Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Alaide Costa - Gosto de Voce (1959) - Debut LP

Nice one now, nothing can go wrong with the debut LP of the Brazilian Diva Alaide Costa, Gosto de Voce (1959). Alaide is a real gifted singer that has a unique voice and interpretation.

Different from Elizeth Cardoso and Angela Maria, Alaide started his career together with the Bossa Nova age. Alaide had a great sponsor at the beginning, guess who? Easy: Joao Gilberto. Joao invited Alaide to engage the initial meeting and rehearsals with that group that created Bossa Nova. Unfortunately, Alaide did not keep the pace with the movement; for instance, she was not invited to take part on the legendary first Bossa Nova US concert at Carnegie Hall.


David Federman said...

What a sensational debut album. Alaide reninds me of top American pop singers of the period like Gogi Grant who excelled on ballads but didn't seem as comfortable with uptempo songs. Wisely, she sticks with torch songs and is masterful. Nevertheless, nothing prepared me for her glorious performance of "Estrada Branca," where she moves into cabaret country--accompanied only by piano. I was surprised how much slower and more dramatically she sings the song than does Jobim on "Terra Brasilis." But her approach works. O how it works! It is amazing to think of how many of Jobim's masterpieces were composed in the 1950s. I believe he had the same cosmic impact on Brazilian music in the 1950s that Jerome Kern did on America music in the 1920s. Songs like "Estrada Branca" change everyone who hears them. Thank you for Alaide's memorable rendition.

zecalouro said...

I’ve been monitoring my inbox very anxiously since Alaide post was released waiting for your feedback.

As I said on those few lines, Alaide can easily navigate on several interpretation styles always delivering outstanding results. I’m sure that she did not learn with formal music school, structured analysis of standards or any other formal method to reach this technique. It is a natural gift and probably strongly influenced by Angela Maria that can do anything she wants with her voice, easily.

Angela influenced all Brazilian divas; Elis Regina said once that Angela was her main influence.

Tom Jobim is a special chapter on Brazilian music. It is guaranteed that Jobim is amongst the top 5 composers of the 20-century. I feel sad just to think that when he was alive I could ride my bike to Plataforma – favorite Jobim restaurante – and stay only a few steps close to the Maestro.

Thanks for sharing your experience with Alaide. Her 3rd LP, Joia Moderna is available at Loronix on previous posts.


David Federman said...

Last night I sent an MP3 of "Estrada Branca" to all my friends. One of them wrote back to ask if Alaide is the mother of Gal Costa? Any family ties there?

zecalouro said...


As far as I know, no family ties, they only share the Costa.

They were born on different Brazilian states and do not look like each other.


Anonymous said...

just to note a little typo:
the year besides the link is 1969, but the right one in the tittle is 1959.
Great post, though!