Monday, July 24, 2006

Cartola - Verde que te Quero Rosa (1977)

Cartola is the founder of Mangueira Samba School - known by its unique verde e rosa (green and pink) official colors - and the most famous and celebrated composer of Brazilian Samba golden age.

Cartola - Verde que te Quero Rosa (1977) is one of the best of Cartola spare releases. Recorded 3 years before his passing, this LP has wonderful arrangements, performed by a set of musicians that only a legend can drag together to a set, which includes Radamés Gnatalli, Canhoto, Meira, Dininho, Vidal, Hélio Capucci, Wilson das Neves, Jorge Silva, Luna, Marçal, Elizeu, Antenor Marques Filho, Gilberto dÁvila, Aizik Geller, Abel Ferreira, Altamiro Carrilho and Nelsinho.

Take also a time to read the awesome Cartola bio. During more than a decade, Cartola has just disappeared from Mangueira and the music scene. Everybody was even thinking that Cartola died, when Sergio Porto discovered him by accident living in poor conditions washing cars on Rio de Janeiro streets. There are many other stories.

This cover artwork is also something that you cannot ignore. Very beautiful.

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