Friday, May 25, 2007

Music Video | Oscar Castro Neves - Aguas de Marco

Hello, Good Evening! I was waiting for a friend today; he said he would bring a "wonderful thing" to Loronix. Unfortunately, I felt asleep in the middle of the day - sorry pal - but he left a pen drive at the lobby. This is what he meant as the wonderful thing. I would say it is a fantastic thing, Oscar Castro Neves playing Aguas de Marco (Waters of March). The first Oscar Castro Neves video at Loronix deserves to be our opening today. Truly amazing. Do not miss the increase lens to get the most from the widescreen format. I'm busy today and I will give additional information later.

Hope uEnjoy!



jack said...

Wow. What a beautiful thing. It's like Joao Gilberto and the way he can create such complexity of rhythm and emotion out of such simplicity of instrumentation and restrained singing. Wow.

When I was younger and playing my guitar a lot, in college and in coffee houses and such, there would occasionally be times when I felt such mastery over my instrument that it literally felt tiny in my hands, as if it had become a toy and I could make it do whatever I wanted it to do, jump octaves or change keys in an instant. But I never got beyond standard chords and simple 4/4 rhythms. Watching artists like Oscar Castro Neves and the way he makes his guitar do exactly what he tells it to do, without even giving it a thought, just reaching for the one note way up the neck, i swear, I could just weep for envy.

What a wonderful video. Thank you, zecalouro, for posting this.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, marvelous, wonderful, aí está uns dos maiores violonista, arranjador e compositor da bossa nova, fez grandes arranjos de discos que ficaram históricos, além da sua participação nas gravações em discos como Águas de Março e Stan Getz - The Best of Two Worlds featuring João gilberto and Miucha, quase imperceptivel em certas faixas, o seu violão são uns dos mais belos sincompados que dão o balanço original a letra da música. Atualmente Oscar Castro-Neves trabalha em seu estudio com trilhas sonoras de filmes americanos, quase imperceptivel aos nossos ouvidos quando assistimos as telas dos cinemas e da televisão...

César Saldanha

Jim R said...

Jack, nice comments. I agree with you. I love Oscar, even when he is only comping. I have had fewer opportunities to see him in the spotlight like this, and it was really a treat. Beautiful perfomance, beautiful sound. Long live Oscar! Thanks for posting this, zeca.

Harold_Z said...

Very enjoyable.

That was Ramsey Lewis he was going to talk to at the end of the clip. This is from that legends of jazz series that was on NPR recently. I missed them and regret that I didn't catch them on the dvr.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know OCN sang. I've heard him on guitar many times, but never any vocals.

I love the song "Aguas de Marco". It's a very simple song and melody, but for some reason I think it is very difficult to sing well. Almost anyone can hum, whistle or do scat vocals, but singing the lyrics seems to trip most people up.


Andrea said...

Que legal, Zeca!
Esse vídeo é do show de Sydney que aconteceu em janeiro? O Oscar me disse que foi um sucesso estrondoso, ele ficou muito feliz. Na minha humilde opinião, considero o Oscar um dos melhores arranjadores da atualidade.
Tenho muito orgulho dele. Lastimável que "lá fora" conheçam e valorizem muito mais os nossos talentos, do que aqui. O seu blog é de extrema importância, porque divulga nossa boa música e só podemos que te agradecer. Vou mandar o link do Loronix para ele ver o vídeo.
Adorei! Obrigada, Zeca.
Beijos e bom final de semana para todos.

Adam said...

It's a great clip, with the great Abraham Laboriel on bass! The other guest on this show was Ivan Lins, who did a really great version of Começar de Novo. I wasn't too much a fan of the show itself, as there was too little talk, and it was too superficial, and the camerawork was too "MTV" and crazy, but the music is good. A number of the other episodes have good guests, but there's not enough music!

I've really started to get into the Castro-Neves brothers; check out the Toots Thielemans "Brasil Project" albums for more. Oscar is really an all-around great musician, and he wrote some good songs too!