Friday, July 24, 2009

Moacir Santos - Opus 3 NO. 1 (1968)

Hello, good evening! Perhaps, good morning! I do not know. I am writing this text without any aid of the Internet, which according to the service provider will only be back in 36 hours due a broken fiber optic cable somewhere close to my place. When living in Copacabana, these things do not happen, or when it happens, were immediately corrected. It is quite different to write about such important musician and album with no Internet to help me. Anyway, everything you are reading is coming by the old fashioned way where knowledge was the one available where your hands or your eyes reach. Let's see.

This is Moacir Santos - Opus 3 NO. 1 (1968), for Discovery (USA), kindly provided in FLAC by my new friend MCR (which is only a temporary nickname before I get his accordance of a name). Thanks MRC, Opus 3 NO. 1 is a missing piece at Moacir Santos discography available at Loronix and if I'm not wrong, it was recorded in 1968, and issued on in 1978, ten years before the studio sessions. This is Moacir Santos playing his own creations and singing, backed by renowned musicians, which includes an amazing participation of the legendary Chaim Lewak at the piano, as available on personnel listing, also provided by MCR. Tracks include:


Moacir Santos
(arrangements, baritone sax, voice)
Don Menza
(tenor sax)
Joe Pass
Clare Fischer
Ray Pizzi
(alt sax)
Chaim Lewak
Oscar Brashear
John Heard, Bob Saraiva
Bill Henderson
(electric piano)
Frank Rosolino
Bill Hood
Jerry Redmond
Joao Donato
Frank Ponti, Alicia Rodrigues

Track List

01 - Adriana (Opus 3 Nº 1) (Moacir Santos) featuring Deborah Tompkins
02 - Evocative (Moacir Santos)
03 - What If (Moacir Santos / Y. Cotti)
04 - A Riddle (C. Berg)
05 - Make Mine Blue (Moacir Santos / Y. Cotti)
06 - The Wind Is Rising (Moacir Santos / Y. Cotti)
07 - Love Is a Happening Thing (Moacir Santos / Y. Cotti)
08 - Off And On (Moacir Santos / Y. Cotti)
09 - Pinnacle (M. Benson)
10 - Coisa Nº 6 (Moacir Santos)