Saturday, June 23, 2007

Gal Costa - India (1973)

Everything was pointing to this direction today, the release of the first Gal Costa single two days ago, the amazing O Lirio Selvagem from Pantanal release yesterday and the chance I had today to listen again to this album after more than a decade was everything needed to build the decision. I have to admit that I did not thought this album as the one to be selected, but my mind has changed today.

This is Gal Costa - India (1973), for Philips. The first track gives the album title and worth the whole record, an adaptation of a Paraguayan song with magnificent arrangements by Maestro Rogerio Duprat. It is an album of extremes that brings experimental songs and closes with a traditional Bossa Nova tune, Desafinado. Several maestros take care of arrangements and a constellation of Brazilian musicians, which includes the piano of the legendary Tenorio Jr., also makes a strong contribution to India. Tracks include:


Rogerio Duprat
(arrangements - India)
Gilberto Gil
(arrangements - tracks 02, 05, 06, 07, 09)
Arthur Verocai
(arrangements - tracks 08, 03)

Chico Batera
Gilberto Gil
Luiz Alves
Dom Chacal
Robertinho Silva
Toninho Horta
Wagner Tiso
Tenorio Jr.

Track List

01 - Índia (José Asunción Flores / Manuel Ortiz Guerrero / Vrs. José Fortuna)
02 - Milho Verde (Tradicional / Adpt. Gilberto Gil)
03 - Presente Cotidiano (Luis Melodia)
04 - Volta (Lupicínio Rodrigues)
05 - Relance (Caetano Veloso / Pedro Novis)
06 - Da Maior Importância (Caetano Veloso)
07 - Passarinho (Tuzé de Abreu)
08 - Pontos de Luz (Jards Macalé / Waly Salomão)
09 - Desafinado (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)



Paulinho da Viola - Memorias Chorando (1976)

I'm paralyzed by this record and if you want to be surprised as I was, please don't read for this point and come back later after hearing. In spite of being widely recognized a Samba composer and interpreter, Paulinho da Viola has a strong connection with instrumental music since he was born. Paulinho da Viola is the son of Cesar Faria, acclaimed guitar player, member of Epoca de Ouro -- Jacob do Bandolim group - for decades.

Memorias Chorando is an instrumental only album, an excellent Choro LP, perhaps Paulinho da Viola tribute to his father Cesar Faria (playing violao in all tracks) and to his musician background, mostly based on choro.

This is Paulinho da Viola - Memorias Chorando (1976), for Odeon, featuring Paulinho da Viola top-notch cavaquinho playing on renditions to classic choros and compositions by his own. Paulinho da Viola is very well accompanied in the set that features Cesar Faria, Copinha, Cristovao Bastos, Elton Medeiros and many others, see personnel listing for details. I'm sending with the music the always-fantastic work of Elifas Andreato, which is the same available at the panorama bellow in high resolution. Tracks include:


Paulinho da Viola
Cesar Faria
Cristovao Bastos
Elton Medeiros and Chaplin


Track List

01 - Cinco Companheiros (Pixinguinha)
02 - Chorando (Ary Barroso)
03 - Cuidado Colega (Benedito Lacerda / Pixinguinha)
04 - Romanceando (Paulinho da Viola)
05 - Cochichando (Pixinguinha / Alberto Ribeiro / João de Barro)
06 - Rosinha Essa Menina (Paulinho da Viola)
07 - Oração de Outono (Paulinho da Viola)
08 - Beliscando (Paulinho da Viola)
09 - Segura Ele (Pixinguinha / Benedito Lacerda)
10 - Choro de Memórias (Paulinho da Viola)
11 - Inesquecível (Paulinho da Viola)


Music Video | Durval Ferreira - Batida Diferente & Radio Amendoeira rare track

It has been a week since Durval Ferreira has passed and since then, fans around the world have been sending videos, rare tracks and many other material associated with his memory. It is time to celebrate again this great musician, showing a video pointed by Cesar Saldanha and made available at You Tube by the excellent folks of Alma Carioca. Durval Ferreira and Leny Andrade perform together Batida Diferente.

Aditionally, another friend sent us a rare tape of Durval Ferreira, Egberto Gismonti and Orlandivo rehearsing Prum Samba. This tape comes from the legendary Radio Amendoeira, which is in fact a funny name to the apartment of Fernando Picanco, a cool friend of Brazilian musicians that made his home available for rehearsals and sessions to listen Jazz albums that only Fernando had at that time.

Fernando had a tape recorder that was used to document some rehearsals. As the place was surrounded by Amendoeiras (a kind of Brazilian tree), people named the place as Radio Amendoeira. This nine-minute track comes from Fernando Picanco tapes. Thanks a lot Fernando, your tape is now at Loronix and everybody will listen to the great moments you kindly provided to Brazilian musicians. Radio Amendoeira meetings started in the late 60's, being active until the mid 70's, unfortunately, Fernando Picanco left us in the end of 2005 and cannot see his creation at the Internet.

Prum Samba

Hope uEnjoy!


Varios Artistas - Rio. Sol e Alegria | O Samba é a Musica

Hello, Good Evening! I really like the albums released by companies or governments departments with special purposes. Sometimes, when recorded by known artists, they are part of their discography and really above the average, perhaps they are more creative when not connected with record companies matters. When not credited musicians that are assembled for the recording session, the results are not always good. This one is an exception, it is really nice and also one of the most obscure albums I have ever seen.

This is Rio, Sol e Alegria | O Samba e a Musica (no date), for Codil Ritmos, specially issued for Secretaria de Turismo do Estado da Guanabara. I do not know the release date and musicians, the only hint available is the name of Levy Neves, Secretario de Turismo do Estado da Guanabara, which is responsible for the back cover message written in Portugues and translated to English and another language that I could not identify. The cover artwork alone worth the admission price and this album was probably issued to receive tourists in Rio or promote tourism outside of Brazil. I'm copy and pasting the English message available on back cover, truly amazing, as follows:


01 - Ensaio da Escola Batucada
02 - Lamento da Lavadeira (Monsueto / Nilo Chagas / João Violão)
03 - Barquinho (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
04 - Fita Amarela (Noel Rosa)
05 - Queimada (Messias Santos Jr.)
06 - Samba de Verão (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
07 - Aquarela do Brasil (Ary Barroso)
08 - Samba Pro Pedrinho (Walter Santos)
09 - Upa Neguinho (Edu Lobo / Gianfrancesco Guarnieri)
10 - Birimbau (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
11 - Bom Tempo (Chico Buarque)
12 - Mascarada (Zé Keti / Élton Medeiros)


Friday, June 22, 2007

Joyce - Tom Jobim | Os Anos 60 (1987)

Trix, the knowledgeable Loronixer from Belo Horizonte, told me a couple of days ago that Loronix lacks on the Brazilian singer Joyce. It was wise of him to make this remark, Joyce is a worldwide acclaimed artist and very popular among Loronixers. We are showing Joyce tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim, recorded in 1987 with the Brazilian pianist Gilson Peranzzetta.

This is Joyce - Tom Jobim | Os Anos 60 (1987), for Columbia. I hope you appreciate this pick, Tom Jobim - Os Anos 60 was made in partnership with Gilson Peranzzetta that delivers arrangements and piano playing in all tracks. It has been a while since I heard Joyce and she is a great singer and plays a wonderful violao, heard also in all tracks.

We have a video available with this post, probably the first one we make very associated with the album. The video brings Joyce, Gilson Peranzzetta and Antonio Carlos Jobim, recorded in 1987, the same year of the album release. Tracks include:

01 - Corcovado (Tom Jobim)
02 - Wave (Tom Jobim)
03 - O Amor Em Paz (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
04 - Desafinado (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
05 - Ela É Carioca (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes) "Bonita" (Tom Jobim)
06 - S'wonderful (George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin) Meditação (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
07 - Garota de Ipanema (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
08 - Insensatez(Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
09 - Samba de Uma Nota Só (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
10 - Retrato Em Branco e Preto (Tom Jobim / Chico Buarque)
11 - Chega de Saudade (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
12 - A Felicidade (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)




Nelson Cavaquinho - Nelson Cavaquinho (1973)

Hello, Good Evening! I was planning to show this album to Loronixers as the last post of this Friday, but I wait years tracking down a solo LP by Nelson Cavaquinho that I decided to wait no more. Nelson Cavaquinho and Cartola are the best Brazilian Samba composers ever, he left more than 600 compositions that are been recorded by several renowned interpreters of Brazilian music, such as: Elis Regina, Elizeth Cardoso, Paulinho da Viola, among many others on an endless list.

In the other hand, Nelson Cavaquinho left only a couple of solo albums and I was very curious to see his great compositions on his own performances, instead of performances by other artists.

This is Nelson Cavaquinho - Nelson Cavaquinho (1973), for Odeon, made possible with the help of yesterday's Samba contributor. The album features well-known Nelson Cavaquinho compositions and even those that you never heard before will be inside your head after the first hearing. Nelson Cavaquinho is not for beginners, his voice is rough and sounds weird, but the beauty of the melodies, lyrics and all the feelings that Nelson puts on his interpretation is really above the average. Guilherme de Brito, Nelson Cavaquinho long time partner, is the special guest on some tracks as indicated on track list. Maestro Jose Briamonte is in charge of Direction and Arrangements. Tracks include:

01 - Juizo Final (Nelson Cavaquinho / Élcio Soares)
02 - Folhas Secas (Nelson Cavaquinho / Guilherme de Brito)
03 - Caminhando (Nelson Cavaquinho / Nourival Bahia)
04 - Minha Festa (Nelson Cavaquinho / Guilherme de Brito)
05 - Mulher Sem Alma (Nelson Cavaquinho / Guilherme de Brito)
06 - Vou Partir (Nelson Cavaquinho / Jair do Cavaquinho)
07 - Rei Vadio (Nelson Cavaquinho / Joaquim)
08 - A Flor e o Espinho (Nelson Cavaquinho / Guilherme de Brito / Alcides Caminha) Se Eu Sorrir (Nelson Cavaquinho / Guilherme de Brito) Quando Eu Me Chamar Saudade (Nelson Cavaquinho / Guilherme de Brito) Pranto de Poeta (Nelson Cavaquinho / Guilherme de Brito) - with Guilherme de Brito
09 - É Tão Triste Cair (Nelson Cavaquinho)
10 - Pode Sorrir (Nelson Cavaquinho / Guilherme de Brito)
11 - Rugas (Nelson Cavaquinho / Ari Monteiro / Augusto Garcez)
12 - O Bem e o Mal (Nelson Cavaquinho / Guilherme de Brito)
13 - Visita Triste (Nelson Cavaquinho / Anatalicio / Guilherme de Brito)


Elza Soares e Roberto Ribeiro - Sangue Suor e Raça (1972)

If you close a day with Elza Soares you have a perfect day. It has been more than a year this album was first released at Loronix. It was a shame that he was not upgraded since than, now we have better cover scans, nice ripping and the missing track 07 - O Que Vem de Baixo nao me Atinge is now included. Actually, this album got much better with the correct track 07, it is the best album track. Let's see.

This is Elza Soares e Roberto Ribeiro - Sangue, Suor e Raca (1972), for Odeon. This album immediately follows the acclaimed O Samba pede Passagem, released earlier in the same year of 1972. Sangue, Suor e Raca, upgrades the previous one, Elza is funkier and the great Roberto Ribeiro really adds something special to the album with soul vocals and nice duets with Elza. Dom Salvador and Maestro Nelsinho are in charge of arrangements, but personnel listing is not available this time. Tracks include:

01 - Swing Negrão (Elza Soares) Brasil Pandeiro (Assis Valente) O Samba Agora Vai (Pedro Caetano) É Com Esse Que Eu Vou (Pedro Caetano)
02 - Aurora de Um Sambista (Toco)
03 - Domingos Domingueira (Eduardo Marques (1))
04 - Cicatrizes (Miltinho / Paulo César Pinheiro)
05 - Isto É Papel João (Paulo Ruschell) Cocorocó (Paulo da Portela) Decadência (Cartola)
06 - Recordação de Um Batuqueiro (Xangô da Mangueira / J. Gomes) O Que Vem de Baixo Não Me Atinge (Johnny Alf)
08 - Lenço Cor de Rosa (Eduardo Marques (1))
09 - Sacrifício (Mauro Duarte / Maurício Tapajós)
10 - Coisa Louca (Ismael Silva) A Razão Dá-se a Quem Tem (Noel Rosa / Francisco Alves / Ismael Silva) O Que Se Leva Desta Vida (Pedro Caetano)


Music Video | Antonio Carlos Jobim - Borzeguim (1987)

This is art. Antonio Carlos Jobim, Borzeguim and the Brazilian cartoonist Still. This combination results in a magical video to close an Antonio Carlos Jobim documentary by a Brazilian TV channel, 1987. We have 2 minutes and 40 seconds of video with Antonio Carlos Jobim and the work of Still. Do not forget to make use of the increase lens.

Hope uEnjoy


Thursday, June 21, 2007

O Lirio Selvagem - Tete e O Lirio Selvagem (1978)

The friends from the very first beginning had the chance to know this album and this group at Loronix. It was the first album posted at Loronix, while the website was on development stage, being removed before the first month. I have been wondering to make a repost some weeks ago and I hope you have a good entertainment with this album, one of the first that I could buy with my own money.

This group comes from Mato Grosso, a Brazilian state inside the Pantanal and it is very influenced by the music of the countries that borders that region, Paraguay and Bolivia, being one of the most original creations on Brazilian popular music in the 70's.

This is O Lirio Selvagem - Tete e O Lirio Selvagem (1978), for Philips. O Lirio Selvagem is formed by four brothers, the Espindola's, Tete, Alzira, Geraldo and Marcelo (Celito). This is their first and only album and it is nice and delicious to hear, mixing Brazilian MPB from the 70's with Guaranias, which is the regional music from Paraguay. I like all tracks, but you can start with track, sorry, no hints this time, this is a solid album from the start to end. Tracks include:


O Lirio Selvagem

Tete Espindola
(voice, craviola)
Geraldo Espindola
(voice, violao, craviola)
Alzira Espindola
(voice, violao, violao 12 cordas)
Celito Espindola
(voice, bass, violao)


Marco Aurélio Bissi
Sergio Lopes
Luiz Carlos Maluly
(guitar, craviola)
Luiz Roberto Oliveira
(shyntetsizer, violao)
Nelson Ayres
Hamilson Godoy
Mauro Herrero
(ocarina, violao)
Mario and Germano

Track List

01 - É necessário (Geraldo Espíndola)
02 - Rio de luar (Geraldo Espíndola)
03 - Vôos claros (Geraldo Espíndola)
04 - Quando você tá por perto (Marcelo Espíndola)
05 - Andorinha manca (Geraldo Espíndola)
06 - Caucaia (Marcelo Espíndola - Carlos Rennó)
07 - Na catarata (Alzirz Espíndola - Carlos Rennó)
08 - Bem-te-vi (Geraldo Espíndola)
09 - Em Piralenta (Geraldo Espíndola)
10 - Santa Branca (Geraldo Roco)
11 - Pássaro sobre o cerrado (Tetê - Carlos Rennó)
12 - Alegria de cantarolar (vocal -Tetê)


Victor Assis Brasil - Jobim (1970)

Hello, Good Evening! I'm coming back from the place of a Loronix friend who made a special contribution to Loronixers, a small contribution in number of albums (I could bring more, I'm so shy...), but an awesome contribution in terms of quality, seven anthological Samba LPs, all solid, from start to the end and some of them very difficult to find out. Loronix engineers were contacted to extra hours tonight to make available at least one album for our community pleasure.

Meanwhile, we will be in very good company with Victor Assis Brasil and his tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim repertoire.

This is Victor Assis Brasil - Jobim (1970), for Forma, with four breathtaking renditions of Wave, So Tinha que Ser com Voce, Bonita and Dindi, considered by many the best album recorded by the Brazilian jazz legend Victor Assis Brasil. Personnel is not identified on back cover and we should thank the effort of Discos do Brasil, owned and maintained by Maria Luiza Kfouri for the identification, a constellation of top-notch musicians. Tracks include:


Victor Assis Brasil
(sax alto)
Dom Salvador
Edison Machado
Helio Delmiro
Edson Lobo

Track List

01 - Wave (Tom Jobim)
02 - Só Tinha de Ser Com Você (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
03 - Bonita (Tom Jobim)
04 - Dindi (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)


Wilson Simonal - Joia, Joia (1971)

This is the Wilson Simonal album that we should listen with attention, Joia, Joia landmarks the start of a major change on Wilson Simonal discography. With Joia, Joia, Wilson Simonal definitively leaves the 60's bossa nova and pilantragem accent towards a more 70's funk and soul approach. Unfortunately, those still controversial political affairs emerged just before Joia, Joia release and Wilson Simonal could not keep the pace of his career in the forthcoming years.

This is Wilson Simonal - Joia, Joia (1971), for Odeon, with arrangements by Erlon Chaves and Sergio Carvalho as indicated on track list. Tracks include:

01 - De Noite na Cama (Caetano Veloso) - EC
02 - Gemedeira (Luis Wanderley) - SC
03 - Impossível Acreditar Que Perdi Você (Márcio Greyck / Cobel) - EC
04 - Tristeza (Edil Pacheco / Carlos Lacerda) - EC
05 - Tudo É Magnífico (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis) - EC
06 - Lampião Em Prosas e Versos (Luis Wanderley) - SC
07 - Garoa Diferente (Tião Motorista) - SC
08 - Você Abusou (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi) -EC
09 - Na Galha do Cajueiro (Tião Motorista) - EC
10 - Fotografia (Tom Jobim) - EC



Maria da Graca - Maria da Graca (1965) | Gal Costa first single

I received a very nice and enthusiastic message from a Loronixer saying many thanks for the Edu Lobo first single, made available a month ago. He said he was looking for it for many years and he really got very help to hear it today, his first day at Loronix. Anyway, Gerry, that is his name, also asked for Gal Costa first single and I could not wait longer to show Gerry and Loronixers. Let's see.

This is Maria da Graca - Maria da Graca (1965), for RCA Victor. Perhaps in 1965 Maria da Graca was not using her artistic Gal Costa name on this two tracks single featuring Eu Vim da Bahia (Gilberto Gil) and Sim, Foi Voce (Caetano Veloso). Tracks include:

01 - Eu Vim da Bahia (Gilberto Gil)
02 - Sim, Foi Voce (Caetano Veloso)


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Grupo Manifesto - Manifesto Musical (1967)

Grupo Manifesto was the "nest" of renowned Brazilian musicians and now it is time to present their first LP. The second album is already available at Loronix and by that time I told that Grupo Manifesto was a group of friends use to make their meetings on Manifesto botequim, something very difficult to translate to English (*). I cannot check now, but I remember someone making this request a couple of days ago.

This is Grupo Manifesto - Manifesto Musical (1967), for Elenco, slight better than the second album, featuring a smaller group with Fernando Leporace, Gracinha Leporace, Guarabyra, Junaldo, Lucinha and Mariozinho Rocha. Gracinha Leporace is the well-known member of several Sergio Mendes groups, Guarabyra is the same artist of the trio Sa, Rodrix & Guarabyra and Lucinha changed her name later to assembly the duo Lhuli e Lucina. Mario Telles, which is Sylvia Telles brother, makes a special participation, singing track 02 - Desencontro. Performers on each track are highlighted with track list. Tracks include:

01 - Margarida (Guarabyra) - GUARABYRA
02 - Desencontro (Amaury Tristão / Mário Telles) -
03 - Manifesto (Mariozinho Rocha / Guto Graça Melo) -
04 - O Mundo É Nosso (Mariozinho Rocha / Fernando Leporace) -
05 - Amor Ausente (Mariozinho Rocha / Guto Graça Melo) -
06 - Além do Infinito (Fernando Leporace) -
07 - Canção de Esperar Você (Fernando Leporace) -
08 - Garota Esquerdinha (Amaury Tristão / Mário Telles) -
09 - Mil Cores (Fernando Leporace) -
10 - Cabra Macho (Mariozinho Rocha / Guto Graça Melo) -
11 - Brasil Dá Samba (Fernando Leporace) -
12 - Por Exemplo Você (Sueli Costa / João Medeiros Filho) -


(*) Botequim (and its variation boteco) is a place where Brazilians often go to drink, eat and chat. A good translation could be pub but this is not so simple. A good botequim has its peculiarities, mainly the simplicity of the decoration (usually related to soccer teams) and the "high-fat" food but the most important is the friendly environment.

Pernambuco e Sua Orquestra - Show (1963)

Hello, Good Evening! I want to star this Tuesday showing a brand new artist to Loronixers, a maestro, Ayres da Costa Pessoa or Pernambuco. Caetano said Pernambuco was a very popular artist, but I could not find much info on Google or any other website. Pernambuco is also an instrumentalist, playing two very different instruments, piano and trumpet. Anyway, I think it is better check what we have here.

This is Pernambuco e Sua Orquestra - Show (1963), for Musiplay. This is a very different orchestra album with some nice blending of Frevo and Choro. Track one can cheat you with some birds singing with the orchestra making a confusing outcome, take care. The album is very good, sounds like a big band with several brass solos and a drummer playing really wide. Let's see what Loronixers have to say about Pernambuco. Tracks include:

01 - Sabiá de Brasília (Pernambuco)
02 - Quando os Anjos Cantam (The Angel Sing) (Ziggy Elman / Johnny Mercer)
03 - O Azar Foi Meu (Plinio Gesta / Miguel Gustavo)
04 - Tudo ou Nada (Fernando César)
05 - Romance no Rio (Claribalte Passos / Lyrio Panicali)
06 - Meu Pavilhão (Pernambuco / Marino Pinto)
07 - Bei Mir Best Du Schon (Sammy Cahn / S. Chaplin)
08 - Cantiga de Quem Está Só (Jair Amorim / Evaldo Gouveia)
09 - Hino de Amor (Pernambuco)
10 - Ingenuamente (Adelino Moreira)
11 - Céu Cor de Rosa (Pernambuco / Marino Pinto)
12 - Salve Ogum (Pernambuco / Mário Rossi)


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Milton Banana Trio - Vê (1965)

This fantastic post will make a year at Loronix in 5 days, 25 June and I could not wait more five days to celebrate. The original post had a missing track and also a poor ripping, but with this last contribution, some already available albums were included on a pretty nice shape and it is mandatory to update the above of the average material. This is probably one of the best Milton Banana Trio albums and this is the chance to visit again or meet for the first time in case you have missed it.

This is Milton Banana Trio - Ve (1965), for Odeon, now including high quality cover scans (front and back), higher bit rate and I'm making available tomorrow loseless files, in case I forget to make it, let me know, they are on my upload queue. It is disturbing to check that the missing track was track 12 - Samba Novo, composed by Durval Ferreira and Newton Chaves. Self-explanatory album that does not need detailed introduction. Tracks include:


Milton Banana

Track List

01 - Resolução (Edu Lobo / Luis Fernando Freire)
02 - Estamos Aí (Maurício Einhorn / Durval Ferreira / Regina Werneck)
03 - Arrastão (Edu Lobo / Vinicius de Moraes)
04 - Vê (Roberto Menescal / Luis Fernando Freire)
05 - Bananadas (Nelsinho)
06 - Das Rosas (Dorival Caymmi)
07 - Opinião (Zé Keti)
08 - Você (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
09 - Só Tinha de Ser Com Você (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
10 - Não Bate o Coração (Eumir Deodato / Luis Fernando Freire)
11 - Preciso Aprender a Ser Só (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
12 - Samba Novo (Durval Ferreira / Newton Chaves)


Adilson Godoy - Sou Sem Paz (1965)

This is a really nice record, thanks to JimR, he is the one who let me know about it in his first week at Loronix. Sou Sem Paz is one of those legendary albums that every Brazilian music fan wants to hear, Adilson Godoy is the brother of Zimbo Trio pianist, Amylson Godoy, Maestro Erlon Chaves is in charge of arrangements and personnel listing brings top-notch musicians. Let's see.

This is Adilson Godoy - Sou Sem Paz (1965), for RGE. Adilson Godoy plays piano and sings on his first and only LP. I have been wondering why Adilson Godoy did not move towards a successful career after releasing this nice album. In the other hand, Adilson Godoy has been an active composer since this release, with music recorded by Elis Regina, Elizeth Cardoso, Walter Wanderley, Lenita Bruno and many other renowned artists. Tracks include:


Adilson Godoy
(piano, voice)

Erlon Chaves



Track List

01 - Prece a Chuva (Adilson Godoy)
02 - Flor da Manhã (Adilson Godoy)
03 - Não Chora Não Zé (Adilson Godoy)
04 - É Demais Sonhar Você (Adilson Godoy)
05 - Preconceito (Adilson Godoy)
06 - Tristeza Inocente (Adilson Godoy)
07 - Sou Sem Paz (Adilson Godoy)
08 - Eternidade (Luis Chaves / Adilson Godoy)
09 - Bobo da Corte (Adilson Godoy)
10 - Desesperança (Adilson Godoy)
11 - Só de Saudade (Adilson Godoy)
12 - Tema Para os Olhos Dela (Adilson Godoy)


Leny Eversong - A Voz de Leny Eversong (1955)

Hello, Good Evening! I was organizing and cleaning the LPs received on both recent donations to Loronix and I had a surprise. In the middle of a double LP -- since the beginning heavier than the average -- I could find enclosed this 10-Inch, not a regular one, just the first LP recorded by Leny Eversong in 1955, an artist that always receives acclamations by Loronixers with a lot of downloads on each release. Let's see.

This is Leny Eversong - A Voz de Leny Eversong (1955), for Copacabana. I wrote an email to the collaborator asking permission for posting and directions to return it to her and she said it was a special surprise to Loronixers. I think we need to say a big thanks to her; this album was the first LP recorded by Leny Eversong featuring orchestra accompaniment and arrangements by Maestro Gaya and Maestro Guerra Peixe on tracks "Otindere", "Mae de Ouro" and "Lamento tupi". We are close to cover complete Leny Eversong discography; Caetano Rodrigues is including some surprises on his next package to Loronixers. Tracks include:

01 - Lamento Tupi (Leny Eversong / Maria Silvia)
02 - El Cumbanchero (Rafael Hernandez) Tierra Va Tembla (Mariano Meceron) "Canto Afro-Cubano"
03 - Na Baixa do Sapateiro (Ary Barroso)
04 - Mãe de Ouro (Zé do Norte)
05 - Jezebel (Shanklin)
06 - Otinderê (Leyde Olivé)
07 - Canta Brasil (Alcyr Pires Vermelho / David Nasser) Aquarela do Brasil (Ary Barroso) Canta Brasil (Benedito Lacerda / Aldo Cabral)


Os Cariocas - Mestres da MPB (1994)

We cannot go wrong with this album, sent two months ago by a non-identified collaborator. Don't let the cover artwork cheats you; this is not a compilation that can be evaluated at a first sight. Let's see what we have inside.

This is Os Cariocas - Mestres da MPB (1994), for Warner Music. Mestres da MBP was a series of compilations released by Warner to take advantage of the CD age by remastering old analogy tapes to digital format. Everybody asks me to gather the old Os Cariocas 78 rpm recordings, but they are quite impossible to find and this post address this issue bringing some remastered songs released on those recordings. This cover artworks is also of not showing Os Cariocas as a quintet, instead of the usual quartet formation. Thanks collaborator for the nice cover scans and autographs. Tracks include:


Moacyr Peixoto Trio - Jeito Brasileiro | Brazilian Way (1996)

Fantastic album. Sorry for my enthusiasm, but this record really deserves our attention. Moacyr Peixoto known discography has just a few albums, most of them very hard to find and this one was not listed on my hunting list. Jeito Brasileiro | Brazilian Way was issued by Projeto MFS - which I do not know if it is a record label or a marketing initiative - on a very limited number of copies and never made available commercially. Moacyr Peixoto was a pioneer on blending Jazz and Samba influences together, delivering instrumental music as we know by Samba Jazz, which is all about this post.

This is Moacyr Peixoto Trio - Jeito Brasileiro | Brazilian Way (1996), for Projeto MFS, the last album recorded by the legendary Brazilian Jazz pianist Moacyr Peixoto, delivering seventeen Samba Jazz renditions of Brazilian classics. I think I said everything you should know at the first paragraph, stay with Moacyr Peixoto Trio, personnel and track list. Tracks include:


Moacyr Peixoto
Lito Robledo
Magno Bissoli Siqueira

Track List

01 - Nao me Diga Adeus
02 - A Voz do Morro
03 - Molambo
04 - Ai que Saudades da Amelia
05 - Encontro com a Saudade
06 - Se Acaso Voce Chegasse
07 - Tarde em Itapoan
08 - Este Seu Olhar
09 - Nem Eu
10 - Voce Nao Sabe Amar
11 - Eu Sei que Vou te Amar
12 - Na Baixa do Sapateiro
13 - Fechei a Porta
14 - Agora e Cinza
15 - Cabelos Brancos
16 - Recordar
17 - Da Cor do Pecado


Monday, June 18, 2007

Trio Surdina & Baiao Nr. 2 - Two Musidisc 10-Inches (1953)

I would like to make something different now by showing two very old and nice 10-inch records released by Musidisc in 1953. The first, everybody known the group and musicians, the legendary Trio Surdina with their original formation, featuring Fafa Lemos, Chiquinho do Acordeon and Garoto on a tribute album to Dorival Caymmi and Noel Rosa. The second has three different main performers fitting on the small 10-inch media, Tres Marias, Leal Brito and Catulo de Paula, which is an artist requested by Loronixers. Let's see the first with a single download link for both at the end.

This is Trio Surdina - Trio Surdina Interpreta Noel Rosa e Dorival Caymmi (1953), for Musidisc, with the four tracks of side A dedicated to Dorival Caymmi and the others of side B to Noel Rosa. Tracks include:


Fafa Lemos
(violin, voice)
Chiquinho do Acordeon

Track List

01 - Nem Eu (Dorival Caymmi)
02 - O Que É Que a Baiana Tem (Dorival Caymmi)
03 - O Mar (Dorival Caymmi)
04 - Não Tem Solução (Dorival Caymmi / Carlos Guinle)
05 - Fita Amarela (Noel Rosa)
06 - Três Apitos (Noel Rosa)
07 - Conversa de Botequim (Noel Rosa / Vadico)
08 - Com Que Roupa (Noel Rosa)

Our second Musidisc 10-inch feature three artists on a single album, As Tres Marias, a renowned female vocal trio in the 40's to 50's, the pianist Leal Brito, accompanied by a sextet and Catulo de Paula, making his debut on recordings.

This is Tres Marias, Leal Brito e Catulo de Paula - Baiao Nr. 2 (1953), for Musidisc. The kind of music you will hear at Baiao Nr. 2 is really disconnected with the "modern" Bossa Nova times we know up to the late 50's until today. Tracks include:

01 - Onda do Mar (Leal Brito / Paulo Soledade) - TRES MARIAS
02 - Chuveu to Vortando (Catulo de Paula / Carlos Galindo) - CATULO DE PAULA
03 - Celeste no Baiao (Nilo Sergio) - LEAL BRITO
04 - Concerto no Baiao (adapt. Nilo Sergio / Leal Brito) - LEAL BRITO
05 - Ciranda no Baiao (adapt. Nilo Sergio) - LEAL BRITO
06 - Tico Tico de Campina (Jorge Faraj / Leal Brito) - TRES MARIAS
07 - Mania do Mane (Catulo de Paula / Carlos Galindo) - CATULO DE PAULA
08 - Baiao Moreno (Barriguinha / Caco Velho) - TRES MARIAS


Nilo Sergio - Danca e Romance (1962)

Hello, Good Evening! Let's start this Monday, how can I say, "classy", showing an album issued by the legendary record label Nilser, Musidisc subsidiary. Nilser was Nilo Sergio creation for the "De Luxe" albums, featuring nice and really unique covers with that circular opening that reveals part of a beautiful picture inside. It is impossible to show via Internet, but Nilser covers do not bend easily, they are made from a very tough material. Let's see what Nilo Sergio delivers on his first solo LP at Loronix.

This is Nilo Sergio - Danca e Romance (1962), for Nilser. Some websites credit Nilo Sergio Sua Orquestra e Vozes as the main performer of Danca e Romance, however, I could not find a single reference written on any piece of this album. Do not let the title "Danca e Romance" cheats you, this album has some very nice Samba songs performed by a male singer, probably Pedrinho Rodrigues, although some friends credit crooner participation as Orlan Divo. Anyway, you will have now the chance to check this out, hearing this nice piece. Tracks include:

01 - Vai Menina (Nilo Sergio)
02 - Quiereme Mucho (Gonzalo Roig)
03 - Ranchero (Nilo Sergio)
04 - I've Got You Under My Skin (Cole Porter)
05 - Moon River (J. Mercer / Henry Mancini)
06 - Lolita Ya Ya (Harris / Riddle)
07 - Hymne à L'amour (Edith Piaf / Marguerite Monnot)
08 - Tonight (S. Sondheim / L. Bernstein)
09 - Dos Perdidos (Nilo Sergio)
10 - El Manisero (Moisés Simons)
11 - Em Las Vegas (Nilo Sergio)
12 - I Could Have Danced All Night (A. J. Lerner / F. Loewe)


Baden Powell - Poema on Guitar (1967)

Everybody who loves the music from Brazil is with a little sadness inside and I'm also feeling tired, by this not usual day. We must go on. I would not think twice moving forward with a instrumental guitar album recorded by Baden Powell taking the help of the folks of Brazil-on-Guitar, I could not make better than BOG to describe Poema on Guitar, which is considered one of the best instrumental only Baden Powell album in the 60's.

This is Baden Powell - Poema on Guitar (1967), for Saba. Brazil-on-Guitar says: "In 1967 BP recorded his first album in Germany: Poema On Guitar. It was his second record on the SABA label and again JEB was the producer. What can be said about Tristeza on Guitar can be found on this record, too. Both are among his best instrumental recordings of the sixties.

After his appearance in the Berlin Jazz days on November 5th JEB organised first class musicians for the recording sessions: Eberhard Weber on bass, Sidney Smith on flute and Charly Antolini on drums. BP was so impressed with this rhythm group that he wanted to return to Germany to record more with them. But only in 1971 he recorded two albums with the well appreciated Eberhard Weber.

A possible interpretation of this record can be done on the selection and order of the songs: it could be seen as personal reminiscence of Sylvia Telles, who died on December 17th 1966. Feitinha, the girl, followed by Dindi, dedicated to her, Consolacao, comfort and melancholy Tristeza e Solidao.

On the second side there are baroque elements combined with Jazz: Samba triste, BP's first hit in Brazil and his opening piece in the Berlin Jazz days, Euridice, calling from the realm of the dead, All the things you are, in a very beautiful arrangement for accoustic guitar, and Reza, a prayer, sung in 1966 by Edu Lobo in the last tour with Sylvia Telles.

In Japan POG was released in 1999 on CD in the known high quality. On the sampler "Three originals" (1993) can be found the entire record. It is however split on two CDs, but follows the original side change of the LP." Tracks include:


Baden Powell
Sidney Smith
Eberhard Weber
Charly Antolini

Track List

01 - Feitinha Pro Poeta (Baden Powell / Luis Fernando Freire)
02 - Dindi (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
03 - Consolação (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
04 - Tristeza e Solidão (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
05 - Samba Triste (Baden Powell / Billy Blanco)
06 - Valsa de Eurídice (Vinicius de Moraes)
07 - All The Things You Are (J. Kerr / O. Hammerstein II)
08 - Reza (Edu Lobo / Ruy Guerra)


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Special Post | Durval Ferreira Tribute

In this sad day for the music from Brazil, I did my best with Caetano and others very collaborative friends on making available a tribute to the passing of Durval Ferreira. We made a compilation with compositions and Durval Ferreira performing as musician using the two LPs recorded by Os Gatos, the first two Tamba Trios and also Sergio Mendes with Cannonball Ardley - Bossa Nova. Durval Ferreira passing caught us by surprise and I hope Loronix tribute can help to promote his memory around our community. A link to Amazon is available; you can directly help by purchasing the first and only Durval Ferreira solo album, Batida Diferente (2004).

This is Durval Ferreira Tribute. Tracks include:

01 - Clouds - Cannonball Adderley & Bossa Rio
02 - Clichet - Os Gatos
03 - Joyce's Sambas - Cannonball Adderley & Bossa Rio
04 - Nuvens - Os Gatos
05 - Vento do Mar - Tamba Trio
06 - Sambidu - Os Gatos
07 - Sambops - Cannonball Adderley & Bossa Rio
08 - Batida Diferente - Cannonball Adderley & Bossa Rio
09 - Chuva - Os Gatos
10 - Moca Flor Tamba Trio
11 - Tristeza de Nos Dois - Tamba Trio
12 - Samba Novo - Tamba Trio
13 - Deixa Como Está - Tamba Trio
14 - Estamos Ai - Os Gatos
15 - Tudo Que É Preciso - Os Gatos
16 - Mania De Esnobismo - Tamba Trio
17 - Esperanca - Tamba Trio



Durval Ferreira

O Loronix e amigos se reunem em uma grande corrente de pensamentos positivos pela memória de Durval Ferreira, guitarrista, um dos maiores compositores da Bossa Nova e um dos melhores músicos que o Brasil entregou ao mundo.

Durval Ferreira
26-01-1935 | 17-06-2007



Dick Farney & Claudette Soares - Tudo Isto e Amor (1976)

It is disappointing when you do not give value to something based on personal criterion and mannerisms or taking the others opinion and the truth. That's exactly what happened with the first collaboration between Dick Farney and Claudette Soares, Tudo Isto e Amor, Volume One. I thought Volume Two - made available a couple of weeks ago at Loronix - was the best album and I'm shamed to realize this week that Volume One is several times better than the previous one. Volume one is really nice and I decided to show it today to Loronixers, perhaps I feel better on making it.

This is Dick Farney & Claudette Soares - Tudo Isto e Amor (1976), for Odeon. Better repertoire, beautiful arrangements and breathtaking performances in duo or solo by Dick Farney and Claudette Soares. I have been reading today several reviews and this album is highly recommended, no exception. Dick Farney makes a fascinating rendition of Tenderly (Lawrence / Gross), made available bellow as a teaser showing Farney interpretations on top of images of Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of the last century. Tracks include:

01 - O Que É Amar (Johnny Alf)
02 - Minha Namorada (Carlos Lyra / Vinicius de Moraes)
03 - Este Seu Olhar (Tom Jobim)
04 - De Você Eu Gosto (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
05 - É Preciso Dizer Adeus (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
06 - Castigo (Dolores Duran)
07 - Tudo Isto É Amor (Laura Maria)
08 - Fotografia (Tom Jobim)
09 - Tenderly (Lawrence / Gross)
10 - O Nosso Olhar (Sergio Ricardo)
11 - Somos Dois (Armando Cavalcanti / Klécius Caldas / Luis Antônio)