Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pocho e Seu Conjunto - Dancando Com Sucessos (1960)

It is great to show another album from this artist, mainly by the circumstances this record was found, lost in the street, not exactly lost, but abandoned in the middle of CDs sold by a guy in the street. I got it on a really bad shape and now it is really a pleasure to bring it back to life and show to Loronix friends. I'm including with the package the back cover with no restoration just to give you the idea if how badly it was. In the other hand, the vinyl performed very well and the music is truly great.

This is Pocho e Seu Conjunto - Dancando Com Sucessos (1960), for RGE. Pocho (Rubens Perez), is an Uruguayan Maestro that established himself in Brazil in the late 50's, releasing several albums and participating as arranger and director of works from several renowned Brazilian musicians and singers. Pocho is one of Caetano favorites and his music is not easily found at old vinyl shops. The last Pocho album I could track was released in 1970 and no further information of his artistic career was found when I searched for info. Tracks include:

01 - Marina (R. Granata)
02 - Mira Que Luna (Elgos / Malgoni)
03 - Carinho e Amor (Tito Madi)
04 - Presidente Bossa Nova (Juca Chaves)
05 - Tintarella Di Luna (Banho de Lua) (B. de Fillippi / Migliacci)
06 - Me Leva (José Garcia / Anísio Silva / Silas de Oliveira)
07 - Menina Moça (Luis Antônio)
08 - Romântica (R. Rascel / D. Verde)
09 - El Vagabundo (V. Simon)
10 - Marcianita (J. I. Marcone / G. V. Alderete)
11 - Tome Continha de Você (Dolores Duran / Édson Borges)
12 - Un Telegrama (Hermanos Garcia Segura)



Anonymous said...

Just wonderful, this album...
/ Peter

kinoterra said...

Muito bom este LP. É um estilo de música que não se ouve mais, com arranjos bem característicos. Lembra em alguns momentos Carmen Cavallaro. Me deu saudade de Um Piano ao Cair da Tarde que tocava todos os dias na antiga radio Eldorado´às 6 da tarde em ponto.