Saturday, October 13, 2007

Joao Gilberto | 78rpm Copacabana - 096 (1952)

This album came to my attention by the writing of our friend Jorge, from Juazeiro, Bahia, which is the place where Joao Gilberto was born. Jorge said Joao Gilberto recorded this 78rpm just before he left Garotos da Lua in 1952. Thanks for the hint, Jorge, Joao Gilberto sings on a totally different manner on this little record, he uses his voice such like Orlando Silva, Francisco Alves or any other singer with that "Big" voice from the 40's. Let's see.

This is Joao Gilberto | 78rpm - Copacabana 096 (1952), the second Joao Gilberto album, featuring two songs, Quando Ela sai and Meia Luz. Truly amazing record, Joao Gilberto singing on a very different way here. Tracks include:

01 - Quando Ela Sai (Alberto Jesus / Alberto Penteado)
02 - Meia Luz (Hianto de Almeida / Joao Luiz)

Les 4 Cadillacs - Les 4 Cadillacs (1964)

Hello, good evening! I was not thinking about posting this album by Les 4 Cadillacs today, but I making it for gratitude, Les 4 Cadillacs worked nicely with zecalouro today. zecalouro (the parrot) was really annoying this afternoon, saying bad things, such as: mengo and the name of someone that I don't like. He knows this thing really drives me crazy and I could not concentrate on the work I was doing.

So, I decided to take it for a spin with him. I put zecalouro just beside the turntable (he likes to see the vinyl spinning) and I laid down on the couch to wait for the results. The results were fantastic, zecalouro started saying good things such like: I love you daddy, scratch my head, good night, you are my friend, and even tried to sing the melodies he creates on top of some songs. I felt sleeping close to the end of both sides and he called myself yelling "it is over" when the record stops spinning.

I was mad with zecalouro and Les 4 Cadillacs saved my day. By the way, why I'm telling these things? I'm getting nuts, definitively. Anyway, this album is dedicated to zecalouro, my demanding and smart green friend.

This is Les 4 Cadillacs - Les 4 Cadillacs (1964), for Musidisc, the last album recorded by this anthological Musidisc creation lead by Ed Lincoln. I think Loronix has now the whole Les 4 Cadillacs discography, five albums recorded from 1961 until this last 1964 release. Personnel listing is made available according with Vinylmaniac information. Tracks include:


Ed Lincoln
Durval Ferreira
Luis Marinho
Wilson das Neves

Track List

01 - On The Street Where You Live (Lerner / Loewe)
02 - Sans Toi (M. Teze / Magenta)
03 - Adios Mariquita Linda (M. J. Jimenez)
04 - A Canção da Esperança (Luis Arruda Paes / Ribeiro Filho)
05 - What Kind Of Fool Am I (L. Bricusse / A. Newley)
06 - Make Me Cry (J. D. Loudermilk)
07 - Lawrence Of Arabia (M. Jarre)
08 - Et Maintenant (Gilbert Bécaud / Delanoe)
09 - Ahora Seremos Felices (R. Hernandez)
10 - Retiens La Nuit (G. Garvarentz / A. de Simone / Charles Aznavour)
11 - Traicionera (Gonzalo Curiel)
12 - Disa (Johnny Alf / Maurício)

Luiz Eca & Victor Assis Brasil - Ao Vivo no Museu de Arte Moderna (1997)

Here we go on an album that I want to see at Loronix since the beginning. Thanks to tcisalpino for making it to our community using FLAC files to provide the best possible quality. This album was posthumously released in the year of 1997 by the label El Dorado and was recorded live at MAM, Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro. My searches were not successful to understand why we have to wait more than 20 years to have this record released. Anyway, it is not everyday an album is released featuring Luiz Eca and Victor Assis Brasil performing together. Let's see.

This is Luiz Eca & Victor Assis Brasil - Ao Vivo no Museu de Arte Moderna (1997), for El Dorado, featuring Luiz Eca at the piano and Victor Assis Brasil at sax, performing a repertoire based on Brazilian and international standards. Definitively, this is not an album for beginners; you will have to take it for a spin several times before acquiring some intimacy. Sometimes Luiz Eca goes to a direction and Victor Assis Brasil seems to take the opposite, vice-versa. If any friend had the chance to watch this performance and has additional info about this set, feel free to use comment section to tell us something about. Thanks once again tcisalpino for providing this great album to our community. Tracks include:


Luiz Eca
Victor Assis Brasil
(sax alto)

Track List

01 - The dolphin (Luiz Eça)
02 - Na Baixa do Sapateiro (Ary Barroso)
03 - Fotografia (Tom Jobim)
04 - You must believe in spring (Michel Legrand)
05 - Samba de uma nota só (Newton Mendonça / Tom Jobim)
06 - Hi-lili hilô (Bronislaw Kaper / Helen Deutch)
07 - Insensatez (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
08 - O cantador (Nelson Motta / Dori Caymmi)
09 - The man I love (George Gershwin)
10 - Maracangalha (Dorival Caymmi)
11 - Travessia (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Ademilde Fonseca - Choros Famosos (1960)

This is to address a very old request made by Loronixers since the beginning, an album by Ademilde Fonseca, notably the best Brazilian interpreter of Chorinhos, which are well-known instrumental Choros with lyrics. Actually, this is something that I learned with Loronix, the difference between Choro and Chorinho. Choro does not have lyrics; Choro is instrumental music, while Chorinhos are well-known Choros with Lyrics. Let's see.

This is Ademilde Fonseca - Choros Famosos (1960), for Philips, featuring a very well selected repertoire of Choros performed by Ademilde Fonseca. I think it will be very nice to hear how Ademilde Fonseca sings classics like Tico-Tico no Fuba, Apanhei-te Cavaquinho, Carinhoso, Delicado and several other Choro standards. Choro Famosos has Vadico as musical director. I urge Loronixers to feedback this release, since it is the first in the style. Tracks include:

01 - Tico-tico no fubá (Eurico Barreiros / Zequinha de Abreu)
02 - Sonhando (K-Ximbinho)
03 - Dinorah (B.Lacerda / Viuva Cacilda L. Porto)
04 - Apanhei-te cavaquinho (B.Lacerda / D.Oliveira / Ernesto Nazareth)
05 - Pedacinhos do céu (Miguel Lima / Waldir Azevedo)
06 - Sonoroso (Del Loro / K-Ximbinho)
07 - Flor do abacate (Felippe Tedesco / Álvaro Sandim)
08 - O que vier eu traço (Zé Maria / Alvaiade)
09 - Comigo é assim (José Menezes / Luiz Bittencourt)
10 - Carinhoso (Pixinguinha / João de Barro)
11 - Doce melodia (Abel Ferreira / Luiz Antônio)
12 - Delicado (Ary Vieira / Waldir Azevedo)

Maestro Carioca & Orquestra Guanabara - Rio Quatrocentao (1964)

Hello, good evening! I spent a terrific time in Rio de Janeiro today. The sun was up all the time, but the temperature was not hot as summer. The beach was full of people, not the same dudes that lives here, but several friends from other Brazilian cities and countries. Every time I spent a day like this, I come home with nice ideas of posting something very "Carioca", such like this beautiful homage album released by RGE to celebrate Rio de Janeiro 4th centenarian in 1964. Let's see.

This is Maestro Carioca & Orquestra Guanabara - Rio Quatrocentao (1964), for RGE. Very nice and really above the average RGE production. The cover artwork is amazing with the word RIO opened, revealing the top of Sugarloaf and Morro da Urca peaks through the internal photo. The back cover features liner notes written by Sergio Porto, also known as Stanislaw Ponte Preta. Additionally, a welcome message written in English, French and Spanish can be find enclosed with three fantastic photographs of well-known Rio de Janeiro spots. Everything is included with the download package. The music features songs celebrating Rio de Janeiro, such as Cidade Maravilhosa, Rio, Valsa de Uma Cidade, among others.

I'm taking the internal English presentation, which explains a lot the whole RGE idea on his beautiful tribute to Rio de Janeiro 4h centenarian. Tracks include:

Welcome to Rio!

This album is a living picture of Rio de Janeiro of nowadays. A happy and welcome city, opening its arms for the tourists from the whole world, specially in this commemorative year of its 4th centenarian. The musics recorded in the long play, are the merry melodies sung by the "Cariocas"* in the streets, during the whole year and in the sensational days of Carnival. When you take this musical souvenir, you are taking a piece of Brazil's heart!

(*) CARIOCA - Native or inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro.

Track List

01 - Cidade Maravilhosa (André Filho)
02 - Copacabana (João de Barro / Alberto Ribeiro)
03 - Rio Eterna Capital (Raul Sampaio / Benil Santos)
04 - Rio de Janeiro Quatrocentão (Claribalte Passos)
05 - Valsa de Uma Cidade (Ismael Netto / Antônio Maria)
06 - Morro de Santa Tereza (Herivelto Martins)
07 - Rio Quatrocentão (Raul Sampaio / Benil Santos)
08 - Noites Cariocas (Osvaldo Borba / N. Vanderley)
09 - Rio (Ary Barroso)
10 - Rio Antigo (Altamiro Carrilho)
11 - Samba do IV Centenário (Claribalte Passos)
12 - Menino do Rio (Orlann Divo / Roberto Jorge)

Garotos da Lua | 78rpm - Todamerica 5075 (1951) the first Joao Gilberto studio recording

The TNO, The Number One, the first Loronix contributor in the 78rpm strikes again. Actually, an amazing strike, the first Joao Gilberto studio recording, Todamerica 5075, April 9, 1951 as member of Garotos da Lua, featuring two songs 01 - Quando Voce Recordar and 02 - Amar e Bom.

This is Garotos da Lua | 78rpm - Todamerica 5075 (1951), featuring the first Joao Gilberto studio recording. There is nothing more to say, except that download is being provided as direct link and also that Maestro Cipo and Sua Orquestra backs Joao Gilberto and Garotos da Lua on both tracks. Tracks include:

01 - Quando Voce Recordar (Walter Souza / Milton Silva)
02 - Amar e Bom (Zequeti "Ze Ketti" / Walter Abdalla)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

zecalouro recommends | LP Cover Lover

Everybody knows that I'm a crazy LP cover lover and yesterday I found a new friend who runs an amazing website full of LP covers with a nice category organization that you should not miss. It is already at Loronix blogroll and the website is LP Cover Lover, here:

I took this cover from LP Cover Lover and I urge Loronixers to tell us who is beautiful model on this pretty unknown Mario Gennari Filho LP. Is she Norma Bengell? Who knows? Anyway, do not miss LP Cover Lover and come back to tell us who is she.

Hope uEnjoy!

Conjunto Farroupilha - Gauchos em HI-FI (1957)

Hello, good evening! Friends from Brazil will have a big weekend ahead, starting today with most of people already home to come back on Monday. Friends from Rio de Janeiro will probably come back on Tuesday, there is another local holiday in Rio de Janeiro, at least I heard about. These holidays have a direct effect on Loronix with friends leaving computers turned off to go away from the big cities. I like these holidays to *stay* at Rio de Janeiro, the city gets empty and better. Anyway, better talk about music and about this album, the first recorded by Conjunto Farroupilha in the 12-inch format, 1957. Let's see.

This is Conjunto Farroupilha - Gauchos em HI-FI (1957), for Columbia, a very early album by the influential and unique Conjunto Farroupilha. Gauchos em HI-FI cannot be taken as the late Os Farroupilhas em HI-FI, recorded by the same Columbia in 1960. Gauchos em HI-FI features instrumental arrangements by Maestro Enrico Simonetti and vocal arrangements by Tasso Bangel. Tracks include:

01 - Noites Gaúchas (Paraguassu)
02 - Ratoeira (Paixão Cortes)
03 - Carreteiro (Caco Velho / Piratini)
04 - Seu Belendrengue (Paixão Cortes)
05 - Acalanto Gaúcho (Carmon Lewis)
06 - Pezinho (Barbosa Lessa / Paixão Cortes) Chimarrita Balão (Barbosa Lessa / Paixão Cortes)
07 - Roda Carreta (Paulo Ruschell)
08 - Sapateio (Carmon Lewis)
09 - Vela Para São Nicolau (Carmon Lewis)
10 - Prenda Minha (Tradicional)
11 - Meu Cabelo (Paixão Cortes / Barbosa Lessa) Maçanico (Paixão Cortes / Barbosa Lessa)
12 - Negrinho do Pastoreio (Barbosa Lessa)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Agostinho dos Santos - Agostinho dos Santos (1973)

This is the last album recorded by Agostinho dos Santos before his passing in 1973 at a flight accident close to Orly Airport in Paris, France. When I took this album for a spin a couple of days ago, I could understand why Agostinho dos Santos receives wonderful acknowledgements by reviewers and fans after decades of his passing. This album brings a mature singer, performing definitive renditions of well-known Brazilian standards. It is disappointing that we did not have the chance to know what Agostinho dos Santos would be if he did not take that flight.

This is Agostinho dos Santos - Agostinho dos Santos (1973), for Continental. I'm really proud on making this album available to our community; everybody was tracking it down for months. Agostinho makes something that would be a norm, instead of an exception; he introduces musicians, one by one at the beginning and then delivers a fantastic singing on top of a very nice repertoire. Side A features four tracks, being the last one a medley, while side B brings standard six tunes with arrangements by Maestro Luiz Arruda Paes. I'm not sure if the musicians introduced in the beginning take also part on side B. Anyway, it will be easy to know. Edison Machado play drums and Luiz Harding can identify his playing on side B tracks. Tracks include:


Edison Machado
Guilherme Rodrigues
Guilherme Vergueiro
Ion Muniz
(sax, flute)
Ricardo dos Santos

Luiz Arruda Paes
(arrangements, side B)

Track List

01 - A Felicidade (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
02 - Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Você (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
03 - Estrada do Sol (Tom Jobim / Dolores Duran)
04 - Manhã de Carnaval (Luis Bonfá / Antônio Maria) Lamentos do Morro (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes) Samba de Orfeu (Luis Bonfá / Tom Jobim) O Nosso Amor (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
05 - Paz Sem Cor (Agostinho dos Santos / Nancy dos Santos)
06 - O Amor Está no Ar (Agostinho dos Santos / Joab Teixeira)
07 - Dindi (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
08 - Foi a Noite (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
09 - Céu e Mar (Johnny Alf)
10 - Sin Palabras (Mariano Mores / Enrique Santos Discépolo)

Varios Artistas - Um Piano ao Cair da Tarde Vol. 1 | Internacional (1978)

Hello, good evening! Let's start making the day of instrumental music lovers and fans of the legendary Eldorado, which is a Brazilian record label dedicated to instrumental music. Eldorado was active from 1981 until the early 90's, releasing several influential albums, some of them already available at Loronix, such as the last album recorded by K-Ximbinho, among many others. In addition from artist solo releases, Eldorado also released a very famous series called "Um Piano ao Cair da Tarde" with national and international music, always performed by Brazilian artists. Let's see.

This is Um Piano ao Cair da Tarde Vol. 1 | Internacional (1978), for Eldorado, featuring piano solo renditions of international standards by Dick Farney, Jose Alves, Felix Wagner and Amilton Godoy, Zimbo Trio pianist. Amilton Godoy has the very good company of Rubens Barsotti (drums) and Luiz Chaves (bass), which is in fact Zimbo Trio, performing international standards, get the chance to hear three Zimbo Trio tracks never released on any other record. Tracks include:

The Performers

Dick Farney
Jose Alves
Felix Wagner
Amilton Godoy
(featuring Rubens Barsotti and Luiz Chaves)

Track List

01 - The Man I Love (George Gershwin) - Dick Farney
02 - Georgia On My Mind (H. Carmichael) - Dick Farney
03 - Stardust (H. Carmichael) - Dick Farney
04 - Moonlight Serenade (Glenn Miller) - José Alves
05 - Les Feuilles Mortes (Kosma) - José Alves
06 - Laura (David Raskin) - José Alves
07 - Yard Bird Suite (Keith Jarrett) - Félix Wagner
08 - Semblence (Charlie Parker) - Félix Wagner
09 - Baby (Lennie Tristano) - Félix Wagner
10 - Thank You (Dave Brubeck) - Amilton Godoy
11 - Che Cose C'é (Gino Paoli) - Amilton Godoy
12 - I Say a Little Prayer (Burt Bacharach) - Amilton Godoy

Sivuca - Vou Vida Afora (1982)

This night was very special and deserves to be closed with a special artist. Sivuca is a very special artist; he is part of a group of a few selected artists that everybody likes. Every Sivuca album I spin makes me feel better, saving those days that you are not in the mood of anything. Today is not the case, but as I said, it is a special day.

This is Sivuca - Vou Vida Afora (1982), for Copacabana, featuring the very special guest Quarteto em Cy on tracks 04 - Imaginacao and 07 - Arapua Fazendo Mel and Lucinha Lins on track 09 - Bailado, featuring arrangements by Ivan Lins. Such like the last Copacabana Sivuca album from 1979, Sivuca sings, which is something unique from my perspective. Personnel listing was not delivered by Copacabana, but Sivuca plays accordion in all tracks, including the instrumental tracks 05, 06 and 10. Tracks include:

01 - Forró da Bicharada (Sivuca / Paulinho Tapajós)
02 - Vou Vida Afora (Sivuca)
03 - Sonho de Neve (Sivuca / Paulinho Tapajós)
04 - Imaginação (Sivuca / Afonso Gadelha / Ana Maria Duveen) with Quarteto Em Cy
05 - Bate Tome Toca e Cai (Sivuca / Glória Gadelha)
06 - Coisas (Moacir Santos)
07 - Arapuã Fazendo Mel (Sivuca / Paulinho Tapajós) with Quarteto Em Cy
08 - Nunca Mais Eu Vi Esperança (Sivuca / Glória Gadelha)
09 - Bailado (Sivuca / Paulinho Tapajós) with Lucinha Lins
10 - Fim de Leilão (Julinho do Acordeom)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Os Devaneios - Devaneando | with Cover Artwork Contest Results

And the Rapidshare 1-month Premium account goes to... Maracana. Congratulations, Maracana! You can send me an email message to claim your grand prize. In order to keep the real identity of participants protected, names of birds from the psittacidae family were used and Maracana was a bird of my childhood that flew away and never returned home. Maracana is how the aratinga leucophthalmus is called in Brazil. There is a beautiful picture of a leucophthalmus in your left.

This is Os Devaneios - Devaneando (no date), for Master Sound, which is a pretty obscure label that recorded this nice to hear instrumental album full of Hammond B3 organ grooves. I know the existence of a group with the name Os Devaneios in Rio de Janeiro, but I'm not sure if they are the same, since no information was found about this album. If someone has additional info about this record, please let us know in comment section. Thanks for the cover contest participants and everybody who engage visiting our image gallery. Tracks include:

01 - Devaneio
02 - Vai Pecadora
03 - Sou Feliz com Mamae
04 - Gosto do Jeitinho Dela
05 - Esqueca
06 - Comprei um Karman Guia
07 - Mary Baby Samba
08 - Devaneando
09 - Ceu Azul
10 - Tema em Fa
11 - Tema Nr. 2
12 - Bossa Nova for You

Waldyr Azevedo - Um Cavaquinho Acontece (1960)

Hello, good evening! It is very hard to start over after a nice release such as we had yesterday with the recording of A Noite do Amor, do Sorriso e da Flor. I never thought this concert would be available to our community and everything happened by coincidence. Anyway, the show must go on, and it is important to keep the pace. That's why I'm showing a very influential artist that never had a release at Loronix. Let's see.

This is Waldyr Azevedo - Um Cavaquinho Acontece (1960), for Continental, featuring Waldyr Azevedo, one of the most important musicians on the Choro genre. Several essential Choro compositions, such as Brasileirinho, Delicado, Pedacinhos do Ceu, among others, were written by Waldyr Azevedo, a virtuoso on cavaquinho that had a very active recording career that spanned decades, starting in 1940 and ending in 1980, the year of his passing. Um Cavaquinho Acontece feature well-known Waldyr Azevedo compositions and it is a nice way to start promoting the works of this great Brazilian musician. Tracks include:

01 - Delicado (Waldir Azevedo)
02 - Contando Tempo (Waldir Azevedo)
03 - Pedacinhos do Céu (Waldir Azevedo)
04 - Carioquinha (Waldir Azevedo)
05 - Sonhos de Criança (Waldir Azevedo)
06 - Na Baixa do Sapateiro (Ary Barroso)
07 - Brasileirinho (Waldir Azevedo)
08 - Catete (Waldir Azevedo)
09 - Meu Tempo de Criança (Waldir Azevedo)
10 - Vê Se Gostas (Waldir Azevedo)
11 - Queira-me Bem (Waldir Azevedo)
12 - Amigos do Samba (Waldir Azevedo)

Monday, October 08, 2007

A Noite do Amor, do Sorriso e da Flor - 1o Festival de Bossa Nova | Faculdade de Arquitetura (1960)

This cover and post title is self-explanatory and I think nobody will ready these lines. It is not necessary to clean your glasses or schedule a visit to your doctor, what you see is exactly what you get, and I will be very straightforward to do not waste your time.

This is A Noite do Amor, do Sorriso e da Flor - Faculdade de Arquitetura (1960), the anthological event produced by Ronaldo Boscoli, considered the first Bossa Nova Festival, featuring renowned Brazilian artists on a very early stage of their career supported by Roberto Menescal (guitar), Luiz Carlos Vinhas (piano), Luiz Paulo (bass), Helcio Milito (drums) and Bebeto (sax).

The track list has some failures and I hope our community helps to realize the exact figures in terms of songs names and performers. The sound quality is not perfect, but if you take in from an historical perspective, every second of this event worth the hearing. I would like to thanks all the friends involved on this post, a very important accomplishment to our community. Tracks include:

The Support Band

Luiz Carlos Vinhas
Roberto Menescal
Luiz Paulo
Helcio Milito

The Performers

Ronaldo Boscoli
(host, producer)

Sylvia Telles
Johnny Alf
Norma Bengel
Sergio Ricardo
Os Cariocas
Trio Irakitan (?)
Elza Soares
Astrud Gilberto
Joao Gilberto

Track List (provisory)

01 - Apresentacao - Ronaldo Boscoli & Sylvia Telles
02 - Sambop - Sylvia Telles
03 - Fuga - Sylvia Telles
04 - Chora Sua Tristeza - Sylvia Telles
05 - Apresentacao Johnny Alf - Ronaldo Boscoli
06 - Rapaz de Bem - Johnny Alf
07 - Ceu e Mar - Johnny Alf
08 - Apresentacao Norma Bengel - Ronaldo Boscoli
09 - Nao Faz Assim - Norma Bengel
10 - Dona Baratinha - Trio Irakitan
11 - Ideias Erradas - Trio Irakitan
12 - Menina Feia - Trio Irakitan
13 - Se Acaso Voce Chegasse - Elza Soares
14 - Zelao - Sergio Ricardo
15 - Oceano e o Mar - Sergio Ricardo
16 - Menina Feia - Os Cariocas
17 - Esquece - Os Cariocas
18 - Samba de Uma Nota So - Joao Gilberto
19 - O Pato - Joao Gilberto
20 - Pode Esquecer - Astrud Gilberto & Joao Gilberto
21 - Brigas Nunca Mais - Astrud Gilberto & Joao Gilberto
22 - Encerramento - Ronaldo Boscoli
23 - Insensatez - Joao Gilberto

Miucha - Miucha (1989)

I would like to understand why albums like this one are released, gone out of print and being kept unknown for many people, even those who collect Brazilian music. This is another great contribution by AdHoc, a gorgeous LP recorded by Miucha for Continental in 1989 that never had a CD reissue. I admit that I never heard about this one, and probably you did not also. AdHoc transition from classical to popular was great.

This is Miucha - Miucha (1989), for Continental, featuring the very special guests Pablo Milanes at track 01 - Buenos Dias America and Miucha's daughter Bebel Gilberto at my favorite so far, track 06 - Saudosismo (Caetano Veloso). AdHoc highlights the overall music quality, the repertoire selection, arrangements and Miucha singing, which is really awesome. There are also four very early compositions by the Brazilian guitarist Guinga in partnership with Paulo Cesar Pinheiro. AdHoc delivers nice covers scans, including personnel listing with musicians identified by track, which I will list here as a whole. Thanks Adhoc, you really Rocks! Tracks include:


Jorge Aragon
Cristovao Bastos
(piano, arrangements)
Helvius Vilela
(piano, arrangements)
Paulinho da Aba
Albert Dailey
Eduardo Ramos, Jorjao, Jamil Joanes
Jacques Morelembaum
Chiquinho do Acordeon
Wilson das Neves, Robertinho Silva
Frank Bejerano
Luiz Claudio Ramos
(violao, guitar, arrangements)
Joao Donato
(piano, trombone)
Ze Carlos, Leo Gandelman, Ion Muniz
Paulinho Trumpete, Bidinho, Niltinho
Serginho Trombone, Roberto Marques, Maciel, Jesse Nascimento
Antonio Claudio
Georgiana de Moraes

Track List

01 - Buenos Dias América (Pablo Milanés) with Pablo Milanés
02 - Iaiá (Cristóvão Bastos / Paulo César Pinheiro)
03 - Para Viver (Para Vivir) (Pablo Milanés / Vrs. Miúcha)
04 - Chorando as Mágoas (Guinga / Paulo César Pinheiro)
05 - Anjo Exterminado (Jards Macalé / Waly Salomão)
06 - Saudosismo (Caetano Veloso) with Bebel Gilberto
07 - Solitude (De Lange / I. Mills / Duke Ellington)
08 - Por Gratidão (Guinga / Paulo César Pinheiro)
09 - Non Sense (Guinga / Paulo César Pinheiro)
10 - Porto de Araújo (Guinga / Paulo César Pinheiro)
11 - Valsa dos Músicos (Uma Só Família) (Vinicius de Moraes / Mutinho)

Anjos do Inferno | 78rpm - RCA Victor 80-0597 (1949)

I'm happy to announce that TNO, our solid 78rpm contributor is now back to business, delivering several 78rpm records in a single contribution. TNO kept the same quality standard of his first contributions, the scans are nice and the quality of the transfer is unbelievable.

Let's start this new set of contributions with Anjos do Inferno, which is a vocal and instrumental group that made a great success in the 40's with several recording releases. Anjos do Inferno had different formation along decades, being responsible for revealing legends like Miltinho and Lucio Alves.

This is Anjos do Inferno | 78rpm - RCA Victor 80-0597 (1949), featuring two Sambas, Nega (Waldemar Gomes / Affonso Teixeira) and 13 de Ouro (Marino Pinto / Herivelto Martins). Additionally, I'm making available a excerpt from a 1949 Mexican movie, Perdida, with Anjos do Inferno and Ninon Sevilla performing Nega, the same song available at side A of this nice TNO contribution. Tracks include:

01 - Nega (Waldemar Gomes / Affonso Teixeira)
02 - 13 de Ouro (Marino Pinto / Herivelto Martins)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Renato Tito e Seu Conjunto Teleco Teco - Chorinhos em HI-FI (1959)

Hello, good evening! Let's start this Sunday using that idea of showing important musicians never released before at Loronix, such as we did with that Saraiva debut LP a couple of days ago. We are showing this time a clarinet player, Renato Tito, active on recordings from the late 50's until the 70's and perhaps a great finding to our community. Let's see.

This is Renato Tito e Seu Conjunto Teleco-Teco - Chorinhos em HI-FI (1959), for Discobras. This is Renato Tito debut LP and although released by the "Para Dancar" label Discobras, Chorinhos em HI-FI is a beautiful and very old instrumental album in the Choro style. Renato Tito clarinet playing is beautiful and the repertoire brings a nice selection of Choros, including one of Caetano Rodrigues favorite tunes, Espinha de Bacalhau, by Maestro Severino Araujo. Renato Tito has the accompaniment of "Conjunto Teleco-Teco" with not credited musicians. Tracks include:

01 - Petite Fleur (Sidney Bechet)
02 - Vivaldo no Choro (Severino Araújo)
03 - Eu e Você (Hamilton)
04 - Compromisso Com a Saudade (Billy Blanco)
05 - Idealizando (Renato Tito / Ka Zinho)
06 - Pudim de Maria (Alventino Cavalcanti / Elias Soares)
07 - Espinha de Bacalhau (Severino Araújo)
08 - Sai do Bar (Ricardo Galeno / Paulo Tito)
09 - Pezadinho (Francisco Tito)
10 - Um Chorinho Diferente (Gaúcho)
11 - Louco Por Música (Portinho)
12 - Perigoso (Orlando Silveira / Esmeraldino Sales)

Moreira da Silva - Malandro Diferente (1961)

I have been looking for this album for quite a long time. Not this one, but any of the few albums recorded by Moreira da Silva for Odeon at the late 50's to early 60's. Perhaps you will feel not comfortable to see two "Da Silva" and two "Malandros" in a row, but they are very different artists. Moreira da Silva - Malandro Diferente was recorded in 1961, with the same concept, lyrics with chronicle of Rio de Janeiro city. However, Moreira da Silva had a very different Rio de Janeiro, with no violence and drugs available and he performs Samba on a very unique way. Let's see.

This is Moreira da Silva - Malandro Diferente (1961), for Odeon, featuring Moreira da Silva, the undisputed king of malandragem carioca also known as Kid Morengueira. Moreira da Silva career spans decades, starting in 1932 with the recording of his first 78rpm, being active until 2000, the year of his passing with 98 years. I hope you have the same pleasure I had today hearing this very old album by Moreira da Silva. Tracks include:

01 - Camelô na Cidade (Tancredo Silva / Sebastião Valença / Wagner R. de Paula)
02 - O Pugilista de Fama (Claudionor Martins / Moreira da Silva)
03 - Vou Te Contar (Kiabo)
04 - Desculpa de Soldado (Jehovah Barbosa / Moreira da Silva)
05 - Carango Assaltado (Moreira da Silva / Kiabo)
06 - Reminiscências (Heitor Catumbi / Moreira da Silva)
07 - A Dama do Cemitério (Kiabo / Moreira da Silva)
08 - No Seca-sovaco (Moreira da Silva / Ribeiro Cunha / Jorge Gonçalves)
09 - Fui a Paris (Moreira da Silva / Ribeiro Cunha)
10 - Cabrito Com Bronca (Lourival Ramos / Moreira da Silva)
11 - Se Você For à Bahia (Alberto Costa / Oldemar Magalhães)
12 - Aquele Adeus (Mário Teresópolis)

Bezerra da Silva - Alo Malandragem, Maloca o Flagrante! (1986)

This is our second Loronix Samba Saturday release, and it is very different from the previous one featuring Jair Rodrigues. Bezerra da Silva represents the Carioca Malandragem (malice) of the favelas. His lyrics chronicle the violence, drugs and the daily life of people who lives on the hills. Bezerra da Silva is acknowledge as the spoken person of the favelas. Let's see.

This is Bezerra da Silva - Alo Malandragem, Maloca o Flagrante! (1986), for RCA Vik. I always thought this album was a compilation with the "Best of" Bezerra da Silva, since most of the songs are very popular. I was wrong, this is a regular Bezerra da Silva career album, featuring well-known songs such like Malandragem da um Tempo, Quem usa Antena e Televisao, Maloca o Flagrante, among others. Personnel is credited, including renowned musicians like Dino 7 Cordas, Ze Menezes and Marcal, available with the music this time. Tracks include:

01 - Malandragem Dá Um Tempo (Popular P / Moacir Bombeiro / Adelzonilton)
02 - Defunto Grampeado (Evandro do Galo / Pedro Butina)
03 - Quem Usa Antena É Televisão (Pinga / Celsinho da Barra Funda)
04 - Maloca o Flagrante (Tonho / Cláudio Inspiração / Laureano)
05 - Vovô Cantou Pra Subir (Roxinho / Alicate de Niterói)
06 - A Rasteira do Presidente (Bicalho / Silvio Modesto)
07 - Meu Bom Juiz (Beto Sem Braço / Serginho Meriti)
08 - Língua de Tamanduá (Valmir / Tião Miranda)
09 - Na Boca do Mato (Luis Grande)
10 - Sua Cabeça Não Passa na Porta (Barbeirinho do Jacarezinho)
11 - Os Direitos do Otário (Miltinho / Jorge Garcia)
12 - Compositores de Verdade (Romildo / Édson Show / Naval)