Thursday, December 21, 2006

Orquestra Cid Gray - So Samba Sabendo Sambar (1961)

Friends, this is a nice release. Orchestra LP, one of my favorites. When Loronix started, I never realize that we would be with several orchestra LPs as we are today. Caetano Rodrigues is helping a lot zecalouro, he is making a good education with the green bird, showing how to identify the gems and presenting each artist, Maestro and musician with details that only Caetano have in mind.

I'm very happy to present this LP, which is one of Caetano's favorites; this is Orquestra Cid Grey - So Samba Sabendo Sambar (1961), for Continental. Before you think about Googling the name "Cid Grey", take a minute to read a story; Cid Grey is the nickname of Renato de Oliveira, the same maestro that made arrangements of Morgana LP today. Renato de Oliveira was not satisfied and tired of recording sessions, willing to make something different. He decided, three years before this LP was released, to move to Sao Paulo and create a dancing orchestra. However, Renato Oliveira was a renowned and well-known Maestro by that time, so he decided to use the name Cid Grey.

Something went wrong; actually, something went really great. Cid Grey was so successful that fans were asking for a Cid Grey LP and he made several ones as Cid Grey as times goes by. According with the linear notes written by Fernando Cesar, this is the best Cid Grey record. You cannot miss it. Tracks include:

01 - Palhaçada (Haroldo Barbosa / Luis Reis)
02 - Boato (João Roberto Kelly)
03 - Eu Não Sei Me Repetir (Horondino Silva "Dino" / Jota Santos)
04 - O Que Faltou (Renato de Oliveira)
05 - Murmurio (Luis Antônio / Djalma Ferreira)
06 - Água de Beber (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
07 - Deixei de Sofrer (Norival Reis / Jamelão)
08 - Que Fazer (Jaime Florence "Meira" / Jota Santos)
09 - Louca (Luis Mergulhão / Jorge Duarte)
10 - Chorou Chorou (Luis Antônio)
11 - Rosa do Mato (Sergio Ricardo / Geraldo Serafim)
12 - Não Sei Mais Fingir (Mota Vieira / Vicente Rodrigues / Nelson Paiva)


aline said...

amei, amei, amei! obrigada, zecalouro e caetano.

Anonymous said...

hello there at Loronix. This is probably the best music blog worldwide and really a relevation for all abit outside the brazilian music culture but interested in it and only getting supplied with some decisions made by boring record companies over here in europe or in the states..thanks a lot forall this discoveries. record company people schould listen to this, could be healthy. cheers. rolf.

zecalouro said...

Aline e Anonymous.

I don't know what to say with a statement like yours, but I'm sure that your words guarantees the enthusiasm and willing to make Loronix better.

Thanks also Caetano Rodrigues, he is making a tremendous contribution to Loronix and feels like friend of everybody that is here sharing the passion to Brazilian Music.

Thank you!

Cheers, zecalouro