Friday, April 06, 2007

Music Video | Ana Mazzotti - Grand Chick

Hello, Good Evening! Starting with a video and making the day of Ana Mazzotti fans and Loronixers. I could never realize I would see Ana Mazzotti on video, this is just heaven. Guess who is behind this Ana Mazzotti video? I can hear everybody yelling the name of Luiz Harding. Thanks Luiz, this is what I call a self-explanatory video.

Hope uEnjoy!


Harold_Z said...

Nice music here.
I wasn't previously aware of Ana. I did a google search and didn't come up with a lot, but I know that sadly she is gone. Anyone have more of a bio on her? I see that Zeca has a download so I'll be on that.

The music is what I would call a fusion groove. Lanny (anybody have a full name?) on bass takes a nice solo - lots of chops. He switches to a pick for his solo and then back to his fingers for the groove. Nice solo.

zecalouro said...

Hello Z,

Thanks for commenting.

Luiz sent this video more than a week ago. It was posted yesterday, for 10 minutes, when someone said it was out of sync. So I decided to fix and make it today.

Ana Mazzotti released two albums, both at Loronix. Some friends are tracking down a supposed album she made with a band by the time she was starting her career. There is also another friend who is making a serious research on her bio.

I hope they add more info after watching this video.

Cheers, zeca

marko said...

sorry I cannot offer any more information about Ana but this is another superb clip - ruff!

Do you know anything about Romildo, he played on Ana's first LP but I don't know who else he played with?

Anonymous said...

Que maravilha!!
Obrigado Luiz, obrigado Zeca!!
Harold, o baixista é o Lanny Gordin, guitarrista fundamental pra sonoridade do Tropicalismo e outros ismos pelaí!
Ele gravou essa "jóia rara" aqui com o Macalé em 72:
Aqui ele tb tá no baixo e no violã batera é o Tutty Moreno e Macalé, voz e violão tb!
grande abraço!

Anonymous said...

Fala aí, Zeca!
Excelente!!!! Valeu mesmo!!! E que coisa interessante...Lanny Gordin tocando baixo!!! E este Romildo na bateria era esposo da Ana Mazzotti.

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful, Crazy groove on trio

Anonymous said...

What an INCREDIBLE live performance !
Muito , muito bom !
Thanx so much for sharing that here ... Obrigado Luiz é Zeca !
Wow , i had no idea that there actually excisted video-material of her live-performance ... very rare and again great to see.
Ana is an amazing improviser on the piano and keyboards ... it's indeed a big loss that she's not among us anymore.
Also great to see producer/drummer Romildo T. Santos active in that clip , who's laying the tight grooves together with the exceptional bassplayer.

I've also read in the liner-notes of the WhatMusic-reissue from her debut-album ( 1974 ) that her son is still active in the music-scene.

There even excists a second pressing of her debut-album on the Brasilian-label , GTA , and contains alternative versions of the original songs .
"Roda Mundo" , for example , has got horn-arrangements in the version of this album from 1977.
Here's some more info with the link :

ANA MAZZOTTI - Ana Mazzotti
( 1977 / GTA-LP030 )

1 - Agora ou Nunca Mais ( A. Mazzotti / Ze Roberto Bertrami )- 3:02
2 - Canto de Meditacão ( A. Mazzotti )- 3:29
3 - Cordão ( Chico Buarque )- 3:26
4 - Sou (Ze Roberto Bertrami / Ezidio)- 2:28
5 - Em Acalanto (A. Mazzotti / Ze Roberto Bertrami)- 1:47
6 - Êta , Samba Bom (A. Mazzotti)- 2:49
7 - De um Jeito Só (A. Mazzotti)- 3:14
8 - Bairro Negro (A. Mazzotti)- 2:41
9 - Roda Mundo (A. Mazzotti)- 2:23
10 - Eu Sou Nais Eu (A. Mazzotti)- 3:04

Saludos !

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded Ana's '74 album from the site, having been seduced by her singing (Eu sou mais eu) on an internet radio service I subscribe to; then I looked at the video and discovered she was a wonderful instrumentalist as well. Which makes me all the more sad that I only discovered her so long after she was gone. It's like someone beckoning to you across an abyss you can never span. I would like to have given her a hug for all the pleasure this discovery has given me.

Btw I'm going to send a Loronix link to Flavia, my Profesora de Portuguese Brasileiro in NYC.


RC in CR

Anonymous said...

Thank-you very much for posting this video of Ana. I love her sound and her work - it takes you pure back to the 70's and 80's. Amazing artist, so sad that she's no longer with us.