Monday, March 19, 2007

Grupo Medusa - Ferrovias (1983)

I will address several facts with this post, first, this is a mandatory instrumental music record from the 80's, second, Amilson Godoy can now show his piano playing by a video available bellow and the last and most important one, the legendary Brazilian percussionist Theo da Cuica is a member of Grupo Medusa. I will tell later on who is Theo da Cuica.

This is Grupo Medusa - Ferrovias (1983), for Som da Gente, the second and last LP from this legendary instrumental group. The first LP is already available at Loronix and this one was kindly sent by Theo da Cuica, the percussionist at this album. Among the several musicians we have at Loronix, Theo is with us since the beginning, he is an active musician and performed with every Brazilian artist, listed on more than 1,000 (one thousand) records as musician.

Theo has launched a new CD, and wants to make it available to Loronixers in the forthcoming weeks. I'm very proud to be of help of a great musician like Theo. Thanks brother, I will catch you up this week to talk about this. By the way, the guy pictured is Theo da Cuica. Tracks include:


Theo da Cuica
Amilson Godoy
Chico Medori
Olmir Stocker
Claudio Bertrami

Track List

01 - Aduba-lé (Chico Medori)
02 - Lamento (Pixinguinha)
03 - Fantasia (Cláudio Bertrami)
04 - Cheiro Verde (Cláudio Bertrami)
05 - Nordestina (Olmir Stocker "Alemão")
06 - Picadeiro (Cláudio Bertrami)
07 - Ferrovias (Chico Medori)
08 - Beija-flor (Cláudio Bertrami)
09 - Pouso Em Congonhas (Chico Medori)


bossanovadreamer said...

Hello Theo,
nice to see that you like Loronix. I wish you all the best for your music activities.Thanks to inivite us to your music.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

amazing thanks!