Saturday, March 31, 2007

Nara Leao - ... E Que Tudo mais Va pro Inferno (1978)

Hello, Good Evening! Thanks a million for the response to Survey made so far and the ones that will be fulfilled in the forthcoming weeks. I'm really excited to get your feedback about Loronix and use your thoughts to make our community better. Thanks also Caetano Rodrigues for the overall support, optimism and hard work. In the other hand, those things makes me feel very tired, you cannot realize the amount of work and energy to launch these things. That's why we will start the day with Nara Leao and her relaxing voice on a tribute album to Roberto Carlos and Erasmo Carlos.

This is Nara Leao - ... E que Tudo Mais Va pro Inferno (1978), for Philips. Don't let the bitter words in title cheat you; the album is sweet with Nara Leao making his tribute to one of the most successful Brazilian composers, Roberto Carlos and his partner Erasmo Carlos. Rather unknown Nara Leao, accompanied by a top-notch musicians as the 70's Brazilians albums uses to bring. Tracks include:


Roberto Menescal and Mauricio Lana Carrilho
(production, arrangements, acoustic guitar)

Antonio Adolfo and Jotinha
Rafael Rabello
(violao de 7 cordas)
Luizao, Tony and Paulo Cesar
Wilson das Neves and Pedrinho
Bira, Djalma Correa, Hermes and Marku Ribas
Celso, Beth and Flavia
Mauricio Einhorn

Track List

01 - Quero Que Vá Tudo Pro Inferno (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
02 - As Curvas da Estrada de Santos (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
03 - Além do Horizonte (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
04 - Como É Grande o Meu Amor Por Você (Roberto Carlos)
05 - Dia de Chuva (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
06 - Olha (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
07 - Cavalgada (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
08 - Proposta (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
09 - Debaixo dos Caracóis dos Seus Cabelos (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
10 - A Cigana (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
11 - O Divã (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)
12 - Se Você Pensa (Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos)

Challenge | Who is singing?

Here we go on the new and successful video challenge, kindly sent by Luiz Harding. Today is different, just watch the video to be delighted with the images of - how can I say... - Rio de Janeiro. The challenge is to identify the artist singing in the background audio and also the name of the song.

Question: Who is the artist singing in the background audio?

Hope uEnjoy!

Sivuca & Rosinha de Valenca - Gravado ao Vivo (1977)

I miss the time when we had in Rio de Janeiro a weekly show sponsored by the government called Projeto Seis e Meia, performed at Teatro Joao Caetano. I'm not sure about that, but there were weekly shows and the day of the week was Thursday and the time 6:30pm as the name indicates. This projects lasts for years and was tailored for those who worked downtown, however, a crowd was formed around noon and probably workers had to ask someone to save a place in the big line until 6:30. It was a wonderful time. I had the chance to watch many concerts. I cannot remember this one and I'm happy make it available to Loronixers.

This is Sivuca & Rosinha de Valenca - Gravado Ao Vivo (1977), for RCA. Two wonderful artists performing together on a popular show, this is in fact the best of both worlds. The atmosphere is very relaxed with Sivuca and Rosinha telling stories and getting audience feedback. Projeto Seis e Meia was lauched in 1976 by Joao Bosco and several renowed artists engaged during years, such as: Elizeth Cardoso, Ze Ramalho, Gonzaguinha, among others. Sivuca and Rosinha de Valenca had the accompaniment of Luis Carlos (drums), Jamil Joanes (bass), Darci (percussion) and Raul Mascarenhas (sax, flute). Tracks include:

01 - Homenagem à Velha Guarda (Sivuca)
02 - Quando Me Lembro (Luperce Miranda) -- Vassourinha (Mathias da Rocha / Joana Batista Ramos)
03 - Reunião de Tristeza (Sivuca)
04 - Feira de Mangaio (Sivuca / Glória Gadelha)
05 - Asa Branca (Luis Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)
06 - Adeus Maria Fulô (Humberto Teixeira / Sivuca)
07 - Lamento (Pixinguinha / Vinicius de Moraes)
08 - Tema do Boneco de Palha (Vera Brasil / Sivan Castelo Neto)

Video Challenge | Who is the Mysterious Singer?

Luiz Harding sent this video and we are starting a new kind of Challenge today, the Video Challenge. There is more to come. Question: How is the mysterious singer in this 1966 Brazilian movie?

Do not forget to use the increase lens to a bigger video. How is he?

Hope uEnjoy!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Dick Hyman - Brasilian Impressions (1966)

Here we go on Caetano Rodrigues release showing this time a Brazilian music tribute album from a piano virtuoso, Dick Hyman. This is Dick Hyman tribute to Brazilian music. Hyman recorded once an album with eleven versions of the tune "A Child is Born" performing the style of eleven different pianists. Let's see how the versatile Dick Hyman performs with the music from Brazil.

This is Dick Wyman - Brazilian Impressions (1966), for Command, arranged by Dick Hyman and performed by Joe Palmer (bassoon), Romeo Penque (oboe), Stanley Webb (clarinet, horn), Jimmy Abato (clarinet), Clark Terry (flugelhorn), Phil Kraus (percussion), Walter Lewinsky (clarinet), Johnny Pacheco (percussion), Dick Hyman (organ, piano), Johnny Mirice (clarinet), Joe Wilder (flugelhorn). Tracks include:

01 - Sugarloaf
02 - Time for Love
03 - Samba de Duas Notas
04 - Mas que Nada
05 - Message to Michael
06 - Song of the Jet
07 - Jazz'n'Samba
08 - Insensatez
09 - Eleanor Rigby
10 - RI
11 - Day in the Life of a Fool
12 - O Barquinho

Music Video | Zumba Cinco by Luiz Harding

Let's make it straight, this is another video powered by Luiz Harding. This time, even the master is amazed by his own creation, which is a Zumba Cinco video. Zumba Cinco is a Brazilian Bossa Jazz quintet that released a single album and than disappeared. This album is now a sought after collectors item. It is available at Loronix, you can find it using Find It!, sorry.

Thanks Luiz Harding, a Zumba Cinco video is something that I would never expect to see one day and you are now giving us the chance to watch it on a very good quality. Do not miss the video using the increase lens; it is bigger than our column space.

Hope uEnjoy!

Ed Lincoln - Ed Lincoln (1966)

Hello, Good Evening! Today was clean-up time, a time to take the LPs out of the closet to take care of them and give the chance of making them breath air. Who lives in front of the beach needs to double check things that are locked. I always find nice and forgotten things when making this LP-keeping and this time I could drag more than ten to hang close to me and do not forget.

In the process, I found this one that I got some months ago on those "everything for one Real" bargain. This was the first Ed Lincoln I heard and was made available at the very beginning of Loronix. Several friends had asked at the time for a better copy, instead of the available 128Kbps version. I think it is the right time to make it happen again, the cover is also fantastic. Let's wait for the feedback.

This is Ed Lincoln - Ed Lincoln (1966), for Musidisc, also known as the "Cochise" record, which is one of the tracks available at this album. Ed Lincoln is an obsession for fans and there are many at Loronix. Between the last and this paragraph, I search e-Bay for this album and it is quoted with high prices. Some reviews I found are all positive to this album. Unfortunately, I could not find personnel listing and I will give you the chance of doing it. Tracks include:

01 - O Ganso (Ed Lincoln / Orlandivo)
02 - É o Cide (Ed Lincoln / Silvio César)
03 - Querida (Durval Ferreira / Orlandivo)
04 - Ali Tem (Alberto Paz / Édson Menezes)
05 - O Amor Que Eu Guardei (Ed Lincoln / Orlandivo)
06 - Balanço Azul (Mário Proença)
07 - Meu Querido Amor (Durval Ferreira / Orlandivo)
08 - Ya Ya (Devel / Orlandivo)
09 - Caramba (Devel / Orlandivo)
10 - Cochise (Ray Santos)
11 - Eu Não Vou Mais (Durval Ferreira / Orlandivo)
12 - Se Tiver de Ser (Ed Lincoln / Silvio César)

Bud Shank, Joao Donato & Rosinha de Valenca - Bud Shank and his Brazilian Friends (1965)

When Loronix was a two months old baby, a respectful Brazilian music journalist told me about an album that should not be left behind to our community. I took his advice and a couple of days later; this record was available to Loronixers.

Now we will have the chance to make it available again on a a really better quality and the American edition cover. The first post was made on July 14, 2006 and I like my writing at that time, so I decided to bring it back again, with no changes, thanks Caetano for this more than required update.

July 14, 2006 writing:

zecalouro had great time today with a great friend. Lunchtime, nice meal we had. Music was the agenda, for sure. zecalouro could get a lot of knowledge about Brazilian instrumental music, Baden Powell, SambaJazz, Bossa Nova, etc. It was great. In the end, zecalouro received a piece of advice: "Listen to the Bud Shank, Joao Donato and Rosinha de Valença LP from Elenco (1965)".

Since then, I've been with this LP and I could not stop. Recorded in 1965 for Elenco during Bud stay in Brazil, this LP has Joao Donato, Rosinha de Valença, which is a great guitar player, Sergio Mendes and his rhythm section, Tião Neto on bass and Chico Batera on drums.

... Back from the past

This is Bud Shank, Joao Donato & Rosinha de Valenca - Bud Shank and his Brazilian Friends (1965), for Pacific Jazz. Tracks include:


Bud Shank
(sax alto)
Joao Donato
Rosinha de Valenca
Tiao Neto
Chico Batera

Track List

01 - Sausalito
02 - Minha Saudade
03 - Samba do Aviao
04 - It was Night
05 - Silk Stop
06 - Caminho de Casa
07 - Um Abraco no Bonfa
08 - Once I Loved You
09 - Sambou, Sambou
10 - Tristeza em Mim

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Music Video | Bossa Tres performing at Arpoador Beach

Here comes Luiz Harding torturing us again with a video, torturing is the right word, once you see one you can stop waiting for the next. This one was supposed to be released on May, 12th, on Loronix anniversary, but is so cool that I could not wait. Caetano told me about this video and I had no hope to watch it. Now with Luiz, we can make it.

This is Os Bossa Tres performing on Arpoador Beach, Rio de Janeiro City. I hope Loronixers make the hard work this time, providing additional info. It is strongly recommended that you use the increase lens to see the original size.

Hope uEnjoy!

Dick Farney - Um Piano ao Cair da Tarde (1974)

I was not planning to show friends another Dick Farney today. I was pretty tired and decided to take a nap one hour ago listening this album. It is beautiful. I never heard this Dick Farney, recommended by cvllos a couple of days ago. So I decided to make it, since I want to write about it with the same feelings and good vibrations I had in the last 35 minutes while listening.

This is Dick Farney - Um Piano ao Cair da Tarde (1974), for Odeon, featuring Dick Farney and piano, only, performing a repertoire of American standards. What can I say? Once again, self-explanatory. Everything works fine with this instrumental Dick Farney album, followed by Um Piano ao Cair da Tarde Vol. 2, that I'm looking for months. Additionally, a music video is included with Dick Farney at one of his most successful interpretations, Alguem Como Tu (Jose Maria de Abreu / Jair Amorim). Dick Farney is really essential. Tracks include:

01 - Tenderly (J. Lawrence / W. Gross)
02 - As Time Goes By (H. Hupfeld)
03 - The Man I Love (Ira Gershwin / George Gershwin)
04 - All Te Things You Are (Kern / O. Hammerstein II)
05 - The More I See You (H. Warren / M. Gordon)
06 - I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You (Bassman / Washington)
07 - Moonglow (W. Hudson / De Lange / I. Mills)
08 - Laura (J. Mercer / D. Raksin)
09 - Over The Rainbow (Harold Arlen / E. J. Harburg)
10 - What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life (Michel Legrand / A. Bergman / M. Bergman)
11 - Misty (Errol Garner / J. Burke)
12 - The Shadow Of Your Smile (J. Mandel / Paul Francis Webster)
13 - Here's That Rainy Day (J. Burke / J. Van Heusen)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Art Heatlie and His Orchestra - Bossa Nova - But Beautiful (1966)

Today we will have great surprises and this is the first one. It is not necessary to say that Caetano Rodrigues is the friend behind it. I'm thrilled to share this album with Loronixers. For the first time, Caetano sends us an International Bossa Nova pill and I cannot find bio or more relevant information, even browsing the giant All About Jazz and All Music Guide. I hope someone can make better than myself. The other surprise is the album itself, nice Bossa Nova standards renditions with some tunes that were certainly being used as incidental music, they sound very familiar. Let's see.

This is Art Heatlie and His Orchestra - Bossa Nova - But Beautiful (1966), for Philips. As I said, litte is known about Art Heatlie. So far, I could search he was born in South Africa, being a respectful orchestra arranger and conducer, also leading Jazz big bands. Caetano probably has additional information about Art Heatlie, meanwhile stay with Bossa Nova, certainly really beautiful. Tracks include:

01 - The Girl from Ipanema
02 - Serenata
03 - Meditation
04 - Take me to Aruanda
05 - Green Dolphin Street
06 - Agua de Beber
07 - Michelle
08 - This Time the Dream's on Me
09 - One Note Samba
10 - The Shadow of Your Smile
11 - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
12 - Watch What Happens

Moacyr Marques - Novo Sabor

Hello, good evening! I use to start the day with a story or something that happened with zecalouro or me during the day. Today I will start different, straightforward; I want to show as fast as I can a wonderful contribution of the always-surprising Marcelo Munhoz from Sambasonics.

Marcelo got this album from a friend a couple of years ago, it is a widely unknown LP, Caetano never saw it. Actually, he didn't know the existence. I've been searching on discographies for this piece and I could not find a single line about it. Let's see.

This is Moacyr Marques - Novo Sabor (no date), for Musidisc. Moacyr Marques, also known as Biju, is an arranger and sax player, active until today. Among several professional accomplishments, Moacyr Marques has participated on several records of renowned Brazilian and international artists, such as: Chico Buarque, Elizeth Cardoso, Gulherme Arantes, Charles Aznavour, Andy William, Sarah Voughan, Billy Eckstine, Michel Legrand, among others. As Maestro, Moacyr Marques was in charge of Elizeth Cardoso support group during her last 10 years of life. Thanks Marcelo, Caetano and Loronixers will be thrilled with your contribution. Tracks include:

01 - Stop Us
02 - Whipped Cream
03 - A Volta
04 - Help
05 - A Hard Day's Night
06 - The Night Before
07 - Novo Sabor
08 - Ticket to Ride
09 - All my Love
10 - Tema do Nenem
11 - A Taste of Honey
12 - E que tudo mais va pro Inferno

Moacir Santos - Maestro (1972)

Maestro Moacir Santos is considered one of the main Brazilian arrangers of all times. He accomplished a revolutionary contribution since the 50's, establishing a new plateau on Brazilian popular music harmonic structures. He was also an influence to the great artists we learned to admire with Loronix, such as (only a few examples): Paulo Moura, Oscar Castro Neves, Baden Powell, Mauricio Einhorn, Geraldo Vespar, Sergio Mendes, Dori Caymmi, Airto Moreira, among others. In the other hand, Moacir Santos is very underrated, being almost unknown to Brazilian mass audience, even after his passing last year.

This post is to make us remember Moacir Santos and also confirm our understanding that most of the music we have at Loronix has Moacir Santos genius as the foundation.

This is Moacir Santos - The Maestro (1972), for Blue Note, the first Moacir Santos album in the United States, featuring Clare Fischer, Joe Pass, Don Menza, among others. Tracks include:


Frank Rosolino
Hymie Lewak
Sheila Wilkinson
Bill Henderson
Moacir Santos
(sax, vocal, brass)
Oscar Brashear
David Duke
(french horn)
Clare Fischer
Don Menza
(flute, sax tenor)
Joe Pass
John Heard
Ray Pizzi

Track List

01 - Nanã (Moacir Santos / Mário Telles / Y. Kotti)
02 - Bluishmen (Moacir Santos)
03 - Luanne (Moacir Santos / Jay Livingston / R. Evans)
04 - Astral Whine (An Elegy To Any War) (Moacir Santos)
05 - Mother Iracema (Moacir Santos)
06 - Kermis (Moacir Santos)
07 - April Child (Moacir Santos / Jay Livingston / R. Evans)
08 - The Mirror's Mirror (Moacir Santos)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ana Mazzotti - Ana Mazzotti ao Vivo (1982)

Hello, good evening! Let's start the day as much straightforward as we can. First, I want to say thanks to everybody who gives feedback on the out of topic parrot video. Unfortunately, the new streaming service could not meet the desired expectation. Different behavior was reported on different operational systems. We need more research until we reach the best to everybody.

Anyway, let's keep our focus on the music, presenting a Brazilian Jazz singer and pianist that was introduced to Lorixers by Max de Castro and now is being revisited with the help of tcisalpino, which I want to say many thanks for this contribution.

This is Ana Mazzotti - Ana Mazzotti ao Vivo (1982), for an independent label, recorded live during Festival de Verao do Guaruja, Sao Paulo, 1982. Everybody calls this record as Ao Vivo no Guaruja, this is the third and last Ana Mazzotti album, a celebrated artist that left us tragically and early. I'm sure when Ana Mazzotti has passed away and I need to check later when my Internet connection comes back to work as normal. I also want to remember a request from our Loronix friend Telmo Mylius, Telmo is looking for a unlisted Ana Mazzotti LP called Ana Mazzotti e Conjunto Desenvolvimento, if you know something about this album, please let us know. Thanks once again, tcisalpino. Tracks include:

01 - O Causo (Ana Mazzotti)
02 - Mudanças (Ana Mazzotti)
03 - Nada Me Governara (Ana Mazzotti)
04 - Roda Mundo (Ana Mazzotti)
05 - Blues Pros Bicos (Ana Mazzotti)
06 - Perguntação (Ana Mazzotti)
07 - Grand Chick (Ana Mazzotti)

Luiz Chaves - Projecao (1963)

There was a time zecalouro had some formal ambition to be a professional musician and his instrument of choice was the bass. If I had the chance to start all over, I would make several things different, except change my instrument of choice. Bass is a unique instrument played by unique musicians, bass players are different from others musicians, maybe I'm getting nuts, but bass players are easy to recognize. Give me a picture of an unknown group with unknown musicians and I can point out who is the bass player, easy, never fails.

This post is a late tribute to one of these different guys who plays this unique instrument, Luiz Chaves, the bassist of Zimbo Trio, represented on this tribute by his first solo album, Projecao (1963). Projecao features, Luis Chaves (bass), Rubens Barsotti (drums), Hamilton Godoy (piano), Luis De Andrade "Boneca" (guitar), Demétrio (flute), Hector Costita (sax alto), Magno D'Alcântara (trumpet) and Carlos Alberto D'Alcantana (sax tenor).

Projecao is an above the average Bossa Jazz album, truly great from the start to end with Chaves making a great work and also letting the others in the foreground. Do not miss this one. Tracks include:

Reproduzo abaixo o comentário de gpicanco, complementa perfeitamente esse tributo:

"Como o Zeca, também tive a minha fase de baixista. Nas águas do Sergio Barrozo. As poucas vezes que ousei usar um arco me inspirava no Luiz Chaves. Elegante. Um craque.

Nesse album ele passeia por um repertório maravilhoso, com duas composições suas que só vi tocadas aqui. O baixo é a alma indispensável na pulsação de um grupo. Tirem o baixo e sentirá a falta. Coloquem um mal baixista e pedirá que troquem. Nunca que tirem.

Luiz Chaves é assim. Por mais que digam que ele comercializou o Zimbo, sua presença foi importantíssima para a valorização do baixo no Brasil.

Esse é daqueles discos indispensáveis como documento e como aula e como prazer. Em ouvir. Os jovens que vem ao Loronix só ganham ouvindo 'Projeção'."

01 - Berimbau (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
02 - Pra Que Chorar (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
03 - Dan Cha Cha (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
04 - Tim Dom Dom (João Mello / Codó)
05 - Miss Balanço (Hélton Menezes)
06 - Tormenta (Luis Chaves)
07 - Influencia do Jazz (Carlos Lyra)
08 - Nós e o Mar (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
09 - O Samblues (César Camargo Mariano)
10 - Heloísa (Luis Chaves)
11 - Estamos Aí (Durval Ferreira / Maurício Einhorn)
12 - Telefone (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)

Raul de Souza - Rio - Featuring Conrad Herwig (1998)

It is surprising that an album released so recently has gone out of print, Raul de Souza is one of those artists that are not idolized by everybody, in the other hand, it is very hard to find someone that doesn't like him, actually everybody likes Raul de Souza. I like it also very much, Raul de Souza has also, at least for me, nice characteristic, his album covers always brings a photo of a parrot or some kind of nature element, butterflies in this case.

This is Raul de Souza - Rio - Featuring Conrad Herwig (1998), for Mix House. Amazing trombone album as Raul de Souza usually delivers. This time, Raul has the help of another trombonist, Conrad Herwig, participating intensively with trombone solos and also arrangements. Conrad Herwig is a renowned Jazz trombonist in the US, he has recorded and performed together with Joe Henderson, Jack DeJohnette, Paquito D'Rivera and others, now with the legendary Raul de Souza. At Loronix, all Brazilian trombonists are legendary. Tracks include:

01 - Rio (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
02 - Pra Ser Brasileira (Taiguara)
03 - Chora Tua Tristeza (Oscar Castro Neves / Luvercy Fiorini)
04 - Não Deu (Djavan)
05 - Íris (Djavan)
06 - Nós (Johnny Alf)
07 - Piano Na Mangueira (Tom Jobim / Chico Buarque)
08 - Aquelas Coisas Todas (Toninho Horta)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Antonio Carlos Barbosa Lima - Dez Dedos Magicos num Violao de Ouro (1957)

Hello, Good Evening! Life has been really busy down here. You cannot realize how. Anyway, it is for overall benefit for our community and part of Loronix one-year anniversary celebration. Stay tuned tomorrow, something will happen, Caetano's ideia. I'm one hundred percent sure that everybody will be amazed.

Let's start the day with a truly rare release. Actually, if Loronixers engineers do not run out of schedule, we will have another rare and breathtaking album today, you should not miss.

This is Antonio Carlos Barbosa Lima - Dez Dedos Magicos num Violao de Ouro (1957), for Chantecler, the debut album of the renowned Brazilian guitarist Carlos Barbosa Lima, recorded in 1957 when he was only 14 years old. This should be really fascinating for musicians, guitarists and fans of Carlos Barbosa Lima, which is a brilliant acoustic guitar player that has even invented techniques that no other guitarist had even tried before.

We should thank ClaudiaB from Cantos e Encantos website that kindly provided this really rare album to Loronixers. Tracks include:

01 - Bach - Fuga
02 - Mendelssohn - Canconeta - Opus12
03 - Rameau - Minueto
04 - Chopin - Noturno - Opus 9 Nr. 2
05 - Sarabanda e Giga
06 - Isaias Savio - Batucada (cenas Brasileiras)
07 - Villa Lobos - Preludio Nr. 1
08 - Tarrega - Caixinha de Musica
09 - Isaias Savio - Impressoes de Rua
10 - Agostin Barrios - As Abelhas - Estudos
11 - Isaias Savio - Agogo (cenas Brasileiras)
12 - Tedesco - Vivo y Energetico

Astrud Gilberto and Walter Wanderley Trio - A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness (1966)

I don't know how popular is this album worldwide, but certainly it is one of the most, how can I say, identified with Bossa Nova, at least in the USA. A Certain Smile and A Certain Sadness was released in 1966, a time when Bossa Nova mania was on its peak. I have been browsing some statistics and Astrud Gilberto is one of the most popular artists at Loronix, Walter Wanderley also. This cover artwork has its charm, showing Astrud Gilberto surrounded by Walter Wanderley (left), Claudio Slon (right) and probably Bobby Rosengarden (center).

I could not check, but Joao Gilberto guitar is possibly on this album, playing in all tunes. Caetano is providing this LP to Loronixers on CD quality, with tracks from the original 1966 issue.

This is Astrud Gilberto and Walter Wanderley Trio - A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness (1966), for Verve, featuring the voice of Astrud Gilberto and Walter Wanderley trio, which is Walter Wanderley (organ, piano), Claudio Slon (drums), Jose Marino (bass) and Bobby Rosengarden (percussion), produced by Creed Taylor. Astrud sings in Portuguese and English. Tracks include:

01 - A Certain Smile (Fain / Paul Francis Webster)
02 - A Certain Sadness (Carlos Lyra / John Court)
03 - Nega do Cabelo Duro (David Nasser / Rubens Soares)
04 - So Nice (Summer Samba) (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle / Vrs. Norman Gimbel)
05 - Você Já Foi a Bahia (Dorival Caymmi)
06 - Portuguese Washerwoman (Lucchesi / Popp)
07 - Tristeza (Goodbye Sadness) (Haroldo Lobo / Niltinho Tristeza / Vrs. Norman Gimbel)
08 - Call Me (Hatch)
09 - Here's That Rainy Day (Babcock / Burke / Van Heusen)
10 - Tu Mi Delirio (C. Portillo de La Luz)
11 - It's a Lovely Day Today (Irving Berlin)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gilberto Puente - El Mejor Guitarista de Mexico (1992)

Caetano's international release of the day comes from a country with a great importance for Brazilian music, Mexico. Everybody had the chance to hear wonderful records of Brazilian artists recorded in Mexico and Mexico was also a temporary residence for renowned figures, such as Joao Gilberto, Carlos Lyra and others. This is the time to show an album recorded in Mexico by what is considered the best Mexican guitarist, let's see.

This is Gilberto Puente - El Mejor Guitarista de Mexico (1992), for RCA Victor. Gilberto Puente is active since the late 40's as member of several groups in Mexico, including the legendary Tres Reyes. In the 70's, Gilberto Puente started a successful solo career as guitarrist. El Mejor Guitarrista de Mexico was recorded as a trio and Gilberto Puente is accompanied by Ronnie Rios (drums) and Victor Pazos (bass). It is a surprisingly relaxed set and Gilberto Puente guitar swings. Tracks include:

01 - Samba de dos Notas
02 - Perdiendo La Cabeza
03 - Rondo a la Turca
04 - Llamame
05 - Mas que Nada
06 - Amor en Paz
07 - Guantanamera
08 - El Nino de las Naranjas
09 - Yesterday
10 - O Papagaio
11 - Llorare
12 - Gente

Challenge | Who are them?

Here we go on another challenge, so challenging this time that I only know one artist on photo, actually, Luiz Harding from Edison Machado Blog told me and we should thanks Luiz, once again for another fascinating material sent to Loronixers.

Question: Do you know who are the artists on photo?

Hope uEnjoy!

Bob Fleming - Este e Bob Fleming (1961)

Hello! Good Evening! Our friend Jeff told me yesterday that we say good night only when we leave not when we arrive. How could I make it wrong for months with nobody calling my attention? As we are talking about language, zeca, the parrot, made a great improve this week. zeca finally understood how to ask for things. Not a matter of using the right verb to make good phrases, but saying things with the same tune we make in Portuguese. This is really amazing; he is now asking for turning music on, food, sleep, spraying, etc. You should believe.

Anyway, I was missing Moacyr Silva and I'm confident that several friends are also waiting. We will go now with Moacyr Silva as Bob Fleming with this early release.

This is Bob Fleming - Este e Bob Fleming (1961), for Audiola, which is a Musidic company. Little I know about this album. The cover artwork is simple on both faces with no complimentary information, personnel is not listed. Tracks include:

01 - All The Things You Are
02 - Bat Masterson
03 - It's Wonderful
04 - Laura
05 - Deep Purple
06 - All The Way
07 - Stella By Starlight
08 - Exodus
09 - Dancing In The Dark
10 - All My Tomorrows
11 - I'm In The Mood For Love
12 - Blue Moon

Eumir Deodato - Ideias (1964)

If you have been monitoring CBox yesterday and today, you will certainly remember several friends talking about the next Eumir Deodato concert in Brazil. The excitement is great. Caetano and Luiz Harding had already purchased their tickets and the concert is probably sold out by this time. However, Deodato will make it only in Sao Paulo. This post is to bring some happiness in the earth of people who cannot make it, kindly sent by Mr. X. zecalouro presents one of the first Eumir Deodato albums and a music video with Eumir Deodato performing Superstrut, live in Finland. The date is uncertain and my better guess is 2002 or later.

This is Eumir Deodato - Ideias (1964), for Odeon, with musical direction by Maestro Lyrio Panicalli and arrangements by Eumir Deodato. It will be really nice to check these extremes, an early Eumir Deodato, which I'm presenting a picture available at the back cover of this album with the late Eumir Deodato performing Superstrut, a very old song that sounds fresh as made last month. Personnel listing is also of note and is available bellow. Tracks include:


Eumir Deodato
(piano, organ, arrangements)
Geraldo Vespar and Durval Ferreira
Wilson das Neves
Ruben Bassini, Jorginho and Garin

Track List

01 - Tempinho Bom (Eumir Deodato)
02 - Samba de Verão (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
03 - Nuvens (Durval Ferreira / Maurício Einhorn)
04 - Deus Brasileiro (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
05 - Tristeza Não Existe (Eumir Deodato)
06 - Vai de Vez (Roberto Menescal / Luis Fernando Freire)
07 - Samblues (Durval Ferreira / Maurício Einhorn)
08 - Só Tinha de Ser Com Você (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
09 - E Vem o Sol (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
10 - Amor no Mar (Durval Ferreira / Luis Fernando Freire)
11 - Encanto Triste (Durval Ferreira / Pedro Camargo)
12 - Ela É Carioca (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)

Special Post | Mr. B and The Sound of the 70's

Just to announce that Mr. Bapt. is now Mr. B and made a great website. Mr. B is blogging old and rare vinyl from the decade he considers the richest in modern music, the 70s.

It is already my best spot to learn how to speak such like our friends who loves the 70's with that unique vocabulary. , I'm making a sample just to tease Loronixers. I made a picture with the highlights, such like Avan Samba, Emilio Santiago, Brazil Show, Mutreteiros Grilados, among others.

The Sounds of the 70's is

Hope uEnjoy!