Saturday, March 29, 2008

Aloysio de Oliveira Apresenta - Garoto & Luiz Bonfa | Genios do Violao (1996)

This is a very special post that brings together Garoto and Luiz Bonfa, two legends of an instrument that is the face of Brazil, the acoustic guitar, the violao, so important to Brazilian music and the only country that has an exclusive name for this fascinating instrument. Brazil has many Genios do Violao on an endless list, starting with Garoto, Luiz Bonfa, Joao Gilberto, Rafael Rabello, Dino 7 Cordas and several gifted musicians. Brazil is also the only country that has a different name for this fascinating instrument. Genios do Violao is a compilation organized by the legendary Aloysio de Oliveira, just before his passing in 1995. Let's see.

This is Aloysio de Oliveira Apresenta - Garoto & Luiz Bonfa | Genios do Violao (1996), for Odeon, featuring Garoto at the first seven tracks with the remaining ones to Luiz Bonfa. This contribution was made by a great friend that sent it to us without asking, which is wise of him, what is the use to ask with Garoto and Luiz Bonfa together? Tracks include:

01 - Maria (Ary Barroso / Luis Peixoto) - Garoto
02 - No Rancho Fundo (Ary Barroso / Lamartine Babo) - Garoto
03 - Tu (Ary Barroso) - Garoto
04 - Na Baixa Do Sapateiro (Ary Barroso) - Garoto
05 - Terra Seca (Ary Barroso) - Garoto
06 - Risque (Ary Barroso) - Garoto
07 - Aquarela Do Brasil (Ary Barroso) - Garoto
08 - Batucada (Luis Bonfá) - Luis Bonfá
09 - Sambolero (Luis Bonfá) - Luis Bonfá
10 - Monique (Luis Bonfá / Maria Helena Toledo) - Luis Bonfá
11 - Tenderly (J. Lawrence / Walter Gross) - Luis Bonfá
12 - Serenata (Antônio Rebello) - Luis Bonfá
13 - Xangô (Luis Bonfá) - Luis Bonfá
14 - Mambolero (Luis Bonfá) - Luis Bonfá
15 - Cajita De Música (Isaias Sávio) - Luis Bonfá
16 - Over The Rainbow (Harburg / Arlen) - Luis Bonfá
17 - Garoto (Luis Bonfá) - Luis Bonfá
18 - Canção De Outono (Luis Bonfá) - Luis Bonfá
19 - Calles De Espanã (Luis Bonfá) - Luis Bonfá

Ivan Lins & Gonzaguinha - 5o Festival Internacional da Cancao (1970)

This is the first Ivan Lins album, one of the first recordings of Gonzaguinha and also the first single of the legendary record label Forma at Loronix. Forma is really special; there are several friends who keep collecting the albums of this small and influential label. Let's see.

This is Ivan Lins & Gonzaguinha - 5o Festival da Cancao Internacional (1970), for Forma, featuring Ivan Lins performing O Amor e Meu Pais on Side A and Gonzaguinha performing Um Abraco Terno em Voce, Viu Mae? I could not check additional information about 5o FIC and if my memory does not take me by surprise, I think Ivan Lins was the winner of this fifth edition. Tracks include:

01 - O Amor e Meu Pais (Ivan Lins)
02 - Um Abraco Terno em Voce, Viu Mae? (Luiz Gonzaga Junior)

Challenge | Samba Challenge!

Hello, good evening! It is time to challenge Loronixers and today our Challenge game is all about Samba, very easy by the way. You just need to identify each artist of the photo featuring a constellation of Brazilian samba artists. You can use the panorama to look at details. Good luck.

Hope uEnjoy!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Claudette Soares - Claudette Soares (1965)

I was chatting with a friend and we agreed that this album is probably the best one recorded by Claudette Soares. We also agree this cover is the best of all reissues available where Claudette Soares appears with very different faces on each one. Claudette Soares remains in plenty activity, recording albums, making concerts and we need to remember in the 50 years of Bossa Nova that Claudette Soares is an important artist with a strong connection with the movement. I think you should give this album a try. Let's see.

This is Claudette Soares - Claudette Soares (1965), for Mocambo, presented here by a late 60's Beverly reissue on a very good transfer, taken from a really nice vinyl. In spite of being a classic album, little I know about this session, probably the first Mocambo issue has complimentary information on arranger and musicians. Anyway, the weekend is getting closer and I'm trying to accomplish another Samba Saturday. Stay tuned. Tracks include:

01 - Gente (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
02 - Chuva (Durval Ferreira / Pedro Camargo)
03 - Mar Amar (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
04 - Primavera (Vinicius de Moraes / Carlos Lyra)
05 - Barquinho Diferente (Sergio Augusto)
06 - A Resposta (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
07 - Preciso Aprender a Ser Só (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
08 - Vivo Sonhando (Tom Jobim)
09 - Ode à Primavera (Ely Arcoverde / Newton Campos)
10 - Tem Que Ser Azul (Messias Santos Jr.)
11 - Eu Só Queria Ser (Vera Brasil / Myriam Ribeiro)
12 - Razão de Viver (Eumir Deodato / Paulo Sergio Valle)

Gilberto Gil - Single (1969)

Hello, good evening! I'm sure that everybody will miss Joyce at Loronix front page. Several comments are now there and I'm really glad when I read them a couple of hours ago. It confirms my writing findings, thanks to everybody who engage. Anyway, the show must go on and we need to move the show forward in style presenting a little record of a great artist featuring a well-known song. Let's see.

This is Gilberto Gil - Single (1969), for Philips, with the blockbuster Aquele Abraco (Gilberto Gil), one of those tunes that makes you kick around the house dedicated to Joao Gilberto, Dorival Caymmi and Caetano Veloso. It has been a long time since I heard Aquele Abraco for the last time and after 40 years is as fresh as it was in 1969. Side B brings Oma Iao, which is all about Tropicalismo, full of experiments, guitars and short lyrics, just the opposite from Aquele Abraco. Tracks include:

01 - Aquele Abraco (Gilberto Gil)
02 - Oma Iao (Gilberto Gil)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Joyce - Feminina (1980)

It is very hard to speak about this record, one of the first albums made available at Loronix. I think since then he has reached his goal, being important to bring new people to our community, to reveal Joyce for many people, especially outside Brazil. Just use Google to concatenate "Joyce" "feminina" and "Loronix" that will be easy to understand what I am saying. The outcome of this search brings enthusiastic testimonials about Feminina, in fact a really nice record. This is incredible, makes me feel that Loronix creates demand, a new audience for Brazilian music. I only regret that since the first post in July 2006, Feminina has not been reissued. Let's see.

This is Joyce - Feminina (1980), for Odeon, featuring only Joyce compositions, Joyce arrangements and a constellation of Brazilian musicians. Joyce and Feminina is a favorite of many Loronixers and I think I said everything I want in the first paragraph. Stay with Joyce, in peace and have a nice Thursday. Tracks include:


(voice, violao, arrangements)
Fernando Leporace
(bass, voice)
Tuti Moreno
(drums, percussion)
Mauro Senise
(flute, sax)
Lize Bravo
Claudio Guimaraes
Gilson Peranzzetta
Helio Delmiro
Paulo Guimaraes, Jorginho, Danilo Caymmi
Mauricio Maestro
Helvius Vilela

Track List

01 - Feminina (Joyce)
02 - Mistérios (Joyce / Maurício Maestro)
03 - Clareana (Joyce)
04 - Banana (Joyce)
05 - Revendo Amigos (Joyce)
06 - Essa Mulher (Joyce / Ana Terra)
07 - Coração de Criança (Joyce / Fernando Leporace)
08 - Da Cor Brasileira (Joyce / Ana Terra)
09 - Aldeia de Ogum (Joyce)
10 - Compor (Joyce)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Elizeth Cardoso | Moacyr Silva - Sax Voz (1960)

This is one of those albums were nothing goes wrong, especially if you are a fan of Elizeth Cardoso or Moacyr Silva. For those who are members of both fan clubs - such like me - this album is real treat. What can go wrong with a record that brings together the voice of one of the greatest Brazilian divas and the awesome Moacyr Silva tenor sax? I think only zecalouro can jeopardize this post, making some his unforgiving mistakes. Let's see.

This is Elizeth Cardoso | Moacyr Silva - Sax Voz (1960), for Copacabana, featuring 14 tracks with Elizeth Cardoso performing with Moacyr Silva on the odd tracks and Moacyr Silva and his Conjunto performing instrumental renditions of American standards on the even tracks. Moacyr Silva brought a constellation of Brazilian musicians in this session, including his favorite pianist Chaim Lewak, Jorge Marinho, Aurino, Julinho, Waltel Branco, among many others. Sax Voz has a continuation titled Sax Voz Nr. 2, released in 1961 for the same Copacabana label, our next target. Tracks include:


Moacyr Silva
(sax tenor)
(sax baritone)
Chaim Lewak
Edmundo Maciel
Geraldo Barbosa, Raul Marques, Rubens Bassini
Jorge Marinho
Julinho Barbosa
Paulinho Baterista
Paulo Moura
(clarinet, sax alto)
Waltel Branco
Maestro Pachequinho

Track List

01 - Quem Sou Eu (Cyro Monteiro / Dias da Cruz) with Elizeth Cardoso
02 - La Barca (Roberto Cantoral) with Moacyr Silva
03 - Achados e Perdidos (Miguel Gustavo) with Elizeth Cardoso
04 - Dizem Por Aí (Manoel da Conceição / Alberto Paz) with Moacyr Silva
05 - O Amor e a Rosa (Pernambuco / Antônio Maria) with Elizeth Cardoso
06 - I Surrender Dear (G. Clifford / H. Barris) with Moacyr Silva
07 - A Canção dos Seus Olhos (Pernambuco / Antônio Maria) with Elizeth Cardoso
08 - Meditação (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça) with Moacyr Silva
09 - Mulata Assanhada (Ataulfo Alves) with Elizeth Cardoso
10 - Esperame (Alfredo Silvera Lima) with Moacyr Silva
11 - É Fácil Dizer Adeus (Tito Madi) with Elizeth Cardoso
12 - Can't I (L. Lovett) with Moacyr Silva
13 - Onde Andará Minha Saudade (Tito Madi) with Elizeth Cardoso
14 - Pretty Blue Eyes (Randazzo / Weinstein) with Moacyr Silva

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Marco Antonio Araujo - Animal Racional (1984)

Hello, good evening! It is really nice to be back to Loronix. It seems I was out two months, when in fact were only 48 hours. Really nice to be back. I would like to restart with something very different from Loronix business as usual, sharing a great discovery, an artist that delivers a fantastic blend of progressive rock with Brazilian music, Clube da Esquina, classical music, Beatles and everything else you identify. You should try this one even if you are not in the mood of hearing instrumental music with these flavors. Let's see.

This is Marco Antonio Araujo - Animal Racional (1984), for the tiny label Strawberry Fields, a very well done compilation that should be a perfect starting point for Marco Antonio Araujo music. I have been searching for his albums and so far I could find only four, released in the early 80's. Marco Antonio Araujo left us very early in 1985, just when he was getting an international recognition. Tracks included:


Marco Antonio Araujo
(guitar, arrangements)
Alexandre Araujo
(guitar, percussion)
Antonio Viola
Eduardo Delgado
Ivan Correa
Mario Castelo
Max Magalhaes
Sergio Gomes

Track List

01 - Floydiana (Marco Antonio Araujo)
02 - Bailado (Marco Antonio Araujo)
03 - Folk Song (Marco Antonio Araujo)
04 - Influências (Marco Antonio Araujo)
05 - Quando a Sorte Te Solta Um Cisne na Noite (Marco Antonio Araujo)
06 - Abertura Nº 2 (Marco Antonio Araujo)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Carmen Costa - A Grande Dama da Musica Brasileira (1981)

Since yesterday's last release, Wilson Simonal - A Nova Dimensao do Samba (1964), a new approach to transfer vinyl to digital format was adopted, nothing great, but just a better combination among the resources available. I believe we have major improvements, something was happening, the transfers were producing an over amplified output, generating distortion in some cases. Thanks to everyone who collaborated, so I could find the best option.

This album is kind of challenge, since it was found on a very bad shape, almost ready to be placed in the garbage. I believe the result is indeed surprising. I need your feedback on this one, please use the comment section to send thoughts, so I will no better if we got better. Additionally, this is a Carmen Costa career LP and they are very hard to find. Let's see.

This is Carmen Costa - A Grande Dama da Musica Brasileira (1981), for Continental, a little session, with only 30 minutes running time and ten songs, but a really great album with Carmen Costa backed up by great musicians, including Octavio Burnier, Paulinho Braga, J.T. Meirelles, Ed Maciel, Jamil Joanes, Mauricio Einhorn, among many others. Tracks include:


Marcos Resende
Paulinho Braga
Jamil Joanes
Octavio Burnier
Ze Carlos
Peninha, Jorge Resende
J.T. Meirelles
Ed. Maciel
Mauricio Einhorn

Track List

01 - Sob Medida (Chico Buarque)
02 - Morena (Dalto)
03 - Boneca de Pano (Assis Valente)
04 - Vicio (Linda Rodrigues / Jose Braga)
05 - O Mundo e um Moinho (Cartola)
06 - Valsa do Bordel (Toquinho / Vinicius de Moraes)
07 - Janete (Faffy / Sarah Benchimol)
08 - Marilia de Dirceu (Octavio Burnier / Aldir Blanc)
09 - Eu e Que Nao Presto (Lupiscinio Rodrigues / Felisberto Martins)
10 - Dama do Cabare (Noel Rosa)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wilson Simonal - A Nova Dimensao do Samba (1964)

Finally, things start to get better at my computational marathon, which makes me feel really glad and ready to give a positive message of Feliz Pascoa / Happy Easter to all Loronixers, family and friends. If you don't celebrate Easter, take also my positive vibrations and have a nice Sunday. My Easter present is an album from a very requested artist that needs to be shown more often, especially now when many new friends are coming for the first time to our community. Let's see.

This is Wilson Simonal - A Nova Dimensao do Samba (1964), for Odeon, the second career LP of Wilson Simonal, featuring arrangements of Lyrio Panicalli and Eumir Deodato. I would like very much to have time to take a careful listing on this album to make a solid review, but I could not make it. Once again, a Happy Easter and a nice Sunday. Tracks include:

01 - Nana (Moacir Santos / Mario Telles) [ED]
02 - Mas Valia Nao Chorar (Normando / Ronaldo Boscoli) [LP]
03 - Lobo Bobo (Carlos Lyra / Ronaldo Boscoli) [ED]
04 - So Saudade (Antonio Carlos Jobim / Newton Mendonca) [LP]
05 - Ela Diz que Estou por Fora (Orlandivo) [LP]
06 - Samba de Negro (Roberto Correa / Sylvio Son) [LP]
07 - Jeito Bom de Sofrer (Wilson Simonal / Jose Luiz) [LP]
08 - Ela Vai, Ela Vem (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Boscoli) [LP]
09 - Rapaz de Bem (Johnny Alf) [ED]
10 - Inutil Paisagem (Antonio Carlos Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira) [LP]
11 - Consolacao (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes) - Samba do Aviao (Antonio Carlos Jobim) - Ela e Carioca (Antonio Carlos Jobim) - Garota de Ipanema (Antonio Carlos Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)

Arrangements: [LP] Lyrio Panicalli | [ED] Eumir Deodato