Monday, November 10, 2008

Challenge | Who are They?

Hello, good evening! Let’s have some fun again with a new Challenge Game series. And I would like to start with a very difficult featuring a constellation of Brazilian and foreigners musicians in front of the legendary Bottles nightclub, Beco das Garrafas. Wins a Rapidshare 1-month Premium account the first who answers correctly who they are. We have ten friends to be identified and some are not so easy. Anyway, good luck.

Hope uEnjoy!

PS.: for detailed examination, a hi-res version is available here.


Anonymous said...

I think I'm recognising Herbie Mann, Bill Horne, Edu Lobo (?), and, could it possibly be drummer Dave Bailey in black-tie?
RED (Ireland).

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I think I see Roberto Menescal, + I might be mistaking Edu Lobo for Sergio Mendes...
RED (Ireland).

Anonymous said...

Also, is it possible that one of Herbie Mann's musicians, Mark Weinstein, is here too ? And Milton Banana or Edson Marchado ? - Red.

Anonymous said...

Oi zeca, aqui eu de novo me manifestando, que foto mais bela no Bottles
Bom os caras que estão em pé de esquerda a direita são Herbie Mann, Kenny Dorham, Sérgio Mendes, Bill Horne, Oswaldinho Oliveira, David Bailey, Manuel Gusmão e Edson Maciel. E aqueles outros agachados são Alberico Campana e Tião Neto

Muito difícil mesmo o desafio
Bom dia zeca

Mo Choche said...

fifth from the left (standing): Edson Machado


zecalouro said...

...and the winner is...


From left to right, top to bottom, they are: Herbie Mann, Kenny Dorham, Sérgio Mendes, Bill Horne, Oswaldinho Oliveira, David Bailey, Manuel Gusmão, Edison Maciel, Alberico Campana and Tião Neto.

Felipe, basta enviar um email e receber seu prêmio. Essa foi difícil e você está de parabéns!

Abraços, zeca

Anonymous said...

Damn.... and, to think, wow, that's Kenny Dorham!!!!!!! He's kinda' my favourite - can anyone tell me what he was doing in Brasil, what was his work there..? Love to know. I knew I recognised him, but just couldn't come up with the name "The Great Kenny Dorham". He played so, so very great.
RED (Ireland)

PS: kinda' embarassed to mistake Sergio Mendes for a young Edu Lobo... Sorry. Will never happen again.

Walter said...

otimo desafio