Saturday, January 31, 2009

Canhoto da Paraiba - Um Violao Direito nas Maos do Canhoto (1974)

Hello, good evening! Before talking about this fantastic contribution sponsored by Jorge Mello, I would like to show an important upgrade made on Loronix Preview Center, available since yesterday night. Before this upgrade, I have to admit that our "radio" was really boring, static, with the same set of songs every day.


Things are really different now. The playlist, which is the list of songs available, is now sitting in a database, running in our dedicated server. Instead of a limited and static list, Loronix Preview Center is now recovering 35 songs, drawn randomly from a total of 353 available. The list of songs you have right now is different from mine and also different from other friends. Really great, but just a detail.

Take a look at the bottom part of the player. We have a search feature available and this is the great thing about Loronix Preview Center. It is very easy, just enter a search term and our database will return another set of songs, according to your selected criteria. You can search for an artist, a song, an album name and even a musical genre. As an example, searching the term "instrumental" makes Loronix Preview Center returns only instrumental tracks. Feel free to play with Loronix Preview Center and don't forget to report if something does not work as it should. The new player is available here and permanently at Loronix side bar.

This is Canhoto - Um Violao Direito nas Maos do Canhoto (1974), for the legendary label Rozenblit, featuring for the first time at Loronix Canhoto da Paraiba, a true violao. I invite you to take a look at Canhoto's entry available at Musicos do Brasil | Uma Enciclopedia with important statements of Paulinho da Viola and Jacob do Bandolim about this important but really underestimated musician. Tracks include:


Canhoto da Paraiba
Biu do Bandolim
Mario de Moraes Rego
Mario Araujo
(violao 7 cordas)
Pereira Santos

Track List

01 - Mulher Rendeira - Disparada (Volta Seca / Geraldo Vandre)
02 - Lurdinha (Canhoto)
03 - Saudade de Princesa (Canhoto)
04 - Nicelia (Canhoto)
05 - Maria Helena (L Barcelata)
06 - Pisando em Brasa (Canhoto)
07 - Menina da Ladeira (Joao So)
08 - Memoria de Sebastiao Malta (Canhoto)
09 - Gostosinho (Canhoto)
10 - Despertar da Montanha (Eduardo Souto)
11 - O Sorriso de Vitorinha (Canhoto)
12 - Escadaria (Pedro Raimundo)