Sunday, October 28, 2007

Os Cariocas | 78rpm - RCA Victor 800979 (1952)

Next time I get together with TNO, I will not forget to ask how he makes such nice 78rpm transfers to Loronixers. This one is really special, no background noise, nothing jeopardizing this beautiful 78rpm recorded by Os Cariocas in 1952 for RCA Victor. Such as TNO, Os Cariocas always surprise me. Nice little record that I strong recommend.

This is Os Cariocas | 78rpm - RCA Victor 800979 (1952), featuring two songs performed by this fantastic Brazilian vocal group. Tracks include:

01 - Leviana - Bolero (Bororo)
02 - Comigo e Assim - Choro (Ze Menezes / Luiz Bittencourt)

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Anonymous said...

Tem gente que faz milagres mesmo caricas, sem sombra de dúvidas.