Thursday, January 18, 2007

Baden Powell - Baden Powell Quartet Volume 3 (1970)

I will be open and honest with you this time, it was not easy to choose this last post of the day. Really. I started the day with a phone call to Caetano and we planned together something very different of what is being presented today. We decided to go with a wonderful Elizeth Cardoso album, but it was not ready and it was postponed. The nightmare began. I was thinking about something solid and strong and spent more than an hour wondering.

The second choice was Baden Powell, one that I like most, recorded in France, when the final decision came out of the blue, a piano Dick Farney LP. However, in spite of being a really great pick, the cover had something sad and I became disturbed to make it as the last post. This is a truly painful process. I'm considering now getting back to Baden Powell and that's what I'm going to do.

This is Baden Powell - Baden Powell Quartet Volume 3 (1970), for Barclay (France). Do not worry, I'm now completely satisfied with this pick. Baden Powell released in France three LPs with this "Quartet" formation and this one is considered the best. This record has the participation of Janine de Waleyne as a singer and her performance on first track really makes. Baden Powell Quartet is Baden Powell (guitar and vocal), Ernesto Ribeiro Gonçalves (bass), Hélio Schiavo (drums) and Alfredo Bessa (percussion and vocal). Ariel Kalma (flute) and Jeanine de Waleyne performs on track 01 and Lou Game plays flute on track 05. Tracks include:

01 - Coisa Nº 1 (Moacir Santos)
02 - Terra de Katmandou (Baden Powell)
03 - A Primeira Vez (Alcebíades Barcelos "Bide" / Armando "Marçal")
04 - Ferro de Passar (Baden Powell / Paulo César Pinheiro)
05 - Falei e Disse (Baden Powell / Paulo César Pinheiro)
06 - Lua Aberta (P. Frederico / João de Aquino)


Anonymous said...

thanks a million times

if, by chance, you could post A Little More Blue by Caetano someday it would be fantastic. i know it's a shame but this album is out of print, and I've never listened to it. So...

bossanovadreamer said...

This album is so great- Baden plays really fantastic- but also all other musicians are great.
After this long phonecall Caetano can be very happy about Zeca's choice.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...


thanks so much for more of the Barclay Baden Powell -- the Billy Nencioli/Baden Powell collaboration is one of my favorite posts, perhaps because it's so odd!

I had a problem with this post, though -- the first three songs (which are great!) were simply repeated on the second 'side (i.e. "A Primeira Vez' was simply an encore of "Lua Aberta'). Sorry to give you trouble, but I figure that you'd appreciate knowing that the post didn't work as expected!

Thanks, too, for the recent 'Hugo y Osaldo' post -- fascinating!

- scott in Berkeley, Calif.

zecalouro said...

Hello Scott,

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

It seems, at least from my side that everything is fine with this Barclay Baden.

Do you mind sending an email to I can send you an alternative link.

Let me know.

Regards, zeca

Anonymous said...


that would be great if you could give me another link-- I tried to download it again, and had the same problem. Who knows what's going on?

scott from berkeley

Onzichtbaredj said...

Dear Zeca,

There are a lot of blogs that I visited. But yours is perhaps the best. The continuity, cover art, the original comments, th endless fantastic Brasilean music that keeps you going and enjoying.
Here's to you my friend,