Saturday, September 13, 2008

Altamiro Carrilho & Canhoto e Seu Regional - Choros Imortais (1964)

It has been two months since we made the last Choro album at Loronix. It is a lot of time, and to fulfill the needs of several friends, including Martoni, from The Netherlands, I would like to offer what is considered by many, the best Choro album recorded in Brazil. Actually, the first out of two legendary Choro albums recorded by Altamiro Carrilho and Regional do Canhoto titled “Choros Imortais”. Let’s see.

This is Altamiro Carrilho & Canhoto e Seu Regional – Choros Imortais (1964), for Copacabana, presented here by a SOM SOLP reissue, probably released in the late 60’s. I could not track any information about the release year. Altamiro Carrilho has several albums available at Loronix, but it is the first time an album with the participation of Canhoto is being released. Canhoto, born as Waldiro Frederico Tramontano, was an important Choro musician. He lead more than 40 years his Conjunto Regional, responsible for the first steps of several renowned musicians in the style, such like Dino 7 Cordas, Altamiro Carrilho, Meira, Orlando Silveira, Gilson de Freitas and after the departure of Altamiro Carrilho in the early 60’s, Carlos Poyares. This photo brings Canhoto e Seu Regional in the 50’s, taken from Acervo Sergio Prata and probably features the members of this recording session, not provided by Copacabana. Tracks include:


Canhoto e Seu Regional (*)
from left to right

Orlando Silveira
Dino 7 Cordas
(violão 7 cordas)
Gilson de Freitas
Altamiro Carrilho

(*) needs confirmation

Tracks List

01 - Doce de Coco (Jacob do Bandolim)
02 - Língua de Preto (Honorino Lopes)
03 - Naquele Tempo (Pixinguinha / Benedito Lacerda)
04 - Harmonia Selvagem (Dante Santoro)
05 - Evocação (Rubens Leal Brito)
06 - Urubatan (Pixinguinha / Benedito Lacerda)
07 - Chorei (Pixinguinha / Benedito Lacerda)
08 - Cinco Companheiros (Pixinguinha)
09 - Sofres Porque Queres (Pixinguinha / Benedito Lacerda)
10 - Cuidado Violão (José Toledo)
11 - Lamentos (Pixinguinha)
12 - Carinhoso (Pixinguinha / João de Barro)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Challenge | Who are They?

Hello, good evening! Here we go on another very easy challenge game, this time with only one artist to be identified since I’m sure that everybody should easily confirm who is backing the singer with a guitar! Baden Powell, which I never saw playing guitar before. Piece of cake, who is singing?

Hope uEnjoy!

Sorry, I could not resist extending today’s challenge a little bit showing Baden Powell again. Both photos were taken at the anthological Bossa Nova concert at Faculdade de Arquitetura, Rio de Janeiro, 1959. This second challenge has also only one artist to be identified. Just tell me how is playing trumpet behind Baden Powell. Not so easy, but I think people should make it very fast this time.

You can get large versions of first and second photo, here and here.

Hope uEnjoy! v.2

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baden Powell - Baden Powell (1971)

Hello, good evening! I’m late for today’s post, but it is for a very good reason. Loronix page load time was increasing daily and some friends were even with no access to Loronix. It was a critical situation, fixed by the replacement of CBox, also known as Quadradinho, for another tagboard solution. Cbox was the root cause of the problem. You should feel the difference while reading this message.

Anyway, I’m really tired and this is not the best situation to write this important post, kindly made available by the great Jorge Mello. This album was recorded by Baden Powell in Paris, just after the excellent series of three albums called Baden Powell Quartet Volumes 1, 2 and 3. This album does not have a title and you need to take it on your hands to read the back cover and understands that Baden Powell makes a tribute album for two great musicians with a strong influence of Baden’s career, which are Pixinguinha and the legendary Garoto. Baden Powell performs four renditions of each one and completes the repertoire with two compositions by his own. Let’s see.

This is Baden Powell – Baden Powell (1971), for Barclay, a tribute to Pixinguinha and Garoto, with Baden performing and singing with one of his favorite’s divas, Jeanine de Waleyne. Baden Powell is an awesome musician and there is something that really makes him different from all others, he puts passion on everything and this makes the different, especially on these renditions of two other geniuses. We should say thank you to Jorge Mello for this really nice album. Tracks include:


Baden Powell
(voice, violao)
Nelson Serra de Castro
Cesario Alvim
Silvio Silveira, Luiz Agudo

Special Guests

Jeanine de Waleyne
(voice on tracks 04, 08)
Raymond Guiot
(flute on 04)
Pierre Gossez
(sax on 02)

Track List

01 - Carinhoso (Pixinguinha / João de Barro)
02 - Violão Vadio (Baden Powell / Paulo César Pinheiro)
03 - Bom de Dedo (Garoto)
04 - Naquele Tempo (Pixinguinha / Benedito Lacerda)
05 - Gente Humilde (Chico Buarque / Garoto / Vinicius de Moraes)
06 - Rosa (Pixinguinha)
07 - Pausa Para Meditação (Garoto)
08 - Márcia Meu Amor (Baden Powell)
09 - Filho de Furinha (Garoto)
10 - Um a Zero (Pixinguinha / Benedito Lacerda)

Challenge | Who are They?

Hello, good evening! After a short break, the challenge game is back with a VERY EASY challenge. Your mission is to identify the musicians at this photo. The first to write a non-anonymous comment with the correct answer wins a 1-month Premium Rapidshare account. Never was so easy, don’t you think?

Hope uEnjoy!

Oops! I forgot to tell you that a hires version is available here.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Quarteto em Cy - Querelas do Brasil (1978)

Hello, good evening! I think we will have today the same situation we had tomorrow on our last post, an unknown album recorded by a great artist and never released in CD. Maybe I’m wrong, but except from some occasional and small reissues, Quarteto em Cy – Querelas do Brasil, never had a chance to be released at the digital age. This is a repost, Querelas do Brasil was made available first in November 2006 with no back cover, transferred at a low bitrate and had a track missing. Everything is now updated and I hope you have a very nice time with this great vocal group. Let’s see.

This is Quarteto em Cy – Querelas do Brasil (1978), for Philips, which is probably the most “political flavored” album released by the girls, with several lyrics about Brazilian problems of that time. By the way, the album title is taken from one of those songs; Querelas do Brasil by Mauricio Tapajos and Aldir Blanc. Such as many Brazilian albums released in the 70’s, Querelas do Brazil features a constellation of Brazilian musicians, including Sivuca, Antonio Adolfo, Luizao, Neco, Copinha, Raul de Barros and many others. Tracks include:


Paulinho Braga, Zequinha
Luizao Maia, Jamil Joanes
Luis Claudio, Miltinho
(acoustic guitar)
Luis Claudio
(violao de 12 cordas)
Ze Roberto Bertrami
(organ, moog)
Wilson das Neves, Hermes, Chacal, Zequinha, Normando
Copinha, Franklin da Flauta, Celso, Jorginho
Raul de Barros
Gilberto, Eliseu
Marcal, Eliseu, Bezerra
Bezerra, Roberto Pinheiro
Wilson das Neves
Geraldo Bongo

Track List

01 - Querelas do Brasil (Maurício Tapajós / Aldir Blanc)
02 - Angélica (Chico Buarque)
03 - Maresia (Sueli Costa / Abel Silva)
04 - Love Love Love (Caetano Veloso)
05 - Estrela Guia (Maurício Tapajós / Paulo César Pinheiro)
06 - Última Cena (Miltinho / Paulo César Pinheiro)
07 - Salve o Verde (Jorge Ben)
08 - Santo Amaro (Luis Cláudio Ramos / Franklin da Flauta / Aldir Blanc)
09 - Sapato Velho (Mú Carvalho / Cláudio Nucci / Paulinho Tapajós)
10 - Plataforma (João Bosco / Aldir Blanc)
11 - Canudos (Edu Lobo / Cacaso)
12 - Não Posso Me Esquecer do Adeus (Caetano Veloso)

Monday, September 08, 2008

Jorge Ben - Bem-vinda Amizade (1981)

Hello, good evening! It is always very easy to find information about Jorge Ben albums and career, especially information written by people outside Brazil, where Jorge Ben seems to have a giant popularity. Every Jorge Ben album released at Loronix created at least ten comments, no exception. However, I could not find much information about Bem-vinda Amizade, perhaps never released on CD. Maybe I’m wrong. I had a nice time with this album today; several songs were popular by the release time in 1981. Let’s see.

This is Jorge Ben – Bem-vinda Amizade (1981), for Som Livre, featuring well known Jorge Ben compositions. I’m not versed on Jorge Ben discography, but this one seems to be on a more relaxed mood, different from Alo Alo, Como Vai?, released in the same year. Personnel listing features several percussionists supporting Jorge Ben guitar with the accompaniment of bass, drums and keyboards, in some tracks played by the legendary Lincoln Olivetti. Tracks include:


Jorge Ben
(violao, voice, guitar, percussion)
Roberto Dargbli
Bomba Sjostedt
(piano, organ)
Pena, Miss Lynn
Nenem, Bidu, Luiz Carlos, Cowbel, Joaozinho, Luizinho, Naila
A Banda do Ze Pretinho, As Gatas
Lincoln Olivetti
Jane Duboc, Guilherme Lamounier, Sonia Bournier, Robinson Jorge
Chiquinho do Acordeon
Luiz Wagner
special guest on 10

Track List

01 - O Dia Que o Sol Declarou o Seu Amor Pela Terra (Jorge Ben)
02 - Santa Clara Clareou (Jorge Ben)
03 - Oé Oé (Faz o Carro de Boi na Estrada) (Jorge Ben / Augusto de Agosto)
04 - Era Uma Vez Um Aposentado Marinheiro (Jorge Ben)
05 - Lorraine (Jorge Ben)
06 - Curumim Chama Cunhantã Que Eu Vou Contar (Todo Dia Era Dia de Índio) (Jorge Ben)
07 - Katarina Katarina (Jorge Ben)
08 - Ela Mora Em Matogrosso Fronteira Com o Paraguai (Jorge Ben)
09 - Para Que Digladiar (Jorge Ben)
10 - Luis Wagner Guitarreiro (Jorge Ben)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Elza Soares - Elza Soares (1973)

Hello, good evening! One of my dreams is to access the Internet at a reasonable speed through a mobile phone. Just to support some quick decisions I have to make when I’m not home, such like this one I will tell you. I found this album today at Copacabana by one of those prices that nobody believes. All I had with me was this fantastic cover, very similar, actually, the same cover used by EMI Odeon on a Elza Soares box set released in 2003.

A complimentary information was the release year, 1973. I had no choice besides taking R$ 3 Reais from my pocket and take it home, where I discovered this is an Elza Soares career album never released before at Loronix. I have this album, but never considered for Loronix because of this cover, showing Elza Soares a little frightening and dark, exactly the opposite of what we have right now with this Odeon Coronado reissue, where Elza is only joy and happiness. Let’s see.

This is Elza Soares – Aquarela Brasileira (1973), for Odeon, which is the last album recorded by Elza Soares at Odeon, her record company since the first album released in 1960. Musicians in this session were not credited by Odeon and I had little time to do a search and retrieve additional info. But who cares about that? This is Elza Soares, never released at Loronix. Tracks include:

01 - Aquarela Brasileira (Silas de Oliveira)
02 - Busto Calado (Rubens da Silva / Orlando Costa ''Maestro Cipó'')
03 - Pranto de Poeta (Nelson Cavaquinho / Guilherme de Brito)
04 - Dia de Graça (Candeia)
05 - Maria José (Fritz / Nereu Gargalo)
06 - Zelão (Sergio Ricardo)
07 - Canoa Furada (Gisa Nogueira)
08 - Solidão (Luis Roberto / Paulo Martini)
09 - Sete Linhas (Sidney da Conceição)
10 - Festa da Vinda (Cartola / Nuno Veloso)
11 - Lá Vou Eu (Delcio Carvalho)
12 - Eu Não Toco Berimbau (Serrinha / Mazola)