Saturday, July 29, 2006

Carlos Lyra - Depois do Carnaval, O Sambalanço de Carlos Lyra (1963)

With arrangements by Luiz Eca, Tamba Trio and guest vocals by Nara Leao on Promessa de Voce, Carlos Lyra is back to Loronix, with the 1963 classic, Depois do Carnaval, O Sambalanço de Carlos Lyra.

Depois do Carnaval is a landmark on Lyra's career and Brazilian music. It is the first Bossa Nova LP with political lyrics, all composed by Lyra, announcing a start of a more political oriented approach. Unfortunately, the use of political oriented records was aborted in 1964 with the change of politics with records being censored by the dictatorship.

Lyra had to move to Mexico, as a matter of fact, there is a wonderful Carlos Lyra LP available at Loronix archives, Savara, widely acclaimed zecalouro's friends. Inspite politics, this LP shows Lyra at his best with nice melodies, complex harmonization and a lot of groove provided by the Luiz Eca and Tamba Trio.

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