Monday, February 05, 2007

Music Video | Elizeth Cardoso & Zimbo Trio - Sei La Mangueira (1970)

Perhaps this should be the first day that Loronix finishes with a video, zecalouro is sick and tired today, if I get extra strengths I can make another close, but I think it is better let you with this nice video featuring Elizeth Cardoso and Zimbo Trio, recorded for TVE (1970), they are performing Sei La Mangueira. I hope you have enjoyed the day, different day with Tom Ze and the hard to find Dorival Caymmi. Bye.

This is Elizeth Cardoso and Zimbo Trio - Sei La Mangueira (1970), here. (you can download this time)

Hope uEnjoy!


Jim R said...

zeca, sometimes I can view your videos, but most of the time I can't. Sometimes I can't even play one that I've already viewed previously (for example, I finally was able to view the 1942 Disney film yesterday, but now it won't play). I don't quite understand this. I'm on an iMac (Intel, OSX 10.4.8), with Quicktime 7.1.3. I've had this computer for less than a year, and I see that there are already about 10 newer plug-ins available, but the system isn't telling me which ones I need to play this .avi

Any suggestions from you or any Loronixers would be appreciated.

tetedur said...

Oh Zeca, you sound awful...please please please rest well and please get better.. Take care of yourself.

Jim R said...

Can't play videos here anymore... not sure why. I even downloaded a newer version of Flash for our new iMac, but no luck. Any suggestions?

(I posted a different comment here earlier today, but it hasn't appeared yet, so ignore this if the other one is posted)

zecalouro said...


Thanks. I'm fine today.


This is really bad. I cannot realize right now the causes, since it is a problem that does not has a wider symptom.

Did you try to get the AVI version of Elizeth and Zimbo Trio available at this post? It works fine?

I can make something. Tell me if you have resources to convert AVIs to MOV or FLV to MOV, as far as I know, Quicktime MOV files are standard on your platform. Let me know this, so I can make a post with all the movies links to FLVs.

Cheers, zeca

Anonymous said...

On Mac OSX (10.4.8) I use Firefox instead of Safari and the videos seem to work fine in the browser. I don't think it's a matter of the file type (.mov or .avi) but of how the file link is embedded, although I don't know enough to know how that works. Try Firefox and see if that helps.

Great video, Zeca!