Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jair Rodrigues - Estou lhe Devendo um Sorriso (1980)

Hello, good evening! Rumors of my demise in the last two days are absolutely true. It was for a good reason, I decided to create a personal marathon to end this Saturday with all 2008 and 2007 links fixed. Unfortunately, I failed. The first two weeks of January 2007 are still pending, but I have to admit we are above my most optimistic initial estimates of the reactivation. If I have extra energy, I will make a detailed status report with the reconstruction work facts.

Today is Saturday and Saturday is the day of Samba at Loronix and Samba is Jair Rodrigues. Let's see.

This is Jair Rodrigues - Estou lhe Devendo um Sorriso (1980), for Philips, featuring this wonderful cover that perfectly reproduces all elements found in an authentic Roda de Samba in the suburb of Rio de Janeiro, with bottles of beer, rope hanging clothes, the table, the towel style, the snacks and one exception, the green coconuts. I never saw a Roda de Samba with people drinking coconut water. Actually, I never have been in a Roda de Samba. Jair Rodrigues shows a wilder side, with lots of Samba root tracks with the arrangements by Wilson Mauro, Luiz Roberto (Os Cariocas) and Maestro Aécio Flavio. Unfortunately, Philips did not credit musicians. Tracks include:

01 - Estou Lhe Devendo Um Sorriso (Serafim Adriano)
02 - Conversa Fora (Ari do Cavaco / Otacílio)
03 - Cantarola (Wando / Nilo Amaro / Leônidas Paulo)
04 - Mestre Sala do Amor (Evaldo Gouveia / Jair Amorim)
05 - Mais Feliz Quem Sabe Perdoar (Noca da Portela / Daniel Santos)
06 - Ponto Central (Walmir Lima / Jandyr Aragão)
07 - Falso Baiano (Gê Martins / Otacílio)
08 - Moro no Morro (Zuzuca)
09 - Madrigais (Meu Sexto Sentido) (Talismã / Raimundo Prates)
10 - Salve a Bahia (João Nogueira / Edil Pacheco)
11 - Lenda do Rei dos Vaqueiros e do Boi Mandingueiro (Chico Xavier)
12 - Mané Fogueteiro (João de Barro)


J Thyme...kind said...

Looks great Zeca. Many thanks.

moos said...

Funny how Coincidence works, I just bought this one at a big recordfair here in Amsterdam and now it's at Loronix, a big thanks anyway,

Anonymous said...

O Jair Rodrigues está "devendo um sorriso" e você está devendo o link para baixar em mp 3 .
Amilcar - de São Paulo - Capital