Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lucio Alves - Balancamba (1963)

Hello, good evening! I was looking for something at this weekend when by coincidence, I found this album labeled "This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer." I believe that Balancamba was the last Lucio Alves album commercially available. This is sad. We know these reissues are forged by the hard work of people who Love Brazilian music as we do. I'm speaking specifically about Caetano Rodrigues and Charles Gavin, two great friends of our community, to whom I dedicate this record, which will continue his public career -- on very modest basis by the way -- here at Loronix. Let's see.

This is Lucio Alves - Balancamba (1963) for Elenco as ME-2, the second album released by the anthological and very important Brazilian label. Balancamba blends the words "balanco" and "samba" and makes justice to this title. Lucio Alves's unique voice and sophisticated timing delivers a repertoire with compositions by Ronaldo Boscoli and Roberto Menescal, which is also here (probably with a Conjunto...). I was wondering about the duo excitement when working with the great master in a whole record... And to close the golden pot, Maestro Carlos Monteiro de Souza takes care of arrangements and conduction. I think it is time to stop. Lucio Alves does not need to be introduced. Tracks include:

01 - Balançamba
02 - Rio
03 - Tetê
04 - Dan-cha-cha-cha
05 - Branca Paz
06 - Negro
07 - Ah Seu Eu Pudesse
08 - Nós e o Mar
09 - O Barquinho
10 - Além da Imaginação
11 - Errinho à Toa
12 - Lágrima Primeira

(*) all tunes by Roberto Menescal and Ronaldo Boscoli.



Anonymous said...

Muito obrigado pelo CD!

Havia ouvido e gostado muito das músicas do Lúcio no Elenco Premiere (que também achei por aqui =).


Anonymous said...

Good sound!
I need more of thouse songs...
But i´ve got no idea where i could order this great Cd !?

very very good stuff !

João Neves said...

Olá Zeca Louro,
há já algum tempo que consulto o seu site/blog. É óptimo! Sou fã de música brasileira (e do Brasil...) desde crianca e estou sempre a descobrir coisas novas e lindíssimas, sobretudo com a ajuda de sites como esse. A qualidade das imagens é soberba e os discos brasileiros estão entre os mais bonitos que conheço. Longa vida ao Loronix!!!

colkav said...

Looking forward to hearing this. I really enjoyed the Elenco compilation you have on here. Nice artwork.
Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I love Brasilian music and especially, bossa nova!

Excellent your blog, my friend! Really amazing!!!
Simply, one of the best ever!!!

Thank you so much!!


zecalouro said...


Thank you for such enthusiastic feedback. I hope you like the new design.



Online Reisebüro said...

Great music! Although it´s "only" a compilation. The groove is marvellous.