Friday, August 28, 2009

Ribamar - Dancando com Ribamar e Seu Conjunto (1956)

Hello, good evening! I had today my great nephew Pedro with me throughout the whole preparation process of this album. We made everything together, including the vinyl washing, transfer, cover scanning, processing and the Google searches to gather information about. Pedro was amazed with the fact this album was from 1956, which is something hard to believe for such a young person. He got really amazed with the results, the 10-inch format and even collaborated with the research, bringing us relevant music facts from 1956, as follows:

15/mar - Birth of Oswaldo Montenegro (Brazilian singer and composer).
15/mar - First run of My Fair Lady musical, New York, US.
28/mar - Birth of Zizi Possi (Brazilian singer).
15/jun - John Lennon is introduced to Paul McCartney.
05/nov - Passing of Art Tatum (American pianist).
14/Nov - Birth of Almir Satter (Brazilian singer, composer and instrumentalist).

...and he could also gather Ribamar birth in 09-dec-1919 and his passing, 06-set-1987. Thanks Pedro. Let's see.

This is Ribamar - Dancando com Ribamar e Seu Conjunto (1956), for Columbia, featuring the first LP recorded by Ribamar and his third album available at Loronix, which is a very small amount. Ribamar was a very important musician and composer. He made a very famous duo with the Tito Madi, being also a frequent composition partner of Dolores Duran. Dancando com Ribamar e Seu Conjunto features Ribamar playing his first instrument, the accordion. Such like many other accordion players, Ribamar adopted the piano as soon the bossa nova was birth. The repertoire features a blending of Brazilian and international tunes; including two compositions written by Trio Surdina members, Chiquinho do Acordeon, Fafa Lemos and the legendary Garoto. Musicians were not credited by Columbia. Tracks include.

01 - Dó Ré Mi (Fernando César)
02 - É Tão Sublime o Amor (Love Is a Many Splendored Thing) (Paul Francis Webster / S. Fain)
03 - Autumn In Rome (Weston / S. Cahn / Cicognini)
04 - Insinuando (José Scarambone)
05 - Duas Vidas (Ribamar / Esdras Pereira da Silva)
06 - Stranger In Paradise (R. Wright / G. Forrest)
07 - Mambinho (Garoto / Chiquinho do Acordeom)
08 - Nós Três (Chiquinho do Acordeom / Garoto / Fafá Lemos)



Milan Filipović said...

Great find, Zeca!
Downloading the flac file as I write.
I consider Ribamar as one of the greatest personalities in all Brazilian music. It was actually enough for me to hear him once to realize that such heavenly piano playing I have never heard before. Needless to say that I started a freneticall search for all his recordings, which looked like an impossible task as they are so rare, but luckily proved successful: I managed to find 3 more of his LPs besides the ones which were allready posted on Loronix.
Now I can't wait till the download is finished to hear this one!
Thanks a thousand times for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Super album for a rainy day. Thanks!!

Nacho said...

Great blog!

annacarolina said...

Maravilha, Zecalouro! Que músico fantástico, o Ribamar, e que disco irretocável! Tudo nele é bonito, de bom gosto! Muito obrigada por este presentão!

Anonymous said...

pô Zeca, estamos órfãos do "um que tenha", voce tem que atualizar o loronix com mais constância, com essas belezas que vc traz sempre!

zecalouro said...

Minha paixão pelo Loronix é crescente, especialmente agora. O Loronix continua crescendo, mesmo sem as atualizações frequentes.

Eu agradeço a comunidade. O site proporciona uma boa experiencia para os mais novos e o pessoal antigo ainda tem muito a descobrir.

O acervo do Loronix é grande e se mantém disponível como em nenhum outro site de música. Fico satisfeito pois investi bastante em criar mecanismos para que os links não quebrassem.

Apesar de trabalhar como nunca, 2009 tem sido um ano bastante complicado financeiramente. Minha saúde também requer cuidados.

O Loronix é uma das minhas prioridades principais, mas ele depende integralmente de mim.

É isso que tenho feito. Estou me cuidando para garantir aquilo que a comunidade sempre diz.

Vida Longa ao Loronix!

Abraços, zeca

g picanco said...

E como podemos ajudar ao Loronix?
Sabemos que existem compromissos a cumprir com armazenamento, softwares, Banda Larga (e limites livres de down/upload), equipamentos (desde agulhas para LPs, manutenção de picapes, até os Micros e seus HDs, CDs, periféricos, etc).
Uma campanha com o Paypal ou o Pagseguro...
O Loronix e você, zecalouro, já são um Patrimônio.
Temos uma dívida de gratidão.
Não basta termos o acervo do Loronix em nossos HDs. O compromisso com os demais visitantes é o mais importante. E para isso dependemos da continuidade deste blog maravilhoso e único.
Farei uma chamada no Quadradinho para esse Comentário.

Anonymous said...

espero melhoras pra voce em todas as instâncias e vida longa ao extraordinario loronix

Anonymous said...

Oi Zeca. Parabéns pelo blog e pelo acervo que é fantástico.
Gostaria de saber se você possui um disco do Pery Ribeiro de 1991, com o título Pery?


Milan Filipović said...

Second comment after listening for days to Dancando com Ribamar e Seu Conjunto:
It is on top of my "Favorites from other blogs" list.
From my personal faraway, Serbian point of wiew (unburdened with general conventions, local prejudices, historical significance of an artist etc), Ribamar is part of the "Holy Trinity" of all Brazilian music, together with Moacyr Silva and Waleska.
Actually the album that they performed together on (A Fossa), is still the one I consider as the absolute highlight of all music I have ever heard...
Zeca, If it were not for loronix, I am afraid that the best music that was ever produced would be completely hidden and forgotten.
Thanks once more


zecalouro said...

Hello Milan,

Many thanks for all the support you give to Loronix.

I have good news. Just remembered another Ribamar LP at Loronix, released by the legendary SPOT label. Ribamar plays that common role of recording with a fictitious name, which is Quinteto Romantico - Bastante Intimo (no date).

Hope uEnjoy!

Milan Filipović said...

Thanks Zeca, I had no idea that Ribamar recorded under another name too. "Quinteto Romantico" isa actually the mono version of the "Nosso Encontro de Amor" which you have on loronix, with a different cover name etc. I have also a third version of the same album (no difference in sound, also released by Equipe) on my blog, just the name is "Duas Faces de Amor" and it has a black snd white, jazz looking cover.

Anonymous said...

Hi there-
My name is Marc Fendel. I play alto saxophone and manage the Seattle Drum School of Music (Georgetown Branch)
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and all the wonderful music. I have been asking around and searching for some of this music for years. Your blog has enriched my musical experience so much! I can't thank you enough.

Very best regards, Marc

moos said...

Dear Zeca,
I've been reading these comments after I saw your absence for two weeks. I hope you are doing well but was a little worried to hear your health needs special attention. Vida longo ao Loronix but above all ao Zecalouro. The world of bloggers is not the same without you, our Godfather. Hope to see you back soon.