Friday, November 30, 2007

The Pop's - Feliz Natal (1969)

Hello, good evening! We are not in December yet, but for zecalouro today is Christmas. My mother had a serious broken harm a couple of weeks ago, very serious; it was that kind of broke where the bone goes outside the body. She went to surgery to put pieces of metal and today she took out those rigid parts to sustain the metal and the doctor said that everything is all right. That's amazing! Better celebrate this anticipated Christmas with one of Mom's finding. Let's see.

This is The Pop's - Feliz Natal (1969), for Equipe, featuring instrumental rock renditions of Brazilian and international well-known Christmas songs. Very dancing and tiny session with only 26 minutes running time. Do not wait for Christmas time, you will have a lot of fun with Feliz Natal, they make me laugh out loud with the arrangements created for these tunes. Tracks include:

01 - Noite Feliz (Mohr / Franz Gruber / Adpt. Simões)
02 - O Tannenbaum (Tradicional / Adpt. Simões)
03 - Valsa da Despedida (M. Curtis / F. Military)
04 - Sleigh Ride (Parish / Anderson)
05 - O Bom Velhinho (Otávio Babo Filho)
06 - E Nasceu Jesus (Orlann Divo / Roberto Jorge)
07 - Jingle Bells (Tradicional / Adpt. Simões)
08 - Natal das Crianças (Blecaute)
09 - Boas Festas (Assis Valente)
10 - Aleluia (Handel)
11 - Adeste Fidelis (Tradicional / Adpt. Simões)
12 - White Christmas (Irving Berlin)


Anonymous said...

Bem adquado pra época, hehehehe



Joe Carter said...

Dear Zecalouro:

Please extend my Get Well Soon wishes to your mother.

Joe C.

P.S. - is it true her arm was broken when the two of you were fighting over a rare record at the Lp store?

zecalouro said...

How are you?

Yes, Joe Carter, who told you?

And I'm still crazy with her. When she broke her arm, the LP was also broken.

Your shoe polisher,


Anonymous said...

Mais The Pop's!!

Especialmente aquele LP com uma bota na capa.
Este é "o disco" do The Pop's


Martoni said...

Oi Zeca, somente agora que eu li sobre o acidente com sua mae. Espero que ela recupere rapido e que ela ainda vai obrigar voce de postar muitos LP's bonitos.

Abraços, Martoni

Jazz-Nekko said...


Many wishes for a continued speedy recovery and good health for the upcoming new year to your Mother, you and yours.

We have our share of family health issues these days, so I know it is not easy.

Cheers for "The Pop's" and for the Nelson C. share - you are really the tops. . .

Warm regards from Okinawa,


Anonymous said...