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Pedrinho Rodrigues e Os Nacionais - Brasil... Sambe ou Se Mande (1973)

Hello, good evening! Saturday is Samba and Samba is Pedrinho Rodrigues, here we go again on another album by this great and pretty underrated Samba Interpreter. This is the first out of two albums titled "Brasil... Sambe ou se Mande" released in the beginning of the 70's decade. Let's see.

This is Pedrinho Rodrigues e Os Nacionais - Brasil... Sambe ou Se Mande (1973), for Equipe. Samba albums released in the early 70's are my favorites; they have some kind of connection with the Bossa Nova from the 60's. They are mellow, sweet and sometimes the lyrics are naive, deliciously naive by the way. This album was sent by the great Moos from the Netherlands, one of the greatest collectors and Brazilian music enthusiasts I have ever seen outside of Brazil. Thanks once again Moos. Tracks include:

01 - Ladrao que Entra na Casa de Pobre So Leva Susto
02 - Baba de Quiabo
03 - Moro na Roca
04 - Ninguem Tasca
05 - Minha Viola
06 - Cosa Nostra
07 - Batuque na Cozinha
08 - Balanca Povo
09 - Esperancas Perdidas
10 - No na Cana

Maria Creuza - Meia Noite com Maria Creuza (1977)

Maria Creuza popularity is growing and the numbers demonstrates it. We had Maria Creuza - Maria Creuza e Os Grandes Mestres do Samba (1975), for the same RCA Victor and it is unbelievable, it was the top downloaded of the whole week, ahead of legends such like Joao Gilberto and others. That's why Maria Creuza is back to Loronix, not with a Samba album, but another beautiful RCA Victor session featuring arrangements and piano of Luiz Eca, Antonio Adolfo and Geraldo Vespar and Luiz Claudio.

This is Maria Creuza - Meia Noite com Maria Creuza (1977), for RCA Victor. It is nice to hear Maria Creuza sweet voice performing a very well selected repertoire of romantic songs. The album starts with a beautiful composition by Caetano Veloso, including several compositions from Antonio Carlos e Jocafi, an Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes medley and the gorgeous track 11 - A Distancia (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos). Personnel features top-notch musicians and arrangers with studio direction and production by Rildo Hora. Tracks include:


Luiz Eca
(arrangements, piano)
03, 11, 12

Antonio Adolfo
(arrangements, piano)
05, 06, 10

Waltel Branco
(arrangements, violao)
02, 08

Geraldo Vespar
(arrangements, violao)
01, 04, 09

Luiz Claudio
(arrangements, guitar)

Helio Delmiro
Rildo Hora
Wilson das Neves, Paulinho
Everaldo, Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro
Larcio de Freitas, Jose Roberto Bertrami, Edson Frederico
Ed Maciel, Joaozinho, Manoel Araujo, Silvio

01 - Dom de Iludir (Caetano Veloso)
02 - Onde Anda Voce (Vinicius de Moraes / Hermano Silva)
03 - Palavras Cruzadas (Antonio Carlos e Jocafi)
04 - Outra Vez Bahia (Walter Queiroz)
05 - Castigo (Dolores Duran)
06 - Fim de Noite (Chico Feitosa / Ronaldo Boscoli)
07 - Otalia da Bahia (Antonio Carlos e Jocafi)
08 - Tortura de Amor (Waldick Soriano)
09 - Medley: O Amor em Paz - Brigas Nunca Mais - Voce e Eu - O Nosso Amor
10 - Tete (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Boscoli)
11 - A Distancia (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
12 - Meia Noite (Antonio Carlos e Jocafi)

Luiz Claudio - Cantigas (1973)

I'm in the mood today for showing this album that I have been saving for months, actually, there is something that I confirmed today that makes this post really necessary, the participation of Luiza, the same Luiza from the 1964 self titled album with arrangements by Moacir Santos. Let's see what we have here, this album is really unique and shows another side of this great singer.

This is Luiz Claudio - Cantigas (1973), for Odeon. Luiz Claudio has strong connections with Minas Gerais, the state he was born. He started his professional career in 1949 with the group Trovadores do Luar, adopting Bossa Nova style in the 60's and then getting back to his "roots" in the 70's with a series of albums dedicated to Minas Gerais regional music. Cantigas is an example, bringing very old traditional songs from Minas Gerais adapted by Luiz Claudio among well-known Brazilian standards by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Luiz Bonfa, among others. Luiza sings track 01 - Amo Te Muito. Tracks include:

01 - Amo-te Muito (Joao Chaves) Featuring Luiza
02 - Mucama (Goncalves Crespo)
03 - Cantigas (Arranjo e Adaptacao Luiz Claudio)
04 - E a Ti Flor do Ceu (Arranjo e Adaptacao Luiz Claudio)
05 - Sereno da Madrugada (Adaptacao Ubirajara Cabral)
06 - Menina das Trancas (Luiz Claudio / William Prado)
07 - Estrada Branca (Antonio Carlos Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
08 - Elvira Escuta (Arranjo e Adaptacao Luiz Claudio)
09 - O Galo Cantou na Serra (Luiz Claudio / Guimaraes Rosa)
10 - Gaviao de Penacho (Arranjo e Adaptacao Luiz Claudio) Featuring Malu
11 - Correnteza (Antonio Carlos Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Music Video | Baden Powell - Saarbrücken (1970)

Wonderful! Bravo! Perhaps everybody had the chance to watch this session, but it is pretty new for me and I'm really amazed. This is truly one of the coolest Baden Powell videos ever. Thanks to rb.ardiles for pointing the way to such wonderful material, there is more to come. Baden Powell plays two songs, an excerpt of what rb.ardiles call as Saarbrücken (1970) Baden Powell video, accompanied by the same musicians that recorded the three volume series Baden Powell Quartet in 1970, as follows:


Baden Powell
Ernesto Ribeiro
Helio Schiavo
Alfredo Bessa

Hope uEnjoy!

Guimaraes e Seu Conjunto - Dancando no Fred's (late 50's)

Hello, good evening! Let's start the day with another dancing record from the late 50's, featuring a Brazilian artist that got some international recognition with an album featuring one of the earliest Airto Moreira recordings, Guimaraes e Seu Conjunto - O Fabuloso Guimaraes, already available at Loronix, here. I cannot answer the question you might be thinking, I do not have idea if Airto Moreira is on this session. Anyway, better know the album to make your own conclusions.

This is Guimaraes e Seu Conjunto - Dancando no Fred's Nr. 2 (no date), for Internacional, featuring Antonio Guimaraes piano backed by his Conjunto. Fred's was a nightclub in Copacabana, unfortunately, today I cannot bring more details about Fred's, since Caetano Rodrigues (the friend who knows everything about these old nightclubs) is not available today, but the album is above the average in the style and should bring a good entertainment. Tracks include:

01 - Chega de Saudade
02 - Unchained Melody
03 - Ontem e Hoje
04 - Echame a Mi La Culpa
05 - In a Little Spanish Town
06 - Senorita Luna
07 - Sayonara
08 - My Funny Valentine
09 - Dois Amigos
10 - Castigo
11 - Fenix
12 - Lamento

Elis Regina - Elis Regina Carvalho da Costa | Por um Amor Maior (1982) 4 LP Box Set

Wowww! This is to address several request of Loronixers that keep asking for a new Elis Regina post. I had this box set as MP3s files sent by a friend and never made it. When I found it a week ago on an old vinyl shop in Rio de Janeiro, I could not resist longer. Elis Regina - Elis Regina Carvalho da Costa | Por um Amor Maior (1982) is a box set with 4 LPs featuring 56 songs and 90 minutes of music. Sounds interesting? It is. Let's see.

This is Elis Regina - Elis Regina Carvalho da Costa | Por um Amor Maior (1982), for Philips, featuring selected Elis Regina recordings, from 1965 to 1978, taken from singles, EPs and career albums. I suggest a visit to Discos do Brasil to find a complete track listing with original release dates, here. I'm really glad to see Elis Regina again at the front page after seven months of hiatus. Tracks include:

01 - Arrastao
02 - Tem Mais Samba
03 - Te o Sol Raiar
04 - Ensaio Geral
05 - Aguas de Marco
06 - Madalena
07 - O Mestre Sala dos Mares
08 - Lapinha
09 - Tiradentes
10 - Bala com Bala
11 - Vou Deitar e Rolar (quaquaraquaqua)
12 - Falei e Disse
13 - Deixa
14 - Amor Ate o Fim
15 - A Volta
16 - Ultimo Canto
17 - Modinha
18 - Cancao do Amanhecer
19 - Canto Triste
20 - De Onde Vens
21 - Atras da Porta
22 - Pra Dizer Adeus
23 - Estrada do Sol
24 - Morro Velho
25 - Cais
26 - Mucuripe
27 - Pois e
28 - Por um Amor Maior
29 - Travessia
30 - Conversando no Bar
31 - Bom Tempo
32 - Noite dos Masarados
33 - Saveiros
34 - O Cantador
35 - Cabare
36 - Dois pra La, Dois pra Ca
37 - Chovendo na Roseira
38 - Boto
39 - Boa Palavra
40 - Cinema Olympia
41 - Cheganca
42 - Corrida de Jangada
43 - Querelas do Brasil
44 - Joao Valentao
45 - Carinhoso
46 - A Noite do Meu Bem
47 - Saudosa Maloca
48 - Folhas Secas
49 - Vida de Bailarina
50 - Aquarela do Brasil
51 - Maria Rosa
52 - Na Batucada da Vida
53 - Da Cor do Pecado
54 - Cadeira Vazia
55 - Romaria
56 - Boa Noite Amor

Chico Batera - Ritmo (1979)

Let's keep yesterday's pace, when I released to Loronixers the anthological first album recorded by Banda Black Rio as the second post of the day. We are making the same with this second post, showing the first album of a very important musician, listed on several albums available at Loronix. Let's see.

This is Chico Batera - Ritmo (1979), for Som Livre. Chico Batera debut LP with several special guests. When I took this album for a first hearing, I was ready to hear something very different, such like Brazilian Jazz or Samba. However, Chico Batera and his guests deliver something very different. Ritmo is a great Funky album with vocals, guitars, distortion, etc. really surprising. I don't have any experience with further Chico Batera solo albums, but I think this session is one of a kind. Tracks include:


Chico Batera
(arrangements, drums)
Sérgio Dias
(from Os Mutantes)
Tavinho Bonfa
Robertinho de Recife
Terezinha de Jesus
Lee Marcucci
and the special guests Fagner, Dom Beto, Carlos Dafe, Joao Bosco, and others...

Track List

01 - Você (Chico Batera) with Fagner
02 - Yndaya-ê (Nelsinho do Pandeiro)
03 - La Rumba (Dom Beto / Reina / Sergio Mello) with Dom Beto
04 - A Ilha (Chico Batera / Carlos Dafé) with Carlos Dafé
05 - No Va Más (Dom Beto / Reina)
06 - Zezé (Chico Batera)
07 - Bolero Para Ti (Chico Batera)
08 - Tiro de Misericórdia (João Bosco / Aldir Blanc) with João Bosco
09 - Nana-yo (Chico Batera)
10 - Lili (Chico Batera)

This is Chico Batera - Ritmo (1979), at Loronix, here.

Hope uEnjoy!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Chico Buarque - Historia da Musica Popular Brasileira - Serie Grandes Compositores (1982)

Hello, Good Evening! Brazilian popular music on recording will not be complete if you don't mention this fantastic initiative. Historia da Musica Popular Brasileira - Serie Grandes Compositores is a series of 50 albums released in 1982 and 1983 by Editora Abril portraying Brazilian composers on each edition and special releases dedicated to styles, such as: Samba and Choro.

I can remember how the siries was commercialized, as far as I know, it was not made available on records stores, but in newspapers stands. Actually, each edition can be considered as a magazine with a LP inside. I remember this time. It was a party at home. Twice a month we had a new edition and I could complete the whole series. Unfortunately, I lost all the albums and the only survivor is this one. I remember, each volume had color pictures, reviews, bios and music, very well produced. I was even thinking about a jointly effort to gather the whole series. Let's see.

This is Chico Buarque - Historia da Musica Popular Brasileira - Serie Grandes Compositores (1982), featuring a compilation of Chico Buarque repertoire performed by Chico Buarque and others, such as Nara Leao, Caetano Veloso, MPB-4, Milton Nascimento, Simone and Gal Costa. Tracks include:

The Artists

Chico Buarque

Nara Leao
Gal Costa
Caetano Veloso
Milton Nascimento

Track List

01 - Pedro Pedreiro (Chico Buarque) - Chico Buarque
02 - A Banda (Chico Buarque) - Nara Leão
03 - Roda-viva (Chico Buarque) - MPB-4
04 - Construção (Chico Buarque) - Chico Buarque
05 - Partido Alto (Chico Buarque) - Caetano Veloso
06 - Gota D'água (Chico Buarque) - Simone
07 - O Que Será (À Flor da Terra) (Chico Buarque) - Milton Nascimento
08 - Olhos nos Olhos (Chico Buarque) - Chico Buarque
09 - Meu Caro Amigo (Chico Buarque / Francis Hime) - Chico Buarque
10 - Folhetim (Chico Buarque) - Gal Costa
11 - Geni e o Zepelim (Chico Buarque) - Chico Buarque
12 - Bye-bye Brasil (Chico Buarque / Roberto Menescal) - Chico Buarque

Quarteto em Cy - Pontos de Luz (1982)

I had more than a few alternatives to close the day, but when I saw this cover and remembered that Quarteto em Cy was not made available for more than a month, I could not resist. So, here we go on another Quarteto em Cy album. The girls have a great production this time, with voice arrangements by Raymundo Bittencourt and Cesar Camargo Mariano, instrumental arrangements by Lincoln Olivetti and everything produced by Raymundo Bittencourt.

This is Quarteto em Cy - Pontos de Luz (1982), for Som Livre, featuring Cybele, Cyva , Cynara and Soninha, which is current Quarteto em Cy formation, unchanged since 1980. Pontos de Luz has a strong influence of Lincoln Olivetti arrangements, delivering a lot of synthesizers to back the girl’s voice. Anyway, it is a really unusual album by Quarteto em Cy and I hope Loronixers give feedback on it. Tracks include:


Robson Jorge, Luiz Claudio Ramos, Quico
Lincoln Olivetti, Robson Jorge, Sergio Souza, Cleberson Horsth, Ricardo Fegahli
Picole, Sergio Hollanda
Ariovaldo, Peninha, Paulo C. dos Santos
Paulo Cezar, Jamil Joanes, Nando, Luizao
Leo Gandelman, Oberdan, Jose Carlos
Marcio Montarroyos, Bidinho
Luiz Claudio Ramos
Luizinho Avellar

Track List

01 - Guerra das Andorinhas (Sivuca / Glória Gadelha / Afonso Gadelha)
02 - Um Par de Asas (A Famous Nayth) (Comanec / Vrs. Debussy)
03 - O Sol de Meio-dia (Guilherme Arantes / Okky de Souza)
04 - Pontos de Luz (Renato / Xico Chaves)
05 - Menino Lindo (Vinicius Cantuária / Xico Chaves)
06 - Certas Canções (Tunai / Milton Nascimento)
07 - Bem Mais Além (Breaking Away) (Garreau / Vrs. Cyva)
08 - Algum Lugar (Vinicius de Moraes / Marília Medalha)
09 - Carangue (Luis Carlos Sá / Guarabyra)
10 - Resgate (Cláudio Cartier / Paulo César Feital)
11 - Doçura (Ivan Lins / Vitor Martins / João Caetano)
12 - Se a Gente Grande Soubesse (Billy Blanco)

This is Quarteto em Cy - Pontos de Luz (1982), at Loronix, here.

Hope uEnjoy!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Banda Black Rio - Maria Fumaca (1977)

My apologies for not making it earlier. Actually. I thought I made it in the very first beginning of Loronix. I received an email today from Lordfine (yes, that's his name) asking for this album, and then I said to query Loronix Find It! to get the link. Lordfine answered in the next minute saying he had already made several Find It searches and could not reach it. Thanks Lordfine, this is a classic album that I like very much and I hope one day I can own a vinyl copy from the first issue. Let's see.

This is Banda Black Rio - Maria Fumaca (1977), for WEA BR, a breathtaking fusion of Soul, Samba, Funk and many other influences performed by best of breed musicians in the style. This is a guaranteed entertainment, even if you are not in the mood for black music style. Banda Black Rio was assembled in 1976 and released three albums; Maria Fumaca is their debut LP and is the one that I like most. Let's feedback this release using comments section. Tracks include:


Oberdan Magalhaes
Lucio J da Silva
Jamil Joanes
Claudio Stevenson
Cristovao Bastos
Luis Carlos Santos

Track List

01 - Maria Fumaça (Oberdan / Luis Carlos)
02 - Na Baixa do Sapateiro (Ary Barroso)
03 - Mr Funky Samba (Jamil Joanes)
04 - Caminho da Roça (Oberdan / Barroso)
05 - Metalúrgica (Cláudio Stevenson / Cristóvão Bastos)
06 - Baião (Luis Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)
07 - Casa Forte (Edu Lobo)
08 - Leblon Via Vaz Lobo (Oberdan)
09 - Urubu Malandro (Lourival de Carvalho "Louro" / João de Barro)
10 - Junia (Jamil Joanes)

Noel Vernon e Seu Conjunto - Sequencia de Ouro (1961)

Hello, good evening! Let's start this Tuesday by another album on "Para Dancar" style, featuring a really obscure artist. I was reluctant to show this album, since I do not have a single piece of information on Noel Vernon, except he played on Jiral nightclub in Rio de Janeiro. Anyway, the album is really good for those who like the style. Let's see what happens.

This is Noel Vernon e Seu Conjunto - Sequencia de Ouro (1961), for Musicolor, featuring instrumental renditions of classic Bossa Nova tunes and America standards performed with bass, drums, piano, guitar, flute and percussion. I hope someone brings more clarification on this artist that released also another record for Copacabana, which is Noel Vernon e Seu Conjunto - Cha-Cha-Cha & Twist no Jirau. This cover is great. Tracks include:

01 - The Song Is You (O. Hammerstein II / J. Kern) Once In While (Edwards / Green) You do Something To Me (Cole Porter)
02 - Ansiedad (José Enrique Sarabia Rodriguez) Naquele Tempo (Pixinguinha / Benedito Lacerda) It's Wonderful (George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin) O Barquinho (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
04 - Sonho e Saudade (Tito Madi) Destinos (Djalma Ferreira / Luis Antônio) Teleco-teco Nº 2 (Nelsinho / Oldemar Magalhães)
05 - Enamorada (Rafael de Leon / A. Algueró Jr.) Chi Cha Cha (Reginaldo Ferreria Passo) Dance On Little Girl (Paul Anka)

Dick Farney - Dick Farney (1988)

This magnificent album features the last recordings of Dick Farney taken from a mix of concert and speech performed at MIS - Museu da Imagem e do Som, in Sao Paulo, 1987. Additionally, Dick Farney performs several songs, the songs that he like most to play, recorded at Dick Farney home by a friend, Cesar Pereira Lopes using a professional tape recorder. This record was not released commercially; it was part of a marketing initiative of a Brazilian company, Polibrasil, in the celebration of its 10th anniversary.

This is Dick Farney - Dick Farney (1988), for Polibrasil, a double album featuring a single track on disc one, side A, the last Dick Farney concert at MIS and remaining tracks the remastered home tapes recorded by Dick Farney at home through several sessions in 1975. Thanks once again Luiz Harding for sending this very hard to find album to our community, this is a very moving album for Dick Farney fans all around the world. Tracks include:

01 - On The Sunny Side Of The Street (D. Fields / J. McHugh)
02 - Prelúdio Nº 20 de Chopin (Frederic Chopin)
03 - These Foolish Things (J. Stachey / H. Link / H. Marvell)
04 - You Go To My Head (H. Gillespie)
05 - All The Things You Are (J. Kern / O. Hammerstein II)
06 - Misty Garner (E. Garner / J. Burke)
07 - Thank You (Dave Brubeck)
08 - But Beautiful (J. Van Heusen / J. Burke)
09 - Este Seu Olhar (Tom Jobim)
10 - Disparada (Geraldo Vandré / Theo de Barros)
11 - Satin Doll (Duke Ellington)
12 - Some Day My Prince Will Come (F. E. Churchill / L. Morey)
13 - Flamingo (D. Cole / T. H. Rumdgren)
14 - I Love You (Cole Porter)
15 - A Fine Romance (J. Kern)
16 - Gentle Rain (Luis Bonfá)
17 - Here' That Reinny (J. Van Heusen / J. Burke)
18 - Tangerine (J. H. Mercer / V. S. Chertzinger)
19 - Autumn Leaves (J. H. Mercer)
20 - We'll Be Togheter Again (F. Laine / Fischer)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Moacyr Silva e Seu Conjunto - Moacyr Silva (1956) 10-inch

Hello, Good Evening! We are starting solid today with an album that could easily be positioned as the closing post. Wowww, this is just the second Moacyr Silva album, a 10-inch recorded in 1956, kindly sent by the bossanovadreamer to Loronixers. Thanks a million, friend. I never had such an old album - 51 years - as perfect as this one. I don't want to miss yours and my time, so let's check what we have here.

This is Moacyr Silva e Seu Conjunto - Moacyr Silva (1956), for Copacabana, featuring the sax tenor of Moacyr Silva and legends such Chaim Lewak, Dom Um Romao, among others. I don't have this info, but this is probably the first Dom Um Romao album as sideman. FLAC files are delayed today, so stay tuned for them in the next hour. Tracks include:


Moacyr Silva
(sax tenor)
Maurilio da Silva Santos
Nelson dos Santos
Chaim Lewak
Dom Um Romao
Rodolfo Taranto

Track List

01 - Pennies From Heaven (A. Johnston / J. Burke) Fox
02 - Sacode Carola (Hélio Nascimento) Samba
03 - Love Is a Many Splendored Thing (Paul Francis Webster / S. Fain) Fox
04 - Catita (Carvalhinho / Loyola) Bolero
05 - If You Can Dream (S. Cahn / N. Brodszky) Fox
06 - Sal e Pimenta (Nazareno de Brito / Newton Ramalho) Samba
07 - Memories Are Made Of This (T. Gilkyson / R. Dehr / F. Miller) Fox
08 - Convite ao Samba (Inaldo Vilarim / Gaúcho) Samba

Waldir Calmon - Mambos! Nr. 2 (1957) 10-inch

Copacabana was really the greatest record label in the 50's and early 60's. No question. Take today as an example, we had the great Moacyr Silva 10-inch and now another 10-inch with a compilation of 78rpms recorded by Waldir Calmon. The covers are always nice and sometimes ahead of time in terms of design and innovation. I cannot point the best one between both Copacabana albums released today.

This is Waldir Calmon - Mambos! Nr. 2 (1957), for Copacabana, a compilation of early songs released at the 78rpm format. This is also the continuation of one of the most successful posts at Loronix, Mambos! by the same Brazilian pianist Waldir Calmon. The eight songs available at Mambos! Nr. 2 range from 1953 to 1957 with Waldir Calmon and orchestra delivering a dancing party full of, let's say, Mambos! Tracks include:

01 - Mambo Charleston (Salvador Rangel) Mambo 78rpm: 5.249 / 1954
02 - Cumaná (Allen / Hillman / Spina) Guaracha 78rpm: 5.161 / 1953
03 - Jumbo Jumbo (Perez Prado) Mambo 78rpm: 5.402 / 1955
04 - Pianolo (Perez Prado) Mambo 78rpm: 5.118 / 1953
05 - Chivirico En Broadway (Leoncio Diez) Mambo 78rpm: 5.560 / 1957
06 - Índia (José Asunción Flores / Manuel Ortiz Guerrero) Bolero-mambo 78rpm: 5.084 / 1953
07 - Skokiaan (A. Msarurgwa) Mambo 78rpm: 5.402 / 1955
08 - Rachmaninoff (L. Milena) Mambo 78rpm: 5.118 / 1953

Sergio Mendes - Arara (1989)

I have this album on my waiting list for more than a year. By the way, this is one of the most requested posts at Loronix. However, every time I decide to make it, I look at this really disappointing cover and change my mind. There is nothing wrong with Sergio Mendes, the concept, etc. What really disturbs me is the way this beautiful macaw had his wings clipped. I agree with wing clipping since the day zecalouro flew away home and this procedure, when made by a specialized vet, cannot be identified with eye observation. Anyway, I thought I would not mention this thing.

This is Sergio Mendes - Arara (1989), for Polygram, a pretty recent Sergio Mendes album and surprisingly out of print for years. It is amazing how Sergio Mendes fans at Loronix cries for this album. Arara lines-up a constellation of musicians with an important participation of Dori Caymmi. That's it, finally made available, personnel listing is available bellow, as well tracks. Tracks include:


Sergio Mendes
Carlos Vega, Jeff Porcaro, Vinnie Colaiuta
Paul Jackson Jr., Dan Huff
Alan Pasqua, Robbie Buchanan
Nathan East, Jimmy Johnson
Paulinho da Costa, Portinho, Luiz Conte
Gracinha Leporace
Dori Caymmi

Track List

01 - Sarará (Bring Me The Sunlight) (Gilberto Gil / Vrs. Tracy Mann)
02 - Mas Que Nada (Jorge Ben "Jorge Benjor")
03 - Some Morning (Ivan Lins / Vrs. Brock Walsh)
04 - Nightlife (Tunai / Vrs. Tracy Mann)
05 - Cinnamon And Clove (Cravo e Canela) (Milton Nascimento / Ronaldo Bastos)
06 - Balafon (Gilberto Gil / Vrs. Tracy Mann)
07 - Surrender (Djavan / Vrs. Tracy Mann)
08 - Keep This Heart (Djavan / Vrs. Tracy Mann)
09 - Toucan's Dance (Dori Caymmi) Instrumental
10 - The Island (Ivan Lins / Vitor Martins / Vrs. Alan Bergman / Vrs. Marilyn Bergman)

Varios Artistas - I Festival Universitario de Musica Popular Brasileira (1968)

Yesterday, our Loronix friend Irinea Maria wrote me with a special mission, to find one of those Festivais da Cancao albums with a composition by her own performed by Claudette Soares. I thought it was one of those missions impossible to accomplish, since I have less than a few albums on the style, but Irinea was lucky, among these few I had the one she was looking for. Irinea got the second prize at this Festival while the song Helena, Helena, Helena, performed by Lucio Alves was the winner.

This is I Festival Universitario de Musica Popular Brasileira (1968), for Philips, featuring Claudette Soares, Jair Rodrigues, Quarteto Novo, Elis Regina, Lucio Alves and others. The last release in the style had a really bad ripping, but this one was made by Loronix engineers, under zecalouro supervision, no surprises this time. Tracks include:

The Performers

Lucio Alves
Claudette Soares
Jair Rodrigues with Quarteto Novo
Jorge Nery
Cyro Monteiro
Elis Regina
Paulo Marques
Sonia Lemos
Ruy Felipe

Track List

01 - Helena Helena Helena (Alberto Land) - Lúcio Alves
02 - Frevo da Saudade (Fred Falcão / Paulinho Tapajós) - Claudette Soares
03 - O Violeiro (Homero Moutinho Filho) - Jair Rodrigues / Quarteto Novo
04 - Lembrança (Célia Vaz) - Magda
05 - Síncope Universal (Homero Moutinho Filho) - Homero
06 - Pobreza Por Pobreza (Gonzaguinha) - Jorge Nery
07 - Vida Breve (Neville / Irinéa Ribeiro) - Claudette Soares
08 - Até o Amanhecer (Dema / Ivan Lins) - Cyro Monteiro
09 - Um Novo Rumo (Arthur Verocai / Geraldo Flach) - Elis Regina
10 - Meu Tamborim (César Costa Filho / Ronaldo Monteiro de Souza) - Paulo Marques
11 - Arruaça (Ruy Maurity / José Jorge) - Sônia Lemos
12 - Morena Porta-bandeira (Sergio Cruz) - Ruy Felipe

Monday, July 30, 2007

Music Video | Maysa & Rildo Hora - Ultimo Desejo (1975)

Let me first thanks Carl Ole for keeping updated his excellent Balaio do Carl, one of the best websites devoted to pop culture and music from Brazil in the 70's and 80's. You can watch this video here and then make a never-ending tour at Balaio do Carl, which is the place where this video was taken. This is Maysa and Rildo Hora performing together in 1975, Rede Globo de Televisao. Thanks Carl, I hope Loronixers enjoy this video and I'm sure they will enjoy Balaio do Carl, here.

Hope uEnjoy!

Marcio Montarroyos - Magic Moment (1982)

Hello, Good Evening! I want to start today showing a Brazilian musician never mentioned at Loronix, in spite of several participations on other artists recordings. He is undoubtedly one of the most important Brazilian trumpet players, very active as studio musician, arranger of several soundtracks and with several performances outside of Brazil accompanying renowned artists, such as Stevie Wonder, Sérgio Mendes, Sarah Vaughan, Nancy Wilson, Carlos Santana, Ella Fitzgerald and many others.

This is Marcio Montarroyos - Magic Moment (1982), for Columbia, arranged by Marcio Montarroyos and featuring Brazilian instrumental music legends, such as Victor Biglione, Jamil Joanes, Ivan Conti, Ricardo Silveira, Lincoln Olivetti and others. Magic Moment never had a CD reissue and immediately follows Marcio Montarroyos first album, the acclaimed Stone Alliance (1977). Take a time to visit Marcio Montarroyos official website at, there you can download music from two albums, "Congado Celebration" and "The Best of Montarroyos", watch videos, see photos and interact with this great Brazilian musician. Tracks include:


Marcio Montarroyos
(flugelhorn, trumpet, keyboards)
Lincoln Olivetti
(piano, keyboards)
Marcos Resende
Ricardo Silveira, Victor Biglione, Jorge Robison
Jamil Joanes
Ivan Conti
(from Azimuth)
Ariovaldo Contesini, Chacal

Track List

01 - Patamar (Márcio Montarroyos)
02 - Magic Moment (Márcio Montarroyos)
03 - Sabor da Tarde (Márcio Montarroyos)
04 - In What Direction Are You Headed (H. Mabern)
05 - Pedra Bonita (Márcio Montarroyos)
06 - Makenna Beach (Márcio Montarroyos)

Joao Gilberto - O Amor Sorriso e a Flor (1960)

This is the great close for a weekend where Loronix made his deepest dive into Brazilian Samba. We had fantastic albums this weekend, Maria Creuza, Beth Carvalho, Cyro Monteiro and some 7-inch releases by Cristina, Marisa and Antonio Carlos e Jocafi. Perhaps influence by the cold temperature in Rio, this is really a huge close for a great Samba weekend.

This is Joao Gilberto - O Amor Sorriso e a Flor (1960), for Odeon. We know this album is already released at Loronix as an inclusing at Joao Gilberto - The Legendary compilation, but as great fans of Brazilian music and Joao Gilberto, there is nothing like the original cover artwork with liner notes by Antonio Carlos Jobim at the back cover. Sound quality is also superior with FLAC files included. By the way, these early Joao Gilberto albums were kindly made available by Luiz Harding, which I want to say many thanks for these fantastic Joao Gilberto releases. Antonio Carlos Jobim is in charge of arrangements and piano. Tracks include:

01 - Samba de Uma Nota Só (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
02 - Doralice (Antônio Almeida / Dorival Caymmi)
03 - Só Em Teus Braços (Tom Jobim)
04 - Trevo de Quatro Folhas (I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover) (M. Dixon / H. Woods / Vrs. Nilo Sergio)
05 - Se É Tarde Me Perdoa (Carlos Lyra / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
06 - Um Abraço no Bonfá (João Gilberto)
07 - Meditação (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
08 - O Pato (Jaime Silva / Neusa Teixeira)
09 - Corcovado (Tom Jobim)
10 - Discussão (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
11 - Amor Certinho (Roberto Guimarães)
12 - Outra Vez (Tom Jobim)

Beth Carvalho - Pra Seu Governo (1974)

I though we would have only male main performers today until I saw this nice record by an important Samba interpreter that never had an album at Loronix. Actually, Beth Carvalho takes part as vocalist on Conjunto 3-D - Muito na Onda (1967), but never had a career album. Let's see.

This is Beth Carvalho - Pra Seu Governo (1974), for Tapecar, the third solo LP by Beth Carvalho, featuring a true constellation of Brazilian musicians. This is an early Beth Carvalho recording before the years she addopted the "pagode" style, supporting several new artist that became famous, such as: Luiz Carlos da Vila, Jorge Aragao, Zeca Pagodinho, Almir Guineto, Fundo de Quintal, Arlindo Cruz, Sombrinha, Moacyr Luz and Quinteto em Branco e Preto. Pra Seu Governo is arranged by Paulo Moura and Orlando Silveira. I'm urging Loronixers to feedback this release. Tracks include:


Dino, Cesar (Epoca de Ouro), Dario, Neco, Nelson Cavaquinho, Ze Meneses
Mane do Cavaco, Ze Meneses, Alceu Maia, Jonas (Epoca de Ouro)
Del Rian
Tiao Marinho, Tranka
Sergio Carvalho
Wilson das Neves, Lula
Luna, Marcal, Eliseu
Luna, Juquinha, Marquinho
Nenem, Marcal
Gilson de Freitas
Jorge Jose da Silva
Jorge Garcia
Copinha, Jorginho
Abel Ferreira, Netinho
Darcy, Tiao
Zdnek Svab, Antonio Candido
Giancarlo Pareschi
(violin spalla)

Track List

01 - Miragem (Nelson Cavaquinho / Guilherme de Brito)
02 - 1800 Colinas (Gracia do Salgueiro)
03 - Tesoura Cega (César Costa Filho / Walter Queiroz)
04 - Maior É Deus (Eduardo Gudin / Paulo César Pinheiro)
05 - Fim de Sofrimento (Monarco)
06 - A Pedida É Essa (Norival Reis / Vicente Matos)
07 - Pra Ninguém Chorar (Edmundo Souto / Paulo César Pinheiro)
08 - Me Ganhou (Gisa Nogueira)
09 - Falência (Nelson Cavaquinho / Guilherme de Brito)
10 - Vovó Chica (Jurandir da Mangueira)
11 - Agora É Portela 74 (Maurício Tapajós / Paulo César Pinheiro)
12 - Pra Seu Governo (Haroldo Lobo / Milton de Oliveira)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Antonio Carlos e Jocafi - Antonio Carlos e Jocafi (1974)

Let's start the new 7-inch section of the day, the first is and EP, four tracks, featuring the acclaimed Brazilian duo Antonio Carlos e Jocafi.

This is Antonio Carlos e Jocafi - Antonio Carlos e Jocafi (1974), for RCA Victor. I never saw this album and I'm wondering how popular it was since includes one of their top hits Toro de Lagrimas. The cover artwork brings a nice picture of the duo, being the same in the front and back. Tracks include:

01 - Toro de Lagrimas (Antonio Carlos / Jocafi / Ze do Maranhao)
02 - Dona da Casa (Antonio Carlos / Jocafi)
03 - Fraqueza (Antonio Carlos / Jocafi / Ze do Maranhao)
04 - Um Abraco no Lucien Extensivo ao Edu (Antonio Carlos / Jocafi)

Cyro Monteiro - Sr. Samba (1961)

Hello, Good Evening! Let's start the Sunday Samba post presenting a Samba legend and his debut LP, Cyro Monteiro, a renowned Samba interpreter, active on recordings since 1936. This 1961 album can be considered a late debut in the format, since the 10-inches age started in the early 50's. Let's see.

This is Cyro Monteiro - Sr. Samba (1961), for Columbia. Sr. Samba has orchestra and choir, both arranged and directed by the great Astor Silva, an artist that deserves a special day at Loronix. Cyro Monteiro performs classic Samba tunes and some compositions by his own. Yesterday we had a day with albums recorded by female singers and today I will try to bring the boys to the spotlight. Tracks include:

01 - Quatro Loucos Num Samba (Cyro Monteiro / Mary Monteiro)
02 - Liberdade Demais (Mariano Filho / Hélio Nascimento)
03 - Teléco-teco (Vinicius de Moraes)
04 - Malandro Bamba (Pedro Caetano)
05 - Cara Feia (Homero Ferreira / Renato Ferreira / Ivan Ferreira)
06 - Com Fome Não (Oziel Peçanha / Noacy B. de Marconez)
07 - Irene (Zé Violão)
08 - Minha Marilú (Cyro Monteiro / Dias da Cruz)
09 - Meu Bem (Hianto de Almeida)
10 - Chora Coração (Denis Brean / Osvaldo Guilherme)
11 - Pra Brincar de Namorar (Cyro Monteiro)
12 - Receita de mulher (Cyro Monteiro / Carlos Frederico)

Cristina - Cristina (1974) 7-inch EP

Here we go on another EP, featuring an artist never shown before to Loronixers. Actually, I'm amazed with the new EP possibilities. They are pretty easy to make, for instance, this one is fresh as a cake taken from the oven. It is just a matter to find, bake and serve. The cover fits the scanner and you don't need to make several scans and stitch everything. Truly great.

This is Cristina - Cristina (1974) for RCA Victor. Cristina is the artistic name of Cristina Buarque de Hollandam sister of the renowned Chico Buarque de Hollanda. She started her professional career in 1967 with a participation on Paulo Vanzolini - Onze Sambas e Uma Capoeira, recording her first and self titled album in 1974 with songs from several Samba names, such as: Dona Ivone Lara, Manaceia, Nelson Cavaquinho, Cartola and others. It is a very well produced album and this EP has four tracks taken from this debut LP. Tracks include:


Paulinho da Viola
Cesar Faria
Marcal, Eliseu, Luna, Jorginho, Paulinho da Viola, Carlinhos, Henriquinho

Track List

01 - Agradeço A Deus (Mano Décio da Viola / Dona Ivone Lara)
02 - Comprimido (Paulinho da Viola)
03 - Quantas Lágrimas (Manacéa)
04 - Confesso (Dona Ivone Lara)

Maria Creuza - Maria Creuza e Os Grandes Mestres do Samba (1975)

Hello, Good Evening! It is so cold in Rio that I cannot move. I'm wrapped with every piece of cloth I could find in the house. I'm even afraid with zecalouro, poor bird, he cannot use clothes and cannot stand cold temperatures. He gets a bad mood and never seems to make him satisfied. Talking about satisfaction, what about Samba performed by an anthological singer with a very sweet voice? That's what we have here. Let's see.

This is Maria Creuza - Maria Creuza e Os Grandes Mestres do Samba (1975), for RCA Victor, Maria Creuza tribute to Brazilian Samba legends, featuring songs of Ze Keti, Monarco, Martinho da Vila, Cartola, Nelson Cavaquinho, Wilson Moreira, Elton Medeiros and others. Maria Creuza Samba performance is amazing and her beautiful voice fits beautifully with the Samba mood. The back cover brings short bios by Sergio Cabral of several Samba artists. Os Grandes Mestres do Samba is arranged by Rildo Hora and features renowned musicians. Tracks include:


Rido Hora
Dino, Manoel da Conceicao "Mao de Vaca", Luiz Claudio, Rildo Hora
Neco, Canhoto
Sergio Barroso
Wilson das Neves, Paulinho
Gilberto D'Avila
Everaldo, Nenem, Wilsinho, Eliseu, Marcal, Geraldo Bongo, Doutor, Hermes, Luna, Elias
Ze Roberto Bertrami
Chiquinho do Acordeon
Raymundo Bittencourt, Joab, Edgardo Luiz

Track List

01 - Chega Pra Lá (Élton Medeiros / Joacyr Santana)
02 - Rala Rala (Wilson Moreira / Nei Lopes)
03 - Amor de Mãe (Nelson Cavaquinho / Guilherme de Brito)
04 - Exaltação à Tiradentes (Tiradentes) (Mano Décio da Viola / Penteado / Estanislau Silva)
05 - Pouco Importa (Cartola)
06 - Soldado do Amor (Cartola / Nuno Veloso)
07 - Cordas e Correntes (Martinho da Vila)
08 - Quem Lucrou Fui Eu (Monarco)
09 - O Namorado de Maria (Partido Alto) (Xangô da Mangueira / Aniceto do Império)
10 - Alhos e Bugalhos (Zé do Maranhão)
11 - Madrugada (Zé Keti)
12 - A Timidez Me Devora (Jorginho / Walter Rosa)

Music Video | Baden Powell at Jazz Brasil

No much to say when you have to show Baden Powell performing on a music video. Thanks Luiz for this one. Baden Powell performs several tunes on a 13 minutes video. Before you start, make sure you have plenty of time to watch it. It is truly awesome.

Hope uEnjoy!