Saturday, February 02, 2008

Antonio Carlos Jobim & Billy Blanco - Sinfonia do Rio de Janeiro (1960)

A research was needed to complete understand this album, which is the reissue of the second recording made by Continental of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Billy Blanco Sinfonia do Rio de Janeiro. Continental made the first Sinfonia do Rio de Janeiro recording in 1954 using the 10-inch format. Continental made it again in 1960, using different performers and taking advantage of the 12-inch format, including more tracks on Side B, an extended version of Sinfonia do Rio de Janeiro on Side A with a whole group of new performers compared with the ones in the 1954 session. This is the 1981 reissue of the 1960 session, an album that I did not know the existence and should amaze everybody, such as I was amazed when found it on one of those R$ 1,00 boxes. Let's see.

This is Antonio Carlos Jobim & Billy Blanco - Sinfonia do Rio de Janeiro (1960), for Continental, presented here with the 1981 Continental reissue, featuring Radames Gnattali arrangements, orchestra and a constellation of performers, including Maysa, Os Cariocas, Severino Filho, Jamelao, Ted Moreno, among others. Loronix Preview Center brings track 03 - Copacabana, performed by Maysa. Tracks include:

The Performers

Radames Gnattali
Ted Moreno
Os Cariocas
Luely Figueiro
Albertinho Fortuna
Nelly Martins
Coral de Severino Filho

Track List

01 - Sinfonia do Rio de Janeiro (A Montanha, O Sol, O Mar) (Antonio Carlos Jobim / Billy Blanco)
02 - Cidade Maravilhosa (Andre Filho) with Coral de Severino Filho
03 - Copacabana (Joao de Barro / Alberto Ribeiro) with Maysa
04 - Valsa de uma Cidade (Ismael Neto / Antonio Maria) with Coral de Severino Filho
05 - Fim de Semana em Paqueta (Joao de Barro / Alberto Ribeiro) with Albertinho Fortuna
06 - Corcovado (Nazareno de Brito / Steve Bernardi) with Ted Moreno & Coral de Severino Filho
07 - Primavera no Rio (Joao de Barro) with Coral de Severino Filho

Friday, February 01, 2008

Ed Lincoln - Orgao Espetacular (1961)

I thought we would never have the chance to make a new Ed Lincoln album at Loronix and now I'm wondering why I had this wrong perception. Perhaps I got it from the vast Ed Lincoln discography with albums recorded with nicknames, such like: Berry Benton, Les 4 Cadillacs, Claudio Marcello, Muchacho nas Bocas, among several others. Ed Lincoln released several albums under his own name, they are all out of print and I have a few ones to show in the forthcoming months. Let's see.

This is Ed Lincoln - Orgao Espetacular (1961), for Musidisc, by the way, his first album at Musidisc. One of the things I like most on Ed Lincoln albums is his own picture on cover artworks, and this one is very cool, featuring a very young Ed Lincoln flying on some kind of magic cushion. Personnel is not credit, but Musidisc liner notes informs that Ed Lincoln plays piano and organ, using playback to make a line of organ and piano and even two lines of organs. The repertoire blends Brazilian standards and international songs, starting with my choice to Loronix Preview Center, 01 - Aquarela do Brasil. Tracks include:

01 - Aquarela do Brasil (Ary Barroso)
02 - Locomotion (Joe Loco)
03 - Seleção de ''Can-can'' (Cole Porter)
04 - Ai Mourrir Pour Toi (Charles Aznavour)
05 - Mulher de Trinta (Luis Antônio)
06 - Sentimental Journey (Green / Brown / Homer)
07 - Arrasta a Sandalia (Osvaldo Vasques "Baiaco" / Aurélio Gomes) Não Põe a Mão (Mutt / Arnô Canegal / Bucy Moreira)
08 - Teléco-téco Nº 2 (Nelsinho / O. Magalhães)
09 - Hey There (Adler / Ross)
10 - O Amor e a Rosa (Pernambuco / Antônio Maria)
11 - That Old Black Magic (Arlen / Mercer)
12 - Vivendo e Aprendendo (Ed Lincoln / Silvio César)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Os Originais do Samba - Alegria de Sambar (1975)

Hello, good evening! Here we go on our Carnaval pick of the day, we will have daily Carnaval releases until Carnaval time. By the way, Carnaval is scheduled to begin next Saturday, which is very early from what we are used. I think this year zecalouro will not be infected by Carnaval music, there is nothing happening bellow my window and I hope everything stays silent in the forthcoming Carnaval days.

This is Os Originais do Samba - Alegria de Sambar (1975), for RCA Victor. Os Originais do Samba is a really special Samba group and I learn to admire their music with Loronix. They are really above the average of other groups in the style and this album seems to be one of their best releases I could take for a spin so far. Justin is 100% right when he says that mid 70's RCA Victor sessions are superior in terms of sound quality, this is a very well produced album with arrangements by Maestros Wilson Mauro, Messias St. Jr., Ted Moreno, Elcio Alvares and Jose Briamonte, as detailed at the back cover inside the music. Loronix Preview Center brings the track I like most, 10 - A Dona do Primeiro Andar. Tracks include:

01 - No Reino da Mãe do Ouro (Samba-enredo da Mangueira 1976) (Tolito / Rubens da Mangueira)
02 - Confidências de Um Sambista (Silvio Modesto / Neylda Leão)
03 - Calango do Seo Tibúrcio (Edil Pacheco / Paulo Diniz)
04 - ''Pot-pourri de Benito Di Paula'' Retalhos de Cetim (Benito di Paula) Se Não For Amor (Benito di Paula) Charlie Brown (Benito di Paula) Quero Ver Você de Perto (Benito di Paula) Além de Tudo (Benito di Paula) Velhos Tempos (Franco Dilano)
06 - O Bom do Lugar (Cayon / Ângelo Antônio)
07 - É Ouro Só (Mussum / Almir)
08 - De Álcool Ou Poesia (Beto Scala / São Beto)
09 - Cresça e Apareça (Hélio Mariano)
10 - A Dona do Primeiro Andar (Luis Carlos / Lucas)
11 - Mexe-mexe (Otacílio / A. A. Souza)
12 - Os Cabras de Lampião (Clayton)
13 - Vou Tirar a Roupa (Nazareno / Édson)
14 - Mulher Ingrata (César Costa Filho / Jésus Rocha)
15 - As Mariposas (Adoniran Barbosa)

Sylvia Telles - Amor em Hi-Fi (1960)

Let's close tonight with the update of an album released in the very first beginning of Loronix. I think the update of old and essential posts are very useful to friends who are new to Loronix. There is much to explore in the archives and the updates give better exposition to the best we have available, such like this one, featuring one of the most popular artists in our community. Let's see.

This is Sylvia Telles - Amor em HI-FI (1960), for Philips, the first album released by Sylvia Telles at Philips, just before the acclaimed Amor de Gente Moca, with Antonio Carlos Jobim repertoire. I like this album, but I think I would like much better if Philips credited more info about. Personnel is totally unknown, including arrangers and musicians in this session with Sylvia Telles performing a repertoire of Bossa Nova standards, a medley with international songs and a Frech version of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Dolores Duran Por Causa de Voce, here as Gardez Moi Pour Toujours. I'm making available a reposting of a video sent by the legendary Mr. E., with Sylvia Telles performing in a Brazilian movie, one of the nicest videos by this great Brazilian diva. Tracks include:

01 - Samba Torto (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
02 - All The Way (Cahn / Hensen) The Boy Next Door (Blaue / Martin) They Can't Take That Away From Me (George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin)
03 - Corcovado (Tom Jobim)
04 - Tetê (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
05 - Se É Tarde Me Perdoa (Carlos Lyra / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
06 - Chora Tua Tristeza (Oscar Castro Neves / Luvercy Fiorini)
07 - Dindi (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
08 - Hô-bá-lá-lá (João Gilberto / Aloysio de Oliveira)
09 - Samba de Uma Nota Só (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
10 - Gardez Moi Pour Toujours (Por Causa de Você) (Tom Jobim / Dolores Duran / Vrs. Serge Rodhe)
11 - Não Gosto Mais de Mim (Sergio Ricardo)

Varios Artistas - Chegou a Hora (1960)

Hello, good evening! Chegou a Hora! It's Carnaval time and with this post Loronix officially starts Carnaval celebration. From today, until the end of Carnaval, we will have at least one Carnaval post per day. I will try to approach this big party from a historical perspective, flying over Carnaval across decades. It will not be an easy project, I'm not a parrot with Samba no Pe, but I'm sure we will have a lot of fun together. Let's start with this one that gave me a lot of work to restore, featuring several artists that I never heard before.

This is Chegou a Hora (1960), for the tiny and legendary label Sideral. I think we could not start better with this one. The cover is a must and the repertoire is all about old Marchinhas, performed by several artists, most of them never mentioned before at Loronix, such as Rogeria, Bob Lins, Anilza Leoni, Zilda do Ze and others. For those who understand Portuguese, the lyrics of 01 - Chegou a Hora are really great with words such like "orgia" used with a very different meaning as of today. It is the selected track of Loronix Preview Center. Tracks include:

The Performers

Anilza Leoni
Jose Augusto
Bob Lins
Gilberto Milfont
Irene Macedo
Zilda do Ze
Afranio Rodrigues
Rubem Gerardi
Ataide Pereira
Fernando Marcel
Regina Flores

Track List

01 - Chegou a Hora (Fausto Guimarães / Sebastião Rodrigues) with Anilza Leoni
02 - Tutuca (Ciro de Souza / Carper) with José Augusto
03 - Sofre Calado (Aldacir Louro / Linda Rodrigues) with Rogéria
04 - Pipa Ôca (William Duba / Nahum Luis / Bob Lins) with Bob Lins
05 - Não Pode Ser (Jota Santos / Carneiro Filho) with Gilberto Milfont
06 - Dando Sopa (Carmen Gomes / Manoel V. Lins / Manoel Mães) with Irene Macedo
07 - Vou Lhe Deixar (João Mascarenhas / Cícero Sá / Gracia) with Anamaria
08 - Estica Estica (Nelson Marques / Ackim Peçanha / Tonio Luna / Zilda do Zé) with Zilda do Zé
09 - Onde Está Você (Mirabeau / Jorge Gonçalves) with Afrânio Rodrigues
10 - Bom Dia (Gracia / João Mascarenhas) with Rubem Gerardi
11 - Banco do Réu (Elias Cortes / Francisco de Almeida / José Silva) with Ataide Pereira
12 - Garota Sapeca (Gracia / João Mascarenhas) with Anamaria
13 - Seu Durval (Nelson Marques / Ackim Peçanha / Airton Montenegro / Fernando Bachur) with Fernando Marcel
14 - Feijão Importado (Breno Souza) with Regina Flores

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Joao Gilberto - Joao Gilberto (1970)

I was wondering what to say when releasing this update and I decided to summarize the liner notes written by Julio Hungria in 1970. He says: "in the future, when Brazilian music has an historical approach, the Brazilian music should be divided in two large and different periods. The Brazilian music before Joao Gilberto and the Brazilian music after Joao Gilberto”.

This is Joao Gilberto - Joao Gilberto (1970), for Philips, also known as Joao Gilberto - En Mexico, since it was recorded in Mexico. There is a story behind Joao Gilberto two-year stay in Mexico. Joao was coming back to Brazil after living in New York from a few years and decided to stop in Mexico City for a concert. A one-night stay turned into a two-year and this album is the outcome of Joao Gilberto years in Mexico, featuring a couple of songs with lyrics in Spanish. I will now listen to Joao Gilberto before sleeping, have a nice day and always stay tuned with Loronix. Tracks include:

01 - De Conversa Em Conversa (Lúcio Alves / Haroldo Barbosa)
02 - Ela É Carioca (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
03 - O Sapo (João Donato)
04 - Esperança Perdida (Tom Jobim / Billy Blanco)
05 - Trolley Song (Irving Berlin / Vrs. Haroldo Barbosa)
06 - João Marcelo (João Gilberto)
07 - Farolito (Agustin Lara)
08 - Astronauta (Samba da Pergunta) (Pingarilho / Marcos Vasconcellos)
09 - Acapulco (João Gilberto)
10 - Besame Mucho (Consuelo Velasquez)
11 - Eclipse (Ernesto Lecuona)

Challenge | Who are they?

Cesar Saldanha just sent several photos that should keep us busy with challenges until Carnaval. I could not wait to make an extra challenge today. Your mission is to identify the group and musicians in this photo taken inside Bottles nightclub, Beco das Garrafas, 1964. Really nice photo.

Hope uEnjoy!

Arrigo Barnabe - Facanhas (1992)

If you are in the mood to listen and get thrilled with something unique and very different from the music usually released at Loronix, this is the album you were looking for, courtesy of AdHoc, a great zecalouro's friend that really rocks with surprising releases. It seems AdHoc reads my mind sometimes, I have been considering to show something from Arrigo Barnabe for months. There is a lot to explain about Arrigo Barnabe, a very important artist to my background as amateur musician since 1980 when I got paralyzed with Arrigo Barnabe first LP, Clara Crocodilo, a revolutionary album that according with feedback on Facanhas should be released very soon at Loronix. Let's see.

This is Arrigo Barnabe - Facanhas (1992), for Camerati, featuring Arrigo Barnabe, the founder and most influential artist from Vanguarda Paulistana movement, a group of classically educated musicians from the city of Sao Paulo who blends classical influences to popular music. I spoke about the influence of Clara Crocodilo, a sort of opera rock album with lots of instruments in the set and Facanhas is just the opposite with Arrigo Barnabe at the piano, backed by a small group. AdHoc wisely defines Facanhas as an UFO, traveling across several periods of Brazilian music, from Jovem Guarda to Samba, modinhas, MPB, etc. I would be pleased if Loronixers use comments section to feedback this release. Tracks include:


Arrigo Barnabe
(piano, voice)
Paulo Braga
Mane Silveira
(alto, soprano sax)
Claudio Lucci
Pericles Cavalcanti
(violao, voice at 10 - Bom Sujeito)

Track List

01 - Imagem (Arrigo Barnabé / Roberto Riberti)
02 - Façanhas (Luis Pinheiro)
03 - Lama (Paulo Marques / Aylce Chaves)
04 - Deuses da Voz (Arrigo Barnabé)
05 - Conflito de Geração (Arrigo Barnabé / Hermelino Neder)
06 - Canto I do Inferno (Dante Alighieri / Augusto de Campos / Arrigo Barnabé / Mané Silveira / Paulo Braga)
07 - Sinhazinha Em Chamas (Arrigo Barnabé)
08 - Eu Não Sabia Que Você Existia (Renato Barros / Tony)
09 - Espelho (Arrigo Barnabé)
10 - Bom Sujeito (Péricles Cavalcanti)
11 - Suspeito (Arrigo Barnabé / Hermelino Neder)
12 - Mal Menor (Itamar Assumpção)
13 - Mal Menor (Itamar Assumpção) Vinheta
14 - Pterodáctilo Contemporaneus (Arrigo Barnabé)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Challenge | Who are they?

Today's challenge has several degrees of complexity. The very easy part is to identify the female artist, the identification of the group name is also easy, but the identification of each group member is really challenging. Who can tell me who are they? The girl, the group and the four boys?

Hope uEnjoy!

Os Demonios da Garoa - Sai de Mim, Saudade (1971)

Hello, good evening! Yesterday, I was sick, in the day before I was busy, in the other day I was bored, but today I feel GREAT, on a really good shape to share the wonderful music from Brazil to our community. My will today is to show four albums instead of the usual two or three and each one different from the other, starting with this one, courtesy of JOAO-SP, which is providing us the chance to know the Samba made in Sao Paulo, very different from the one we are used to hear from Rio de Janeiro artists. Let's see.

This is Os Demonios da Garoa - Sai de Mim Saudade (1971), for Continental, the first album released at Loronix of this very important vocal and instrumental Samba group, active since the early 40's until today, with a recording career that spans decades with more than 200 albums recorded on every possible format, including a recent released DVD. Sai de Mim Saudade never had a CD reissue and brings some of the most successful songs performed by Os Demonios da Garoa. I'm curious how Loronixers will feedback these first Samba releases from Sao Paulo sent by JOAO-SP. Tracks include:

01 - Sai de Mim Saudade (Geraldo Nunes / Victor)
02 - Quatro Velas (Sereno / Ubaldo Silva)
03 - Ontem Hoje e Sempre (Aloísio Figueiredo / Mário Aguinaldo / José Guimarães)
04 - Aquarela Amazônica (Belmiro Barrela)
05 - Duplicatas (Victor Simão / J. Nunes)
06 - Izidora (Arnaldo Rosa / Arthur Bernardo)
07 - Não Faço Fé Contigo (J. B. da Silva "Sinhô")
08 - Canoa Furada (Aloísio Figueiredo / José Guimarães)
09 - No Tempo de Carlito (Victor Simão)
10 - Isto É São Paulo (Kazinho)
11 - Maloca dos Meus Amores (Canarinho)
12 - Bê-a-bá (Tânio Jairo)

Raul de Souza - Viva Volta (1986)

Hello, good evening! In spite of a flu making my eyes hurt and feeling pain all over my feathers, I'm having a really nice evening with another non-identified traffic increase of new people to Loronix. We had an average of four unique visitors per minutes on peak hours, which are much for January, a month used by many friends for vacation. That's why I'm making a solid start this Monday, sharing a never released album of a favorite artist of many friends, the legendary Brazilian trombonist Raul de Souza, also known as Raulzinho. Let's see.

This is Raul de Souza - Viva Volta (1986), for Top Tape, recorded live at Inverno & Verao nightclub, Sao Paulo, February 1986. Perhaps this is a widely unknown Raulzinho album, found last week while browsing the always surprising R$ 1.00 section of a used vinyl store in Copacabana. Raulzinho performs a repertoire of his own compositions and Brazilian standards from Milton Nascimento, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Noel Rosa, Vinicius de Moraes and Joao Bosco. Personnel listing is available bellow and includes the participation of Guilherme Vergueiro as special guest on Feitio de Oracao. Tracks include:


Raul de Souza
(trombone, tenor sax, arrangements)
Rui S. Yamamura, Jarbas A. Barbosa
Guilherme Vergueiro
Celso Pixinga
Chico Melao
Rogerio de Souza
(vocal, Salve o Rio)

Track List

01 - Manhã Cedo (Raul de Souza)
02 - Papel Marché (João Bosco / Capinan)
03 - Viva Volta (Raul de Souza)
04 - Travessia (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant) Amor Em Paz (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes) Fato Consumado (Djavan)
05 - Obi (Djavan)
06 - Inverno e Verão (Raul de Souza)
07 - Samba Mestiço (Rui S. Yamamura)
08 - Feitio de Oração (Noel Rosa / Vadico) with Guilherme Vergueiro
09 - Salve o Rio (Rogério de Souza) with Rogerio de Souza

Challenge | Who are they?

I thought this one would be a very easy challenge, but for my surprise nobody could guess the name of these two great Brazilian artists when showing to a couple of friends. Who are they?

Hope uEnjoy!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Zimbo Trio - Zimbo Trio + Cordas Vol. 2 (1968)

It is always a pleasure to show friends a Zimbo Trio album and it is amazing to show a Zimbo Trio album never made available before at Loronix. It is also surprising to check Zimbo Trio records released in the 60's and realize we have several ones never made available here, such like this one, the sequel of the already available Zimbo Trio + Cordas - E Tempo de Samba (1967). Let's see.

This is Zimbo Trio - Zimbo Trio + Cordas Vol. 2 (1968), for RGE, featuring Zimbo Trio with strings accompaniment. Little I know about this album that brings six Chico Buarque compositions and has liner notes written by Chico Buarque. The back cover brings photos of Zimbo Trio in Paris, France, perhaps this album was recorded in Paris, but I could not Google a confirmation. Anyway, this is Zimbo Trio and every Zimbo Trio LP worth the attention. Tracks include:


Amilton Godoy
Luiz Chaves
Rubens Barsotti


Clemente Capella, Oswaldo Sbarro, Antonio F Ferrer, Lauda de Santi, Jorge Millas, Alexandre Ramirez, Joel Tavares, Antonio Torchia, Antonio Gianelli
Bela Mori, Perez Dworeck
Calixto Corazza, P. D. Taccetti

Track List

01 - Roda Viva (Chico Buarque)
02 - Até Segunda-feira (Chico Buarque)
03 - Amor de Carnaval (Gilberto Gil)
04 - Manhã de Primavera (Adilson Godoy)
05 - Travessia (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant)
06 - Domingo no Parque (Gilberto Gil)
07 - Carolina (Chico Buarque)
08 - Januária (Chico Buarque)
09 - Até Pensei (Chico Buarque)
10 - Amanhã Ninguém Sabe (Chico Buarque)

Challenge | Who are they?

Here we go on a very easy challenge game, perhaps the first friend who sees will immediately give the correct answer to the name of this group and the name of each musician musicians. Get the chance.

Hope uEnjoy!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sebastiao Tapajos - O Violao E... Tapajos (1968)

This is probably the most complex album restoration made so far at Loronix, including cover artworks and especially the music. I had to use that equilibrium of noise reduction against loss of frequencies, and I stood in the middle of it. There are many pops, clicks, clacks and hiss across the music, but this album is so beautiful and so hard to find that I decided to show friends, in spite of these problems. Let's see.

This is Sebastiao Tapajos - O Violao E... Tapajos (1968), for Forma, the second album released by Sebastiao Tapajos, one of the greatest Brazilian guitarists, featuring only Sebastiao Tapajos and his violao, produced by Joao Mello. I think I said what I want in the beginning and this is a self-explanatory release, my apologies for the quality of the transfer. Tracks include:

01 - Doublé (Da Bourrée) (Johann Sebastian Bach)
02 - Canção do Fogo-fátuo (Falla)
03 - Cadência (Do Concerto Para Violão e Orquestra) (Villa-Lobos)
04 - La Catedral (A. Barrios)
05 - Cantiga (Da Suíte Nº 2) (Nicanor Teixeira)
06 - Czardas (V. Monti)
07 - Vento Vadio (Baden Powell)
08 - Carimbó (Sebastião Tapajós / Valmiki)
09 - Crepúsculo (Sebastião Tapajós)
10 - Valsa de Um Sonho (Sebastião Tapajós)
11 - Marambiré (Sebastião Tapajós)
12 - Benzinho (Sebastião Tapajós / Lenora)
13 - Ave-maria (Gounod / Adpt. Sebastião Tapajós)

Special Post | Beco das Garrafas

Hello, good evening! That last challenge with the aerial view of Beco das Garrafas was the inspiration I need to go there to make this special post. Let's see.

This is my itinerary, it was just a matter to fly out of the window from my place at A, take Av. Atlantica and turn right at Rua Duvivier, which is the street where Beco das Garrafas is at B. A very easy 700 meters flight, according with Google Site Maps, here.

Here we see Rua Duvivier and Beco das Garrafas entrance with the legendary nightclubs, Bottles, Bacarat (in the middle) and Little Club (the last one).

This is the front view of Beco. I found a nice sir in front of Bottles painting the word "Bossa Nova 50 Anos" on a piece of cartoon. I think he found an inspirational place to make his painting...

Bacarat nightclub main entrance door detail. I put my hand on the door to feel some "vibrations" and the old sir start thinking I was crazy.

This is the last nightclub, Little Club, still opened for business as Don Juan nightclub.

This is the main entrance of Bottles and Ma Griffe nightclubs, not used as nightclubs anymore.

Here we see Beco das Garrafas from the opposite angle. The old guy forgot me and is now fully dedicated to his painting.

At the opening of Beco das Garrafas, there is a lot to do by visiting a new store, Bossa Nova & Companhia, a branch of Toca do Vinicius in Ipanema. Bossa Nova & Companhia sells CDs, LPs, DVDs, musical instruments, songbooks and sheet music on a very atmosphere, with lots of vintage Bossa Nova items such like photos and memorabilia.

... and this is zecalouro going back home with his new Loronix t-shirt.

Hope uEnjoy!

Quinteto Violado - Berra Boi (1973)

Quinteto Violado is an important Brazilian group that never had an adequate approach at Loronix. Only one album is so far available, which is Quinteto Violado self-titled debut LP (1972), perhaps their most successful album. After more than a year, I received in an interval of a couple of weeks, the second and the third Quinteto Violado albums. Taking advantage of a chronological approach, I'm presenting the second one, kindly sent by moos. The third was courtesy by JOAO-SP, saved for a later opportunity in the forthcoming weeks. Let's see moos contribution.

This is Quinteto Violado - Berra Boi (1973), for Philips. Quinteto Violado music brings elements of the Brazilian Northeast region and folklore, blended with elements of the pop culture from the big cities. Their recording career spans more than 30 years with approximately 40 albums recorded in Brazil and overseas. It is amazing that moos found this one on a vinyl fair in Amsterdam, now I'm happy that he came back home again, at least virtually. Tracks include:


Marcelo Melo
Fernando Filizola
Luciano Pimentel
Toinho Alves

Track List

01 - Vaquejada (Toinho Alves / Luciano Pimentel / Marcelo Melo)
02 - Duda no Frevo (Senô)
03 - Três Três (Fernando Lona)
04 - Ladainha (Toinho Alves / Marcelo Melo)
05 - Engenho Novo (Fernando Filizola)
06 - Minha Ciranda (Antônio Perna / Ruy Espinheira)
07 - Pipoquinha (Sebastião Biano)
08 - Beira de Estrada (Toinho Alves / Luciano Pimentel)
09 - Baião do Quinjí (Vicente Barreto / Fábio Cardoso)
10 - Abraço ao Hermeto (Sando / Toinho Alves)
11 - Forró do Dominguinhos (Dominguinhos)
12 - De Uma Noite de Festa (Marcelo Melo / Fernando Filizola)
13 - Cavalo Marinho (Tradicional / Adpt. Luciano Pimentel / Adpt. Fernando Filizola)