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Jorge Ben - O Bidu | Silencio no Brooklin (1967)

Loronixers always make nice recommendations and I use to save all hints on a hunting list. Perhaps I need to make this hunting list public to the community. This album is a perfect example, it is a long time request and perhaps many friends are waiting for it. This post came to life with the help of a contributor that really rocks, AdHoc. I had the chance to take it for a first listen an hour ago and I admit that I'm really amazed with this album, reference and acclaimed by several important artists, such like Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil. If you were waiting for this one, thanks to AdHoc for making our waiting over. Let's see.

This is Jorge Ben - O Bidu | Silencio no Brooklin (1967), for Artistas Unidos / Rozenblit, made available by AdHoc's 1987 Atoll Music CD reissue. Perhaps I'm the last on earth who do not know the meaning of this album title, O Bidu | Silencio no Brooklin, but it does not matter since we have a great record here. Jorge Ben is backed by The Fevers, which is a successful "Conjunto de Baile" from the 60's that started on recording as support band of other artists’ albums. I have to take this album for additional spins tomorrow, so here is a deal, let's use comment section to compile additional info about this great AdHoc contribution. Tracks include:


Jorge Ben
(vocal, guitar)


Lecio do Nascimento
Miguel Plopsch

Track List

01 - Amor de Carnaval (Jorge Ben)
02 - Nascimento de Um Príncipe Africano (Jorge Ben)
03 - Jovem Samba (Jorge Ben)
04 - Rosa Mais Que Nada (Jorge Ben)
05 - Canção de Uma Fan (Jorge Ben)
06 - Menina Gata Augusta (Jorge Ben / Erasmo Carlos)
07 - Toda Colorida (Jorge Ben)
08 - Frases (Jorge Ben)
09 - Quanto Mais Te Vejo (Jorge Ben "Jorge Benjor" / Yara Rossi)
10 - Vou Andando (Jorge Ben)
11 - Sou da Pesada (Jorge Ben)
12 - Si Manda (Jorge Ben)


Liberation Sound System said...

I Have this LP, my favorite tracks are Nascimento de Um Príncipe Africano and Si Manda. Im loving all the Jorge Ben lately!

J Thyme...kind said...

Since this is Jorge's only non-Philips LP of this era & lacks the quality of production as the Philips studios, I've heard very bad versions of this set. I hope this pressing is a better one?

Anonymous said...

Hi Zeca,

I have also the Atoll music CD, but the sound of this CD is very
Question for "liberation sound system": Is the sound of the original LP better?

Anonymous said...

Reza a lenda que o Jorge Ben e o Erasmo Carlos dividiam uma casa no bairro paulistano do Brooklin, na época em que foi gravado esse LP. Silêncio no Brooklin faz referência ao grito desesperado/furioso de um vizinho, quando as coisas saiam fora de controle durante a noite. Quanto ao "Bidú", as fontes divergem. Alguns dizem que era o apelido do Karman-Ghia do Jorge. Mas eu lembro que esse era o apelido (ou melhor o Título de Nobreza) do próprio Jorge no programa Jovem Guarda: Roberto era "O Rei", seu amigo Erasmo Carlos era "O Tremendão", Wanderléia era "A Ternurinha". O Roberto Carlos anunciava: ...e agora com vocês, o Bidú Jorge Ben. Ninguém me contou. Meninos, eu vi. Bidú, na gíria da época, queria dizer sabido, esperto, o que sabe das coisas. Não sei se era uma alusão velada ao consumo de certo produto herbáceo; eu era muito jovem para entender dessas coisas. Mas acho que não; todo mundo era muito comportado na Jovem Guarda. Ao menos no palco.

Abstract: The title "Silêncio no Brooklin" refers to Brooklin neighbourhood in the city of São Paulo, were Jorge shared a house with fellow musician Erasmo Carlos. More specifically, to the angry shouts of the neighbours when noise got out of control during the night. "Bidú" was Jorge's nickname in a weekly TV show hosted by Roberto Carlos.

J Thyme...kind said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, I love this session. Full of rare charm despite the low level of production. This record really swings. Very, very nice!

J Thyme...kind said...

Thank you Zeca & AdHoc for such a lovely share. Nice rip!

Anonymous said...

I have quite a few Jorge Ben about 10)albums from late 60s early 70s i would like to share. maybe a could send you an mp3 disc for you to upload.

Oh anyone watching the 3 part BBC series on Brazilian music

Liberation Sound System said...

"Is the sound of the original LP better?"
Unfortunately the quality is similar on the LP.
If you listen to track 02 Nascimento de um Principe Africano at time 00:24, you hear a small glitch.
I have another version of this song on a cd compilation called "Jorge Ben - Identidade 2002" that doesnt contain the glitch.
I could upload this cd if anyone wants.

01.A Banda Do Zé Pretinho
02.Santa Clara Clareou
03.Si Manda (Se Manda)
04.Vou Andando
05.Canção De Uma Flor
06.Toda Colorida
07.Eu Sou Da Pesada
08.Jovem Samba
09.Rosa Mas Que Nada
11.Quanto Mais Te Vejo
12.Menina Gata Augusta
13.Nascimento De Um Príncipe Africano

helil said...

I can't wait to hear this.
As adhoc said, "Bidú" can be a wise guy, streetwise or even a wiseass.

colkav said...

Really loving this! this is quite unique to my ears. Groovy 60's, is that a bit of 12 string guitar? almost sounds Asian in places to me. Real party atmosphere throughout. No issues with the sound quality. Many thanks.

Missing out on that BBC documentary, no digital TV :( useless communal tv aerials!

Anonymous said...


Não é lenda não, já ouvi isso da boca do próprio erasmo, inclusive teve um show do tremendão aqui em são paulo em um dos nossos parques na zona leste onde ele cantou e contou diversos causos.


Parabens pela postagem



la prayve said...

Hi, this record is definitely excellent... I just let it go on ebay, as the bids on the original LP were getting too high for me.

I'm very interesting in finding the BBC documentary on Brazilian music. Does anybody know how I can see it??

Thanks for the hints :)

JustBeto said...

um pitaco: a primeira vez que ouvi a gíria bidu, ela derivava de beduíno = bidu ... acho que por extensão da mística em cima daqueles beduínos árabes, do gênio da lâmpada, significando adivinhão, cara que adivinhava / sacava as coisas. deve ter evoluído a partir daí daí. abraços.

Anonymous said...

I may be able go get it burned to DVD, i'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

I have the following Jorge Ben albums that I would happily share, all from 60s/70s.
I love this guy.

Africa Brasil
Ben É Samba Bom
Forca Bruta
Gil E Jorge (with Gilberto Gil)
Negro É Lindo
Sacundin Ben Samba
SambaA Tábua De Esmeralda Esquema Novo


zecalouro said...

Hello Tom,

Thanks a million for your offer. Jorge Ben is really great.

However, we need to check if these albums are commercially available. I will make some searches later today to check them out.

From your list, I already have Gil e Jorge, first issue, but it is still in print.

Cheers, zeca

Jer.Eps said...

Sound-wise, it's fat tube-y mono - plenty of producers would kill today to be able to make their albums sound like this. I'd say my only complaint - if any - is a little to much reverb is used much of the time. There are certainly some moments that don't sound perfect but the overall mood of the album is so outstanding you'd have to be a real grump to complain.

I like this album quite a lot, thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks, I've been looking for this forever. The other Jorge Ben disc I've been seeking is his self-titled one from 1969 (with a portrait of him on the cover).

thank you, thank you, thank you,

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you so much for sharing this! I've been looking to find this on CD for about a year now and it has been going on Ebay for $75 at the most. This happens to be Jorge Ben's second best album with his 1969 album being his best, IMO. The only albums I'd love to have from him now are "Negro e Lindo" and "Ben" (1972). I pretty much have most of what I want from this man in my music collection.

I am so damn glad for this!

binguero said...

Wow, thank you very much. I Can't believe it, i've been looking for this LP long time ago, and now finally i find it, so thank you again guys, i really like Jorge Ben. I'm gonna add you right now to my links, please take a look to my blog (Rainy Day Music), i think you will find very interesting things. Keep up the good work. Cheers from Spain.

The Mighty Louche said...

Just discovered your blog; I've been trying to get a hold of this album for ages! Anyway, amazing site; keep up the good work. Thanks!