Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Edison Machado Quarteto - Obras (1970)

Keep rolling the instrumentals LP from the past; zecalouro introduces now a rare Edison Machado LP, Edison Machado Quarteto - Obras (1970). Edison Machado is one of the greatest Brazilian drummers of the 60's. This LP mixes Bossa Nova, Samba, and Jazz on a wonderful way with sax, bass, piano and - for sure - drums on foreground.

Some weeks ago a Loronix said here that Edison Machado is the only Brazilian drummer who knowns how to play Samba and this LP comes to make this statement a real truth. Tracks include Bonfa, Jobim, Donato, Gisllespie and Ion Muniz compositions.

Edison Machado Quartet is: Edison Machado (drums), Alfredo Cardim (piano), Ion Muniz (sax & Flute), Ricardo (bass) and the special guest for this set, Wheads Brito da Fonseca (guitar).


Anonymous said...

Bom baterista.Bom repertório.Bom "post"!

zecalouro said...


Folgo em ver você novamente nos comments.

Eu já estava bastante satisfeito com o aquele primeiro com a capa preta e o Edison sentado na bateria. Quando eu recebi esse, também fiquei surpreso.

Existe um Obras 2, acho que de 1972. Dizem que é melhor que esse Obras. Conta com a participação do Ed. Maciel.

Stay tuned. :-)


Anonymous said...

Edison Machado is not just a good drummer: he is the inventor of Bossa Nova drums style, and much revered by all Brazilian drummers.

Cheers !

Anonymous said...

Yes, as Zecalouro says, there was an 'Obras 2'. Never released it was recorded by Bill Horne at his little studio in Leblon.
By coincedence I already knew the bass player Ricardo dos Santos who has lived in London for many years and he told me some crazy stories about that band and those recordings.

More tracks were recorded with most of this band by Bill Horne in 1973 with the addition of Joao Donato who had only just returned from many years in the USA. The recordings were really just a jam session so the two 'sides' could get to know each other. These tracks were later produced by me for Whatmusic and released as A Blue Donato because most of the music was Blue Note material by Herbie Hancock etc. And also of course a pun on A Bad Donato...

There is even an Obras 3. Yes, it's true. It was recorded in NY in 1975 if I remember correctly and the band included Steve Sacks. Before I left Whatmusic I was working on the release of this record with Edison Machado's English widow...