Friday, December 15, 2006

Eliana e Booker Pittman - Eliana e Booker (1962)

Eliana Pittman and his stepfather Booker Pittman recorded together an album in 1964 for Polydor, Eliana and Booker Pittman - News from Brazil, Bossa Nova, considered one of the hardest to find LPs in Brazil. However, only a few selected are aware of the existence of another Booker & Pittman release and this is what Caetano Rodrigues kindly brings to us, another rare and sought-after Eliana and Booker Pittman release.

This is Eliana e Booker Pittman - Eliana e Booker (196?), for Mocambo. I have been asking several collectors at Loronix about this LP. My fault, without knowing a great expectation was created by these inquiries, which is something that makes me feel really confident to say that only a few selected friends had the chance to hear this LP.

Unfortunately, the date is uncertain. By the way Eliana Pittman sings in this LP, she is probably less experienced then her performance on the previous mentioned News from Brazil, Bossa Nova (1964), this should be from the very early 60's.

Anyway, if you are one of those who were tracking down this LP, here it is. Thanks to Caetano, he brings music that we probably never had the chance to get along before. Tracks include:

01 - Yes Sir, That's my Baby
02 - Balao Apagado
03 - Love for a Star
04 - Bate que Bate
05 - Mamma Don't Allow - Samba de Uma Nota So
06 - Luz dos seus Olhos
07 - St. Louis Blues
08 - Vou a Pe ate La
09 - The Birds and the Blues
10 - Mulata Assanhada
11 - Nao sei Porque


Anonymous said...

Dear Caetano,

Thanks very much for this disc and all other ones that you and Zecaloura are showing to us.

Thanks Thanks Thanks.

It is like I am born again with so much good music.

This LP has something strange and it is delicious to hear.

Manoel from Philippines.

matt said...

Please post Tom Ze Estudando O Samba?

Anonymous said...

Que capa du carai !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eliana e Booker Pittman (1964) Mocambo LP

Fonte: Dicionário Cravo Albin

Unknown said...

este disco e de 1962 dito pela propria eliana minha amiga

zecalouro said...


Puxa, resolvemos a data de lançamento desse disco. Obrigado.


PS.: És o Sartori, músico e ex-jogador de basquete?