Monday, July 31, 2006

Orlann Divo - A Chave do Sucesso (1962)

Orlann Divo, A Chave do Sucesso (1962), debut LP with Ed Lincoln (organ, piano), Waltel Branco (guitar), Rubens Bassini (percussion) and Fernando Bancario (drums).

zecalouro does not known what to write about this LP and the acclaimed Orlann Divo, perhaps Loronixers are already used to Orlann Divo. Anyway, if there is something zecalouro is quite sure is that these guys had a lot of fun in 1962 on this set. I heard that these songs were played 24 hours a day, even outside Brazil.

There is a story zecalouro found on a Orlann Divo interview for WhatMusic. zecalouro has a lot of fun with these stories, as follows:

Well there's a funny story about Jorge Ben. One day I was playing at Bottles on the Beco das Garrafas and the owner of the Plaza Club Oliveira Filho, came up to me and said Orlann that's a kid outside who says he's written some songs for you. I was quite curious so I went out and there was this kid you know, Jorge Ben, very very young and he took the guitar and started playing Por Causa de Voxe and Mas Que Nada, you know woth that same singing through the nose style; singing voh-shay instead of voh-say. Well I was flattered but I thought they were fantastic and said Kid you gotta record them yourself. He said Oh no MR Divo I wrote these songs for you, Im not a singer! And I said hey kid Look at em I wasn't a singer either and look at me [laughs]! Some while later I heard that Armando Pittiliginia from Philips had signed him up and the next thing you know Mas Que Nada is selling millions all around the world! But, in truth I had just recorded my frist LP and I didn't' think I could take his songs and not record them. But he found his own voice and that's great. He ended up covering one of my songs!


Rufino said...

Ai Zeca, valews por mais esse Orlandivo, the best


KimCastro said...
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zecalouro said...


Obrigado mestre.


Anonymous said...

Haha Zeca Louro, I made this interview too! Abracos Jose Ignacio Jr - Avolta