Saturday, April 12, 2008

Varios Artistas - Pixinguinha 70 (1968)

Hello, good evening! I received an email that made me feel really glad, sent by a friend with several suggestions to Loronix. He said that Brazilian music is very well represented throughout Loronix, but with an unexplained gap, the little emphasis given to one of the greatest Brazilian musician of all time, Alfredo da Rocha Vianna, better known as Pixinguinha.

I fully agree, but unfortunately I do not have any career album recorded by the master. By the way, Pixinguinha recorded few LPs. His discography is more concentrated in 78RPMs and several participations on other artists’ records. Better late than never, here we have Pixinguinha music, recorded live to celebrate the seventy anniversary of the great master. Let's see.

This is Pixinguinha 70 (1968), for MIS, recorded live at Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro. This album features Jacob do Bandolim, Radames Gnattali, Conjunto Epoca de Ouro, Os Boemios and Orquestra do Teatro Municipal and although released in CD a couple of years ago, is really obscure. There are nice performances by Jacob do Bandolim and Radames Gnattali and it was really hard to decide which one to list at Loronix Preview Center. Tracks include:

The Performers

Jacob do Bandolim
Radames Gnattali

Conjunto Epoca de Ouro
Jacob do Bandolim
Dino 7 Cordas
(violao 7 cordas)
Cesar Faria, Carlos Leite

Os Boemios
Homero Gelmim
Sandoval Dias
(tenor sax)
Eugenio Martins
Gabriel Henriques
Carlos Lentini, Artur Duarte
Waldemar Melo

Trio de Flautas do Teatro Municipal
Carlos Rato, Eugenio Martins, Maria do Carmo

Orquestra do Teatro Municipal
directed by Radames Gnattali

Track List

01 - Carinhoso (Pixinguinha)
02 - Uma Rosa para o Pixinguinha (Radames Gnattali)
03 - Vou pra Casa (Pixinguinha)
04 - Os Cinco Companheiros (Pixinguinha)
05 - Lamento (Pixinguinha)
06 - Ingenuo (Pixinguinha / Benedito Lacerda)
07 - Passatempo (Pixinguinha)
08 - Gargalhada (Pixinguinha)
09 - Rosa (Pixinguinha / Otavio de Souza)
10 - Marreco quer Agua (Pixinguinha)
11 - Pixinguinha (Radames Gnattali)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Milton Banana Trio - Milton Banana Trio (1971)

The idea of doing only one post per day is disturbing. The great challenge is picking something solid enough to please everybody. The decision to post this album was taken yesterday, but he followed me on thinking all day long. What more can I say to everything already been said here about Milton Banana? It is difficult to answer, Milton Banana is one of the most popular artists at Loronix and I believe the mere presence of an album never released before at Loronix is self-explanatory. Let's see.

This is Milton Banana Trio - Milton Banana Trio (1971), for Odeon, also known as Milton Banana Trio - Amigo e Pra Essas Coisas, probably by track 09 - Amigo e Pra Essas Coisas (Silvio da Silva / Aldir Blanc). This LP was found on excellent conditions and the transfer was done with diamond cutter, I hope you appreciate my effort. I have been also wondering how many groups lead by a drummer we had? I could not remember a single one, except Milton Banana Trio. Anyway, I don't want to bore you with my parrot talking, stay with Milton Banana Trio and have a nice Thursday. Tracks include:

01 - Madalena (Ivan Lins / Ronaldo Monteiro de Souza)
02 - Eu Também Quero Mocotó (Jorge Ben "Jorge Benjor")
03 - Amazonas (Keep Talking) (João Donato)
04 - Junto a Você (Carlos Nóbrega)
05 - Quero Voltar Pra Bahia (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
06 - Jesus Cristo (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
07 - Na Tonga da Mironga do Kabuletê (Vinicius de Moraes / Toquinho)
08 - Piri Piri (Paulo Diniz / Odibar)
09 - Amigo É Pra Essas Coisas (Silvio da Silva / Aldir Blanc)
10 - Ôba Lá Vem Ela (Jorge Ben "Jorge Benjor")
11 - Menina (Paulinho Nogueira)
12 - Procurando Tu (J. Luna / Antônio Barros)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Baden Powell - Estudos (1971)

Hello, good evening! Until the end of the old posts recovery task I will be making only a single post daily. I believed this new approach would allow more time to recovery activities, but a single post needs to be planned and chosen with dedication. I am sure that Baden Powell and Estudos, one of its most praised albums is a flawless and high quality release. Let's see.

This is Baden Powell - Estudos (1971), for Elenco, featuring Baden Powell guitar with accompaniment of Alfredo Bessa percussion. Estudos is a really wonderful album; it is dense, soulful, providing new experiences no matter how many times you take it for a spin. Once again, I'm gathering Brazil-on-guitar Estudos review, one of the greatest musician tribute websites available at the internet, no matter what kind of music. Tracks include:

BrazilOnGuitar says: One of Baden Powell's most popular records does not reveal its recording date. Even extensive research could not answer our questions. Estudos is one of his most experimental studio recordings and very well known. BP recorded only together with the percussionist Alfredo Bessa. Partly he over-dubbed guitar, bass and percussion, now and then he uses sound effects. Some compositions already show harmonies of Apaixonado. Hardly any other record contains so many solo pieces that became guitarist's standard repertoire quickly. It remains unknown if the material was originally intended for the planned solo record to be done in December 1971.

Digitalisation of the vinyl record: the first German CD-release from 1990 (821 855-2) is in AAD and comes closest to the original sound of the LP, even if partly the sound is too low. The German CD sounds like an unplayed vinyl record without noise. The re-release from 2003 removed the sound differences and has a carefully revised sound. The result is good, but we personally prefer the version from 1990. We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation and Susumu san for his cover.

PS.: I'm making available the first Elenco vinyl issue. I hope you approve my transfer!


Baden Powell
Alfredo Bessa

Track List

01 - Encosta Para Vê Se Dá (Baden Powell)
02 - Pra Valer (Baden Powell / Paulo César Pinheiro)
03 - Pai (Baden Powell / Paulo César Pinheiro)
04 - Serenata do Adeus (Vinicius de Moraes)
05 - Tapilraiauara (Baden Powell)
06 - Valsa Sem Nome (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
07 - É Isso Aí (Baden Powell)
08 - Chão de Estrelas (Silvio Caldas / Orestes Barbosa)
09 - Crepúsculo (Baden Powell)
10 - Tema Triste (Baden Powell)
11 - Baixo de Pau (Um Abraço Ernesto) (Baden Powell)
12 - Último Porto (Baden Powell)

Monday, April 07, 2008

Jorge Ben - Tropical (1977)

Hello, good evening! One of the most difficult tasks (and more risky) at Loronix is talking about an artist that everybody knows and love, especially when I need to show an album with so little information available. This one is a perfect example, Tropical never had a CD reissue in Brazil, and until last week, was completely unknown to me. Jorge Ben fans go to the last consequences when hunting albums. I received several requests of impossible to find records, but no one ever asked or talked about this one, which is a Jorge Ben LP, always worth a lot to give a try. Let's see.

This is Jorge Ben - Tropical (1977), for Philips, recorded in 1976 in UK for Island Records. Perhaps the only Jorge Ben album recorded outside Brazil, featuring new versions of Jorge Ben older songs, done with Brazilian and international musicians. The repertoire brings nine tunes, but with a lot to hear on 45 minutes running time. I hope Tropical amazes most of you, bringing a solid listen to start another week. Tracks include:


Jorge Ben
(voice, guitar)
Gustavo Schroeter
(drums, percussion)
Eduardo Magalhaes de Carvalho
Joao Batista Pereira
Joao Roberto Vandaluz
(piano, organ)

Track List

01 - Taj Mahal (Jorge Ben)
02 - Os Alquimistas Estão Chegando os Alquimistas (Jorge Ben)
03 - Chove Chuva (Jorge Ben)
04 - Georgia (Jorge Ben)
05 - O Namorado da Viúva (Jorge Ben)
06 - My Lady (Jorge Ben)
07 - Jesus de Praga (Jorge Ben)
08 - Mas Que Nada (Jorge Ben)
09 - País Tropical (Jorge Ben)