Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Doris Monteiro - Mudando de Conversa (1969)

Another beauty from Doris Monteiro, maybe the top of her releases. Doris is still on her better 60's mood here, without the later groove she was trying to fit on her vocal performance to enter the coming 70's. This is a Doris that should appeal to fans of Nara Leao's early Bossa Nova albums.

What more can I say... Just that is fine music, with the always Doris Monteiro covers that Loronixers are getting used.


Unknown said...

Greetings Loronix

First I want to tell you that you have a EXELANT site, and superb taste..

I found about your site 1 week ago.. Before that I never knew Bossa Nova is...

I've downloaded about 10 albums from your site, and I can't stop it.. Everything is ciil..
Now I'm listening to Claudite :)

I have a site too..
Please visit it and download something you like, I hope you'll like the music

Write me please...
Your site is now my favorite..


zecalouro said...

Lazar Silverstein,

What a name. Thanks for enjoying Loronix.

Hey, do not smoke. Please. :-)

I have been to your site earlier today and it is very good. I have been browsing your stuff and there are several ones that I will make a try.

zecalouro invites everybody to spend a time at Lazar's Corner of Lounge Music at http://lazarslounge.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Track list update-

1 Garoto Paissandu (Mariozinho Rocha)
2 Violão, meu rei (Fred Falcão/Paulinho Tapajós)
3 Dó-ré-mi (Fernando César/Nazareno de Brito)
4 Nem um talvez (Terezinha Curtis/Humberto Silva)
5 Não fale em samba (Nilton Pereira de Castro)
6 Vou te contar [Wave] (Tom Jobim)
7 Chamego (Jair Amorim/Evaldo Gouveia)
8 Vai ver (Hermínio Bello de Carvalho/Maurício Tapajós)
9 Canção da volta (Ismael Netto/Antônio Maria)
10 Miss universo (Tita/Renato da Rocha)
11 Mudando de conversa (Hermínio Bello de Carvalho/Maurício Tapajós)
12 Lembrando o dia (Silas Sarmento/Bosco)

J Thyme...kind said...

Hi Zeca, Will this be reuped?

Anonymous said...

Instead of "Mudando de Convers" the Rapidshare link points to the album "Changing Subjects".