Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dolores Duran - Este Norte e Minha Sorte (1959)

My schedule ended a little bit earlier today and for my happiness, and perhaps everybody, I was downtown close to some old vinyl shops that I don't visit as often as the ones in Copacabana. This album was the outcome of my visit, taken on really bad condition, but with a price that I could afford, a real bargain. I left the store immediately and took my place direction with a smile on my face, I never saw this cover artwork and my hope to find this album was lost months ago. We have here the last album recorded by the Brazilian singer and composer Dolores Duran, released in 1959, months before her passing in October 1959. This is truly a great find and an historical album. Let's see.

This is Dolores Duran - Este Norte e Minha Sorte (1959), for Copacabana, featuring a whole session dedicated to Baiao, a music style from Brazil Northeast, very popular in the 50's. With a couple of spins, this is so far the best Baiao album I have ever heard and Dolores Duran delivers an always-nice performance, no matter the style. The repertoire features several Dolores Duran compositions with Francisco Anizio, the well-known Brazilian artist and humorist Chico Anisio. I could not resist selecting 01 - Te Cuida Zeca for Loronix Preview Center. Dolores Duran has the accompaniment of a not credited Conjunto Regional, delivering lots of Baiao percussion and accordion player. Tracks include:

01 - Te Cuida Zeca (Miguel Gustavo)
02 - Saudade Ingrata (Ted Moreno / Claudionor Nascimento)
03 - Prece de Vitalina (Francisco Anizio / Dolores Duran)
04 - Minha Toada (Édson França / Dolores Duran)
05 - Tá Nascendo Fio (Francisco Anizio / Haydée de Paula)
06 - Zefa Cangaceira (Francisco Anizio)
07 - Quando se Tem Amor (Altamiro Carrilho / Armando Nunes)
08 - Não Se Avexe Não (Francisco Anizio / Haydée de Paula)
09 - Êsse Norte É Minha Sorte (Miguel Gustavo / Ruy Duarte)
10 - Quase Louco (Victor Simon)


AdHoc said...

Me dê a mão
Vamos sair pra ver o sol.
Estrada do Sol (Tom Jobim – Dolores Duran)

Dolores Duran morreu em 1959 com 29 anos. Gravou poucos discos (5 LPs e alguns 78rpm), compôs poucas canções, mas que se tornaram clássicos da música popular brasileira. Crooner, cantora de boate e compositora, Dolores Duran era um personagem da noite de Copacabana. Seus quatro primeiros LPs são noturnos. Esse último é ensolarado.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's.
Dolores Duran is my new favorite now. I am totally fascinated by her sweet and powerful voice. Thank you very much. Perfect timing. Just when i started to fall in love with her and all of a sudden 'Este Norte e Minha Sorte' was posted. I would never ever get to hear Dolores Duran if it weren't for you. I would never know what my life would be missing.
Muito obrigado,

Unknown said...



Thiago Mello said...

Valeu!! belo presente. Te cuida Zeca heheh

zecalouro said...

Acertou no alvo Thiago, Te Cuida Zeca bem que poderia ser o hino do Loronix!

Abraços, zeca

Anonymous said...

Zeca, I may have just bought one of the last copy available of this incredible record. All the tracks are special and ultra funky(strong word for a 1959 record). I had no idea Dolores could sing that way, compared to the slower previus albums. Too bad she died right after recording this LP, she could've made the greatest duets with Elis Regina in the 60's and 70's...

Thanks for the post, it's always nice to have Dolores on your ipod when you're far from your turntables.

zecalouro said...

Thanks for writing. This is a really special post and a very hard to find album. Dolores performs Baiao, which is a Brazilian music style very popular in the 40's and 50's.

If you got amazed, check the other in the same style available at Loronix. They are few, but really nice, such as Luiz Gonzaga, this Musidisc compilation released in 1953, Humberto Teixeira, Dolores Duran, more Musidisc and Zenilton.

Cheers, zeca

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this! I've only just discovered Dolores Duran, so this was my 2nd album to listen to by her. I so appreciate that you made this available!


Mogranne said...

Que Massa Zeca! Gostei muito este album. Você não sabe por acaso se existe em disco as cancoes que Dolores Duran gravou para seus filmes? Eu vi um clip maravilhoso de uma musica com um cara dançando com violão no youtube, depois tirarem. Deve ser de Rico Ri à Toa (1957) ou Quem Sabe, Sabe! (1956). A musica tem a letra, "você não chega aos trinta, não!"