Saturday, July 21, 2007

Samba Exportacao - Samba Exportacao

Hello, Good Evening! Let's start the day with Caetano Rodrigues music, which is a guarantee of surprises and nice enigmas ahead of us. This is the first and only album by Samba Exportacao, which is not exactly a Samba album, but a compilation of instrumental renditions of well-known Brazilian music from the 60's. Let's see.

This is Samba Exportacao - Samba Exportacao (no date), for Itamaraty, a subsidiary of the Brazilian label CID. The only thing I know about Samba Exportacao is Durval Ferreira production. The enigma is the identification of remaining musicians; we have probably the guitar of Durval Ferreira and a great chance of some other well-known organist and sax player, among others. Samba Exportacao delivers good entertainment, each track is different from the other and the studio atmosphere seems to be such like an old friends celebration. Tracks include:

01 - Samba Triste
02 - Quem Manda na Minha Vida
03 - Chorou Chorou
04 - Rosa Morena
05 - Volta
06 - Boato
07 - Corcovado
08 - Zelao
09 - Teleco Teco Nr. 1
10 - Chora Tua Tristeza
11 - Se Voce Disser que Sim
12 - Poema do Adeus


bossanovadreamer said...

This is very fine from Caetano - I am still very sad because of Durval's dead.
this is a very nice album which makes a lot of fun to listen to.
Thanks a lot

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi Zeca

I have a master copy of this album that Durval gave me. I cannot remember the original group name and details but I will see if I can find it and post them here.

I seem to remember that it is Celso Murilo and Orlann Divo amongst the usual suspects.