Saturday, March 01, 2008

Nana Caymmi - Nana Caymmi (1975)

I bought this album from the hands of a guy living in the streets, on acceptable conditions a few months ago. The price paid not even buy a can of soft drink, for example. It is part of human nature to do not value to the things that are easy conquered. It was exactly what happened with this album, stored and forgotten for months. Great waste of my part; this record is one of the best Nana Caymmi solo LPs and has the participation of Antonio Carlos Jobim and a breathtaking cast. Let's see.

This is Nana Caymmi - Nana Caymmi (1975), for CID, the second Nana Caymmi solo album, recorded after a hiatus of 10 years since her debut LP for Elenco in 1965. Nana Caymmi got married with a Venezuelan doctor and moved there in 1959. Then she came back in seven years later. In terms of comparison, this album shows a completely different artist from 1965 Elenco debut. Loronix Preview Center features 01 - Ponta de Areia (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant), with backing vocals by Milton Nascimento and the piano of Maestro Antonio Carlos Jobim. Tracks include:


Tracks 01, 02, 03

Toninho Horta
Nelson Angelo
Robertinho Silva

Tracks 04, 05

Toninho Horta
Danilo Caymmi
Ivan Lins

Tracks 06 to 10 (whole Side B)

Toninho Horta
Robertinho Silva
Tenorio Jr.
Danilo Caymmi

Special Guests

Antonio Carlos Jobim
(piano at 01, 09)
Milton Nascimento
(vocals at 01, 09)

Durval Ferreira
(productor, director)
Dori Caymmi

Track List

01 - Ponta de Areia (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant) with Tom Jobim / Milton Nascimento
02 - Branca (Danilo Caymmi / João Carlos Pádua)
03 - Beijo Partido (Toninho Horta)
04 - Passarela (Carlos Dafé)
05 - Só Louco (Dorival Caymmi)
06 - Acorda Que Eu Quero Ver (Carlos Dafé)
07 - Tens (Calmaria) (Ivan Lins / Ronaldo Monteiro de Souza)
08 - Medo de Amar (Vinicius de Moraes)
09 - Canção Em Modo Menor (Tom Jobim) with Tom Jobim
10 - Saudade (Dorival Caymmi / Fernando Lobo)

Luiz Gonzaga - O Nordeste na Voz de Luiz Gonzaga (1962)

Hello, good evening! Any history of Brazilian popular music will not be complete if does not dedicate a whole chapter to Luiz Gonzaga, "O Rei do Baiao", finally available at Loronix. Thanks to everyone to keep whispering on this parrot ear to correct this important missing piece at our community. Luiz Gonzaga, "The King of Baiao," is also the creator of this style, the baiao style, popular across decades and recorded by legends as Luiz Bonfá, Dolores Duran, Dick Farney and others. This first Luiz Gonzaga album at Loronix is a compilation, the best approach to start digging the vast discography of this great artist. Let's see.

This is Luiz Gonzaga - O Nordeste na Voz de Luiz Gonzaga (1962), for RCA Candem, featuring a compilation of Luiz Gonzaga tunes taken from previous albums and 78 RPMs. Loronix Preview Center features Asa Branca (Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira), a song that everybody in Brazil sings by heart and the anthem of an entire region, the Northeast of my Brazil. Tracks include:

01 - Paraíba (Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)
02 - Respeita Januário (Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)
03 - Saudade de Pernambuco (Sebastiao Rosendo / Salvador Miceli)
04 - Assum Preto (Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)
05 - Calango da Lacraia (Luiz Gonzaga / J. Portela)
06 - Cigarro de Paia (Klecius Caldas / Armando Cavalcanti)
07 - Abc do Sertão (Humberto Teixeira / Luiz Gonzaga)
08 - Acauã (Humberto Teixeira)
09 - Asa Branca (Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)
10 - Derramaro o Gai (Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)
11 - No Meu Pé de Serra (Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)
12 - A Moda da Mula Preta (Raul Torres)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Maysa - Maysa (1974)

Here we go with an extraordinary launch-time album, supposed to be released yesterday, but delayed by last minute technical problems. This is Maysa last career album, released by Evento, an Odeon subsidiary in charge of the mighty Aloysio de Oliveira. The label Evento - by the way very similar to the legendary "Elenco" - had a short life launching only 6 records, three compilations and three unpublished albums, this last Maysa Mattarazzo LP, Billy Blanco and his Paulistana - Um Retrato de uma Cidade symphony and the mega rare collaboration between Oscar Castro Neves and Lee Ritenour - Um Encontro. Let's see.

This is Maysa - Maysa (1974), for Evento, courtesy of the great JOAO-SP. This is the third Evento album released at Loronix and they have the same cover artwork concept by Cesar G. Villela, which is great, but makes them looks the same each other. In the other hand, Aloysio de Oliveira delivers lots of information inside about the recording session, including the participation of Oscar Castro Neves as arranger (perhaps delivering piano and violao playing) and orchestra arrangements from Lindolpho Gaya. Unfortunately, Aloysio de Oliveira did not credit musicians in the session. The whole story is available in the panorama picture bellow, also included in a high-res scan inside the music. Thanks once again JOAO-SP for another great contribution. Tracks include:

01 - Bloco da Solidão (Jair Amorim / Evaldo Gouveia)
02 - Agora É Cinza (Alcebíades Barcelos "Bide" / Armando "Marçal")
03 - Não Sei (No Other Love) (Russell / Weston / Vrs. Aloysio de Oliveira)
04 - Castigo (Maysa) Fim de Caso (Dolores Duran)
05 - Não É Mais Meu (Erlon Chaves / David Nasser / Maysa)
06 - Morrer de Amor (Oscar Castro Neves / Luvercy Fiorini)
07 - Você Abusou (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi)
08 - Rasguei a Minha Fantasia (Lamartine Babo)
09 - O Grande Amor (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
10 - Os Olhos da Madrugada (Carlos Lyra)
11 - Até Quem Sabe (Mercedes Chies / João Donato / Lysias Ênio)
12 - Hoje É Dia de Amor (Luis Bonfá / Maria Helena Toledo)

Video Challenge | Joao Donato e Conjunto - Amazonas

I think this challenge will drive everybody crazy. This is Joao Donato playing Amazonas and accompanied by three musicians. We have a simple mission, which is the identification of the drummer, bassist and tumbadora player. Get the chance.

Hope uEnjoy!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Paulinho Nogueira - O Fino do Violao Vol. 2 (1980)

Hello, good evening! I want to start today addressing a challenge made by our friend GR at the comment section of the last Paulinho Nogueira post. GR said: "I have a few Nogueira requests - if you can make them happen I will be very very happy and I promise to record a Brazilian song on guitar for you!! (instrumental)". I cannot wait to see GR playing instrumental guitar on video, since Paulinho Nogueira - O Fino do Violao Vol. 2 (1980) is on GR waiting list. Let's see.

This is Paulinho Nogueira - O Fino do Violao Vol. 2 (1980), for Clack/Bandeirantes Discos, featuring Paulinho Nogueira instrumental renditions of music by Garoto, Vinicius de Moraes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Chico Buarque, Luiz Bonfa, Ernesto Nazareth, Edu Lobo, Villa Lobos, including the acclaimed Bachianinha Nr. 1 (Paulinho Nogueira) with the participation of Eduardo Gudin as special guest. Loronix Preview Center features GR most wanted Paulinho Nogueira rendition on this album, Travessia (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant). I like Paulinho Nogueira violao only albums, please check the end of this post for three music videos with Paulinho Nogueira playing Bachianinha Nr. 1 alone and with Toquinho and a wonderful rendition of Air on the G string by J. S. Bach. Tracks include:

01 - Gente Humilde (Garoto / Vinicius de Moraes / Chico Buarque)
02 - Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
03 - Abismo de Rosas (Américo Jacomino "Canhoto" / João do Sul)
04 - Manhã de Carnaval (Antônio Maria / Luis Bonfá)
05 - Odeon (Ernesto Nazareth)
06 - Da Cor do Pecado (Bororó)
07 - Bachianinha (Paulinho Nogueira) with Eduardo Gudin
08 - Travessia (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant)
09 - Choro Nº 1 (Villa-Lobos)
10 - Zelão (Sergio Ricardo)
11 - Pra Dizer Adeus (Edu Lobo / Torquato Neto)
12 - A Mesma Rosa Amarela (Capiba / Carlos Penna Filho)

Amado Maita - Amado Maita (1972)

I have been wondering a lot about an issue, which is the unavailability of really important albums in my LP collection, no matter they are available or not at Loronix. When available, I think they should be reposted with a flawless digital transfer and high quality scans of front and back covers, including the lossless FLAC option. I keep waiting, waiting and waiting for a chance to find these albums and give them a better approach to our community at Loronix first page.

Anyway, I took a decision, I will not wait longer, since some of these albums are quite impossible to find or are available only by prices I cannot afford. Let's start today a series of posts or repostings of these fantastic albums using versions taken from the Internet or made available by friends in the past. Beginning this new concept, it is better making on the best possible manner. Let's see.

This is Amado Maita - Amado Maita (1972), for Copacabana, with new MP3 files, featuring 320Kbps bitrate, against the previous 192Kbps. Additionally, cover artwork was improved with scratch removal and other adjustments. Cosmetic details since the most important thing is to bring Amado Maita back to evidence, giving a chance to new and old friends to get in contact with this great musician. Check also the comment section with several important statements about Amado Maita, including a beautiful writing of Mariana Maita, Amado Maita daughter, which is the same Mariana of track 02 - Mariana (Amado Maita), reproduce just bellow. You should also visit Ed Motta’s Empoeirado web show, featuring an interview with Amado Maita, follow this link, here. Tracks include:

"O que dizer sobre este album e principalmente sobre o lindo decreto de felicidade feito pra mim? Para mim mais que uma obra prima a concretizacao ainda que sem sucesso do seu talento apaixonante por que assim ele era. Tudo era musica na vida dele e agradeco por poder ouvir essas e outras perolas que infelizmente poucos conhecem. Orgulho imenso ainda poder viver a musica de Amado Maita porque para mim eh imortal!"

- Mariana Maita, November, 2007


Ion Muniz
Guilherme Vergueiro
Ricardo Pereira dos Santos
Edison Machado
Mozar Terra

Track List

01 - Samba de Amigo (Amado Maita / José Wilson Lopes)
02 - Mariana (Amado Maita)
03 - Os Mergulhadores (Amado Maita / José Wilson Lopes)
04 - Cemitério dos Vivos (Amado Maita / José Wilson Lopes)
05 - Piedade (Miguel / Lindolfo Lage)
06 - Gestos (Amado Maita / José Wilson Lopes)
07 - O Monstro Verde do Mal (Amado Maita / José Wilson Lopes)
08 - Sabe Você (Carlos Lyra / Vinicius de Moraes)
09 - Não Me Diga Adeus (Paquito / Luis Soberano / João Correia da Silva)
10 - Reflexão (Amado Maita)

Aracy de Almeida - O Samba em Pessoa (1961)

Aracy de Almeida was a great discover to many friends at Loronix, especially those ones who have less than 40 years. I cannot count how many messages I receive by friends with many thanks to transform someone who was just a member of Sunday TV show into one of the best Brazilian Samba interpreters ever. Aracy de Almeida is a great artist and will always deserve a special place at Loronix. Let's see.

This is Aracy de Almeida - O Samba em Pessoa (1961), for RCA Candem, a compilation of Aracy de Almeida interpretations taken from 78 rpms albums recorded in the late 30's and early 40's. These tracks are really old and in spite of the remastering work made by RCA, the output is clean, but it was recorded with the resources available in 1937 to 1942. Tracks include the original released date of each tune. Tracks include:

01 - [1937] Tenha Pena de Mim (Cyro de Souza / Babahu)
02 - [1938] O Que Foi Que Eu Fiz (Cyro de Souza)
03 - [1937] Século do Progresso (Noel Rosa)
04 - [1940] Com Razão Ou Sem Razão (David Nasser / Ary de Almeida)
05 - [1939] Camisa Amarela (Ary Barroso)
06 - [1938] Rapaz Folgado (Noel Rosa)
07 - [1937] Último Desejo (Noel Rosa)
08 - [1938] Quem Mandou Coração (Roberto Martins / Jorge Faraj)
09 - [1937] O Maior Castigo Que Eu Te Dou (Noel Rosa)
10 - [1937] Eu Sei Sofrer (Noel Rosa)
11 - [1942] Fez Bobagem (Assis Valente)
12 - [1937] Qual o Quê (Antonio Almeida)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trio Surdina com Pierre Kolmann ao Piano - Boleros em HI-FI (1958)

I have been very busy during the past two months, on a manner that you cannot realize how. This is the reason why Loronix is delivering two daily releases, instead of 3 or even 4 as we made across 2007. Actually, I am enjoying this new configuration; it allows everyone to make a better follow-up of Loronix daily activities.

However, Brazilian music is very rich on styles and this is a problem from my editorial perspective. I need answer for a question, which is, how to distribute all these different styles across the week to address wants and needs of everybody? Anyway, I think the answer to this question will appear very soon, meanwhile, we will visit after a long hiatus the "Para Dancar" style, featuring a legendary group that deserves everybody attention, the legendary Trio Surdina. Let's see.

This is Trio Surdina com Pierre Kolmann ao Piano - Boleros em HI-FI (1958), for Musidisc, featuring not credited musicians using the name of Trio Surdina, owned by Nilo Sergio, which is the owned of the record label Musidisc. Trio Surdina original formation with Fafa Lemos (violin), Garoto (violao) and Chiquinho do Acordeon (accordion) recorded only a few initial albums. In the other hand, Pierre Kolmann is the nickname of a well-known artist at Loronix, Leal Brito, or Britinho, probably using Pierre Kolmann due contracts obligations with other record company or only as a marketing strategy of Nilo Sergio. Tracks include:

01 - Frenesi (A. Dominguez)
02 - Esperame En El Cielo (F. Lopez)
03 - Soñando Contigo (Anísio Silva / Fausto Guimarães)
04 - Besame Mucho (Consuelo Velasquez)
05 - Hasta Cuando (João Leal Brito ''Britinho'')
06 - Que Murmuren (R. Fuentes / R. Carde)
07 - Mi Oración (Boulanger / Kennedy)
08 - Amor Mio (Álvaro Carrillo)
09 - Angustia (Orlando Brito)
10 - Dos Almas (Don Fabian)
11 - Canción de Amor Cubano (H. Stothard / J. McHugh / D. Fields)
12 - Desesperadamente (Gabriel Ruiz / L. Mendez)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Baden Powell - Tempo Feliz (1966)

I think there is a small and restricted clubs to albums that brings something very different from all others. I don't know exactly what these albums have to access this small club, but it is easy to identify these albums when you take one for a hearing. Perhaps a matter of feeling, passion, or some kind of magic that happens in the recoding session, leaving a mark on the music. Tempo Feliz was recorded by Baden Powell and Mauricio Einhorn in only two days, 24 and 25 January 1966 and you should believe me that you are in front of a member of this selected club of albums. Let's see.

This is Baden Powell - Tempo Feliz (1966), for Forma, a repost, now taken from my original Forma first issue, featuring really necessary upgrades on music, including also hi-res cover scans and the FLAC alternative. I cannot make better than Brazil on Guitar opus tab, once again providing us detailed information on Tempo Feliz. Do not miss Brazil-on-guitar, an overwhelming tribute website to one of the greatest Brazilian musicians ever. Tracks include:

BrazilOnGuitar says: There is the anecdote that Baden Powell was very drunk during the Tempo feliz sessions. It seems believable, because the film shots of Round Midnight prove to which precise playing and musicality he was capable of in such condition. It is said that the rather shy Baden Powell could only be more extrovert by drinking alcohol. This is very regrettable and he payed a high price, recording such an expressive, relaxed album like Tempo feliz.

This can be seen in his commands, his rhythmic finger clicking and humming along to his musical ideas, which reminds of Keith Jarrett and was rather rare for Baden Powell. It is impressive with which tone, coordination and endurance he played in this jam session.

It is the only recording he did with the Brazilian harmonica player Mauricio Einhorn. Even though they play completely different instruments there were no boundaries between Mauricio and Baden, they were listening and responding to each other. It may seem unfortunate that this was their only recording but nothing remained unsaid. The record's grooves preserve their musical ideas and contain material for the following generations of guitarists and harmonica players. Tempo feliz is one of the best records, that Baden Powell did in the sixties.

We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation.


Baden Powell
Mauricio Einhorn
Edison Lobo
Chico Batera

Track List

01 - Vou Por Aí (Baden Powell / Aloysio de Oliveira)
02 - Apelo (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
03 - A Chuva (Durval Ferreira / Pedro Camargo)
04 - Deixa (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
05 - Consolação (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
06 - Sem Saber (Otto Gonçalves Filho)
07 - Pro Forma (Maurício Einhorn / Arnaldo Costa)
08 - Tempo Feliz (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)

Raimundo Fagner - Oros (1977)

Hello, good evening! I hope everybody had an excellent weekend, such as mine; full of new discoveries in terms of work and solid listens. Anyway, going straight to the point, we have here another great album recorded by Raimundo Fagner at Loronix. I have to admit that I never had the change to listen to this album as a whole, I knew only a few songs and I'm really impressed. Let's see.

This is Raimundo Fagner - Oros (1977), for Columbia, featuring Fagner, Hermeto Pascoal and a constellation of Brazilian musicians, including: Robertinho de Recife, Itibere, Nivaldo Ornellas, Marcio Montarroyos, Chico Batera, J.T. Meirelles, Mauro Senise, Dominguinhos, among many others. The repertoire brings Raimundo Fagner compositions with Fausto Nilo, Robertinho of Recife, Belchior and a song by Hermeto Pascoal, 08 - Fofoca. It was very difficult to choose the track available at Loronix Preview Center, I took the popular, 06 - Cebola Cortada. Tracks include:


Raimundo Fagner
(voice, violao)
Robertinho de Recife
(guitar, viola, citar)
Hermeto Pascoal
(arrangements, piano, electric piano, percussion)
Paulinho Braga
(drums, percussion)
Chico Batera
Nivaldo Ornelas
Marcio Montarroyos
(trumpet, flugelhorn)
J.T. Meirelles, Mauro Senise, Ze Carlos
Andre Dequech

Track List

01 - Cinza (Fagner)
02 - Flor da Paisagem (Robertinho de Recife / Fausto Nilo)
03 - Esquecimento (Fagner / Brandão)
04 - Romanza (Fagner / Belchior / Fausto Nilo)
05 - Epigrama Nº 9 (Fagner / Cecília Meireles)
06 - Cebola Cortada (Petrúcio Maia / Clodô)
07 - Orós (Fagner)
08 - Fofoca (Hermeto Pascoal)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Geraldo Vandre - Das Terras de Benvira (1973)

I was so involved with the final adjustments of the new Loronix features that I completely forgot to scan this album cover to close this Saturday. I'm happy I could make it timely; this is a very interesting record, the last Geraldo Vandre career album, recorded in his exile in France in 1970, launched in Brazil only in 1973. Das Terras do Benvira is quite different from all previous Geraldo Vandre releases. Let's see.

This is Geraldo Vandre - Das Terras de Benvira (1973), for Philips, a reposting with upgrades on cover scans and especially the music. Even if do not have Portuguese language skills, will be very clear that Geraldo Vandre delivers one of his most introspective albums, accompanied by a small group that has plenty space for improvisations in a few tracks of great duration. Geraldo Vandre writes all songs, being also responsible for direction and production. Tracks include:


Marcelo Melo
(viola, guitar)
Kiko de Carinho
Murilo Alencar

Track List

01 - Na Terra Como no Céu (Geraldo Vandré)
02 - Das Terras de Benvirá (Geraldo Vandré)
03 - Vem Vem (Geraldo Vandré)
04 - Canção Primeira (Geraldo Vandré)
05 - De América (Geraldo Vandré)
06 - Sarabanda (A Festa do Lobisomem) (Geraldo Vandré)
07 - Maria Memória da Minha Canção (Geraldo Vandré)
08 - Bandeira Branca (Geraldo Vandré)

New Features | Loronix Community Search and Translation Services

Hello, good evening! I had a very good and productive morning, afternoon and evening and a great Saturday as a whole working really hard with our engineers to make the final adjustments a new and really improved search service, powered by Google Inc., which is Loronix Community Search. I will tell you how it works.


Instead of search Google or search only Loronix using the old fashioned way, Loronix Community Search provides a customized search within all websites listed on our sidebar link section, now organized by categories, as follows:

Discographies: including friends who serve discography information of Brazilian music.

Musicians Websites: a list of musicians websites tuned with our community, such as Jovino Santos Neto, Ed Motta, Joe Carter (my master), Ricardo Sa Reston, Paulo Bitencourt and the tribute sites of Maria Lucia Godoy and Heitor Villa-Lobos. If you are a musician, feel free to send me an e-mail to engage this section.

zecalouro's picks!: this section explains by itself, featuring websites of Loronix great friends, some of them not associated with Brazilian music, but really worth to visit.

Aggregators: the great friends who keep listings and directories of music websites, we have here Totally Fuzzy and Mammoth MP3 Blog List, the most complete music blog directory at the blogsphere.

Music Blogs: Loronix counterparts, websites that serves out of print music, Brazilian or not, but always with quality standards. You should keep an eye on them.

Great! Let's see Loronix Community Search in action. It is very easy; all you need to do is type a search term in the search box bellow and wait for the results. Loronix Community Search will return your search results taking in consideration only the websites included on our 5 categories, such like the picture bellow, when the search expression "Jobim" was used.

Here is the great trick; it is possible to narrow results using the links with our category names on top of the search results. If you search Jobim and click on Discographies, the result set will retrieve only occurrences within the websites listed at Discographies category.

Now a real example, if you look for an album that is not available at Loronix, you can use Loronix Community Search and then narrow your results using the Music Blogs category to search all the other blogs with a single click.

I hope Loronix Community Search be comes a very useful tool to our community.


Before you leave, I just want to say we stated using this afternoon an automated translation service powered by Google, which is the best translation solution available to our needs. Now we can translate Loronix from English to other nine languages, they are: Portuguese, German, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, French and Korean. Just reach the side bar to find a set of flags to choose your desired language.

I think I spoke a lot tonight. Thanks once again for your time and continuous support to Loronix.

Cheers, zeca