garota de Ipanema - Nat King Cole
04 - Meditacao - The Ritz
05 - Ela e Carioca - Jim Tomlinson
06 - Voce - Joe Pass
07 - Samba de uma Nota So - Rosemary Clooney & John Pizarelli
08 - Insensatez - Laura Fygi
09 - Samba do Aviao - Tonny Bennett
10 - Corcovado - Bobby Hackett & Billy Butterfield
11 - So Tinha que Ser com Voce - Ella Fritzgerald
12 - The Gentle Rain - Stacey Kent
13 - Rio - Larry Vuckovicy
14 - Wave - Frank Sinatra
15 - Bossa No No - Super Sax & L.A. Voices
16 - Flor de Liz - Carmem McRae
17 - Amor em Paz - Monty Alexander Trio
18 - Desafinado - Julie London
19 - Chega de Saudade - The Hi-Lo's


It was very hard to find an image to represent the United States, I tried several different approaches with buildings and nature, skylines, panorama, beaches and none could meet my expectations for USA. So I decided to dig my personal photo collection taken with my digital camera in US and I found this picture with homage to John Lennon taken in front of Dakota Building, Central Park, New York.

There is something special with this image; it was taken at my first day in New York and the exact day when people were celebration 20 years of John Lennon's passing. I did not realize that and it was a very special moment for me. My apologies on putting this picture using personal matter as criterion, but it represents a special day for me, a day that zecalouro spent a great time in the United States.

It is not a surprise the second position taken by the United States last year. The US is the major music market in the world, Brazil is the second one and both countries were musically connected since Bossa Nova has emerged.

Let's go thought the numbers and since my web statistics software makes regional analysis it is interesting to inform Loronixers that all 50 US regions reached Loronix last year, California took the lead with 23% of visitors, followed by New York with 13%, Illinois 5% and Texas 4%. There are Loronixers on 1,335 US cities with New York concentrating most visits with 10%, followed by Los Angeles 8%, San Francisco 5%, Irvine 4% and Chicaco with 3%.

Thanks very much Loronixers from the US, you are on each US States and 1,335 cities and this is truly awesome from zecalouro perspective.

Thanks, zeca

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Uwe Buschkotter and His Party Players - If I Were a Rich Bossa Nova Man (1967) | Germany

Several surprises are scheduled for Germany, country number three on Music from All Countries at Loronix. I never could imagine Germany delivering worldwide third place in terms of participation, but this is something that I want to detail on country closing information. Let's start with Caetano's selected pick for Germany, an album included on his Bossa Nova book that I'm having the chance to know for the first time with our tribute.

This is Uwe Buschkotter and His Party Players - If I Were a Rich Bossa Nova Man (1967), Decca Germany. This is a really unusual album, starting with this psycho cover artwork. Little is known about Uwe Buschkotter that delivers with His Partyplayers a blending of Bossa Nova with what is used to be referenced as "latin music" with a diverse repertoire mixing Brazilian music, The Beatles, among other ones that I could not identify. Tracks include:

01 - If I Were a Rich Man
02 - Soul Man
03 - Bambarina
04 - Lady Madonna
05 - Summer Samba
06 - The Fool on the Hill
07 - Sunny
08 - Guantanamera
09 - Carpenter's Dream
10 - The Shadow of your Smile
11 - The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde
12 - Sansibar


Klaus Doldinger Quartett - Bossa Nova (1962) EP | Germany

It was really nice of bossanovadreamer to send this album timely, as soon as our celebration was announced. bossanovadreamer lives in Germany and made this nice pick with another Loronixer from Germany, Mr. H.

This is Klaus Doldinger Quartett - Bossa Nova (1962), for Philips (EP). Klaus Doldinger is a very active musician in Germany; he is the composer of the main melody of one of German's most famous crime series ever. Tatort, a cult series on Sunday evenings in German's first program, being also the leader of the jazzfusion group Passport, active since the 70's. Klaus Doldinger is very influenced by the music from Brazil; his last album was titled Klaus Doldinger - Back to Brazil (2003). Thanks a million bossanovadreamer and Mr. H. for this fantastic piece of music. Tracks include:


Klaus Doldinger
(sax tenor)
Ingfried Hoffman
Helmut Kandlberger
Klaus Weiss

Track List

01 - Recado Bossa Nova (Djalma Ferreira / Antonio DeCosta)
02 - Copacabana (Joao De Barro/ Alberto Ribeiro De Vinha )
03 - Chega de saudade (Antonio Carlos Jobim /Vinicius de Moraes)


Caterina Valente & Luiz Bonfa - Caterina Valente & Luiz Bonfa (1963) | Germany

We should thank the Loronix friend Stefan from Germany. He was responsible for calling my attention to this album, recorded in Germany, Hamburg. Caterina Valente is the lady that introduces Luiz Bonfa on last video. She was born in France and then moved to Germany where she started his professional career in 1953. Caterina Valente sings in six languages, including Portuguese, which is the language he sings on this marvelous album.

This is Caterina Valente & Luiz Bonfa - Caterina Valente & Luiz Bonfa (1963), for Decca Germany. This album was recorded in two days, January 23rd and 25th, featuring all compositions by Luiz Bonfa. Selected tracks were issued on several formats by Decca, including 45RPM, singles and EPs. The cover artworks of these editions are really worth to be seen, you can check all them together at Luiz Bonfa discography by Yasouka, here. Tracks include:

01 - Mania de Maria (Luis Bonfá / Maria Helena Toledo)
02 - Sorrindo (Luis Bonfá / Maria Helena Toledo)

03 - Se Eu Pudesse Voltar (Luis Bonfá / Maria Helena Toledo)
04 - Vem Só (Luis Bonfá)
05 - Indiferença (Luis Bonfá / Maria Helena Toledo)
06 - Melancolia (Luis Bonfá / Maria Helena Toledo)
07 - Menina Flor (Luis Bonfá / Maria Helena Toledo)
08 - Reverso (Luis Bonfá / Maria Helena Toledo)
09 - Saudade Vem Correndo (Luis Bonfá / Maria Helena Toledo)
10 - Cantiga da Vida (Luis Bonfá / Maria Helena Toledo)
11 - Teu Olhar Triste (Luis Bonfá)
12 - Samba de Duas Notas (Luis Bonfá)


Before starting Loronix, I never realize how great is German passion for the music from Brazil. The evidences are clear, Baden Powell has a great popularity in German, helping on leveraging the interest for Brazilian music as a whole. Brazil-on-Guitar is another fantastic demonstration of dedication Germans have for Brazilian music. I could make several new friends Loronix friends on Germany, something that could only be accomplished with Loronix.

Loronixers from Germany, our country number 3, came last year from 136 different cities. Berlin takes the lead with 16% of visits, followed by Frankfurt 9% and Cologne with 7%, showing a low concentration on major cities. Germany is tuned as a whole at Loronix. It was also really difficult to select Germany picture and I took a decision based on a calm landscape showing mountains. Thanks a lot for the last year, Loronixers from Germany. You got the podium, third position.

Thanks, zecalouro

Sadao Watanabe - Fly me to the Moon (1967) | Japan

Hello, Good Evening! I had to keep Loronix engineers out of my computer; they stopped working to see Luiz Bonfa video. It is amazing how hard is to find Luiz Bonfa videos. Welcome back to Music from All Countries. I think that video was recorded in Japan, which is the country number 4 on visitors sent to Loronix last year.

You saw the cover artwork and you known that Sadao Watanabe was seleced by Caetano Rodrigues on our homage to Loronixers from Japan. Perhaps Sadao Watanabe is the Japanese artist most connected with the music from Brazil, we have several albums with Sadao Watanabe as sideman and also as main performer.

This is Sadao Watanabe - Fly me to the Moon (1967), for RGE. Caetano makes his best selecting a wonderful Sadao Watanabe album, it is a hundred percent Bossa Nova, solid from the start to the end with the repertoire listing twelve Bossa Nova classics, performed by Japanese musicians. The cover artwork is also all about Brazil. Where does that beautiful lady is looking for? Tracks include:


Sadao Watanabe
(sax, flute)
Sadanori Nakamure
Masabumi Kikuchi
Isao Suzuki
Msahiko Togashi
Hideo Miyata

Track List

01 - The Girl from Ipanema
02 - Meditation
03 - Black Orpheus
04 - O Grande Amor
05 - Bonita
06 - Dindi
07 - Mas que Nada
08 - The Shadow of your Smile
09 - Fly me to the Moon
10 - A Man and a Woman
11 - So Danco Samba
12 - She is Carioca


The Japanese image was so far the hardest to decide. The options were many showing Tokyo skycrapes, subway, people working, anyway, Japan is a legendary place, my mothers always says that his dream is to fly to Japan. I hope I can make her dream come true one day.

Japan participation was awesome and I think there is plenty space for growth next year. Tokyo delivered 34% of visits, followed by Chiyoda (10%), Shinjuku (9%) and Osaka (6%). I'm surprised with the number of cities with Japanese Loronixers, 155 cities visited Loronix last year. Just a special mention to a friend from Japan, Jazz-Nekko from Okinawa, a truly knowledgeable Loronixer that knows everything about Jazz and Brazilian music.

Thanks, zecalouro

Music Video | Luiz Bonfa - Ski Song

While Loronix engineers are making final cosmetic adjustments on hour Music from All Countries celebration, I invite you to watch Luiz Bonfa performing Ski Song on this magnificent video. Stay tuned for our third Music from All Countries day.

Hope uEnjoy!


Music from All Countries @ Loronix | Status Report

Just a little break to show status report as we reach 50% of countries selected on Music from All Countries. Several friends have been asking if we will have Brazil on our celebration. The answer is YES. Caetano is working on that and there is a whole day dedicated to Brazil. I don't have idea on Caetano's plans, but they should be truly amazing, as always.

Thanks, zecalouro

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

United Kingdom Selection - Ted Heath, Victor Feldman and George Shearing | United Kingdom

This is United Kingdom time, the country that took position number 6 on last year Loronix visitor statistics. Caetano has repared something very unique and different for UK and I need to change the structure I use to present music at Loronix. W have a compilation this time, blending on a single album 3 others released by UK artists on top of Bossa Nova. Let's see the first.

Really special one and worths all the compilation, very wise of Caetano to include only a single track from Ted Heath - Fever! Ted Heat and His Music. Caetano pick is Garota de Ipanema on top of Big Band arrangements provided by Ted Heath, which is a world wide renowned Big Band leader. Caetano took this track from an LP and for our surprise Garota de Ipanema was not included by the time Fever! was reissued on CD. Get the chance, great opportunity to hear Garota de Ipanema with Big Band arrangements.

01 - Garota de Ipanema

Here we go on second part Caetano's compilation for UK showing Victor Feldman and 4 selected tracks from his album Victor Feldman - A Taste of Honey and a Taste of Bossa Nova. The cover artwork worth the selection and the music complements nicely. It is amazing that A Taste of Honey and a Taste of Bossa Nova is not listed on major music websites; perhaps this album did not have a CD reissue. they could make it, this music is gorgeous, Caetano's selection will show it.

02 - On Green Dolphim Street
03 - Theme From 9073
04 - Moon River
05 - Anna

Closing our UK compilation we go with 3 selections from George Shearing - Shearing Bossa Nova Roy Bradley Quintet. George Shearing has a strong Jazz tradition being leader of one of the most popular Jazz groups in the world, the George Shearing Quintet. Caetano's selection demonstrates what we have on this album, nice instrumental themes on top of Bossa Nova with large space for individual performances. Thanks Caetano for this wonderful gift to UK.

06 - Rio Mio
07 - Bossa Yossa
08 - Schearing a Nova


Os Sambeatles - Os Sambeatles (1966) Manfredo Fest Trio | United Kingdom

We cannot mention UK without showing this masterpiece, Manfredo Fest Trio as Sambeatles, playing Beatles with Samba Jazz groove. Fascinating, even if you are not a Beatles fan. This is a repost and it is one of the first albums made available at Loronix. Perhaps nobody had the chance to see it at archives, so this is the chance that you cannot miss. Tracks include:

01 - Can't Buy Me Love (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
02 - Michelle (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
03 - A Hard Day's Night (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
04 - Girl (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)

05 - Ticket To Ride (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
06 - I Should Have Known Better (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
07 - Help (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
08 - Yesterday (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
09 - All My Loving (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
10 - And I Love Her (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
11 - Ask Me Why (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
12 - If I Fell (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)


I'm a huge fan of The Beatles, I said it before, not once, but many times, that's why UK picture is the legendary Abbey Road cover artwork. UK participation at Loronix was really solid with 173 cities getting in touch with Loronix last year. London takes the lead with 37% of visits, followed by Brentford, Manchester and Birmingham.

I have several friends from UK that I had the chance to make with Loronix. As I woke up today with memory gaps, I will not mention them, afraid of forgetting someone. My greeting goes to all Loronixers from UK, I hope you stay connected next year with the same strength you did last year.

Thanks, zecalouro

Alfonso Carlos Santisteban - Presenta Bossa '68 (1968) | Spain

Hello! Good Evening! Spain starts the second day of Music from All Countries at Loronix. I'm really proud of this initiative. The feedback received from other websites, emails and word of mouth during this Wednesday was really positive. It is a chance to feedback the great response given by Loronixers to our community and also identifies wonderful and hidden music available everywhere and also makes Loronix stronger and better.

As I spoke about wonderful and hidden music, Spain, our country number 7, delivers a nice example. Let's see.

This is Alfonso Carlos Santisteban - Presenta Bossa '68 (1968), for Sintonia, awesome instrumental music recorded and composed by the Spanish pianist Alfonso Carlos Santisteban. I'm surprised with this album and this musician. You will not find Bossa Nova standards instrumental renditions here, but 12 compositions from Alfonso Carlos Santisteban, accompanied by bass, drums, guitar, trumpet, flute, trombone and percussion. Loronix friends from Spain are invited to share additional information about this great artist. Tracks include:


Alfonso Carlos Santisteban
Alfonso Ortiz
Enrique Garcia
Anthony Brito
Jerry Crane
(trombone, bass)
Rafael Comas

Track List

01 - La Chica de Bahia (Alfonso Carlos Santisteban)
02 - Melodia para un Hombre Solo (Alfonso Carlos Santisteban)
03 - Sofisticado (Alfonso Carlos Santisteban)
04 - Esperar (Alfonso Carlos Santisteban)
05 - Un Momento Mas (Alfonso Carlos Santisteban)
06 - Poema 12 (Alfonso Carlos Santisteban)
07 - Soledad (Alfonso Carlos Santisteban)
08 - Triste Sabor (Alfonso Carlos Santisteban)
09 - Carinosamente (Alfonso Carlos Santisteban)
10 - Delicadeza (Alfonso Carlos Santisteban)

11 - Siluetas (Alfonso Carlos Santisteban)
12 - Esta Samba (Alfonso Carlos Santisteban)


When I was looking for a nice image from Spain, I found this one and I could not resist selecting it for our tribute. We have a very similar construction in Rio de Janeiro that was used with the same purpose, water transportation. Spain has a surprisingly strong participation at Loronix, perhaps my friend Zamurozien - Loronixer since day one - and the mighty Mr. B from The Sounds of the 70's are making a nice job promoting Loronix there.

Madrid is the city that delivered most of the visits, 37% among 39 identified cities. I had the chance to make a new friend from Spain with our initiative, I don't know if he agrees to say his name here and he gave several hints about Bossa Nova music at Spain. I hope he gets amazed with Alfonso Carlos Santisteban.

Thanks Loronixers from Spain for the last and the forthcoming year.


Ornella Vanoni, Vinicius de Moraes e Toquinho - La Voglia. La Pazzia, L'Incoscienza, L'Allegria (1976) | Italy

Italy is the closing country of Loronix Music from All Countries first day. That's why we need to make it stronger and solid, featuring two albums, both very requested by our community. The first one is provided by Caetano Rodrigues and a mandatory repost (now with CD quality), the collaboration between Vinicius de Moraes and Toquinho with the legendary Italian singer Ornela Vanoni. The second is the requested album recorded in 1970 by Chico Buarque de Holanda and Enio Morricone. Let's check both.

This is Ornella Vanoni, Vinicius de Moraes e Toquinho - La Voglia. La Pazzia, L'Incoscienza, L'Allegria (1976), for RGE. Ornella Vanoni is an Italian singer, born in 1934 and has the status of one of the greatest Italian music diva ever. In this LP, Ornella Vanoni sings Vinicius de Moraes repertoire with Italian lyrics and it is one of her most acclaimed works. The blending of Ornella, Vinicius and Toquinho voices is very nice with the accompaniment of Toquinho's guitar supporting the rhythm section in most of the tracks. Thanks for this most wanted, Caetano. Tracks include:

01 - Senza Paura
02 - La Rosa Spogliata
03 - Samba della Rosa
04 - Samba in Preludio
05 - Anema e Core
06 - La Voglia La Pazzia
07 - Semaforo Rosso
08 - Assenza - Io So Che Ti Amero - Un Altro Addio
09 - L'Assente - Accendi una Luna Nel Cielo
10 - Samba per Vinicius


Chico Buarque de Hollanda & Ennio Morricone - Per un Pugno di Samba (1970) | Italy

The second Italian album is long time request from Loronixers and shows Chico Buarque de Hollanda collaboration with Enio Morricone, which is the most famous film composer of the 20th century and also the artist that probably has the biggest number of compositions written. Chico Buarque sings in Italian on this 1970 album released by RCA Victor. Tracks include:

01 - Rotativa (Roda Viva) (Chico Buarque / Vrs. Sergio Bardotti)
02 - Samba e Amore (Samba e Amor) (Chico Buarque / Vrs. Sergio Bardotti)
03 - Sogno Di Un Carnevale (Sonho de Um Carnaval) (Chico Buarque / Vrs. Sergio Bardotti)
04 - Lei No Lei Sta Ballando (Ela Desatinou) (Chico Buarque / Vrs. Sergio Bardotti)
05 - Il Nome Di Maria (Não Fala de Maria) (Chico Buarque / Vrs. Sergio Bardotti)
06 - Funerale Di Un Contadino (Funeral de Um Lavrador) (Chico Buarque / João Cabral de Melo Neto / Vrs. Sergio Bardotti / Vrs. Panvini Rosati)
07 - In Te (Mulher) (Chico Buarque / Vrs. Sergio Bardotti)
08 - Queste e Quelle (Umas e Outras) (Chico Buarque / Vrs. Sergio Bardotti)
09 - Tu Sei Una Di Noi (Quem Te Viu Quem Te Vê) (Chico Buarque / Vrs. Sergio Bardotti)
10 - Nicanor (Chico Buarque / Vrs. Sergio Bardotti)

11 - In Memoria Di Un Congiurato (Tema dos Inconfidentes) (Chico Buarque / Cecília Meireles / Vrs. Sergio Bardotti)
12 - Ed Ora Dico Sul Serio (Agora Falando Sério) (Chico Buarque / Vrs. Sergio Bardotti)


Loronix friends from Italy are different from the other countries; they are not concentrated on a given city, but almost equally distributed on 56 cities. Milan (23%) and Rome (13%) are the cities that gave us more visits last year. I think Italy has several nice Brazilian music treasures to reveal. We had recently a music video with Dorival Caymmi and Joao Gilberto recorded in Rome and I have just received a last minute contribution of another Italian singer called Mina with the album Mina in Brasil.

Among several friends of Loronix in Italy, I would like to highlight mrenzy, not active on public, but with a continuous and friendly participation in the background. Thanks all friends from Italy for this fantastic first year of Loronix.

Thanks, zecalouro

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Niki Ayoube - Bossa Nova Jazz Samba (1962) | Canada

It was really a treat listening this album and also a little bit confusing. The main performer is Nick Ayoub, but at a first sight, it seems we have a record made by a duo, Rosita and Deno. The story is delicious and is all about a promotion, everyone who bought this album could take the back cover to one of Rosita and Deno dancing schools and claim 2 free Bossa Nova lessons. Fascinating. Buy the album, hear the music and get 2 free dancing classes with Rosita & Deno.

This is Nick Ayoub - Bossa Nova Jazz Samba (1962), for Trans Canada Music Company, a wonderful instrumental album featuring Niki Ayoube and his orchestra. Personnel is not credited but we have top-notch musicians at this set. The repertoire is also unusual with music that seems to be composed only for this album. I never danced in my life and if I were in Canada by that time, the story of my life could be different with Nick Ayoube and Rosita & Deno, only Caetano to bring such wonderful discoveries to Loronix. Tracks include:

01 - Canadian Bossa Nova
02 - Prelude to Bossa Nova
03 - Nick's Nova
04 - Gella Nova
05 - New One
06 - Aureles
07 - Bossa Me
08 - Bossa Nova Orientale
09 - Bossa Sway
10 - Jazz me In
11 - Bossa Nova Nr. 12
12 - Samba Basque


Canada is the country number 10 in terms of visitors sent to Loronix last year. Most of Canadian users came from Toronto and Montreal, sharing together more than 50% of visits. It is fantastic to see that more than one hundred Canadian cities had been at Loronix.

I do not have any Canadian Loronix friend to say thanks, except Rowan, which is a Brazilian living in Canada. I would like to say thanks to all Canadian Loronix and I hope you continue supporting our community in the forthcoming year.

Do not miss Caetano's music to Canada, truly awesome.

Thanks, zeca

Welcome to Music from All Countries @ Loronix

Hello, Good Evening! We are starting Loronix celebration to 1M hits. Music from All Countries. In the next days we will be in touch with music from the ten countries that sent most visitors to Loronix, music selected by the mighty Caetano Rodrigues that once again put all his passion, heart and resources in the benefit of our community and Loronixers.

Additionally, a new promotion was launched and everybody who participates can win a wonderful gift, just as our friend Lemuel Cabrera did in the last promotion, Caetano's Bossa Nova book. There are two different ways to participate, using the globe link at the right panel to indicate links of music websites you know from any country and using the turntable icon to indicate Bossa Nova albums recorded by Brazilian or international artists outside of Brazil.

Thanks once again for supporting Loronix. In a couple of minutes we will be showing our first country, Canada, which is number 10.

Thanks, zeca

Tito Madi - Amor e Paz (1963)

This is a contribution of a great enthusiast of the music from Brazil, a great enthusiast of Loronix and a very good friend of zecalouro, the legendary bossanovadreamer, one of the first bloggers who created and maintained a blog dedicated to Bossa Nova at bossanovadreamer dedicated this post to so many people that I will not list them here, I will just dedicate to Loronixers, which is everybody who stay connected with our community. Thanks bossanovadreamer, the effort you put on Brazilian music cause has no parallel.

This is Tito Madi - Amor e Paz (1963), for Entre/CBS, with orchestra arrangements, direction and conduction by Astor Silva. Self-explanatory release awaited by many Loronixers. I received a message from a friend saying that Loronix needs to approach more Tito Madi albums. I agree, Tito Madi discography is huge, mainly from the late 50's to 60's where he released almost fifteen LPs and 10-inches. Thanks for this one, bossanovadreamer. Tracks include:

01 - Jogado Fora (João Mello)
02 - Amor e Paz (Tito Madi)
03 - Com o Amor Não Se Brinca (Romeo Nunes / Carlito)
04 - Ah Se Eu Pudesse (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
05 - A Mesma Rosa Amarela (Capiba / Carlos Penna Filho)
06 - Corcovado (Tom Jobim)
07 - Pra Que Mentir (Sergio Napp)
08 - Está Nascendo Um Samba (Tito Madi / Romeo Nunes)
09 - Fale de Samba Que Eu Vou (Tito Madi)
10 - Pensei Errei (Tito Madi)
11 - Só Eu Sei (Tito Madi)
12 - Nós e o Mar (Ronaldo Bôscoli / Roberto Menescal)


Monday, May 28, 2007

Os 7 Velhinhos - Os 7 Velhinhos (1961)

I have been thinking about making this post for a long time, but it has been postponed due an issue. I decided today to show it to Loronixers. It was silly of mine to keep it here; the best way to get help is addressing the great Loronix community. Perhaps a easy question, Os 7 Velhinhos, Os Velhinhos Sensacionais and Os Velhinhos Transviados the same group? Anyway, while the answer does not come it is better to show you Os 7 Velhinhos.

This is Os 7 Velhinhos - Os 7 Velhinhos (1961), for Musidisc. We are used to see nice Musidisc cover and they we have this very simple, but effective one. This is the first out of three LPs released by Os Sete Velhinhos, three Musidisc LPs. At a first sight you might think it is another instrumental group from the 60's, but there is something different with Os 7 Velhinhos, is an ensemble of top-notch musicians, as you can check with personnel listing, just before tracks. Tracks include:

Maestro Carioca
Jose Menezes
Abel Ferreira
Nelson Martins
Orlando Trinca
Maestro Formiga
Pedro Vidal
Jose Americo
Chiquinho do Acordeon

Track List

01 - Meditação (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
02 - Charmaine (E. Rapee / L. Pollack)
03 - Boneca (Benedito Lacerda / Aldo Cabral)
04 - O Amor e a Rosa (Pernambuco / Antônio Maria)
05 - Branca (Zequinha de Abreu)
06 - Brotinho Bossa Nova (João Roberto Kelly)
07 - Mulher de Trinta (Luis Antônio)
08 - Noite Cheia de Estrelas (Cândido das Neves "Índio")
09 - Samba de Uma Nota Só (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
10 - Alguém Me Disse (Jair Amorim / Evaldo Gouveia)
11 - Fascinação (F. D. Marchetti)
12 - Valsa da Despedida (H. Stothart)