Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tia Amelia com a Banda Vila Rica - Velhas Estampas (1959)

Hello, good evening! I'm really late today, busy and also dueling with my Internet connection since yesterday. Sorry for using Loronix to say such things, but I really feel better sharing, instead of pretending that everything is fine. The quality of services in Brazil has been a tragedy, getting worse everyday. Anyway, let's talk about happy things now.

This album is all about happiness, it is the first album recorded by this extraordinary Brazilian pianist and composer, Amelia Brandao Neri, also known as Tia Amelia. Last year we made her last album, released in 1980 when Tia Amelia had the age of 83. You can see part of Tia Amelia LP photo in your left and reach her last album here.

This is Tia Amelia com a Banda Vila Rica - Velhas Estampas (1959), for Odeon, a nice and late first album by Tia Amelia, featuring only compositions of her own. The album title was taken from a TV show hosted by Tia Amelia in TV-RIO, where Tia Amelia played piano and remembered stories from the old time. Velhas Estampas brings nice music to Loronixers, really different from everything we are used to hear. Tracks include:

01 - Bordões ao Luar (Tia Amélia)
02 - No Passo (Tia Amélia)
03 - Sorriso de Bruno (Tia Amélia)
04 - Recordando Pattápio (Tia Amélia)
05 - Coco de Alagoas (Tia Amélia)
06 - Carmélia (Tia Amélia)
07 - Chora Coração (Tia Amélia)
08 - Presidente Carmona (Tia Amélia)
09 - Dois Namorados (Tia Amélia)
10 - Gratidão (Tia Amélia)
11 - Sem Nome (Tia Amélia)
12 - Dulce (Tia Amélia)


Descargador said...

Sólo por la increíble tapa este disco ya vale la pena!

Marcio Frechette said...

Eu já conhecia o disco da Tia Amélia de 1980. Ouvindo agora "Velhas Estampas" fico mais impressionado com o virtuosismo pianístico da Tia, que nos remete, não para 1959, mas para o final do XIX. Loro, obrigado pelo disco. O seu papel tem sido mais importante do que qualquer instituto de memória. Digo isto sem exagero. Abraços, Marcio.