Saturday, December 16, 2006

Jon Hendricks - Salud! Joao Gilberto Originator of the Bossa Nova (1967)

This is another Bossa Nova album made by a non-Brazilian artist, such like those last ones from Sacha Distel, Vikki Carr and many others that were gently provided by Caetano Rodrigues and all countless friends who contributes to Loronix. Caetano sent this LP with something special, a tribute to the Legendary Joao Gilberto.

This is Jon Hendricks - Salud! Joao Gilberto Originator of the Bossa Nova (1967), for Reprise. Jon Hendricks idolizes Joao Gilberto, so this is a album made by a fan, as a matter of fact, a very special fan, Jon Hendricks is a vocalize genius and makes his best to perform with the Bossa Nova style, singing smoothly and very softly, all songs have English lyrics by Hendricks. This is an essential record to everyone interested on digging the international Bossa Nova releases, gently provided by Caetano Rodrigues to Loronixers. Tracks include:

01 - The Duck (O Pato)
02 - Quiet Nights (Corcovado)
03 - You and I (Voce E Eu)
04 - Love in Peace (O Amor Em Paz)
05 - Little Paper Ball
06 - Longing for Bahia
07 - Little Train of Iron (Trem de Ferro)
08 - No More Blues (Chega de Saudade)
09 - Rosa Morena
10 - The Most Beautiful Thing (Coisa Mais Linda)
11 - Samba of My Land (Samba da Minha Terra)
12 - Once Again (Outra Vez)
13 - Jive Samba


Anonymous said...

Outstanding. Great Jon Hendricks album. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The guitar is played by Laurindo Almeida who probably does all the arrangements too.

martymartymarty said...

Fantastic!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Strange Fruit said...

I LOVE Jon Hendricks! This is a wonderful surprise! Many, many thanks, Zeca!

. said...

Muuuuuuuuuuitoooooooo Obrigado Loromix e de mais , porcurei esse álbum em todo lugar e só encontrei aqui