Friday, April 06, 2007

Altamiro Carrilho e Seu Conjunto de Solistas - Boleros em Desfile Nr. 2 (1959)

As soon as Loronix and Jornal Musical post was released I received some emails of friends asking for Altamiro Carrilho. I made a recommendation to search at Loronix Find It and check for previous releases. They were not happy, crying out for a new release. I learn with Loronix how music fans are really focused on their passion. Anyway, let's see Altamiro Carrilho on a different genre, bolero.

This is Altamiro Carrilho e Seu Conjunto de Solistas - Boleros em Desfile Nr. 2 (1959), for Copacabana. My apologies for do not have restoration skills to present a better cover image to Loronixers, this cover is so good that worth the whole album. Altamiro Carrilho leads a "Conjunto" and this record is dedicated to a genre that was very famous in Brazil until the 70's, bolero. I was talking yesterday with Caetano about bolero, very famous in the past and just disappeared today. Caetano said that a party with no bolero tunes was certainly a bad party at that time, since bolero is for dancing, another tradition that we do not see so often. Tracks include:

01 - Hipócrita (Carlos Crespo)
02 - Quien Será (P. B. Ruiz)
03 - Cachito (Consuelo Velasquez)
04 - Que Murmuren (R. Fuentes / R. Cardenas)
05 - Aquellos Ojos Verdes (N. Menendez / A. Utrera)
06 - Frenesi (A. Dominguez)
07 - Perfume de Gardenia (R. Hernandez)
08 - Desamparada (Alfredo Gil)
09 - Camino Verde (Carmelo Larrea)
10 - Jamais Te Esquecerei (Antônio Rago / Juraci Rago)
11 - Nosotros (P. Junco Jr.)
12 - Donde Estará Mi Vida (A. Lopes / Q. Segovia / F. N. Caldera / I. R. Jimenez)

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