Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ed Lincoln - Ed Lincoln (1968)

I'm very happy to own an original first issue copy of this album, never released at Loronix. Actually, it has been a while since we made a record by Ed Lincoln. This album landmark the first LP released by Savoya label, owned by Ed Lincoln. I made some searches to find additional Savoya albums with no success. It seems this lable had a short life, but this album is really great. Let's see.

This is Ed Lincoln - Ed Lincoln (1968), for Savoya, also known as "De Savoya album". The back cover brings a statement from Savoya Discos that explains very well this album, they say the record has 12 songs, each one very different from each other, giving the perception of hearing 12 different albums in only one record. I agree, Ed Lincoln and the top-notch musicians in the set delivering songs on different styles with arrangements by Ed Lincoln. The highlight goes to Zum Zum, Waldemar, Sack O'Woe and O Choro do Bebe. Tracks include:


Ed Lincoln
(organ, arrangements)
Durval Ferreira
Luiz Marinho
Orlann Divo
Alex Papa
Tony Tornado

Track List

01 - Zum Zum Zum (Silva / Adamastor)
02 - Waldemar (Devel / Orlann Divo)
03 - O Choro do Bebê (De Savoya)
04 - Catedral (Celinho)
05 - Já Estou Aqui (Ed Lincoln / Celinho)
06 - Cumba-iê (Ed Lincoln / Celinho)
07 - Se Correr o Bicho Pega (Devel / Orlann Divo)
08 - Sack O'woe (Saca-uô) (C. Adderley)
09 - É Demais (Ed Lincoln)
10 - Dá-me Teu Coração (Durval Ferreira / Orlann Divo)
11 - Balá-balá-cuê (Devel / Orlann Divo)
12 - Bon Jour (Durval Ferreira / Flávia)


Anonymous said...

Em uma palavra: bombástico.

Anonymous said...

Great album! I really like Ed's funky take on Sack o'Woe, which is one of my favorite 60s jazz blues tunes. It's great how Ed (and Walter Wanderly, and Ze Maria etc) all have different organ sounds, and none of them sound like Jimmy Smith. I love Jimmy Smith, but not everyone has to sound like him.

Unknown said...


This is a masterpiece in my opinion. Probably the best Ed Lincoln album, that Loronix mustn't miss. Sometimes I put the music on some little parties that my friends do and I always use some tracks of this. People love it. Its very energic and groovy. Unmissable!

Anonymous said...

Repetido mas ta bom demais, quase baixo ele de novo só pra ter o prazer.

Sack o'Woe minha preferida, tenho uma versão desta música mas até hoje não descobri quem toca.



TCM said...

great album and great songs...

Anonymous said...

wonderful album Zeca. I always play this at parties. Zum Zum Zum never fails to get people dancing.

mikail said...

Damn if this isn't a party...
I can't sit still. Thank you for this, Zeca....