Thursday, January 24, 2008

Radames Gnattali e Rafael Rabello - Tributo a Garoto (1982)

Hello, good evening! This is the repost of an essential album released in February 2007 featuring two great musicians, Radames Gnattali and Rafael Rabello making a tribute to one of the greatest Brazilian guitar player ever, Anibal Augusto Sardinha, also known as Garoto, a very important artist that in his short life could influence several generations of Brazilian musicians. JOAO-SP provided this record in excellent conditions making possible to make the vinyl transfer with no noise reduction process. Let's see.

This is Radames Gnattali & Rafael Rabello - Tributo a Garoto (1982), for Funarte, a Brazilian government institute. It is fantastic to hear a very young Rafael Rabello recording an album with the experienced and renowned Radames Gnattali on such unusual formation, piano and violao. The repertoire features on Side A five Garoto compositions while Side B brings a reduced version of Radames Gnattali Concertino para Violao e Orquestra, presented here as Concertino para Violao e Piano. This is a fantastic album and I'm very grateful to JOAO-SP for making this repost viable on perfect conditions, including several scans with lots of information about Garoto and the recording session. Tracks include:

Radames Gnattali
Rafael Rabello
(violao 7 cordas)

Track List

01 - Desvairada (Garoto)
02 - Gente Humilde (Garoto)
03 - Enigmático (Garoto)
04 - Nosso Choro (Garoto)
05 - Duas Contas (Garoto)
Concertino Para Violão e Piano (Redução do Concertino Nº 2 Para Violão e Orquestra) (Radamés Gnattali)
06 - Allegro Moderato
07 - Adágio (Saudoso)
08 - Presto (Com Espírito)

This is Radames Gnattali & Rafael Rabello - Tributo a Garoto (1982), at Loronix, here.

FLAC files are also available here as part ONE and TWO.

Hope uEnjoy!

Jorge Ben - Ben (1972)

I have this album since the first issue in 1972 and only with Loronix I could realize how important it was to my infatuation with this magical human creation called music. Not only for the great music inside, but also for the whole experience available on this nice piece. Think about a little kid with the age of 7, holding this awesome cover with the coolest guy with the greatest attitude ever seen on his short life. I remember to hold this cover when hearing this album thinking fantastic things about Jorge Ben, stupid things such like, "He is waiting for his payment after making this album", or "he just bought a new car and is waiting for it at the car agency". Anyway, Jorge Ben is great and I'm very happy to find this album after decades and have the chance to show it for our great community. Let's see.

This is Jorge Ben - Ben (1972), for Philips. I cannot say it is the best Jorge Ben album due my personal affairs explained before, but the reviews I could read today confirm that Ben is really worth checking. Jorge Ben delivers some of his most successful songs for the fist time here with everything based on "acoustic Samba" with Jorge Ben guitar in the foreground backed by a brass section with lots of bass and percussion. Personnel was not credited by Philips and Maestro Osmar Milito is in charge of arrangements on tracks 03 - Paz e Arroz, 04 - Moca and 11 - Taj Mahal, the song Rod Stewart used as the basis to his "Do You Think I'm Sexy?” a long story that I invite friends to discuss at comments section. Tracks include:

01 - Morre o Burro Fica o Homem (Jorge Ben)
02 - O Circo Chegou (Jorge Ben)
03 - Paz e Arroz (Jorge Ben)
04 - Moça (Jorge Ben)
05 - Domingo 23 (Jorge Ben)
06 - Fio Maravilha (Jorge Ben)
07 - Quem Cochicha o Rabo Espicha (Jorge Ben)
08 - Caramba (Jorge Ben)
09 - Que Nega É Essa (Jorge Ben)
10 - As Rosas Eram Todas Amarelas (Jorge Ben)
11 - Taj Mahal (Jorge Ben)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Challenge | What is the name of this place?

Hello, good evening! This photo was taken this year and shows a very weird angle of an anthological spot in the 60's. Your mission is tell us the name of this place. Very easy challenge and really good photo.

Hope uEnjoy!

Nara Leao e Roberto Menescal - Nara & Menescal | Um Cantinho, Um Violao (1985)

In the first day with JOAO-SP contributions, I'm happy to make available two albums from his collection. It was very easy to decide for this one among many choices available, Nara Leao is a favorite singer of many friends and I never had the chance to hear this album. I think a couple of different spins are required to make a final evaluation, but in a first hearing, this is a really nice record, featuring only Nara Leao voice and Roberto Menescal guitar. Let's see.

This is Nara Leao e Roberto Menescal | Nara & Menescal - Um Cantinho, Um Violao (1985), for Philips, featuring a repertoire of Bossa Nova standards with a song with lyrics in Spanish and other with lyrics in English. Nara Leao voice is good as always, but what amazed me most today was Roberto Menescal, delivering a very nice guitar playing using different styles with some wise solutions. My highlight goes to track 10 - Comigo e Assim (Luiz Bittencourt / Ze Menezes), which is the one made available for your try at Loronix Preview Center. Tracks include:

01 - O Negócio É Amar (Carlos Lyra / Dolores Duran)
02 - Tristeza de Nós Dois (Durval Ferreira / Maurício Einhorn / Bebeto)
03 - Sabor a Mi (Álvaro Carrillo)
04 - Da Cor do Pecado (Bororó)
05 - Transparências (Roberto Menescal / Abel Silva)
06 - Blusão (Roberto Menescal / Xico Chaves)
07 - Resignação (Geraldo Pereira / Arnô Provenzano)
08 - Vestígios (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
09 - There Will Never Be Another You (M. Gordon / H. Warren)
10 - Comigo É Assim (Luis Bittencourt / José Menezes)
11 - Mentiras (João Donato / Lysias Ênio)
12 - Inclinações Musicais (Geraldo Azevedo / Renato Rocha)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Elis Regina com Zimbo Trio - Zambi (1965)

Hello, good evening! Loronix received today a large contribution from the great JOAO-SP, featuring LPs, singles, 10-inches and box sets, a truly awesome set of albums that I should start showing to our community in the forthcoming days, actually, in the forthcoming weeks, such big this great contribution was. Thanks a million JOAO-SP; Loronixers will get pleased as I got today when opening your package.

Since JOAO-SP contribution arrived today, I had to make the first in the 7-inch format, to make it fast. Let's see.

This is Elis Regina com Zimbo Trio - Zambi (1965), for Philips, featuring three cuts extracted from Elis Regina & Zimbo Trio - O Fino do Fino (1965), a really hard to find single including the title track Zambi on Side A and a Medley on Side B, as detailed bellow on track listing. Tracks include:

01 - Zambi (Edu Lobo / Vinicius de Moraes)
02 - Esse Mundo e Meu (Sergio Ricardo / Ruy Guerra) Resolucao (Edu Lobo / Luiz F. Freire)

Joao Gilberto, Caetano Veloso e Gilberto Gil - Brasil (1981)

I'm feeling like a writer with a creative crisis to describe this beauty of an album. Perhaps my problem is to understand why this unusual and late Bossa Nova session featuring international musicians could result in such a solid album. Joao Gilberto has the control, playing the role of arranger and producer to work together with Tropicalia icons Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil to make this sublime record. This is an essential album that everybody should take for a listening and file as special on your Brazilian music affair.

This is Joao Gilberto, Caetano Veloso e Gilberto Gil - Brasil (1981), for WEA, a short session with six songs featuring Joao Gilberto guitar, the voices of Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and a special participation of Maria Bethania on track 04 - No Tabuleiro da Baiana. Personnel listing brings the acclaimed pianist and arranger Clare Fischer and Paulinho da Costa, the only Brazilian musician besides Joao Gilberto. Tracks include:


Joao Gilberto
(voice, violao, arrangements)
Clare Fischer, Michael Boddicker, Milcho Leviev
Jim Hughart
Joe Carrero
Paulinho da Costa
Johnny Mandel

Track List

01 - Aquarela do Brasil (Ary Barroso)
02 - Disse Alguém (All Of Me) (Simons / Marks / Vrs. Haroldo Barbosa)
03 - Bahia Com H (Denis Brean)
04 - No Tabuleiro da Baiana (Ary Barroso) with Maria Bethânia
05 - Milagre (Dorival Caymmi)
06 - Cordeiro de Nanã (Mateus / Dadinho)

Challenge - Who are They?

While Loronix staff is involved with the final adjustments of our last post of this Monday, I would like to challenge you on the identification of the two renowned Brazilian musicians in this photo taken in 1951. The first who provides the correct answer wins a Rapidshare 1-Month Premium account. Anonymous commenters are not eligible to win. Very easy challenge, don't you think?

Hope uEnjoy!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Brasiliana (1967)

Hello, good evening! I'm amazed with the number of new visitors coming to Loronix today. I could not identify the source of this traffic, but our statistic shows a 30% increase in the last three hours. Perhaps Loronix got listed on a popular website or magazine, anyway, everybody knows this parrot hungry on statistics, numbers, trends and graphics. I decided to start today with an album to address the newcomers, a compilation featuring several artists, just to give you a panorama of the music from Brazil available to our community. Let's see.

This is Brasiliana (1967), for Philips, a never commercially released album distributed by Philips to the participants of III Congresso Interamericano de Administracao de Pessoal, being also Philips celebration of 75 years of activities in Brazil, with several pictures of Philips 1966 facilities available in the back cover. The repertoire features Bossa Nova tunes, performed by artists from Philips cast, such like Tamba Trio, Lyra de Xopoto, Neyde Fraga, Walter Wanderley, Portinho, Orquestra Arco Iris, among others. Tracks include:

The Performers

Alberto Mota
Lyra de Xopoto
Metais no Samba
(featuring Astor Silva & Carlos Monteiro de Souza)
Neyde Fraga
Orquestra Arco Iris
Paulo Roberto
Tamba Trio
Walter Wanderley

Track List

01 - Felicidade - LYRA DE XOPOTO
02 - Maracangalha - METAIS NO SAMBA
03 - Garota de Ipanema - TAMBA TRIO
04 - Tem Berimbau no Samba - BATUCADA
05 - Tamanco no Samba - ALBERTO MOTA
06 - Vou Andar por Ai - NEYDE FRAGA
07 - Sao Paulo Quatrocentao - LYRA DE XOPOTO
08 - Bahia com H - PORTINHO
09 - S. Exa. A Batucada - BATUCADA
10 - Samba das Palmas - ORQUESTRA ARCO IRIS
11 - Batucada Surgiu - WALTER WANDERLEY
12 - Praca Onze - PAULO ROBERTO

Elizeth Cardoso - Elizeth, A Cantadeira do Amor (1978)

I received a recommendation from AdHoc to look for Elizeth Cardoso LPs released in the 70's and never made available before at Loronix. I want to say that AdHoc was right, this is the second late 70's Elizeth Cardoso at Loronix and both are really pleasing. This one comes as a double LP, with 26 songs and 90 minutes running time. Elizeth Cardoso should keep everybody busy in the forthcoming days. Let's see.

This is Elizeth Cardoso - Elizeth, A Cantadeira do Amor (1978), for Copacabana, featuring 26 songs split in four groups, Suplica (Side A), Memoria (Side B), Solidao (Side C) and Esperanca (Side D). The songs keep the identification on each group theme, on this nice and very well produced album arranged by Sergio Carvalho and featuring a constellation of Brazilian musicians, everything described on Personnel listing. Tracks include:


Sergio Carvalho
(arrangements, piano, electric piano)
Joao de Aquino
Sergio Barroso, Paulo Cezar Barros
Wilson das Neves, Papao
Helio Delmiro
Juarez Araujo, Moacyr Marques "Biju"
(sax tenor)
Toninho, Zednek Svab
Darcy da Cruz, Maurilio
Manoel Araujo, Jesse Alves do Nascimento, Macachera, Zeca
Paulo Moura
(sax soprano)
(sax baritone)
Celso Woltzenlogel
Quarteto em Cy, MPB-4
Geraldo Barboza
Wilson Canegal
Hermes, Ariovaldo
Radames Gnattali
Valdir Silva
(violao 7 Cordas)
Ze Menezes
(cavaquinho, bandolim)
Coral das Meninas Cantoras de Petropolis
Antonio Almeida da Anunciacao
Giancarlo Pareschi
Mauricio Einhorn

Track List


01 - Deixa (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
02 - Sem Você (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
03 - Quem Foi (Jorge Tavares / Nestor de Hollanda)
04 - Aperto de Mão (Jaime Florence "Meira" / Horondino Silva "Dino" / Augusto Mesquita)
05 - Acontece (Cartola)
06 - Tranquilidade (Paulo Valdez / Otávio de Morais)


07 - Taberna da Glória (Vital Lima / Hermínio Bello de Carvalho)
08 - Fim de Semana Em Paquetá (João de Barro / Alberto Ribeiro)
09 - Século do Progresso (Noel Rosa)
10 - Até Pensei (Chico Buarque)
11 - Me Dá a Penúltima (João Bosco / Aldir Blanc)
12 - Mancada (Gilberto Gil)
13 - Pierrot Desbotado (César Costa Filho / Luis Antônio)


14 - Bom Dia Tristeza (Adoniran Barbosa / Vinicius de Moraes)
15 - Às Vezes (Ivor Lancellotti)
16 - O Amor Em Paz (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
17 - Castigo (Lupicínio Rodrigues / Alcides Gonçalves)
18 - Autonomia (Cartola) A capella
19 - Até o Amargo Fim (Newton Teixeira / David Nasser)


20 - Maior É Deus (Fernando Martins / Felisberto Martins)
21 - Autonomia (Cartola)
22 - Velho Arvoredo (Hélio Delmiro / Paulo César Pinheiro)
23 - Quem Foi (Ribamar (1) / Dolores Duran)
24 - A Volta (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
25 - Voltei (Oswaldo Nunes / C. Castro)
26 - O Amanhã (João Sergio)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Radames Gnattali & Orquestra Sinfonica Nacional da Radio M.E.C - Brasiliana Nr. 6 | Concerto Romantico (1969)

Hello, good evening! Loronix goes Classic this Sunday. I could not make different, Radames Gnattali is a very requested artist and Loronix has just a few albums among the vast discography of this extraordinary Brazilian musician. As far as I remember, we never had a Radames Gnattali LP covering his music and his awesome piano playing. By the way, Radames Gnattali is a gifted pianist, which is something that I could understand by listening this album today. Let's see.

This is Radames Gnattali & Orquestra Sinfonica Nacional da Radio M.E.C - Brasiliana Nr. 6 | Concerto Romantico (1969), for Codil Ritmos, featuring two Radames Gnattali concerts for piano and orchestra, performed by Orquestra Sinfonica Nacional da Radio M.E.C, conduced by Maestro Alceo Bocchino and featuring Radames Gnattali at the piano in all tracks. This album took me by surprise; it was recorded in 1969 with a running time of 54 minutes, above the average of 35-40 of that period. I’m wondering why other artists did not take advantage of this "extended" running time. Tracks include:

Brasiliana Nr. 6

01 - I - Sobre Um Tema De Xangô (Radames Gnattali)
02 - II - Sobre Uma Escala Nordestina (Radames Gnattali)
03 - III - Prenda Minha (Radames Gnattali)

Concerto Romantico

04 - I - Allegro (Radames Gnattali)
05 - II - Lento Con Fantasia (Radames Gnattali)
06 - III - Allegro Moderato (Radames Gnattali)

Caetano Veloso - Cinema Transcendental (1979)

When Cinema Transcendental was released, I had several adolescent philosophical discussions to understand the meaning of this cover artwork with Caetano Veloso at the beach not showing his face. Almost 30 years later, you get older, wiser and straightforward. I think Caetano tell us with this cover how we should listen to this album, lazy on the beach, doing nothing and letting the time goes. Let's see.

This is Caetano Veloso - Cinema Transcendental (1979), for Philips. If you were in Brazil in 1979, you should remember most of these 12 tunes, several tracks from Cinema Transcendental are among the most popular Caetano Veloso tunes, such as 01 - Lua de Sao Jorge, 04 - Menino do Rio, 07 - Trilhos Urbanos, 09 - Cajuina, among others. I could not decided Loronix Preview Center featured track, and I'm making track 01 - Lua de Sao Jorge just because it is the opening track. Have a nice Sunday and thanks for this wonderful start of 2008 at Loronix. Tracks include:

A Outra Banda da Terra

Tomas Improta
Arnaldo Brandao
Vinicius Cantuaria
Edu "Bolao" Goncalves

Caetano Veloso
(vocals, violao, assobio)

Special Guests

Tony Costa
Perinho Santana

Track List

01 - Lua de São Jorge (Caetano Veloso)
02 - Oração ao Tempo (Caetano Veloso)
03 - Beleza Pura (Caetano Veloso)
04 - Menino do Rio (Caetano Veloso)
05 - Vampiro (Jorge Mautner)
06 - Elegia (Péricles Cavalcanti / Augusto de Campos)
07 - Trilhos Urbanos (Caetano Veloso)
08 - Louco Por Você (Caetano Veloso)
09 - Cajuina (Caetano Veloso)
10 - Aracaju (Tomás Improta / Vinicius Cantuária / Caetano Veloso)
11 - Badauê (Môa do Catendê)
12 - Os Meninos Dançam (Caetano Veloso)