Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dick Farney & Booker Pittman - Jam Session das Folhas (1961)

Perhaps today is the day zecalouro is posting to Loronixers his mega-rare releases. Jam Session das Folhas - Dick Farney e Booker Pittman (1961) is very rare vinyl collectors item.

This LP was recorded live in the end of 1960 at the auditorium of a Brazilian newspaper, Folha de Sao Paulo. As zecalouro told before, Dick Farney was an outstanding singer and an awesome pianist who contributed decisively to the renovation of Brazilian popular music, incorporating jazz harmonies and style.

Dick was at the piano on all tracks, accompanied by Heraldo do Monte (guitar), Luiz Chaves (bass), Paulinho (drums) among others. Booker plays sax and sings on some tracks.


Daniella Thompson said...

Are there liner notes? And if so, do they say anything about the cheese song?

zecalouro said...

Hello Daniella,

zecalouro is honored to see you down here.

This is a nice and very hard to find LP. Maria Luiza Kfoury - from the excellent www.discosdobrasil.com.br - has a copy. I guess she could not find any info on linear notes, take a look at http://tinyurl.com/gyfqj, there you will find info about the Chees song, which was composed by Booker and Daniel.

Who knows if on my weekly visit to the records stores in Rio de Janeiro I can gather some info with someone? I will let all friends here and you aware about it.

Enjoy your stay.


Márcio de Souza said...

I´ve never had suspected of this Farney/Pittman collaboration.

Muitas mãos said...

Hey, Brother Loro.

What a great surprise!
O dick farney que eu conhecia era quase inofensivo.
Thanks to show me the real guy.



Anonymous said...

Tracks 1-4 are by Farney and are a delight to hear. Thereafter Pittman and a group of Dixieland wanabees take over and I must say I was not impressed. They take a comic attitude to almost everything and I did not think it worked very well. Pittman must think he is emulating the great Sidney Bechet on soprano but does not come close.

Great for tracks 1-4 and a downer for the rest.

Anonymous said...

I have the album,I love the Booker Pittman tracks (one of my favorite sopranos along Bechet, Emmett Matthews and the still active 94 years old Franz Jackson) it has an unusual guitarist and a fine trumpeter (and love Booker's vocals as well). I find it funny that my view on this LP is the exact opposite of "jazzman" posted. I bought the LP for Pittman and was very happy about Pittman's combo, but found the "coctail" jazz of Farney's combo mundane for my taste (though very professional), viva la difference, I guess Yves Francois