Saturday, July 11, 2009

Help Needed: Loronix Dedicated Server - Year 2!

Loronix dedicated server contract is about to expire and once again I would like to engage the community to another year. This is a very important and critical milestone to Loronix. A little bit of history in case you have missed this story.

About a year ago, Loronix was surprised by an attack, leaving entire archive off-line. It was a very difficult time, solved through the mobilization of our community to purchase a dedicated server that enabled Loronix to be most stable of all music blogs.

This aid came through a raising funds campaign, guaranteeing this server for a period of one year. This server transformed Loronix significantly and today I the website cannot survive alone.

A year has gone and now it is necessary to renew our contract. And as I said, your help will be essential. Our objective is a little bit easier; we need to achieve a US$ 686.38 goal for a whole new year. My PayPal US$ 21,62 current balance is already included.

Our deadline is on July 27 and contributions will be collected using this widget below, which will be always available in our side bar until we reach our goal.

Thanks in advance for another whole new year.

Kind regards,


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Jorge Ben - Samba Esquema Novo (1963)

Hello, good evening! I would like to send my apologies to Loronix's friends that sent contributions in the last weeks. For reasons that I really don't know, several new contributions and contributors came out of the blue recently. This is really fine! Thank you.

It was very difficult to choose something among several alternatives available. The last posts were mostly by singers and I was looking for an instrumental release. I decided to take this one, for several reasons. It is the first album recorded by one of the most acclaimed artists we made available at Loronix. It is also a classic album that can be taken under an instrumental perspective since it has the participation of the legendaries Copa 5 and Os Bossa Três, lead by J.T. Meirelles and Luiz Carlos Vinhas, respectively. And it is a Jorge Ben album never released before at Loronix. Let's see.

This is Jorge Ben - Samba Esquema Novo (1963), for Philips, with well-known Jorge Ben compositions in a short and solid session featuring best of bread Samba Jazz combos from the early 60's. Jorge Ben had also Maestro Carlos Monteiro de Souza and Lindolpho Gaya in charge of arrangements. Anyway, I feel stupid writing about an album that everybody loves and that everybody wrote wonderful things about. That's why I will let with Jorge Ben and his Samba Esquema Novo. Tracks include:


J.T. Meirelles e os Copa 5
(01, 12, 09, 07, 04)

Lindolpho Gaya
(arrangements on 03, 08, 11, 06)

Carlos Monteiro de Souza
(arrangements on 02)

Os Bossa Três
(10, 05)

Track List

01 - Mas Que Nada (Jorge Ben)
02 - Tim Dom Dom (João Mello / Clodoaldo Brito)
03 - Balança Pema (Jorge Ben)
04 - Vem Morena Vem (Jorge Ben)
05 - Chove Chuva (Jorge Ben)
06 - É Só Sambar (Jorge Ben)
07 - Rosa Menina Rosa (Jorge Ben)
08 - Quero Esquecer Você (Jorge Ben)
09 - Uala Ualalá (Jorge Ben)
10 - A Tamba (Jorge Ben)
11 - Menina Bonita Não Chora (Jorge Ben)
12 - Por Causa de Você Menina (Jorge Ben)