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Bobby Hackett and Billy Butterfield - Bobby / Billy / Brasil (1967) featuring Luiz Henrique and Sivuca

Caetano sent this record with all other wonderful ones to out Tom Jobim Tribute. Caetano, this is something that you cannot do with a friend. I had to make the Tribute, big rush, working hard to be with everything ready on time and this wonderful piece starring at me and saying: "Caetano sent me just to make you mad...". The tribute is over and today I could appreciate it, as this record deserves. Thanks Caetano, very wise to put this one in the middle.

This is Bobby Hackett and Billy Butterfield - Bobby / Billy / Brasil (1967), for Verve, featuring the voice and the acoustic guitar of Luiz Henrique and the voice and accordion of Sivuca. Bobby Hackett and Billy Butterfield are trumpet players. The magic of this recording session is indeed Luiz Henrique rhythm guitar and the eventual accordion of Sivuca that also uses his voice as an instrument on a unique way. It is also amazing that Bobby, Billy, Brazil, released in 1967, never had the chance to be reissued on CD, I'm happy that Caetano is my great friend to reveal such things to Loronixers. Tracks include:

01 - Dancing in The Dark
02 - Sunny
03 - Cherokee
04 - Quiet Nights
05 - Never Ever Leave me (Nunca me Deixes)
06 - Baia
07 - That's All
08 - Love is Here to Stay
09 - Dawm Comes Again
10 - Foggy Day
11 - Brasil

Conjunto Balambossa - Poema do Adeus

Mr. D&C will be pleased with this post. Since the fist list sent to zecalouro, Mr. D&C had this LP listed. I'm happy to have it now to Mr. D&C and Loronixers, it was part of another of those nice opportunities at the old vinyl shops in Rio.

This is Conjunto Balambossa - Poema do Adeus (no date), for Coledisc. Another Conjunto Balanbossa LP was released last year. I remember that I said that sometimes the record companies uses to create bands or groups just to make specific releases. I think this is also the case, this LP is different from that one and seems to be played by different musicians. Let's see what happens. Tracks include:

01 - Na Cadência do Samba (Ataulfo Alves / Paulo Gesta)
02 - Chora Tua Tristeza (Oscar Castro Neves / Luvercy Fiorini)
03 - Nós e o Mar (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
04 - Se Você Disser Que Sim (Luis Bandeira)
05 - Tamanco no Samba (Orlann Divo / Hélton Menezes)
06 - Quem Manda na Minha Vida (Herivelto Martins / Raul Sampaio)
07 - Poema do Adeus (Luis Antônio)
08 - Samba da Madrugada (Dora Lopes / Carminha Mascarenhas / Herotides)
09 - Corcovado (Tom Jobim)
10 - Gamação (João Roberto Kelly)
11 - Palhaçada (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis)
12 - Volta Por Cima (Paulo Vanzolini)

Joao Roberto Kelly e Luiz Reis - Samba a Quatro Maos (1964)

When I took this LP for a hearing I did not realize how good it was. Like the Jazzman uses to say, do not walk to it, run. This is an enjoyable set of two pianists playing and singing Samba. People say that zecalouro uses to say that all records are Samba records while they are Bossa Nova, etc. Forgive-me if I'm wrong, but this LP is a Samba LP by definition.

This is Joao Roberto Kelly and Luiz Reis - Samba em Quatro Maos (1964), for RCA. Joao Roberto Kelly and Luiz Reis are pianists and composers and this is the difference on this LP that seams that was recorded on a very relaxed session with smiles on the face of both. I have been asking everybody about this LP and I could only hear people saying that it is a solid release, from start to end, don't miss it and join this selected club. Tracks include:

01 - Cara de Pau (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis)
02 - Faço Um Lê-lelê (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis) -- Gamação (João Roberto Kelly)
03 - Samba de Balanço (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis) -- Pirata da Calçada (João Roberto Kelly)
04 - Leilão (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis) -- Brotinho Bossa Nova (João Roberto Kelly)
05 - Lá Vou Eu (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis)
06 - Samba de Teleco-teco (João Roberto Kelly) -- Desfolhando a Margarida (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis)
07 - Só Vou de Balanço (João Roberto Kelly)
08 - Boato (João Roberto Kelly) -- Lamento Bibop (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis)
09 - Ciuminho (João Roberto Kelly)
10 - Sua Boca É Um Perigo (João Roberto Kelly) -- Samba do Trouxa (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis)
11 - Palhaçada (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis) -- Zé da Conceição (João Roberto Kelly)
12 - Canequinho (Aloísio Silva Araújo / Luis Reis)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Erlon Chaves e a Sua Banda Veneno Internacional - Banda Veneno Internacional (1973)

zecalouro was neutral with Sergio Mendes but got completely nuts with this one. zecalouro makes some sort of quality control on Loronix releases. He is a big fan of the old Brazilian singers, their vibratos and strong voices. Trombone albums are also his favorites and he gets really crazy with voices being used as instruments, he tries to makes the same at a first hearing.

This is Erlon Chaves e Sua Banda Veneno - Banda Veneno Internacional (1973), for Fontana, with the track All My Loving for You not allowed to be played for zecalouro, until further notice. This first track is amazing; this song was part of my childhood. The choir singing like a trombone is really great and the melody is easy to memorize. You will get yourself repeating it several times daily like a mantra. Don’t blame it on zecalouro, you are now warned. Tracks include:

01 - All My Love Is For You (N. Keys)
02 - Tears In My Eyes (Hensley)
03 - Listen To The Music (T. Johnston) -- Woman (F. Arbex)
04 - I'd Love You To Wat Me (Lobo) -- Philosopher (Papini / Schartz)
05 - Superman (A. Vitalis / Haubrich) -- I'm On Fire (Findon / Anthony)
06 - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (Stevie Wonder) -- Where Is The Love (R. MacDonald / W. Salter)
07 - Carly & Carole (Eumir Deodato)
08 - Why Can't We Live Together (T. Thomas) -- Clair (G. O'Sullivan)
09 - Listen (P. Bryan) -- When I'm a Kid (S. Vlavianos / C. Chalkitis / B. Bergman)
10 - Don't Say Goodbye (P. Bryan / J. Saloman / Chrystian) -- Don't Turn Around (P. Adams)

Antonio Carlos Jobim and Frank Sinatra - Sinatra Jobim, the Lost Tape (1969)

I have no doubts that we have a wonderful closing to our 48 Hours of Tom Jobim at Loronix tribute. Thanks to Cesar Saldanha to make it available and for the continuous research on everything we need to know about this tape. Thanks Caetano Rodrigues that put his hands on the search to realize some important facts about this tape.

Thanks Loronixers for being here giving feedback on each release. I think we could accomplish together a truly significant tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim legacy, making available his works and the works of other artist that were also great admirers of Tom Jobim as we are. I'm tired, but honored for making it and proud of the support of everybody. Some materials were sent in the last minute using the send files icon that could not be made available timely for this homage, thanks also for this last minute support. Your contribution was saved and will be shared later. Let's see what we have here.

This is Antonio Carlos Jobim and Frank Sinatra - SinatraJobim, The Lost Tape (1969), for Reprise Records. I'm not writing the truth, only assumptions gathered during the last days, since the great Cesar Saldanha sent this tape to us. What we could understand for this media, this is a tape for a sesion that would be released in 1969 as the second Antonio Carlos Jobim and Sinatra collaboration. For reasons that I can only write as assumption, Frank Sinatra did not like the outcome and the record company had to withdraw this music in the last minute. Some of these tracks were used on other records, specially the one known as Sinatra & Company (1971), for Reprise.

But there is an exception. Track 10 - Off-Key (Desafinado) was never released on any media, except this lost tape. That is what makes this an amazing release, a widely unknown Sinatra recording of a classic Antonio Carlos Jobim composition. The sequence of pictures is self-explanatory. If you agree, know more or have a different story to tell, that's the idea, feel free to engage the discussion and collaborate.

Thanks once again for supporting 48 Hours of Tom Jobim at Loronix. I was almost forgetting to say, Tracks Include:

01 - Sabia
02 - Bonita
03 - Drinking Water (Agua de Beber)
04 - One Note Samba (Samba de Uma Nota So)
05 - Don't Ever go Away (Por Causa de Voce)
06 - Someone to Light Up my Life
07 - Triste
08 - Wave
09 - This Happy Madness (Estrada Branca)
10 - Off Key (Desafinado) - Never Released

Last Minute information: Eumir Deodato is the arranger and plays the piano.

Phil Woods & Irio de Paula - Encontro (on Jobim) (2001)

Caetano knows the business, I felt in love by this record since the first hearing. This is one of the 7 albums recorded by Phil Woods in a five days period in Italy, 2001. When I read about it, thought that this record would be a minor working on Phil Woods career. As usual, another great mistake of mine. It is a masterpiece. It was record as a duo with another great and very underrated Brazilian artist, Irio de Paula.

This is Phil Woods & Irio de Paula - Encontro (on Jobim) (2001), for Philology (Italy). This album landmark the first time he has played clarinet exclusively throughout a session. If you want to know more, Phil Wood was not familiar with the works of the Brazilian guitarist Irio de Paula prior the first day of recording, which should be a single day of recording since Phil recorded 7 albums in 5 days. Great record, very hard to find, released in Italy on a very limited edition. And it is all about Antonio Carlos Jobim. Tracks include:

01 - Eu Sei que Vou te Amar
02 - Samba do Aviao
03 - O Grande Amor
04 - Corcovado
05 - A Felicidade
06 - Brigas Nunca Mais
07 - Retrato em Branco e Preto
08 - Ana Luisa
09 - Days of Wine and Rose
10 - Autumn Leaves

Vincent Herring - Jobim for Lovers (1999)

... and we're back! I have been trying to understand this album title since the association of the couple and the title can lead you to understand that it is an album for lovers - people who are in love to each other - based on Antonio Carlos Jobim composition. Once again, I was wrong. Jobim for Lovers is Antonio Carlos Jobim for people who Loves Antonio Carlos Jobim. A rephrase is required; I would make it again as "Jobim for Jobim Lovers". If you understand what I’m trying to say...

This is Vincent Herring - Jobim for Lovers (1999), for Music Masters Jazz, featuring the empeccably well played saxophone of Vincent Herring accompanied by a three Brazilian musicians, Duduka da Fonseca, Romero Lubambo and Nilson Matta. Thanks once again to Caetano Rodrigues. I never had the chance to know how Vincent Herring blows his sax and it was a great opportunity to make it from Antonio Carlos Jobim repertoire. The bossanovadreamer will also hit the ceiling with this record. Tracks include:


Nilson Matta

Gary Fischer

Duduka da Fonseca

Romero Lubambo

Vincent Herring
(sax alto, soprano and tenor)

Track List

01 - Brigas Nunca Mais
02 - Samba do Aviao
03 - O Grande Amore
04 - One Note Samba
05 - Eu Sei que Vou te Amar
06 - Este Seu Olhar
07 - Once I Loved
08 - Wave

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Varios Artistas - O Pequeno Principe (1958)

This album was not planned on our Tom Jobim tribute, but I read the Mighty JimR saying that he did not have this one, so I fell the obligation of sharing with Loronix friends.

This is O Pequeno Principe (1958), for Fiesta, featuring compositions and arrangements by Antonio Carlos Jobim. O Pequeno Principe the Portuguese version of The Little Prince written by Saint-Exupéry. Just to tracks with speech in Portuguese and incidental music. I consider O Pequeno Principe an album for completionist, but Loronixers seems to be completionists by definition. No tracks this time.

Music Video | Antonio Carlos Jobim - Live - Canada (1986)

It was wise of zecalouro to create a new streaming service to Loronix. Our 48 Hours of Tom Jobim is getting the benefits of this new feature. Now we can watch long length videos with no limitations. The only concern is the hosting service bill at the end of the month. If you want to help us to keep the streaming services up and running and the videos available permanently, please consider donate to Loronix. This is the end of my little personal message. Thanks.

This is Antonio Carlos Jobim at Canada Jazz Festival (1986), a live performance on a very good quality featuring 56 minutes of Jobim's concert. This concert is all about happiness with Jobim at his peak. I'm not sure but probably this show features Banda Nova, one of Jobim bands that I like most. Anyway, there is a lot to be discussed about this video. Close the door, turn the lights out and stay with this awe Antonio Carlos Jobim Concert.

Hope uEnjoy!

Sylvia Telles - Sylvia Telles Sings the Wonderful Songs of Antonio Carlos Jobim (1965)

An exceptional date needs and exceptional album. This singer is perhaps the most celebrated at Loronix and for every Bossa Nova enthusiast. Wise of Caetano for taking this tremendous album to our tribute. Big coincidence also, since I could have made this post earlier and the chance of making it on such special date would be lost. I'm happy about this.

This is Sylvia Telles - Sylvia Telles Sings the Wonderful Songs of Antonio Carlos Jobim (1965), for Kapp Records (USA), also released in Brazil by Elenco, MEV-65 as The Music of Mr. Jobim by Sylvia Telles. Sylvia sings in Portuguese and English a repertoire of Antonio Carlos Jobim compositions, produced by Aloysio de Oliveira with Arrangements of Maestro Lindolfo Gaya. I'm just a little bit disappointed of not have a movie of Sylvia Telles available, so I'm posting a nice picture of her that you will find with the music. The cover artwork is one of those things that only Caetano Rodrigues can show us. I want to say thanks to Caetano for the amazing support given to our 48 Hours with Jobim series. Tracks include:

01 - Useless Lasdcape (Inútil Paisagem) (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira / Vrs. R. Gilbert)
02 - Dreamer (Vivo Sonhando) (Tom Jobim / Vrs. Lees)
03 - Samba Torto (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
04 - Once I Loved (Amor Em Paz) (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes / Vrs. R. Gilbert)
05 - And Roses And Roses ( das Rosas) (Dorival Caymmi / Vrs. R. Gilbert)
06 - Eu Preciso de Você (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
07 - All That's Left Is To Say Goodbye (Eu Preciso Dizer Adeus) (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes / Vrs. R. Gilbert)
08 - Samba de Uma Nota Só (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
09 - Quiet Nights (Corcovado) (Tom Jobim / Vrs. R. Gilbert)
10 - Bonita (Tom Jobim / Vrs. R. Gilbert)
11 - Dindi (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira / Vrs. Ray Gilbert)
12 - How Insensitive (Insensatez) (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes / Vrs. Gimbell)

Eliane Elias - Eliane Elias Sings Jobim (1998)

I would never forget this record, the Brazilian Jazz pianist based in New York Eliane Elias also made her tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim. Eliane Elias is an artist that makes the bridge between classical music and jazz, releasing albums for both styles. Eliane Elias inherited her musical talents from her mother Lucy, also pianist.

This is Eliane Elias - Eliane Elias Sings Jobim (1998), for Blue Note. In spite of her talent playing piano, Eliane Elias also sings all tracks on this album, not with the competence of her peers, such like Tania Maria, Flora Purim and others, but this is a nice tribute album to Antonio Carlos Jobim that should be not left apart on our celebration. Caetano likes a lot this album, released only in the United States and probably unknown to many Loronix friends outside US. Tracks include:


Paulinho Braga


Oscar Castro Neves
(guitar and producer)

Eliane Elias
(piano and vocals)

Michael Brecker
(sax tenor)

Marc Johnson

Track List

01 - Garota De Ipanema (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
02 - Samba De Uma Nota Só (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
03 - Só Danço Samba (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
04 - Ela É Carioca (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes / Ray Gilbert)
05 - Anos Dourados (Tom Jobim / Chico Buarque)
06 - Desafinado (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
07 - Falando De Amor (Tom Jobim)
08 - Samba Do Avião (Tom Jobim)
09 - A Felicidade (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
10 - Por Toda Minha Vida (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
11 - How Insensitive (Insensatez) (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
12 - Esquecendo Você (Tom Jobim)
13 - Pois É (Tom Jobim / Chico Buarque)
14 - Amor Em Paz (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)

15 - Modinha (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
16 - Caminhos Cruzados (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)

Homenagem a Antonio Carlos Jobim - Instrumental 2

I spoke with Caetano and hour ago by phone and I'm happy with that phone call, it was useful to remember this record, we simply forgot it among several options we had to make this tribute. I would be very disappointed if I did not remember this album, a truly awe RGE compilation of instrumental Jobim songs played by the Bossa Nova Trios, Combos and artists that we love together at Loronix. Let's see why it should be so disappointing if I have missed it.

This is Homenagem a Antonio Carlos Jobim - Instrumental 2 (no date), for RGE, featuring Paulinho Nogueira, Raul Mascarenhas, Zimbo Trio, Pedrinho Mattar, Quarteto Bossamba, Dick Farney, Raul de Souza, Som Tres, Os Intocaveis and Breno Sauer Quinteto. I spoke with Caetano about this record and he said that some tracks were only released by RGE in single or EP, so I think this LP be a great excitement to Loronixers. Tracks include:

01 - Corcovado - Paulinho Nogueira
02 - Wave - Raul Mascarenhas
03 - Garota de Ipanema - Zimbo Trio
04 - Desafinado - Pedrinho Mattar
05 - Vivo Sonhando - Quarteto Bossamba
06 - Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Voce - Dick Farney
07 - Anos Dourados - Raul de Souza
08 - So Saudade - Quarteto Bossamba
09 - O Morro Nao Tem Vez - Som Tres
10 - Samba do Aviao - Os Intocaveis
11 - So Tinha de Ser Com Voce - Zimbo Trio
12 - Meditacao - Dick Farney
13 - Luciana - Breno Sauer Quinteto
14 - Chega de Saudade - Pedrinho Mattar

Antonio Carlos Jobim - The Composer of Desafinado Plays (1963)

Hello, Good Day! Yes, day. I'm starting today earlier than usual to attend Kiko Continentino concert, playing 80 Jobim compositions in Rio de Janeiro. We will make an hiatus for the concert and then getting back Loronix ending our 48 Hours of Tom Jobim. It will be a great day where I will finally get in touch with several new friends I had the chance to know here. So, let's start the day with a recommendation of Ronam Ribeiro, made this morning at Cbox.

This is Antonio Carlos Jobim - The Composer of Desafinado Plays (1963), for Verve, also released in Brazil as Antonio Carlos Jobim - Antonio Carlos Jobim (1964), for Elenco as ME-9. This is Antonio Carlos Jobim debut LP. There were several different releases of this LP with many different cover artworks; I'm showing the one that I have on better conditions, which is the German edition. We started the first day with an early Jobim 10-inch and now we are starting the second with his debut LP. Tracks include:


Claus Ogerman
(arrangements and conduction)

Antonio Carlos Jobim
(piano, guitar and vocals)

Jimmy Cleveland

Leo Wright

George Duvivier

Edison Machado

Track List

01 - Garota de Ipanema (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
02 - Amor Em Paz (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
03 - Água de Beber (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
04 - Vivo Sonhando (Dreamer) (Tom Jobim)
05 - O Morro Não Tem Vez (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
06 - Insensatez (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
07 - Corcovado (Tom Jobim)
08 - Samba de Uma Nota Só (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
09 - Meditação (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
10 - Só Danço Samba (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
11 - Chega de Saudade (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
12 - Desafinado (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)

The Adventurers - Original Sound Track (1970)

This is the great close of the first day of 48 Hours of Tom Jobim tribute. I hope you have enjoyed, just as I had a tremendous pleasure on making it with Caetano Rodrigues assistance. The idea was to show several different aspects of Antonio Carlos Jobim music, being of use for those who never had the chance to hear Jobim music and also for fans with unique Jobim's LP. Tomorrow we will have our second and last day, completely different from the first one. I will appreciate a lot if you provide feedback on this tribute, so we can make better plans for the remaining tributes that will be scheduled throughout 2007. Thanks!

This is The Adventurers - Original Sound Track (1970), for Paramount. The film is known as bellow standard, but the great highlight is the sound track with music by Antonio Carlos Jobim. A very hard to find LP sent by Caetano to our tribute.

The Adventurers landmarks the first recording of two important Jobim songs, Children's Game, changed to Chovendo na Roseira when got lyrics of Jobim and Dax & Amparo (Love Theme), changed to Olha Maria when lyrics from Vinicius de Moraes and Chico Buarque de Hollanda created the lyrics. The Adventurers is arranged and conducted by Eumir Deodato. Tracks include:

01 - Main Title
02 - Children's Games
03 - Rome Montage
04 - Bolero
05 - Dax Rides
06 - Dax & Amparo (Love Theme)
07 - Corteguay (Deodato)
08 - The Long Trek
09 - Search For Amparo
10 - That Old Black Magic (Mercer/Arlen)
11 - Bitter Victory
12 - A Bed Of Flowers For Sue Ann

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Heirs to Jobim - A Musical Tribute (1997)

Many tributes albums were released by the time of Jobim's passing and I'm sure this is one of the best ones. As a matter of fact, it is a Caetano Rodrigues selection to Loronixers who takes his peaks very seriously, specially as part of out tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim. Let's check this delicious record.

This is Heirs to Jobim - A Musical Tribute (1997), for RCA, as an Amazon reviewer, Tom Jobim would be very proud of this tribute, featuring The New York Voices, Philip Hamilton, Lisa Ono, Joao Donato, Arto Lindsay, Randy Brecker Session, Flora Purim, Leon Russell, Gil Goldstein and Antonio Carlos Jobim, performing Estrada Branca with Lisa Ono. Tracks include:

01 - Desafinado - New York Voices
02 - Waters of March - Philip Hamilton
03 - Garota de Ipanema - Lisa Ono and Joao Donato
04 - Ligia - Arto Lindsay
05 - Corcovado - Randy Becker Session
06 - Agua de Beber - Flora Purim
07 - Modinha - New York Voices
08 - Meditation - Leon Russell
09 - Olha Maria - Gil Goldstein
10 - Estada Branca - Antonio Carlos Jobim and Lisa Ono

Music Video - Antonio Carlos Jobim at Carnegie Hall (1994)

In 1994, Tom Jobim starred with Pat Metheny, Joe Henderson and others a show at Carnegie Hall. It is really special performances that took place a couple of months before Tom's passing at the age of 67. I'm showing this video, available for a limited time, four days or so. It is a long video, 22 minutes; I suggest that you take a time to watch it from start to end. Really meaningful.

Hope uEnjoy!

Attention: If you cannot play the video inside Loronix, please check this alternative, here.

Manfredo Fest - Just Jobim (1998)

I had the chance to hear this LP for the first time yesterday; I did not know what I was missing. I decided to post this album as the second of our tribute to show how this record surprises me. I don't know details of Manfredo Fest biography and his association to the works of Antonio Carlos Jobim, but the first thing that came on my mind yesterday was that I had in hands a sincere and emotive tribute to Tom Jobim made by a fan, a sincere admirer of the Maestro, so great is the repertoire and so wonderful is the interpretation and details on each song. Thanks for this LP Caetano, truly amazing.

This is Manfredo Fest - Just Jobim (1998), for DMP. On top of everything I said before, this is the last Manfredo Fest LP. I use to never put my personal opinion on records at Loronix and I will make an exception this time, run for it. Period. Some tracks are not well known Jobim works and belongs to a movie soundtrack that you will hear about today, stay tuned. Tracks include:


Manfredo Fest

David Finck

Cyro Baptista

Steve Davis

Track List

01 - Aguas de Marco
02 - Wave
03 - Desafinado
04 - Double Rainbow
05 - Amparo
06 - Girl from Ipanema
07 - Anos Dourados
08 - Agua de Beber
09 - Ligia
10 - So Tinha que Ser com Voce
11 - Quiet Nights
12 - Luisa

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Orfeu da Conceicao (1956) - 10-inch

Hello, Good Night! Today and tomorrow, Loronix is celebrating Antonio Carlos Jobim 80th Anniversary. I have mixed feelings, happiness and sadness, happiness by the opportunity to keep the Maestro memory alive and sad of do not have Antonio Carlos Jobim with us. I hope everybody enjoys our little tribute to the great Maestro. I could not make it without the great help of Caetano Rodrigues. I spoke with Caetano about this tribute and we share the same felling, the honor of make something to one of the greatest musicians of the last century.

Let's start the 48 hours by the beginning, picking up a very early Tom Jobim album released on 10-inch format. This is Antonio Carlos Jobim - Orfeu da Conceicao (1956), for Odeon, an early composition partnership between Tom and Vinicius to the soundtrack of the play Orfeu da Conceicao, featuring the guitar of Luiz Bonfa in all tracks and all songs composed by Tom and Vinicius. I think we could not select a better album to start our Tribute. Tracks Include:

01 - Um Nome de Mulher (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
02 - Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Você (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
03 - Mulher Sempre Mulher (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
04 - Eu e o Meu Amor (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
05 - Lamento no Morro (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
06 - Ouverture (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
07 - Monólogo de Orfeu (Vinicius de Moraes) with Vinicius de Moraes

Doris Day - Latin for Lovers (1965)

Definitively, today was not a great day from the IT side, but from the music side, I think it was one of the greatest ones, sabadabada update with Balanco Trio LP, Briamonte and now this new and amazing LP that I will describe bellow. I hope that all IT issues were solved for tomorrow, 48 Hours of Tom Jobim, as they seem to be right now.

This is Doris Day - Latin for Lovers (1965), for Columbia. Yes, it is exactly what you are seeing and reading, this is Doris Day debut LP at Loronix and I'm sure that you will have a good time with it.

I have to admit that the first time I took a Doris Day for a hearing was today. In my green head, Doris Day was an actress that eventually performs as a singer. Ouch! I was wrong. Doris Day is THE singer, by the way, fantastic singer, fantastic voice and breathtaking beauty. Thanks to Lieze, which is Caetano's wife, absolutely crazy for Doris Day and decided to present Loronixers this LP, very suitable to us, full of Tom Jobim compositions and Bossa Nova rhythms throughout the album.

Thanks Lieze and thanks Caetano for sharing this pearl. This record should reveal several hidden fans of Doris Day. I invite you do discuss Doris Day with us in comments section. Tracks include:

01 - Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Gene Lees)
02 - Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words) (Bart Howard)
03 - Meditation (Meditação)(Antonio Carlos Jobim/Newton Mendonça/Norman Gimbel)
04 - Dansero
05 - Summer Has Gone
06 - How Insensitive (Insensatez) (Vinícius de Moraes/Norman Gimbel)
07 - Slightly Out of Tune (Desafinado) (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Newton Mendonça/Jon Hendricks/Jesse Cavanagh)
08 - Our Day Will Come (Mort Garson/Bob Hilliard)
09 - Be True to Me (Sabor A Mi)
10 - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Quizás, Quizás, Quizás) (Osvaldo Farrés/Joe Davis)
11 - Be Mine Tonight (Noche De Ronda)
12 - Por Favor

Special Post | January Update

This is to announce that Sabadabada, The Sanctuary, was updated today, by the way, a really nice update as usual. Joe Carter will be amazed with Balanco Trio, the one with the beautiful lady on cover. The remaining music updates are all solid and you should not miss. New covers were also made available. I’m presenting bellow a contribution from Sabadabada to Loronixers that is also the "white whale" as Sabadabada said. Thanks once again for this nice update Peter.

And do not miss Sabadabada at

I'm sure you will enjoy!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jose Briamonte - Sambeco, A Musica de Briamonte (1968)

I received this record from, as I said, the pionner website of Brazilian music and Bossa Nova. I'm really proud of it. Sabadabada wrote on the last update that he was hunting this LP for several years. Kindly, sabadabada gave it to Loronixers, this is all about friendship, respect and mutual passion for the music from Brazil. Thanks sabadabada, as a great fan of your website, it is a honor.

This is Jose Briamonte - Sambeco, A Musica de Briamonte (1968), for RCA Victor, a very hard to find LP, the first LP released by Jose Briamonte, prior to the well-known and acclaimed Briamonte Orquestra (1970), Elenco as ME-70, by the way a nice LP that Loronixers are missing. Pretty self-explanatory, a truly rare LP with amazing personnel that is probably unknown to several friends. Tracks include:


Jose Briamonte
(piano and arrangements)
Raul de Souza
Heraldo do Monte
(acoustic guitar)
(drums and percussion)
Irmas Gleb

Track List

01 - Roda de Samba (José Briamonte / Paulo Roberto)
02 - Selva (José Briamonte)
03 - Moça (Luis Roberto Oliveira / Vinicius de Moraes)
04 - The World Goes On (A. Bergman / M. Bergman / Quincy Jones)
05 - Canto Pra Amada (José Briamonte / Paulo Roberto)
06 - Eu e a Brisa (Johnny Alf)
07 - Mr King (Raul de Souza / João Donato)
08 - Travessia (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant)
09 - Whatch What Happens (Michel Legrand / Norman Gimbel)
10 - Januária (Chico Buarque)
11 - Sonho Bom (Garoto / Paulo Roberto)
12 - Yê-melê (Luis Carlos Vinhas / Chico Feitosa)

Joao Donato e Eumir Deodato - Donato Deodato (1969)

Hello, Good Night! I asked zecalouro to introduce to us 48 Hours of Tom Jobim, our tribute to Maestro. It will be amazing. Caetano Rodrigues is fully supporting us with unique releases. I cannot wait until tomorrow to start our tribute. Anyway, let's make today a warm-up day, starting with another fine selection from Caetano, in response of a recommendation made at CBox from the great Beto Kessel suggesting this post. Let's see the outcome of this conversation.

This is Eumir Deodato e Joao Donato - Donato Deodato (1969), for Muse, with autographs on cover made by Eumir Deodato, Joao Donato and Mauricio Einhorn to Caetano and his wife Lieze, really great, the autographs are very particular to each artist personality, Airto Moreira puts a drawing of a smiling face and Joao Donato writes like the way he speaks. You can see details clicking on the image cover above.

Donato Deodato features Joao Donato at the piano with arrangements by Eumir Deodato. The complete personnel listing is available bellow. Tracks include:


Eumir Deodato

Joao Donato

Randy Brecker

Michael Gibson

Romeo Penque

Mauricio Einhorn

Bob Rose

Allan Schwartzberg

Ray Barreto

Airto Moreira

Track List

01 - Whistle Stop (Eumir Deodato / João Donato / Barreto)
02 - Where's J D (Eumir Deodato / João Donato)
03 - Capricorn (João Donato)
04 - Nightripper (João Donato)
05 - You Can Go (João Donato)
06 - Batuque (João Donato / Eumir Deodato)

48 Hours of Tom Jobim at Loronix

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, until Friday, 26th, Loronix will be dedicated to the memory of Antonio Carlos Jobim, we will have 48 hours of music and information to celebrate his 80th anniversary on Thursday, 25th.

Several events will take place in Rio de Janeiro and Loronix is supporting the one who has the "Loronix spirit", Kiko Continentino, top-notch pianist, composer and arranger will perform with his trio and the special guests Os Cariocas, Pery Ribeiro, Nelson Angelo, Pachoal Meirelles, SambaJazz Trio, Chico Batera, an others, 80 - I said 80 - Antonio Carlos Jobim compositions on a single night at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas in Rio.

Kiko and guests, I hope that you sleep early to accomplish this challenge, a great Tour de Force, 80 Jobim songs on a single night.

I will be there and it will be a nice chance to meet Loronixers from Rio de Janeiro and other Brazilian states or even countries. So, if you live outside Rio and Brazil get the chance and come to see this great event.

That's it, tomorrow starts 48 hours of Tom Jobim at Loronix, I'm posting complimentary info on Kiko Continentino Trio and guest concert just bellow.

PS.: Caetano has just sent some Jobim pearls to our tribute that will make us very pleeeased :-)

Thanks, zecalouro

Kiko Continentino Plays Jobim - Homenagem aos 80 anos de Antonio Carlos Jobim

O pianista, compositor e arranjador Kiko Continentino preparou uma homenagem inusitada aos 80 anos do nosso maestro soberano Antônio Carlos Jobim.

Kiko vai tocar 80 músicas do Tom no dia 25 de Janeiro de 2007 (próxima quinta-feira), dia em que o compositor completaria 80 anos. O show será no Drink Café, primeiro quiosque do Parque dos Patins, na Lagoa Rodrigues de Freitas.

Kiko Continentino comanda um trio formado por seu irmão Alberto Continentino (contrabaixo acústico) e Renato Massa (bateria). O repertório vai de sucessos como "Águas de Março", "Luiza", "Anos Dourados" à pérolas como "Olha Maria", "Matita Perê" e "Sabiá". O show terá quatro sets para comportar tantas canções e Kiko ainda contará com o reforço de ilustres convidados:

Os Cariocas, formidável quarteto vocal que ganhou sob encomenda de Tom e Vinícius a canção "Ela é Carioca"; Pery Ribeiro, cantor que ostenta o feito de ter gravado pela primeira vez "Garota de Ipanema". Nelson Ângelo, grande compositor e guitarrista do Clube da Esquina. Paschoal Meirelles, baterista que em 1980 gravou o álbum duplo do Tom "Terra Brasilis". Chico Batera, percussionista da banda de Chico Buarque (em temporada no Canecão), que lançou em 2006 o CD Lume (Biscoito Fino), em trio com Luiz Alves e Kiko Continentino. Nesse disco, o trio gravou "Quebra Pedra" e "Mojave", canções de "lado B" dos discos do maestro; Sambajazz Trio, grupo que Kiko formou com (novamente) o contrabaixista Luiz Alves (que já gravou com Tom) e o fenômeno Clauton "Neguinho" Sales, que toca bateria e trompete ao mesmo tempo. Além de outros grandes instrumentistas do Rio, como Paulinho Trompete, Erivelton Silva, Paulo Russo, Sérgio Barrozo e outros que poderão aparecer na hora e se misturar a essa grande celebração da música de Tom Jobim.


Data: 25 de Janeiro de 2007 – quinta-feira.
Hora: das 20hs até o final da 80ª canção do maestro.
Endereço: Avenida Borges de Medeiros, s/nº, Parque dos Patins, Quiosque nº 5. Rio de Janeiro.
(local do antigo Tívoli Parque da Lagoa)
Couvert artístico: R$5,00

Os Saxsambistas Brasileiros - Bossa Nova Espetacular (60's)

This is a special LP featuring special musicians that is being reposted to Loronixers with the help of Caetano Rodrigues. Some records are part of the time they were recorded and released, I think that an equivalent LP such like this recorded on this decade will never have the charm, magic and impact of hearing such perfect music released 40 years ago. This is the magic to see everybody pleased by a forgotten record made more than 40 years ago.

This is Os Saxsambistas Brasileiros - Bossa Nova Espetacular (60's), for Plaza, arranged by Jose Pacheco Lins and Henrique Gandelman, which is the father of the Brazilian sax player Leo Gandelman. Bossa Nova Espetacular is a top-notch instrumental LP with a repertoire based on Bossa Nova standards and songs composed by Henrique Gandelman. The personnel brings together several names that we are already used to appreciate on later posts, such as: Juarez Araujo, Moacyr Silva, Neco, Wilson das Neves, among others, the full listing is available bellow. Tracks include:


Jaime Araujo, Netinho, Emilio, Wilson Nogueira
(sax alto)
Juarez Araujo, Ze Bodega, Helio Marinho, Moacyr Silva
(sax tenor)
Aurino and Genaldo
(sax baritono)
Jorginho and Copia
Zequinha Marinho
Luis Marinho
Wilson das Neves
Rubens Bassini and Gilson Mello

Track List

01 - Bossambando (Henrique Gandelman)
02 - O Barquinho (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
03 - Este Seu Olhar (Tom Jobim)
04 - Maria Ninguém (Carlos Lyra)
05 - Corcovado (Tom Jobim)
06 - Recado (Djalma Ferreira / Luis Antônio)
07 - Você e Eu (Carlos Lyra / Vinicius de Moraes)
08 - Samba da Minha Terra (Dorival Caymmi)
09 - Saxbossa (Henrique Gandelman)
10 - Oba-la-lá (João Gilberto)
11 - Noite Em Brasília (Henrique Gandelman)
12 - Bossa Nova Opus 3 (Henrique Gandelman)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Johnny Alf - Diagonal (1964)

Hello, Good Night! It has been a long time since the last Johnny Alf LP was made available to Loronixers. Johnny Alf has a great importance to the beginning of Bossa Nova, influencing several renowned artists with his unique piano playing style. Our new friend G Picanco, wrote today some nice stories about him on comments making zecalouro remembers Johnny Alf, so underrated by the establishment and even by the fans of Bossa Nova. Thanks G Picanco for taking Johnny Alf back to the agenda.

This is Johnny Alf - Diagonal (1964), for RCA, the second Johnny Alf LP. I have to admit that I never had the chance to hear Diagonal and now I'm embarrassed, it is a Bossa Nova classic that any serious fan cannot leave behind. Personnel listing is also breathtaking. Tracks include:


Celso Murilo
Santos, Maurilio, Hamilton, Julinho and Wagner
Ze Bodega, Aurino, Macaxeira and Norato
Luis Marinho
Edison Machado
Johnny Alf


01 - Disa (Johnny Alf / Maurício Einhorn)
02 - O Céu Você (Luis Bonfá / Maria Helena Toledo)
03 - Bondinho do Pão-de-açúcar (Armando Cavalcanti / Victor Freire)
04 - Podem Falar (Johnny Alf)
05 - Vejo a Tarde Cair (Tita / Edwiges)
06 - Desejo do Mar (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
07 - Céu e Mar (Johnny Alf)
08 - "Seu" Chopin Desculpe (Johnny Alf)
09 - Diagonal (Durval Ferreira / Maurício Einhorn)
10 - Moça-flor (Durval Ferreira / Luis Fernando Freire)
11 - Têrmos de Canção (Victor Freire / Johnny Alf)
12 - Triste Noturno (Zé Maria / Johnny Alf)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Maria Creuza, Toquinho e Vinicius de Moraes - Eu Sei que Vou te Amar (1972)

This post has a story behind it. I bought this record a couple of weeks ago on a very expensive price, a big amount of money, R$ 1.00 (Um Real), which is equivalent to US$ 0.47039. I'm now very happy to have it with me. When I arrived home with the LP, I opened my inbox and there was an email from Arara Azul with the same LP as a contribution. Really great coincidence. So I decided to wait some weeks until release it and it is naturally that credits for this post are to Arara Azul.

This is Maria Creuza, Toquinho e Vinicius de Moraes - Eu Sei que Vou te Amar (1972), for RGE. The records made together by these three artists are very popular and Loronixers uses to like them very much. This one has something special for me, Maria Creuza looks very beautiful on this cover, by the way, she seems to have a different look on each one of her records, I think there were several Maria Creuzas releasing LPs in Brazil. Anyway, this is the one that I like most and I hope Loronixers agree with me. Thanks Arara Azul for another nice contribution. Tracks include:

01 - Catendê (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi / I. Tavares) with Toquinho e Vinicius
02 - Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Você (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes) with Toquinho e Vinicius
03 - A Felicidade (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes) with Toquinho e Vinicius
04 - Que Maravilha (Toquinho / Jorge Ben) with Toquinho e Vinicius
05 - Por Causa de Você (Tom Jobim / Dolores Duran)
06 - Saudade da Bahia (Dorival Caymmi)
07 - Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes) with Vinicius de Moraes
08 - Minha Namorada (Carlos Lyra / Vinicius de Moraes) with Vinicius de Moraes
09 - Samba Em Prelúdio (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes) with Toquinho e Vinicius
10 - Estrada do Sol (Tom Jobim / Dolores Duran)
11 - Chega de Saudade (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
12 - Irene (Caetano Veloso) with Toquinho e Vinicius

I think this amazing video fits very nice to this post closing. Have a nice week!

Mike Falcao e Sua Orquestra de Danca - Jato ao Redor do Mundo (60's) also known as Walter Wanderley

Many friends have been asking for this LP to close the Mike Falcao "trilogy". Do not start searching for Mike Falcao, just listen, Mike Falcao was a nickname used by Walter Wanderley to make a series of three LPs from the record label Imperial, probably, Walter Wanderley was under contract and had to create this alias do cheat the record company which he had contractual obligation.

I'm wondering if by the time of these records release, the "real" Mike Falcao was a secret or everybody knew that Mike was Walter Wanderley. The other two Mike Falcao LPs are already available at Loronix, this is the last one and the one that I like most. This is Mike Falcao e Sua Orquestra de Danca - Jato ao Redor do Mundo (no date), for Imperial, another of those records that makes reference to airplanes, aviation, etc. Here, Walter Wanderley dedicates some songs to a world city, with something unique, he is playing piano on some tracks, instead of his Hammond organ. The rain has stopped now and it is dinnertime, I will be right back with two great releases. Stay tuned! Tracks include:

01 - Samba da Minha Terra (Dorival Caymmi)
02 - Matilda Matilda (H. Thomas)
03 - Siboney (Ernesto Lecuona)
04 - Ay Cosita Linda (Pacho Galan)
05 - Olhos Negros (Tradicional)
06 - Regalo de Viaje (Agustin Lara)
07 - Nunca aos Domingos (Never On Sunday) (M. Hadjidakis / Larue)
08 - Manhattan (R. Rodgers / L. Hart)
09 - Autumn In New York (V. Duke)
10 - April In Paris (V. Duke / E. Y. Harburg)
11 - Lisboa Antiga (Raul Portela / J. Galhardo / A. do Vale)
12 - Cidade de São Sebastião (Wilson Batista / Antônio Nássara)

Horacio Malvicino - Brazilian Touch (70's)

Hello, Good Night! It seems that Hugo y Osvaldo LP has started a quest for Bossa Nova LPs from outside Brazil. Following Hugo y Osvaldo, we had yesterday Sexteto Electronico Moderno, from the same Uruguay, sent by Refer. Today we have the response from our friends in Argentina, by the way, what a great response and great contributor. This LP was sent by ROCKOLA, which is the owner of Recuerdos Musicales at alive before Loronix. If you are interested on Argentinean music from the 50's to 60's, Recuerdos Musicales is the place.

This is Horacio Malvicino - Brazilian Touch (70's), for Microfon, a nice guitar instrumental Bossa Nova album, by Horacio Malvicino, as far as I could search and according with ROCKOLA messages, a renowned Argentinean Jazz guitar player. Horacio Malvicino played for more then 40 years with the legendary Tango accordionist Astor Piazzolla. That's it, I'm having fun with these posts, and they were not planned and are being accomplished only by Loronixers contributions. Tracks include:

01 - So Danco Samba
02 - Saudade da Bahia
03 - Sal y Pimenta
04 - Tristeza
05 - Corcovado
06 - In the Mood
07 - O Pato
08 - Rosa Morena
09 - Divagando
10 - Samba de uma Nota So
11 - Stella by Starlight
12 - Samba da Minha Terra

Geraldo Vandre - Geraldo Vandre (1964)

Here comes Caetano Rodrigues again with one of his impossible to find LPs. This one was completely unknow for me and probably by many Bossa Nova collectors at Loronix. Geraldo Vandre is well known for his political actives in the late 60's when Brazil was under a dictatorship regime. Vandre criticized the establishment on that time when he was exiled by Brazilian dictatorship. Returning from the exile, surprisingly, Geraldo Vandre decided to leave his career as an artist.

Geraldo Vandre music is based on political lyrics, which makes this LP unique, Geraldo Vandre performs as a Bossa Nova artist on this record with minor and cosmetic political themes on some tunes. This is Geraldo Vandre - Geraldo Vandre (1964), for Audio Fidelity. Thanks Caetano for another nice pick. Let's make it straightforward today, it is Saturday night. Stay with personnel, track list and Geraldo Vandre, with participation of Ana Lucia on track 06 - Samba em Preludio. Tracks include:


Walter Wanderley
Arrangements and Organ
So por Amor
Samba em Preludio
Tristeza de Amar
Pequeno Concerto que Ficou Cancao

Baden Powell
Arragements and Violao

J.T. Meirelles e os Copa 5
Arrangements and Sax with os Copa-5
Quem e Homem Nao Chora
Menino das Laranjas

Erlon Chaves
Depois e so Chorar
Voce que nao Vem

Moacir Santos
Fica Mal com Deus

Sambalanco Trio
Ninguem pode mais Sofrer

Luiz Roberto
Ninguem pode mais Sofrer
Cancao Nordestina

Track List

01 - O Menino das Laranjas (Theo de Barros)
02 - Berimbau (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
03 - Ninguém Pode Mais Sofrer (Geraldo Vandré / Luis Roberto)
04 - Canção Nordestina (Geraldo Vandré)
05 - Depois É Só Chorar (Geraldo Vandré)
06 - Samba Em Prelúdio (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes) with Ana Lúcia
07 - Fica Mal Com Deus (Geraldo Vandré)
08 - Quem É Homem Não Chora (Geraldo Vandré / Vera Brasil)
09 - Tristeza de Amar (Geraldo Vandré / Luis Roberto)
10 - Só Por Amor (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
11 - Pequeno Concerto Que Ficou Canção (Geraldo Vandré)
12 - Você Que Não Vem (Geraldo Vandré)