Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bil Bell Quarteto - Sua Majestade o Sax

Hello, good evening! I'm making public my Christmas and New Year's Eve gift to my very good friend Caetano Rodrigues. Loronix would not be the same without Caetano's music and advice given on continuous basis to us. Caetano is also a very special human being and this album is something impossible to find, featuring one of the artists that he like most, although we do not have much information on his real identity. The first thing I will make after press the submit button and release this post is to reach Caetano Rodrigues, I'm sure he will be excited and walking on circles for several minutes. Let's see.

This is Bil Bell Quarteto - Sua Majestade o Sax (no date), for Damic, featuring jazzy renditions of international standards lead by a quartet with not credited musicians. bossanovadreamer has a hint about Bil Bell, he said on our last Bil Bell release that Hector Costita is his best guess. Is there anybody here who knows the real artist behind Bil Bell? This answer would make Caetano Rodrigues extremely pleased. Tracks include:

01 - I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
02 - Autumn Leaves
03 - Rose
04 - The Man I Love
05 - Temptation
06 - Body and Soul
07 - Indian Summer
08 - Summertime in Venice
09 - Laura
10 - Poinciana
11 - I'm in the Mood for Love
12 - A Woman in Love


Anonymous said...

This blog is draving me crazy! Too much beautiful musica here.
Thank you so much. Indiani.

Anonymous said...

Zeca: achei no memória musical, veja os créditos desse disco e a data (Eumir não tinha estreado ainda, então é uma sugesta, quem sabe o Caetano não tem?). Feliz 2008. Abraço!

(1960) Copacabana CLP 11158



1. Guerra à Bossa
(Nonato Buzar)
Intérprete(s): Silvino Júnior

2. Cinderela Em 3-d
(Silvino Júnior / Orlandivo)
Intérprete(s): Marilucia

3. Vestígios de Saudade
(Silvino Júnior / Paulino de Freitas)
Intérprete(s): Silvino Júnior

4. A Fábula Que Educa
(Silvino Júnior / Orlandivo / Eumir Deodato)
Intérprete(s): Claudette Soares

5. Ursinho Dodói
(Silvino Júnior / Wilson Tirapelli)
Intérprete(s): Silvino Júnior

6. Tristeza de Nós Dois
(Durval Ferreira / Maurício / Bebeto)
Intérprete(s): Conjunto da U. R. S. A. "União Reabilitadora do Samba de Asfalto"

7. Éramos Três
(Silvino Júnior / Wilson Tirapelli)
Intérprete(s): Silvino Júnior

8. Depois do Carnaval
(Silvino Júnior / Wilson Tirapelli)
Intérprete(s): Myrna Romani

9. Meu Samba É Assim
(Durval Ferreira)
Intérprete(s): Walmir Falcão

10. Fuga
(Durval Ferreira)
Intérprete(s): Marilucia

11. Copacabana Sem Você
(Silvino Júnior)
Intérprete(s): Silvino Júnior

12. Sambop
(Durval Ferreira / Maurício)
Intérprete(s): Claudette Soares

Dados adicionais:

• Produção e Direção Artística: Altamiro Carrilho

• Arranjos: Eumir Deodato

• Conjunto: Altamiro Carrilho (Flauta), Eumir Deodato (Piano), Durval Ferreira (Violão), Agobar de Paula (Bombardino), Fernando Costa (Bateria) e Alfredinho (Contrabaixo)

• Wilson Tirapelli (Violão, fx. 5)