Saturday, July 08, 2006

Maysa - Maysa Sings Songs Before Dawn (1960)

Maysa, singer, a great Brazilian Diva from the 60's and 70's, makes a Loronix Debut with the album Maysa Sings Songs Before Dawn (1960).

This LP was released in US and Argentina only, being almost unknown in Brazil, this is a piece soared by collectors and fans. Maysa had a great success and recognition just before the Bossa Nova period. She is also a composer and developed her artistic career using a sentimental singing known as Fossa, a sort of style very influenced by boleros with sad lyrics and interpretations.

Unfortunately, in 1977, Maysa died in a car crash on a bridge that connects Rio de Janeiro and Niterio cities.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Paul Winter with Carlos Lyra - The Sound of Ipanema (1965)

Paul Winter with Carlos Lyra - The Sound of Ipanema is a great surprise. Paul Winter sax makes that kind of match with Lyra's voice and guitar.

zecalouro does not have much to say about Paul Winter, maybe he was not on a good moment when recording this LP because Lyra takes the spotlight and seems to be on a very nice moment.

Milton Banana (drums) and Sergio Mendes (piano) are also on this record making the perfect background to this nice 1965 LP.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Eumir Deodato e Os Catedraticos - Impuls O! (1964)

Impuls O! is Os Catedraticos debut album. Strange words for a Brazilian Bossa Nova Jazz Instrumental group directed by Eumir Deodato on organ and piano, backed up by Dom Um Romao and Wilson das Neves on drums and Neco on guitar.

You will find Bossa Nova instrumental version of renowned songs composed by João Donato, Durval Ferreira, Maurício Einhorn, Henry Mancini, Baden Powell, Marcos Valle, Durval Ferreira, Zé Keti, Vinicius de Moraes, among others.

Laurindo de Almeida - Guitar from Ipanema (1964)

Here we go again, now with a almost forgotten and beautiful LP from Laurindo de Almeida, Guitar from Ipanema (1964).

There is a mix of instrumental - where at his best, Laurindo plays softly his acoustic and electric guitar - and songs from a warm female voice, that is so far unrecognized by this lazy green creature. If this voice is from the lady on the cover, double satisfaction to zecalouro.

An easy and good record, full of well known Bossa Nova tunes, such as: The Girl from Ipanama, Um Abraco no Bonfa, Corcovado, etc.

Alaide Costa - Joia Moderna (1961)

Another Brazilian Diva: Alaide Costa with the 1961 LP - Joia Moderna, never released on CD and currently out of print.

There is an amazing history about this LP, almost made by accident when Alaide was looking for a recording studio to make some rehearsals. She was a renowned artist in early 60's and could bring together to these sessions Baden Powell, Oscar Castro Neves, Copinha and Macacheira.

Probably, when RCA noticed that a crew like that was inside its studios, the rehearsal was obviously transformed in this nice LP.

The arrangements are from Baden Powell, his first arrangement experience. Two Oscar brothers were also at the sessions, Iko on bass and Leo on drums.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Orlann Divo - Orlann Divo (1961)

Orlann Divo Debut EP from Musidisc with only four tracks Samba toff - Amor vai e vem - Vem pro samba - Dias de verão (1961).

This is the first EP zecalouro post at Loronix. He could not resist. Maybe it is something for completionists, since shows a pretty early Orlann Divo.

Isaura Garcia e Walter Wanderley e Seu Conjunto - Saudade Querida (1960)

This LP brings an important fact to Loronixers. Isaura Garcia was a very popular singer in Brazil and was married with Walter Wanderley for some years.

Isaura had on some of her LPs the help of Walter Wanderley. This is Isaura Garcia e Walter Wanderley e Seu Conjunto - Saudade Querida (1960), double entertainment: get along with Isaura Garcia and evaluate a early and relaxed Walter Wanderley.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Leny Andrade - Estamos Ai (1965)

Probably unknown outside Brazil, since she has started his international career only in the 80's, Leny Andrade is one of the Greatest Brazilian Jazz Divas. Leny has a great reputation and is acknowledged by the many top musicians who have performed with her, such as Paquito D'Rivera (who considers Andrade his favorite singer), Luiz Eça, Dick Farney, João Donato, Eumir Deodato and Francis Hime.

This 1965 LP, Estamos Ai, has her biggest hit, Estamos Ai, and believe me friends; it is amazing, really above the Brazilian Jazz from the 60's. Eumir Deodato is in charge of the arrangements and as Leny, was also inspired, delivering the idea for Leny.

Claudia - Jesus Cristo (1971)

zecalouro is glad to show you this Claudia - Jesus Cristo (1971) LP, a special post to our Loronixer friend Rufino and his dad that it is a big Claudia fan.

This record has a music that probably was one of the most delivered to people in Brazil by radio, TV or any other media in 1971: Com mais de Trinta. zecalouro did not realize that this song was a Claudia song, he was a little bird by that time. Additionally, Com mais de Trinta was composed by Marcos Valle and his brother Paulo Sergio Valle and the song that gives the LP title, Jesus Cristo, is from Roberto Carlos.

Doris Monteiro - Mudando de Conversa (1969)

Another beauty from Doris Monteiro, maybe the top of her releases. Doris is still on her better 60's mood here, without the later groove she was trying to fit on her vocal performance to enter the coming 70's. This is a Doris that should appeal to fans of Nara Leao's early Bossa Nova albums.

What more can I say... Just that is fine music, with the always Doris Monteiro covers that Loronixers are getting used.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Wilson Simonal - Alegria Alegria, Volume 2 or Quem Nao Tem Swing Morre com a Boca Cheia de Formiga (1968)

Everybody is crying for Wilson Simonal. So, here it is. Wilson Simonal - Alegria, Alegria - Volume 2 is the second out of three releses for Odeon. Also called Quem Nao Tem Swing Morre com a Boca Cheia de Formiga, this is not considered one of his greatest releases, Simonal soul is a little diminished in comparison with previous releases, since Odeon was willing to capitalize on his growing success by molding him into a more conventional pop singer.

This is the first Loronix Simonal release, there is more to come. zecalouro also wants to tell a little bit more about Simonal bio and the urban legend of his connections with the political mainstream of the 70's, which collapsed his career before givin Simonal the chance to be internationally famous.

Meirelles e os Copa 5 - O Novo Som (1965)

The second release by sax player JT Meirelles and his legendary Copa 5 - remember Copa 5, a breathtaking quintet that featured Eumir Deodato on piano, Edison Machado on drums, Roberto Menescal on guitar, Manoel Gusmao on bass, and Waltel Branco on electric guitar. The tracks pick up from the brilliance of the group's first album -- mixing bossa nova with American hardbop styles, soloing majestically with a skill that you'll find in few other Brazilian groups of the time. The album's a winner both for fans of jazz and Brazilian rhythms.

Mario Reis - Ao Meu Rio (1965)

Good Morning! This is the start of more than a few posts of Brazilian singers from the 30's to 50's, a unknown period before Bossa Nova by many. The first is Mario Reis with an Elenco album from 1965, released by Aloysio de Oliveira to celebrate the fourth century of Rio de Janeiro.

This was one of the last Mario Reis career albums. In 1971 he released his last - selftitled - album.

Mario Reis was born in 1907 and has passed in 1981.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Elza Soares - Elza, Miltinho e Samba (1968) - Volume 2

This is the second out of three albums that Elza Soares has recorded with Miltinho in the late 60's. The first one is already available at Loronix and was the first Elza Soares album posted by zecalouro.

Those who got the first Elza Soares - Elza, Miltinho e Samba - Volume 1, do not miss this release.

Here we have the same swing, the same Elza and Miltinho and an outstanding out of print LP from the 60's that zecalouro is very happy to share with all his friends since Elza has conquered many fans at Loronix.

Doris Monteiro - Doris Monteiro (1970)

Doris Monteiro, just to heal this weird day were Brazilian soccer team has collapsed in Germany. A beautiful work from 1970. She is here on a different style from the 60's, some kind of transition between Bossa Nova to the modern and swinging style from the 70's.

Orchestrations are by Carlos Monteiro de Souza. This Doris Monteiro - Doris Monteiro (1970) is a recommendation from a knowledgeable Doris Monteiro friend of Loronix. You can trust.