Thursday, July 06, 2006

Laurindo de Almeida - Guitar from Ipanema (1964)

Here we go again, now with a almost forgotten and beautiful LP from Laurindo de Almeida, Guitar from Ipanema (1964).

There is a mix of instrumental - where at his best, Laurindo plays softly his acoustic and electric guitar - and songs from a warm female voice, that is so far unrecognized by this lazy green creature. If this voice is from the lady on the cover, double satisfaction to zecalouro.

An easy and good record, full of well known Bossa Nova tunes, such as: The Girl from Ipanama, Um Abraco no Bonfa, Corcovado, etc.


Anonymous said...

Umm. Some years ago, a famous magazine in Spain (Interviu) published an article about the girl in whom "The girl from Ipanema" was inspired, and her daughter (as gorgeous as her mother was at the time of Vinicius and Tom wrote the song).

Perhaps I am wrong but the girl in the cover seems to be that "original" girl from Ipanema, doesn't she?

Of course, many thanks zecalouro!

Anonymous said...

Zamurozien, you´re talking about Helô Pinheiro (the tall, young (not so now), and lovely girl from Ipanema) and her daughter Ticiane Pinheiro (aswell as Carlos Lyra´s daughter). I´m sorry, but it´s not Helô on the cover.

Anyway it´s a nice cover and must be a nice record too. I can´t see the time to download it. Laurindo de Almeida lacks his deserved place on Brazilian and World music history.

Muito obrigado once again, Zecalouro.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Márcio.

Yes, I thought she was Helô Pinheiro; but as I didn't have the original photo set that Interviu published time ago and my memory is becoming a mess, I made a Google photo search; it returs me some photos from her (and her daughter too), and I realized the girl on the cover was not Helô. Now, you confirmed my mistake.

Regards, Márcio. See you in this cage of parrots ;-)

zecalouro said...

Zamuro, Marcio,

I could not reply some comments on the last 2 days but Marcio did the job for zecalouro. That's right. She is not Helo Pinheiro. Actually, Helo was 1,000 better.

By the way, were is the cage of parrots?


Anonymous said...

>By the way, were is the cage of parrots?

It's Loronix! Zecalouro's home, sweet home! :-)

Beau said...

I would like to say,thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been looking for this album for years,my copy burned in a fire and it's very special to me. The reason is that I was engaged to a woman for 2 years in college, and she died 2 weeks before we were to get married. This was our very most favorite album, and especially 'Old Guitaron', which has the most beautiful lyrics I've ever heard. By the way, we came by this album while I was doing a show in New York City (I'm also an entertainer), and Irene Kral was singing that song in a club after my show. She was promoting the album Guitar From Ipanema also. The lyrics were written by Johnny Mercer,and the music Laurindo Almeida. Sadly Irene Kral died at age 43 or so, way too young. I would compare her voice to that of Karen Carpenter, and that's a great voice. Again, thank you very much, and keep up the good work. Thanks, Beau.

Guitaron said...

I've been searching for Old Guitaron for years! I heard it somewhere, and fell in love with the melody, lyrics, and arrangement. I've been searching for years, and finally you gave it to me. A bit late, but thanks!

Anonymous said...

Track list update for this great oldie follows-

01   Garota de Ipanema (AC Jobim/Vinicius de Moraes)
02   Manhã de Carnaval (Luiz Bonfá/Antonio Maria)
03   Sarah's Samba (Laurindo Almeida)
04   Winter Moon (Laurindo Almeida)
05   Izabella (Djalma Ferreira)
06   Choro for People in Love (Laurindo Almeida)
07   Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars) (AC Jobim/V de Moraes-Gene 0Lees)
08   Old Guitaron (Laurindo Almeida/Johnny Mercer)
09   Um Abraço no Bonfá (João Gilberto)
10   Twilight in Rio (Laurindo Almeida)
11   The Fiddler's Wolf Whistle (Fafá Lemos)

Copacetic47 said...

many many thanks for this incredible site and all the wonderful music that you are sharing.